• Intro to database
    INTRODUCTION TO DATABASE All of us are familiar with the term data. In fact, unknowingly we come across data in our day to day life every day. The age of a person, price of potato, number of students in a school, pin code of a city, etc. are some examples of data. In our life we have to remember s
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  • The design and implementation of an e-commerce site for online book sales
    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION......................................................................................................... 1 2. LITERATURE REVIEW ............................................................................................ 1 3. PROJECT DESIGN.........................
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  • Database
    Database Access with Visual Basic Database Access with Visual Basic (Publisher: Macmillan Computer Publishing) Author(s): Jeffrey Mcmanus ISBN: 1562765671 Publication Date: 10/01/97 Introduction It’s probably safe to say that the majority of Visual Basic developers will use VB to access dat
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  • Database management
    Introduction to Database Management System     Objective   This unit will cover following topics: * Definition of a database. * Difference between relational database and file system. * Advantages of Relational Database. * Tools for maintaining and retrieving data from a re
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  • Database management system
    Chapter 3 : Entity - Relationship Modelling The aims of this chapter are: * To explain the need for entity-relationship modelling * To explain the terms entity-relationship model, entity-relationship diagram * To define the terms entity type, entity, attribute, attribute value, primary
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  • Design patterns in java
    DESIGN PATTERNS IN JAVA™ The Software Patterns Series Series Editor: John M. Vlissides The Software Patterns Series (SPS) comprises pattern literature of lasting significance to software developers. Software patterns document general solutions to recurring problems in all software-related s
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  • Database management system hand-out
    THE DATABASE ENVIRONMENT Basic Concepts and Definition  Database: organized collection of logically related data  Data: stored representations of meaningful objects and events  Structured: numbers, text, dates  Unstructured: images, video, documents  Information: data processed to in
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  • Database management
    Introduction: Databases and database technology are having the major impact on the growing use of computer. It is fair to say that database play a critical role in almost all areas where computers are used, including business, engineering medical, law, education, and library science etc. A dat
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  • System design
    Chapter 6 – Elements of Systems Design This chapter corresponds with chapter 9 of the text book. Chapter Overview Note: chapters mentioned in the text below refer to the chapters in the text book. Chapter 8 described the activities that complete the analysis phase and begins the transition fr
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  • Evaluation of the quality of information retrieval of clinical findings from a computerized patient database using a semantic terminological model
    392 ¨ BROWN, SONKSEN, Evaluation of Retrieval of Clinical Findings Research Paper Evaluation of the Quality of Information Retrieval of Clinical Findings from a Computerized Patient Database Using a Semantic Terminological Model ¨ PHILIP J. B. BROWN, MD, MRCGP, PETER SONKSEN, MD, FRCP Ab
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  • Database systems management
    Database Management Systems and Data Warehousing Todd Ockert Information Systems for Management 502 Doctor G. Robin [ February 27, 2010 ] Abstract Databases have become more prevalent in our everyday lives and effect just about everything that we do in relation to work, home, and shopping.
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  • Design and implementation of an e-commerce website
    THE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN E-COMMERCE SITE FOR ONLINE BOOK SALES By tefera awetahegn Project Report Submitted to the faculty of the University Graduate School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Science in the Department of Computer and Information
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  • Database
    Databases from an Agent-oriented Perspective Meurig Beynon*, Alan Cartwright†, Yun Pui Yung* Department of Computer Science* Department of Engineering† University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL ABSTRACT - We regard a database as a computer model that enables us to simulate different modes of i
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  • Integration of heterogeneous database
    Resource integration of heterogeneous database interoperability federated database 1. Introduction  Heterogeneous database interoperability issues as a database research in the field hot and difficult issues at home and abroad, academic and industrial sectors have attracted wide attention.
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  • Modeling and simulation methods for design of engineering systems
    1 MODELING AND SIMULATION METHODS FOR DESIGN OF ENGINEERING SYSTEMS Rajarishi Sinha, Student Member, ASME Institute for Complex Engineered Systems Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA Email: rsinha@cs.cmu.edu Vei-Chung Liang, Student Member, ASME Institute for Complex Engine
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  • Microsoft database security
    MS Database Software PDF generated using the open source mwlib toolkit. See http://code.pediapress.com/ for more information. PDF generated at: Sun, 23 May 2010 14:06:17 UTC Contents Articles Microsoft Access Microsoft SQL Server SQL CLR SQL Query Analyzer SQL Server Integration Services SQ
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  • Databse modeling and design
    Database Modeling and Design 3 rd Edition Toby J. Teorey University of Michigan Lecture Notes Contents I. Database Systems and the Life Cycle (Chapter 1)……………………2 Introductory concepts; objectives of database management 2 Relational database life cycle 3 Characteristics of a go
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  • System analysis and design
    Table of Content TABLE OF CONTENT 1 1. INTRODUCTION 6 1.1. CASE STUDY 6 1.2. EXISTING SYSTEM 7 1.3. SOLUTION 7 2. PROJECT BACKGROUND 9 2.1. LOGICAL ASSUMPTION 9 2.2. OBJECTIVE 10 2.2.1. Objectives of the Proposed Project 10 2.2.2. Objectives of the Project 10 2.3. PROBLEMS IDENTIFICATION
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  • System design
    1999 by CRC Press LLC Visit the CRC Press Web site at www.crcpress.com Preface Purpose As the title implies, The Information System Consultant’s Handbook: Systems Analysis and Design, was written for professional systems analysts, system designers, and information system consultants.
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  • Object oriented database
    Introduction “Choosing the right OODB architecture can mean orders of magnitude difference in performance and scalability characteristics rather than a few percentage points as found in relational implementations.” To achieve maximum performance and scalability the most important thing is ch
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