• Felt : Use of the Material in Contemporary Design and Architecture
    Materials are the heart of the product and are usually the starting point of many of my designs. Some of my products are by-products of the creative exploration of a new material. Materials are the bread and butter of any designer and significantly influence the products style and ethos. Wool Felt a
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  • Ancient Greek Architecture and Method
    Architecture With Greece in all its glory and beauty one must imagine how it was all done. From the ruins of ancient Greece civilizations have learned so much and archaeologists are fascinated by the glory that Greece must have once been, between the natural landscape that still stands today, and
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  • Greek Architecture in Egypt
    Characteristics of Greek Architecture:- INTRODUCTION:- Instead of covering nearly every bit of space with ornament, as the Egyptians did, the Greeks selected only the best places for it, and thus gave it its proper effect. The decorations, especially the sculptures, were one of the chief feature
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  • Reading Images - the Grammar of Visual Design
    This second edition of the landmark textbook Reading Images builds on its reputation as the first systematic and comprehensive account of the grammar of visual design. Drawing on an enormous range of examples from children’s drawings to textbook illustrations, photo-journalism to fine art, as w
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  • Game Architecture and Prog
    BE Information Technology Game Architecture & Programming Core Design: What is a Game Games are not Everything Game Means Game Play Creating Game Specs Example of Game Specs Initial Design: The Beginning Hardware Abstraction The Problem Domain Thinking in Tokens Use of Technology: The state of Art
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  • Curriculum Access for Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities: the Promise of Universal Design for Learning
    NCAC Curriculum Access for Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities: The Promise of Universal Design for Learning This report was written with support from the National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum (NCAC), a cooperative agreement between CAST and the U.S. Department of Educat
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  • Urban Design
    URBAN DESIGN: ORNAMENT AND DECORATION i This Page Intentionally Left Blank URBAN DESIGN: ORNAMENT AND DECORATION Second Edition Cliff Moughtin,Taner Oc and Steven Tiesdell OXFORD AUCKLAND BOSTON JOHANNESBURG MELBOURNE NEW DELHI Architectural Press An imprint of Butterworth-Hei
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  • Architecture and Technology
    New Architecture and Technology The drawings prepared with the application of a computer-based program were made by architects Krassimir Krastev and Cornel Prahovean under the guidance of Professor Mihaly Szoboszlai (at the Department of Architectural Representation, Technical University of
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  • Indian Islamic Architecture
    Indian Islamic Architecture Handbook of Oriental Studies Handbuch der Orientalistik Section Two India Edited by J. Bronkhorst VOLUME 20 Indian Islamic Architecture Forms and Typologies, Sites and Monuments By John Burton-Page† Edited by George Michell LEIDEN • BO
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  • An Album on Mayan Architecture
    author: publisher: isbnlO I asin: print isbn13: ebook isbn13: language: subject publication date: lec: ddc: subject: title: An Album of Maya Architecture Carnegie Institution of Washington. Publication 558 Proskouriakoff, Tatiana. University of Oklahoma Press 0806 1 1 35 1 0 9780806 1 1 35 1
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  • Contemporary Issues in Architecture and Urbanism
    part vii THE HIGH-RISE AND THE SLUM: SPECULATIVE URBAN DEVELOPMENT IN MUMBAI 0001312817.INDD 787 7/7/2011 5:54:24 PM 0001312817.INDD 788 7/7/2011 5:54:24 PM   THE HIGH-RISE AND THE SLUM: SPECULATIVE URBAN DEVELOPMENT IN MUMBAI matias echanove and ra
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  • Designer Case Study Design and Technology
    James Lillis fashion designer of Black Milk online shop “A lot of people want to know how Black Milk came to be. Well, it's a long story, full of twists and turns, action and adventures. There are even a few scary bits. But seeing as you asked... why don't you pull up a metaphoric c
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  • Architecture
    ECOHOUSE: A DESIGN GUIDE Sue Roaf, Manuel Fuentes, Stephanie Thomas Architectural Press OXFORD AUCKLAND BOSTON JOHANNESBURG MELBOURNE NEW DELHI Architectural Press An imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 8DP 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801-2041 A d
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  • The Philippine Architecture: Spanish Colonial Period
    Spanish Colonial Period Chapter Review Arch 117 Abegail Imee R. Enriquez 2012-68836 Spanish Colonial Period How does Spanish Colonial architecture reflect Filipino identity? Discuss the various building types and their relationship to pre-colonial architecture in your arguments. Spanish
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  • Interior Design
    Courtyard Housing Courtyard housing is one of the oldest forms of domestic development spanning at least 5,000 years and occurring in distinctive form in many regions of the world. Traditionally associated with the Middle East where climate and culture have given shape to a particular type of cour
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  • Non-traditional vs Traditional Architecture
    Introduction to the History of Western Architecture August 26, 2013 Final Written Assignment Non-traditional (Fallingwater) And Traditional Architecture (Batcheller Mansion) On our way home from dropping the kids off at the mid-point between Albany and Hilton Head Island my...
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  • temple architecture
    1. • The Hindu temple Temple Architecture of architecture developed over two thousand India years.• The architectural evolution of the indian temples took place within the rigid frameworks derived entirely from religious thoughtfulness.• Therefore the architect was bound to keep to the...
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  • Development of Greek Architecture
     Research Paper-Outline TOPIC-Development of Greek Architecture: The Doric and Ionic Orders Intro: Hook, Thesis statement/explanation of topic Information/Background- -What was architecture like before this period? -What was is made out of? -Who influenced...
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  • Architecture
    NEW BELGRADE: THE CAPITAL OF NO-CITY'S-LAND Ljiljana Blagojević New Belgrade is a modern city, built in the second half of the twentieth century, on the marshy plain bordered by the rivers Sava and Danube, stretching between the historical cities of Zemun and Belgrade.[1] The terrain of...
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  • The Mauryan period is an important period in the history of Indian art and architecture
    Question1. Describe the sculptures, chaityas and viharas of the Mauryan Dynasty constructed to spread Buddhism during Ashoka’s reign. The Mauryan period is an important period in the history of Indian art and architecture, with the foundations for Indian art being laid, which would later...
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