• Biblical Versus Mainstream Counseling Terminology
    Running head: BIBLICAL VERSUS MAINSTREAM COUNSELING TERMINOLOGY Biblical Versus Mainstream Counseling Terminology Patricia Daugherty Liberty University Abstract In the counseling profession today, there is quite a bit of controversy and discussion about Christian counseling compared to con
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  • Orientation of Counseling Theory
    Course number : PSYC601D Course title : Counseling Theory and Techniques I Instructor : Dr. Adrian Robert Wang Chi Tong Student name : Tong Lai Ping Rebecca Student number : MAPC080131 DECLARATION I declare that the assignment here submitted is original except for source material expli
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  • Personal Theory Integrated Counseling
    Personal Integrated Theory Kana Crumby COUN 507-B01: Spring 2011 Liberty University Kana Crumby March 13, 2011 Abstract It is important to develop a biblically based theory of Christian counseling that integrates psychology, spirituality, and theology. This model must be flexible enough to
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  • Interventions That Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy
    Journal of Psychology and Theology 2005, Vol. 33, No. 2, 113-121 Copyright 2005 by Rosemead School of Psychology Biola University, 0091-6471/410-730 INTERVENTIONS THAT APPLY SCRIPTURE IN PSYCHOTHERAPY FERNANDO GARZON Regent University Christian therapists are sometimes challenged in their
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  • Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Article Review Venus Etsitty: 22765509 7/1/2012 COUN 506: D12 Liberty University Summary In the article titled “Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy”, a discussion arises about the incorporation of script
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  • Theories and Methods in Counseling
    Theories and Methods in Counseling Genevieve Bogusky Liberty University Abstract This paper will take the reader briefly through the three grand theories of counseling in psychology and then onto the two emergent theories, which are based on observation, biology, sociology or anthropology. From t
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  • Short Term Pastoral Counseling Final
    Solution-Based, Short-Term Pastoral Counsleing Final Project By Mike Garner Presented to Dr. Robyn Simmons In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Introduction to Pastoral Counseling PACO 500 Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Lynchburg, VA March 3, 2013 Abstract My f
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  • Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices
     Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices Abstract The integration of biblical practices and counseling has been discussed for decades. There is an increased interest in spiritual and emotional health, among Christian counselors and with secular therapists as well....
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