• My Implications and Learned Lessons in Business Negotiation
    My Implications and Learned Lessons in Business Negotiation Being a salesperson like me, I must admit that it is a tough marketplace out there and strong negotiating skills are fundamental to achieving and more importantly sustaining career and business success, particularly within a competitive
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  • Learned Skills in Written Communication Class
    1) One of my favorite parts of this class was the confusing words. I loved to be able to look them up and discover which words meant what. This skill will help me along the way of my career because I learned that when I am unsure about something I can look it up and not feel bad that I do not know t
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  • What I Learned in Uncle Ian's Class
    What I have learned In Uncle Ian’s Class This is my first term taking any business class here at LBCC. It has been a wonderful experience that has helped me in many ways. It has helped me understand and know the basics of business and how to use those skills. I have a small back ground with owni
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  • Key Concepts to Successful Business
    It was a challenging task to write about only three concepts that I learned in this informative class. The concepts that stood out to me were Learning Style Inventory, preparation and delivery. I believe these concepts are critical aspects to a person's success in the business world. One of the
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  • Successful African American Business Owner
    SUCCESSFUL AFRICAN AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNER DAVID STEWARD CEO & FOUNDER, WORLD WIDE TECHNOLOGY David Steward grew up in a Christian home in a small town of Clinton, Missouri. As a teen, he lived through the racially tense ‘60s, attending segregated schools, sitting in the balcony of the movies,
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  • Business Plan for an Established Business
    This business plan consists of a narrative and several financial spreadsheets. The narrative template is the body of the business plan. It contains more than 150 questions divided into several sections. Work through the sections in any order you like, except for the Executive Summary, which should b
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  • Business Plan
    SQUEAL PROJECT PLAN THE SQUEAL TEAM: Brooke Ballantyne Cen Campbell Andrea Freeman Reece Steinberg SQUEAL LIBR/ARST 570: Management of Libraries and Archives Executive Summary This Project Management Plan is the result of the time and energy spent by the members of SQUEAL (Students Quietly
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  • Supermarket Business Information
    Introduction Our group project title is Movie Ticketing System. This system is created to allow computer users to register and become a member of the cinema. Our membership is open to everyone who is interested to join as member. All Internet users will know what movie and when the movie is showi
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  • Why Centralized Health Care Failed (Aka; How I Learned to Hate the System)
    Why Centralized Health Care Failed (AKA; How I learned to Hate the System) An old woman wakes up to the sound of coughing next to her. Her husband has been sick for weeks now, and his raspy wet choking seems to be only getting worse. She tries to go back to sleep, but she can't; her thoughts are
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  • Lessons Learned from Managing a Personal Stock Portfolio
    Lessons Learned from Managing a Personal Stock Portfolio This report is going to talk about every aspect of the stock market game that I recently finished participating in with this Intro to Business class. It will state the good and bad times I experienced doing this project, my most and least
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  • Business Comm
    December 3, 2006 Michael Chavez Dear Michael, I am writing this letter to you in hopes of helping you understand what is taking place in our business communications course. I do understand that as a native speaker to English, this course may be a bit difficult for you, however please don't wo
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  • Values Used in Business Decision Making
    Abstract This paper will identify my top five values and how they are used in business decision making. Examples will be given to explain the personal foundation of the values and justification as to why the corresponding values were place at their respected position on the list. Values Used
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  • Business Environment
    Department of Marketing Dhaka University Course Name: Business Environment Preface The objective of this course is to provide requisite knowledge for successful business manager. To develop the understanding of the cultural, demographic, social, economical, political, technological
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  • Business Change
    CHANGE In today's business world, corporations have become more complex and more unpredictable, in fact it is considered almost "healthy" that a corporation experience change and transformation. Companies need to be susceptible and ready to acknowledge the challenges that change presents with and
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  • Business Quiz
    Business Quiz -01 Instructions for the test 1. The duration of the test is 10 minutes. 2. There are 50 questions 3. Marks the answer for the questions on the answer sheet provided. 1. It was 1992, a dark time for Honda Motor Company. Its founder, Soichiro Hond
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  • Business Strategy
    1.0 Introduction This report is based on a Strategy Simulation Management where you put your decisions and this program interprets it in real life industry. StratSimManagement ties all functions together: Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR. Basically it is a cross functional long term strategy.
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  • International Business Law
    INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW INSEEC – S. Collombet PART II THE US LEGAL SYSTEM (November 06) I. Outline of the Chapter n°1 : An Overview of the US legal system 1 II. Federalism 2 a) The Federalist papers, Clinton Rossiter, ed1961, p 77-84. 2 The Federalist No.10 2 b) The US Constitution,
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  • How to Innovate a Business Analysis Course: Evidence from Vse
    Abstract This research paper describes innovative approach we used in preparation of new course for graduate students enrolled in minor specialization ‘Financial manager' at University of Economics in Prague. Main focus of intended course is on corporate finance issues; specifically on business a
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  • Business Ethics
    I have learned a lot from Business Ethics both professionally and personally. I am a very spiritual person to begin with so I knew from the time I signed up that I would enjoy this class. One of the things I liked the most was our Quotations and Ethical Queries. Through those two exercises I was
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  • Ethics in Financial Business Decisions
    Ethics in Financial Business Decisions Student Name School Name Class Title Course Number Instructor’s Name Date Written Ethics in Financial Business decisions The work I reviewed begins with a simple introduction explaining the roots of ethics in America wrought with quotes from o
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