• Psychological Test Lists
    Psychological Testing November 12, 2010 A. List of Tests for infants, young children, handicapped and Special populations SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL ABILITY TESTS Braselton Neonatal Assessment Scale (BNAS) The scale enables parents, health care professionals, and researchers to understand a n
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  • Gender Dimension of Brand Personality
    BIANCA GROHMANN* Although masculinity and femininity are personality traits relevant to brands, their measurement and contribution to branding theory and practice have not been examined. This article describes the development and validation of a two-dimensional scale measuring masculine and feminin
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  • Personality and Its Assessment
    Personality and its Assessment Personality has different meanings for theologians, philosophers and sociologists, and within psychology it has been defined in many ways (Allport, 1937). The main reason that leads so many psychologists to explore the human personality is that by doing so, the op
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