• Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts
    Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Organizational behavior In today’s challenges at work and an organization has become more than just a place where eight hours of a day is spent, but a place where behavior is a major contribution to the success behavior and what it means and the
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  • Student Perception of Online Learning
    Journal of Information Technology Education Volume 5, 2006 Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning: A Comparative Study Karl L. Smart and James J. Cappel Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA karl.smart@cmich.edu james.cappel@cmich.edu Executive Summary In search of bet
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  • Concepts and Cases
    This page intentionally left blank Strategic Management CONCEPTS AND CASES Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Editor in Chief: Eric Svendsen Acquisitions Editor: Kim Norbuta Product Development Manager: Ashley Santora Editorial Project Manager: Claudia Fernandes Editorial Assistant: Meg O’R
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  • A Framework of Information Systems Concepts
    FFRRIISSCCOO A FRAMEWORK OF INFORMATION SYSTEM CONCEPTS The FRISCO Report (Web edition) by Eckhard D. Falkenberg Wolfgang Hesse Paul Lindgreen Björn E. Nilsson J. L. Han Oei Colette Rolland Ronald K. Stamper Frans J. M. Van Assche Alexander A. Verrijn-Stuart Klaus Voss © IFIP 1998
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  • Basic Concepts of Psychiatric Mental Mealth Nursing (Shives)
    Editors: Editors: Shives, Louise Rebraca Title: Basic Concepts of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 6th Edition Copyright 2005©‫ آ‬Lippincott Williams & Wilkins > Front of Book > Editors Editor Louise Rebraca Shives MSN, ARNP, CNS Psychiatric–Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
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  • A Guide to Case Analysis: Core Concepts and Analytical Approaches
    A Guide to Case Analysis I keep six honest serving men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When; And How and Where and Who. Rudyard Kipling 2 STRATEGY: Core Concepts and Analytical Approaches I n most courses in strategic management, students use cases about a
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  • Exploring the Effects of Active Learning on Retaining Essential Concepts in Secondary and Junior High Classrooms
    EXPLORING THE EFFECTS OF ACTIVE LEARNING ON RETAINING ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS IN SECONDARY AND JUNIOR HIGH CLASSROOMS Robin L. Bachelor Patrick M. Vaughan Connie M. Wall Approved Content Designation for Teacher Leader Endorsement: Foreign Language, Robin L. Bachelor Approved Content De
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  • Adaptability and Responsiveness; the Case for Dynamic Learning
    Adaptability and Responsiveness: The Case for Dynamic Learning By Lloyd Baird Boston University School of Management 595 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Massachusetts 02215 617/353-4168 lbaird@bu.edu* Darrell Griffin Whole Systems Two Newton Place, Suite 190 255 Washington Street New
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  • E Learning
    E-Learning INDIA IS embracing e-learning in a big way. India has learned lessons from the success of the e-way in the West and today the grim educational picture is being replaced by e-governance’s-classroom, e-tutorials. It is a matter of pride for the country in general and agencies in partic
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  • Learning
    BORICP05.doc - 1 Chapter 5 Cognitive Learning I: Understanding Effective Thinking This chapter will help you answer the following questions about your learners: • How can I teach my learners to become good thinkers? • What cognitive learning strategies can help my learners remember wha
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  • Assignment
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  • An Investigation of the Development and Adoption of Educational Metadata Standards for the Widespread Use of Learning Objects
    An investigation of the development and adoption of educational metadata standards for the widespread use of learning objects. by Greig Emil Krull A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Commerce Rhodes University November 2004 Abstract
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  • Personal Learning Journal
    Personal Learning Journal Contents ▪ What is leadership to me? (before and after) ▪ Thoughts after the first class ▪ Class reflections & reflections on readings/handouts ▪ Assignment #1: Filling the gaps ▪ Assignment #2: Lines of Developments â–
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  • I Need Assignment
    CONTENTS Contents ACCOUNTING Frank Wood Accounting Financial & Management Accounting MyAccountingLab Introduction to Financial Accounting Financial Reporting Financial Statement Analysis International Accounting Introduction to Management Accounting Advanced Management Accounting Cost Accounting
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  • Training Teachers to Be Learning Leaders
    Cohort 9 TRAINING TEACHERS TO BE LEARNING LEADERS The 1990s view of leadership calls for principals to act as partners with teachers, involved in a collaborative quest to examine practices and improve schools. Principals are not expected to control teachers but to support them and to crea
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  • Leading a Team
    | | | Topic Summary This topic contains relevant information on how to * establish a productive team * lead your team effectively * handle problems with your teams as they arise * evaluate your team’s productivity. | | Topic Index Topic Overview What Would You
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  • Course Assessment Practices and Student Learning Strategies in Online Courses
    Course Assessment Practices and Student Learning Strategies in Online Courses COURSE ASSESSMENT PRACTICES AND STUDENT LEARNING STRATEGIES IN ONLINE COURSES Bridget D. Arend, Ph.D. University of Denver ABSTRACT Perhaps the most promising and understudied aspect of online education is course a
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  • Online Learning
    Journal of Interactive Online Learning www.ncolr.org/jiol Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 2005 ISSN: 1541-4914 BE VOCAL: Characteristics of Successful Online Instructors John R. Savery The University of Akron Abstract While classroom teaching and management strategies are well documented, the onl
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  • Cooperative Learning ( Johnson and Johnson, 2006)
    Cooperative Learning Cooperative learning is a successful teaching strategy in which small teams, each with students of different levels of ability, use a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject. Each member of a team is responsible not only for learning what is t
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  • Unit 4 Dttls Assignment
    Unit 4: Theories and principles for planning and enabling learning In modern day teaching, the onus is shifting further and further away from teacher dictated methods of educational delivery, to methods that ensure the learner is placed at the heart of teaching, and every individual within the cl
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