"What Factors Should Be Considered By Researchers When Defining The Data Requied For Their Research" Essays and Research Papers

What Factors Should Be Considered By Researchers When Defining The Data Requied For Their Research

WHAT FACTORS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED BY RESEARCHERS WHEN DEFINING THE DATA REQUIRED FOR THEIR RESEARCH Data are materials or information gathered during the process of making inquiry about problems. “Data of whatever form do not just appear or lie around waiting to be causally picked up by some passing researcher but have to be given form and shape in other to quantify as data; made relevant in a word to a research problem” (Ackryod and Hughes, 1992). In other words, data are systematically collected...

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What is Data

of Economics Course of study: MBA Course Title: Marketing Research Course code: MBA 763 Assignment: Secondary Data Mat Number: 74168 Name: Abiona Timothy Olufemi What is Data Data is a collection of facts, such as numbers, words, measurements, observations or even just descriptions of things. 1.Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects. Data is limitless and present everywhere in the universe. See also information and knowledge...

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Research Design

Research Design BTM7103-8-7 Research Design The beginner researcher has to consider numerous things in the research process. The focus should not only be on the development of a research problem; it should include the approach needed for solving or studying the problem. There are two research methods that this paper will explore: qualitative and quantitative methods. Each method has different approaches and requirements that are unique to them. Many factors should be considered when...

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Marketing Research Technique and steps for research design for cellphone

There are a number of specific marketing research techniques that may be employed to research consumer satisfaction. A handphone manufacturer you are advising on marketing research is concerned to find out whether their customers were satisfied with their products. a) Advise which research technique and justify why this recommended. b) Describe the steps of the research design. c) Design a questionnaire of 20 questions you would post to your respondents. [100m] ...

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Research Methods

 Comparisons of Research Design There are several research design methods that have been developed for the field of psychology. Instead of arguing over which is the best method, it is more appropriate to compare two of the favored designs. Each one has positive attributes along with negative factors that may influence results. It is more important to understand and decipher which is the most appropriate method to utilize...

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Characteristics of Research Problems

Characteristics of Research Problems The research problem is the core of a research process, devoid of no research process can be a success. In the formulation of the problem, it is essential to have variables that are easily exclusive, as well as a hypothesis that accompanies every research problem. After clearly identifying a research problem, it must be translated into a research hypothesis stating a relationship between variables in a number of populations. Therefore, the assignment tends to...

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What Is Scientific Research Process?

What is Scientific Research Process? There were so many researches that had been run, are running and going to run in the future. However, what is a research after all? Research means to search for knowledge, to make a systematic investigation or to establish novel facts (Trochim, 2006). According to Sekaran and Bougie (2010), research is defined as simply the process of finding solutions to a problem after a thorough study and analysis of the situational factors. The definition of research includes...

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Examine the view that theoretical issues are the most important factor influencing sociologist’s choice of research methods.

most important factor influencing sociologist’s choice of research methods. Many sociologists argue that theoretical issues are the most important factors to affect choice of method. Theoretical issues refer to what we think society is like and if we can obtain an accurate and truthful picture of it. There are four different concerns regarding theoretical issues which influence sociologist’s choice of research methods. Validity is a method that gives a true or genuine picture of what something is...

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What Defines a Good Social Research

Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought’ - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1937) Introduction The question of what define a good research is a great deal of attention, but too often it is conceived principally as a methodological question rather than an ethical one. Good research is a matter not only of suitable procedures but also beneficial aims and results to serve people well-being. There should be a good deal of history and convention against such...

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What Is Educational Inquiry?

What is educational inquiry? Educators and scholars draw upon data from many sources and on different subjects to illuminate current issues and trends in educational institutions. These subjects may include data from demography, health, education, culture and environment as well as government institutions and national databases. Educators and scholars use various research methods to collect, analyse and critique their findings to support or refute the topic of inquiry they are undertaking. Many...

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Research Wk 1

 David Bruner December 22, 2014 CJA/ 334, Research Methods in Criminal Justice Phillip Russo Within the criminal justice system one of the most important aspects of criminal justice research is the terminology that is utilized. If one plans to pursue a career in the criminal justice field it is important that they know and understand and be able to articulate the terminology used within the criminal justice system. The understanding of the terminology...

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Marketing Research

Yao 15723 2. According to the Marketing Research Association(2000), Marketing Research is defined as follows: "Marketing Research is the function which links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information, information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process. Marketing research specifies the information required to address...

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What is the purpose of the focus group interview? Why is group interaction an important issue when analysing focus group data?

Media Research What is the purpose of the focus group interview? Why is group interaction an important issue when analysing focus group data? By student - 3200230 Focus group is one of the research methods that can be used by undergraduate students in their dissertation. The aim of this essay is to explain the purpose of conducting such group as well as highlight its advantages and weaknesses. Before that is achieved, more general picture of what that methodology...

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Descriptive Research Article

Descriptive research plays an important role in educational research because it has greatly increased our knowledge about what happens in the classroom. What is descriptive research? Descriptive research can involve collecting quantitative information, or it can describe categories of information such as patterns of interaction when using technology in the classroom. Although it may employ fundamentals of both quantitative and qualitative research, descriptive research does not fit neatly into the...

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Characteristics of Research

 Characteristics of Research Problems Activity 3 Submitted to Northcentral University School of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of 7002-8 Doctoral Research in Education Prescott Valley, Arizona October 2013 Characteristics of Research Problems A research problem is a statement that provides the context for a research study. As stated by Brewer & Hughes, (2005) “Research problems indicate gaps in the scope or the certainty of our knowledge (Brewer...

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Overview of the Research Process in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Karolyn D. Bacalso Masterand Mauro Allan P. Amparado, MBA, MAN, Ph.D. Professor Current Trends in Research in Climate Change Related to Biodiversity Pooja Singh, R. Nagendran The changing climate has forced its way into everyone’s mind as an unpleasant thought. Global warming, no more a hoax now, has started to show its presence everywhere. It has affected the atmosphere, economy, politics, lifestyle, biodiversity...

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Mixed Methods of Research

“If we knew what it was that we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” Albert Einstein Mixed methods research is fast becoming recognised as a third major research approach or paradigm alongside qualitative and quantitative research. Its philosophy is pragmatic, and in general terms it is an approach which attempts to acknowledge several perspectives, viewpoints...

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Research and Participants

Examine the ways in which practical, ethical and theoretical factors may influence sociologist’s choice of research methods. Practical, ethical and theoretical issues are extremely important when deciding a research method because; certain issues may lead to unuseful information because a certain practical, ethical or theoretical issue can affect the results It can be argued that ethical issues need to be considered because they may cause psychological harm, for example in Milgrams study, his participants...

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Research Methods

Research Methods by Comparison Information John Distler HR 301Research Paper 02/21/2014 Professor Gilbert Abstract Humans seek out solutions all the time and in order to find solutions some kind of research must be done. Research is defined as “a detailed study of a subject, especially in order to discover (new) information or reach a (new) understanding.” (Polonsky and Waller 2011) When most people think of conducting research they think it is done...

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Assess the relative importance of the different factors that affect sociologists' choice of research methods and of topics to investigate

There are different factors that influence sociologist's choice of research. Sociologists have to firstly decide what particular area or topic they want to study, in order for them to carry out their research. When sociologists choose a topic, there are two types of sources available to the sociologists, they are Primary and Secondary. Primary is the data collected by the researchers themselves, usually in the form of questionnaires or interviews. Secondary is the data that is already available e...

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What Is Research

 Practical Research Planning and Design, by Paul D Leedy, Chap1: What Is Research What is Research?  Everywhere, our knowledge is incomplete and problems are waiting to be solved. We address the void in our knowledge and  those unresolved problems by asking relevant questions and seeking answers to them. The role of research is to provide a   method for obtaining those answers by inquiringly studying the evidence within the parameters of the scientific method.  T he word research is used ...

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Research (P2) - Catrin Davies

discussing the ethical issues relating to research in health and social care. Ethical principles in research The ethics written are statements which reflect our morals of society. These morals are seen as unwritten codes which exist in society determining what is acceptable or unacceptable in our society. During research, these morals are written regulations which are placed in order to ensure that individuals taking part in the research are treated how they should be treated. Codes of Conduct, or...

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Research Methodology

The Request for Proposal (RFP) The request for proposal (RFP) is part of a formal process of competitively tendering and hiring a research supplier. If the process is undertaken by a public sector organization or large corporation, the process can be extremely strict with set rules regarding communication between client and potential suppliers, the exact time when the proposal must be submitted, the number of copies to be provided, etc. Proposals that required thousands of hours of preparation have...

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Research Methods Ch. 2

Chapter 2: The Marketing Research Process and Proposal This chapter provides the overview of the research process (scientific research process) Changing View of the Market Research Process 1) Data for interpretation Primary data: information that is collected specifically for a current research problem or opportunity. Secondary Data: growing emphasis on secondary data. Information previously collected for some other problem or issue → stored in a data warehouse to help understand bus problems...

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Deception in Psychological Research

Deception in Psychological Research Lindsey Bocskay Psych/540 11/16/2009 Dr. Matthew Geyer When conducting any type of psychological research, the American Psychological Association (APA) Ethics codes comes into effect. Every researcher or scientist is obligated to follow the standards set in the ethics codes. There are many ethical standards that need to be upheld when dealing with research. Researchers must see if the research or study meets the ethical standards. There are many ways...

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Research Problems

RESEARCH PROBLEM:       A problem is (1) any significant, perplexing and challenging situation, real or artificial, the solution of which requires reflective thinking; (2) a perplexing situation after it has been translated into a question or series of questions that help determine the direction of subsequent inquiry. ELEMENTS OF A RESEARCH PROBLEM   The term research problem implies that an investigation, inquiry or study is to be conducted, or that the problem is ready for investigation...

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Research Preliminaries

Module 1: Preliminary Research Steps Important Resources This course is a brief overview about research design that is intended to cover the basics of designing and implementing a scientific study.  Although this course will address every step of the research process, it is by no means exhaustive and is no substitute for a college level course in research methodology, nor is it a substitute for an experienced research advisor.  Choosing a Topic For a researcher to choose a topic for a project...

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Research Method

Assignment One Research Method Social science research is carried out based on the measurements, due to the negligence of the researchers, such as inappropriate wording in questionnaires, improper investigation forms, the poor survey environment, or respondents' personality, mood, level of education, age, gender and other individual psychological factors, all these will cause bias in the results. Thus, after the data is collected and analyzed...

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Research Article Critique

objective of this assignment is to critique the research article titled ‘Staff-student relationships and their impact on nursing students’ belongingness and learning’. Polit and Beck (2008) highlighted that there is expectancy on nurses to conduct research in order to base their practice on evidence which has emerged from research. Nurses are expected to use their research findings to make informed decisions and actions with patients. The ultimate goal of research is to develop and expand ones knowledge...

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Research Methodology

Teacher, M615: Research Methodology Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC) Date of Submission: February 22, 2013 Table of Contents: | Title |Page Number | |Introduction |2 | |Research Process ...

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Evaluation of the Research Design

Question 1. When deciding on the research design, one choice is whether to use an experimental or non-experimental design. This depends on the aim of the study. If the aim is to test a prediction that two or more variables are simply associated with each other, the researcher may decide to use a non-experimental or correlational design. However, if the aim is to test a prediction that there is a causal relationship between two variables, then an experimental design is needed. The correlational...

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International Marketing: Factors to be Considered in Foreign Markets

including price, promotions, product and distribution decision and then the task of marketing research is to systematically collect data, process it in to valuable information which is vital for marketing decision. The information of host country on political stability, cultural attributes and geographical characteristic are required for sound for foreign markets. Information on economic general data on level of growth, inflation levels, business cycles and the levels of competition in that particular...

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Ethical Issues in Business Research

ETHICAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS RESEARCH “Just as there are ethical aspects to all human interaction, there are some ethical questions about business research.” What are ETHICS? Such a question is a philosophical question. Philosophers do not generally agree as to the to the question but people’s rights and obligations are usually dictated by the norms of society. Societal norms are codes of behaviour adopted by a group; they suggest what a member of a group ought to do under given circumstances...

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Making Research Decisions and Choice of Rating Scales

Making Research Decisions Rating Scales As a researcher, one must choose which rating scale is going to be the most effective method. Once choosing the scale, he/she then must decide the amount of choices the subject has. We are going to explore four different scales: 1. Yes/Depends/no, 2. Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor, 3. Excellent/Good/Average/Poor, and 4. Strongly Approve/Approve/Uncertain/Disapprove Strongly Disapprove. I believe that the yes –maybe-no scale is somewhat week unless used...

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Marketing Research

Marketing research process is a set of six steps which defines the tasks to be accomplished in conducting a marketing research study. These include problem definition, developing an approach to problem, research design formulation, field work, data preparation and analysis, and report generation and presentation. [1] Contents [hide] 1 Stages of marketing research process 2 Secondary data analysis 3 Qualitative research 4 References 5 Further reading [edit] Stages of marketing research process ...

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Critical: Qualitative Research

identify the strengths and weaknesses of the research article and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research methodology. The title of the above article reflects its contents and is easy to interpret, as Caldwell, Henshaw and Taylor (2005) concur ‘the title should be clear and allow the reader to easily interpret its contents, an inaccurate title can confuse the reader. But it was a bit too long, as Polit et al (2000), claims that research reports begin with a title that succinctly conveys...

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Research Methods Assignment

Introduction to nature, characteristics and types of research. Research is a daily activity around the world centered on questioning what you do, why? And systematic examination of findings to institute changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness. . It is the origin of stock of knowledge for the success and advancement of anything we do ie business, education, politics etc. Research is defined as a structured enquiry that utilizes acceptable scientific methodology to solve problems and create...

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Quantitative Research

Topic: Quantitative Research When conducting political science research, the researcher has to follow a particular series of step. The particular sequence is dependent on the type of social research, whether Quantitative or Qualitative. According to Burns and Grove (1997), Quantitative research is a formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are utilised to obtain information about the world. It can also be defined as a research process involving the collection, analysis and...

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Characteristics of a Research Problem

COVER SHEET Learner: Terry L Green THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED IN Please Follow These Procedures: If requested by your mentor, use an assignment cover sheet as the first page of the word processor file. The assignment header should include the Learner’s last name, first initial, course code, dash, and assignment number (DoeJXXX0000-1) justified to the left and the page number justified to the right. Keep a Photocopy or Electronic Copy of Your Assignments: You may need to...

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4-5pm COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to support students in developing their research project and to assist them in defining their mode of enquiry. The course has been constructed to guide students through a range of issues and considerations which should inform their general approach to research. It will give students a general introduction to scientific research, its methodologies, its challenges and its organization. This course permits an understanding of the various...

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survey method methodology in MIS and it also provide the assessment for MIS research using survey. The first part of the paper defines survey research and discuss its application. Difference between survey and survey research In general, a survey is a means of gathering information about one or many certain characteristics, or opinion of a population. A survey research is conducted to advance scientific knowledge ⇒ for research purpose Characteristics: Produce quantitative results. The subjects may...

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Scientific Method and Research

Understanding the Research Process Resources: Ch. 1, 2, and & 7 of Psychology This required Portfolio assignment will provide you with the opportunity to practice and hone your research skills.  It has been designed to help you think scientifically about real world problems and issues and to apply your knowledge of the research process to various topics in Psychology.  This assignment accomplishes that goal by challenging you to:  Differentiate between the common use of the word research and the...

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Research Report

What is a research? Research is a systematic inquiry to describe, explain, predict and control the observed phenomenon. Inductive methods analyze the observed phenomenon and identify the general principles, structures, or processes underlying the phenomenon observed; deductive methods verify the hypothesized principles through observations. The purposes are different: one is to develop explanations, and the other is to test the validity of the explanations. The systematic investigation into and...

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Marketing Research Process: Analysis

Today, marketing research managers must fully take into account the marketing research process and marketing ethics while conducting their research. According to Brown (2014), the marketing research process is the process of gathering and interpreting data for use in developing, implementing, and monitoring the firm’s marketing plans; whereas marketing ethics are the principles, values, and standards of conduct followed by marketers. To stress the importance of both the marketing research process and...

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Research Methods Db 2

the responsibility of conducting a research study to estimate the sales potential of your products in the domestic (U.S. or Canadian) market. Discuss key issues and concerns arising from the fact that you, the manager, are also the researcher. A very important aspect of good research is for the researcher’s experience to be reflected (P.17). The research has a greater chance of being successful if the researcher is experienced. Thus, as a manager the research process might be bias to the manager’s...

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Market Research 7 Steps

Explain the 7 steps of marketing research 2- Explain the difference between Quantitive and Qualitative research 3- Explain the difference between Primary and Secondary research Most business owners conduct market research every day without being aware of it, wither it’s asking former customers why they’ve switched, looking at competitor’s prices, comparing competitors products and finding out if customers are interested in future potential products and what they think about existing products...

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Research Methods, Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Introduction The study of Research Methods has become both a more important and significant part of sport in recent years and there has been a rapid growth in interest in the theoretical side of Sport and Exercise. In this assignment I will be talking about the key issues in Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Sciences and focusing on two aspects in particular – Qualitative and Quantitative research. I will be giving examples and opinions of these methods and pointing out advantages and disadvantages...

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Marketing Research

-Definition of Marketing Research: Marketing research is the systematic and objective, identification, collection, analysis, dissemination, and use of information for the purpose of improving decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing -Classification of Marketing Research Problem Identification Research: Research undertaken to help identify problems which are not necessarily apparent on the surface and yet exist or are likely to arise in...

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What Factors Influence High School Students in Choosing Cram School in Thailand

Table of Contents 1.0 INTRODUCTION 2 2.0 METHODOLOGY 4 3.0 RESULTS 6 4.0 DISCUSSION 8 5.0 REFERENCE 10 1.0 INTRODUCTION From the information and research provided in the three journals: [J1, “What Factors Influence High School Students in Choosing Cram School in Thailand?”], [J2, “Who and What Influences Choice of University Perceptions?”.], [J3, “The Determinants of the Choice of University by Foreign Business Student in South Africa”] we have come to an understanding that...

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Educational Research

“Educational research is a structured scientific inquiry into an educational question that provides an answer contributing toward increasing the body of generalizable knowledge about educational concerns” (Hopkins C. A., 1990, pp. 23-24) So when asked, why us educational research the answer is clear. We need and do educational research to provide answers and to contribute more knowledge about our educational concerns. Our text book for this class suggests six reasons for the importance of educational...

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marketing research process

are considered to be kind of expensive if you compare them to the other brands. Therefore, they should find out what are the best prices that are close to what the customer’s wants and need. Nike is well known company for clothes and equipment but should they diversify their product. For example, starting to produce casual clothes and shoes for young people and adults or starting to find better way to market their product in order to stay on the top, well that’s the question that Nike should be answered...

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market research paper

Introduction 2 Five Stages of market research 2 Stage 1—Define the Problem 2 Stage 2—Develop the Research Plan 2 Stage 3—Collect Relevant Information 3 Stage 4—Develop Findings 3 Stage 5—Take Marketing Actions 3 Conclusion 4 Reference 4   Introduction Marketing research is the process of defining a marketing problem and opportunity, systematically collecting and analyzing information, and recommending actions. Companies use marketing research to help them reduce the risk and develop...

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Ethics in Social Science Research

SESSION SEMESTER 2 AUEA 1105 : RESEARCH METHODOLOGY IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS QUESTION: 5: WHY IS ETHICS IMPORTANT IN SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH? INTRODUCTION Study in research methodology will educate students how to identify the basic methods of conducting research especially in social science field. This subject also give knowledge on how to identify a research problem, how to apply the methods and skills to carry out a systematic research. Through this subject, the student will...

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Discuss the Relationships Between Social Theory and Empirical Research in Relation to One Published Study (Article 1)

relationships between social theory and empirical research in relation to one published study (ARTICLE 1) This essay will be examining the relationship between social theory and empirical research, in doing so we will be using the article written by D’Ovidio, R., Mitman, T. Et al. (2009). To do so we must firstly explain what is meant by sociological theory. Sociological theory is something that is tested and proven;it attempts to make sense of scientific data or empirical observations collected on human...

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advancement in technology helped data gathering? Advancement of technology greatly affects the generation, collection and analysis of data. Data is vital for organizations and business managers to make more sound decisions and apply better strategies towards business objectives (Sekeran, 2003). Now with the dizzying pace of advancements in technology, it is becoming more and more important to use cutting edge technology in research. Traditional methods of data gathering methods including interviews...

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Discuss What Is Meant By Mixed

Discuss what is meant by mixed-methods designs. What are the limitations of these designs? Researchers have controversies and arguments about the validity of various research designs and approaches. Qualitative studies may have strong internal validity, but questionable external validity (Burns, Grove, & Gray, 2011). A single approach to measuring a concept may be inadequate to justify a claim that it is a valid measure of a theoretical concept. Qualitative data use open ended questions, Quantitative...

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Research Instruments Q&a

Instruments in Research Review Problems and Exercises: 1. What is the role of data-gathering instrument in research? * Instruments are materials, concrete or verbal or non-verbal communications, used to collect data for the research study. Instruments are very important components of the overall research design. Without these, the researcher will not be able to obtain data and information that will be analyzed for findings, presentation and interpretation. 2. Characterize “good”...

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Techniques of Research Exam 1 Notes

Chapter 1 Business research is the application of the scientific method in searching for the truth about business phenomena. It is a systematic and objective process to analyze information to help with business making decisions. It includes defining business opportunities and problems, generating and evaluating alternative courses of action, and monitoring employee and organizational performance. This process also includes idea and theory development, problem definition, searching for and collecting...

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Ikea Business Research Paper

Running head: BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS III Business Research Methods Part III Business Research Methods Part III IKEA is a world renowned furniture and home goods provider. Like all international businesses they have challenges and dilemmas that effect how they approach different aspects of their business. By identifying issues and how to combat them by analyzing accurate data IKEA can better handle situations and ensure continued profitability and company success Statistical Analysis ...

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The Role Of Factor Analysis In Marketing Research

The role of Factor Analysis in Marketing Research Marketing research is one of the most important activities that companies need to accomplish in order to improve their business. Through marketing companies are able to interpret trends in the market, develop strategies and identify potential customers. With the development of more sophisticated statistical software, like SPSS, marketing research is a technique that is now available for most industries. Today, managers are required to learn how...

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