"What Advice Would You Give Regarding The Design Of The Building And Network Cable Planning That Would Help Reduce Network Errors" Essays and Research Papers

What Advice Would You Give Regarding The Design Of The Building And Network Cable Planning That Would Help Reduce Network Errors

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOGICAL DESIGN AND PHYSICAL DESIGN OF A NETWORK When comparing the logical and physical design of a network I visualize a carefully thought out plan created from start to finish by the individuals that would ultimately be using and maintaining it. Like many areas in Information Technology, Network Design cannot be taken likely. All of the necessary steps like those of the SDLC process must be done step-by-step in order to minimize unnecessary costs, downtime and loss of...

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Fundamentals of Local Area Networks

they want to utilize the network for an internet-enabled television and a VoIP phone. • Describe what network device or devices you would recommend they purchase and explain why. My recommendations for this family are to subscribe to a cable internet or DSL service provider. They will need a modem which acts as the gateway for their network. I would have then purchase a wireless Concurrent dual band 802.11n router and wiring that connect the modem to the router. This would allow them to connect...

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Logical and Physical Network Design

and Physical Network Design Logical and physical network designs are critical components in the successful development and implementation of today's networks and allow for the proper planning and structuring bettering enhancing the concept associated with networks. In order to better understand how the two concepts of a logical design and physical design work hand-in-hand, let's first look at what the concepts entail. A logical design is a concept, thought or theory as to how you wish your network...

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Wan Design 2

wan design WAN Design Your Name Axia College of University of Phoenix WAN Design Company Overview The plan bellow reflects the major processes involved in creating a WAN for Acme Manufacturing. The company’ six different buildings in six different locations require to be networked together. There is a need of communication between all the remote locations and the headquarters building. Two of the headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Within these two building situated across...

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Network Design

Network Design Rodney T Caldwell NTC/362 November 28, 2012 Marjorie Marque Network Design In this paper I will explain what Kudler Fine Foods need to do so the company can make a business decision on what course of action to take to upgrade the infrastructure of their current network. The network Kudler is using is called a bus topology that uses a common backbone to connect all devices. If one of the systems on the network wants communicates to another system, it broadcast a message...

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Network Design Plan Review of Related Study

bebe june bebe june Review of Related Literature Review of Related Literature The literature review is about the study of the network design of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, wherein there are different networks or technologies to be used and the security purposes of the office. This review also includes the possible devices to be used, according to our client it is convenient of any devices the important thing is that traffic within every...

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Difference Between Logical & Physical Design of a Network

Difference between Logical & Physical Design of a Network When we look at the differences between logical design and physical design of a network it is easy to think of it as the logical as the functional part and physical as the seeing it part. With that stated there is more to this than just the functional and seeing parts. In order to understand the differences from one to the other, we need more information. In the following paragraphs I will try to outline what makes up the differences between...

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Logical and Physical Network Design

Logical and Physical Network Design Name University of Phoenix – Online NTC410 Network and Telecommunications Concepts II Instructor Name May 11, 2005 Abstract Connecting computers together to create a network greatly increases the communication capabilities and can even save a company substantial amounts of time and money. A well thought out network design from a small home network to a large corporate intranet can be a deciding factor in the success of a network. Two important steps...

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Security and Interchange Network Design

532 Network Architecture and Analysis Professor Edwin Otto Strayer University July 6, 2013 Prepare an opening statement that specifies your organization’s capabilities to manage a deployment of this size. We would like to take this time to introduce our company Interchange Network Design (IND). We are a multi-million dollar network design company that has the capabilities of handling small to large size network build outs and our specialty is Internetworking of networks on a...

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Unit 6 Assignment 2- Welcome to Network Protocols

Welcome to Network Protocols Kaplan University True or False: Remote Desktop relies on SLIP. True or False: Broadband cable relies on the PSTN for transmission medium. The 802.11 standard specifies a frame type at the MAC sub layer. GEOSYNCHRONOUS orbiting satellites are the type used by the most popular satellite Internet access service providers. The WIRELESS SPECTRUM is a continuum of the electromagnetic waves used for data and voice communication. 2. For the client situation...

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Network Design

Network Design Companies have issues when designing a network that provides access to data and information in a safe and secure environment. A small retail chain store Kudler Fine Foods sells various products and is upgrading the network to monitor and secure information. Kudler Fine Foods has three locations and needs to communicate data quickly so that customer’s accounts are updated and stores can manage inventory. The central network server is located at the home office in La Jolla, California...

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Windows Server Business Case, Part 1: Network Connectivity

final stages of planning a large Visual Communications College for a group of 250 employees consisting of 150 faculty and 100 staff who will work in two adjacent buildings. Each faculty and staff will use computers that run Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Fedora Linux, or Mac OS X. The employees work with a variety of software, including word processing, research, databases, spreadsheets, programming software, and mathematical calculation software. The buildings in which they work...

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Mini-Case 1

headquarters building. The building will have a backbone network that connects eight LANs (two on each floor). The company is very concerned with network errors. What advice would you give regarding the design of the building and network cable planning that would help reduce network errors? I have to make some assumptions regarding the network design for this new building. Since they are a regional accounting firm, constructing a brand new building, and mainly concerned with network errors and data...

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Small Business Network Management

Small business network management: just another job or an exciting career? Managing a small business network can be tough work, but it is a fun and exciting career, than provides endless opportunities for learning new technologies and ideas. Although this is a good career choice, there are many times where this job can be frustrating and tough. The frustrating times come when mission critical equipment fails, or a configuration file gets corrupted. First I will talk about the equipment needed to...

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Network Design Proposal

NETWORK DESIGN PROPOSAL for OASIS COURIER SERVICES TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents INTRODUCTION 3 The Company Needs 3 LAN Design 4 Topology 6 Media 6 VLAN 6 Internet 7 Servers 7 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to discuss review and elaborate the proposed network design for the company Oasis Courier Services. This report will cover in details the desired the network...

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Network Design Consultation

Network diagrams are schematic displays of project schedule activities and the interdependencies between these activities. When developed properly, this graphical view of a project’s activities conveys critical schedule characteristics required to effectively analyze and adjust schedules – thus resulting in accurate and feasible schedules. This document addresses what should be considered in the development of a network diagram, how network diagrams are created, and how they may be analyzed to identify...

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Network Engineer

the manufacturer of the selected equipment. | Model number | 5 | Provide the model number of the selected equipment. | Cost | 5 | Provide the cost for the piece of required equipment. | Mounting | 5 | Explain how the equipment is mounted to a building. | Speed | 5 | Provide the maximum speed that each link will be able to achieve. | Frequency | 10 | For the RF option, provide rationale for the band and why other possible bands are rejected. | Analysis | 10 | Provide technical analysis, pros...

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System Analysis and Design

Wireless Network Submitted by: Gaurano, John Naruel R. Submitted to: Mr. Nikko Paolo P. Gumia, MIT Instructor CASE PROJECT You are working on assignments for two customers: Thomas Jefferson Community College in Virginia and the Tasty Pelican restaurant in Montréal. For the community college, you help them to design a wireless network for the financial resources team members in the administration building and you help them determine how to connect the administration building to the...

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RWANDA NETWORK DESIGN PROJECT PROPOSAL BY: NSABIMANA JEAN CLAUDE REG. NUMBER: 11111128 SUPERVISOR: DR TWIZERE CELESTIN INTRODUCTION o Network is the interconnection of devices such that they can communicate one another, The university network is designed to link campus so that they have one Data center( ICT Center). o This network will link six campuses in star topology and in each campus there will be another kind of topology because of the structure of the building within campus...

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Logical and Physical Network Design

Logical and Physical Network Design Logical and Physical Network Design Network design is a process that begins from the first thought on how to connect to computers together in order for them to communicate and pass needed data to each other. The process may seem simple on this level and may require little consideration, but in fact, there are many areas of the network that need to be examined before the process of networking should be undertaken. For the small network, these considerations...

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Physical vs. Logical Network Design

Logical Network Design Bob Jones NTC 410 Fernando Casafranca April 11, 2006 How is your network designed? This is a simple question. But, like many things in the information technology field, not a question with a simple answer. The definition of network design to a customer or user can be completely different than to an information technology professional. Even inside of the information technology field, there are several definitions of network design. We use the words Logical Network Design...

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network consultation proposal

 CIS 175 Network Consultation Proposal for DesignIT Kordia Holmes Robert Cross CIS 175 12/18/2014 DesignIT is a graphic arts company that is expanding business and has recently purchased a new building 56’*36’ space for the purpose of housing two full time designers and a receptionist. The new building has four cubicles, one office, one server room, one reception desk, and a conference room. DesignIT has already relocated one Web Server (Microsoft IIS Server), one File Server (Microsoft...

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Logical vs. Physical Network Design

Physical Network Design The typical Top-Down approach to network design uses a systematic method to plan, design, and implement a new network. Generally, the Top-Down methodology involves analysis of the business requirements and goals, development of the logical design based on such goals, development of the physical design, and a phase for testing, optimizing, and documenting the network design. This paper focuses on the activities performed to create a logical design of a network and then...

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Computer Network Management

The Basics of Network Management In the computer world, networks are the primary means of inter-computer communications. The building and maintenance of a network is the responsibility of the network manager. The network manager must have the expertise to design and implement an appropriate network for his client. The proper design of a network is based on more than a few principles. However, the job of the network manager encompasses more than simply building a useable network, although that...

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imt network paper

a. b. Identify and describe the three communications elements.  Identify the five advantages of fiber optics as compared to coaxial and twisted pair cables.  Describe baseband transmission.    Describe the disadvantage of Phase‐Shift‐Keying modulation (PSK).  Define and explain bandwidth efficiency.  How does multilevel encoding help with optimizing a data communication system?    Explain the simplex, half‐duplex and full‐duplex transmission mode.  Describe the disadvantage of synch...

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Network Troubleshooting Case Study

Associate Program Material Appendix E Network Troubleshooting Case Study The following are four troubleshooting scenarios that represent typical networking problems. Read each one carefully. For each question or activity that follows, write a 150-word response. Place your responses into a Microsoft® Word document, including the title of each scenario. • Part 1: Troubleshooting a Connection Problem Chris works for a large corporation that has several branch offices in the...

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Network Design Report

IT220 COURSE PROJECT You and your fellow team members are employees of a consulting firm called “Network Solutions”. Your firm’s responsibilities include determining the following: • What type of network would best suit each particular customer (e.g., peer-to-peer or client/server)? • Does the customer need a LAN and/or a WAN? • What type of network topology will best suit the customer? • Which cabling media will meet the customer’s needs now and in the near future? • Brands of hardware...

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Network Paper

Bead Bar Network Paper University of Phoenix Online   Bead Bar Network Paper The Bead Bar is a company that allows customers to make their own jewelry. The company consists of many branches throughout the United States, franchises, and cruise ship contracts. The Bead Bar has grown exponentially since the building of the first studio in New Canaan, Connecticut. Due to the growth of the business, the company’s current system of processing and storing information is grossly outdated. The Bead Bar...

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if you want to achieved success through networking, than you must create a good network design, because now days, there is no business that does not use network or some means of communication in technology. Therefore, business networking design is a crucial strategy that determines the company’s future. According to our text, “If you run or work in a business, you cannot do without networks. You need to communicate rapidly with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Until about 1990, you would...

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Cable Network Analysis

I chose to do my cable network analysis paper on ESPN. I chose this network because I use ESPN’s services more than five times a day through the media channels of television, internet, or radio. ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network and is the self proclaimed “Worldwide Leader in Sports”. ESPN is based in Bristol, Connecticut and was launched in 1979 and now ranks second in the top cable networks with over 90 million subscribers (ESPN.com). ESPN since its beginning has...

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Network Hardening

There is nothing more important in any business than securing your network topology from hardware, design and software. This plan is called network hardening and this plan needs to be incredibly detailed with how the network will be secured in each area. The first step to the network hardening plan resides in how you will build the network and then from there how you will secure each section of the network. This paper will discuss access control measures, encryption, PKI, certificates, OS hardening...

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Setting Up a Network at a New Office

1 General Setting up a new network at a new office will require the purchase of new workstations, installing a new server, or implementing network security and virus protection systems network wide. LC Comm primary goal is to translate the technology needs of your building into an industry standard solution that produces clear, tangible results for the business. It is also my goal to educate and help you understand some of the more technical aspects of your network upgrade by putting it into a...

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Establish Networks

 Establish Networks BSBREL401A For this task, you are to identify 3 different opportunities for networking that will be of benefit to your current vocation and your professional development. You should consider investigating the benefits of the following potential networks. Advisory committees Colleagues Committees Government agencies Internal/external customers Lobby groups Local inter-agency groups Other organizations Professional/occupational...

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310 network lab 3

Use a red colored font for you answers. Place the answers below the questions 1. How often are network standards reviewed? It would be every other 5 years 2. What category of UTP cabling is the minimum for a telephone cable? The cable would be a category 3 3. What category of cabling should be installed as a best practice for a telephone cable? It would be a category 6 4. What is the problem with leaving abandoned cable in place in a building? Abandoned cable can really be a fire hazard ...

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Riordan Network Design Project Week 4

Riordan Network Design Project Week 4 NTC/362 Torrejon Blackwell The utilization of networking hardware is used to connect different computers to a server in the case of my company it will be used to connect the different sections within our company. There are many different types of hardware to include bridges, routers, switches, and even networking cards. Our company will use routers, firewalls, and switches. With the routers and firewalls we will protected from threats to a degree by viruses...

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Tui Itm 550 Network Administration

companies find it necessary to distinguish between network administration and systems administration? The first line of defense for almost every organization is typically the system administrator. This is the person that actively interacts with the company network on a daily basis, and by extension has intimate knowledge of it. So it stands to reason that this person would hopefully be the first to notice any signs of possible compromise would it not? Sadly that is often not the case. Whether it...

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Network and Computer Systems Administrator

I am proposing to write about becoming a network and computer systems administrator, one of the reasons I chose this field to do my final project on is I am already in this field of work and feel that I have a fairly good background and plenty of information to share with others. I started in the Information Technology field in 2000 as a System Support Specialist for a fairly good sized Insurance Company. I have always like computer and figuring out what makes them work so when I had the chance...

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Network Management

it increases (at least initially) with the increase in the number of stations in a token-ring LAN? A) There are too many differences between Token Ring and Ethernet to list out here. You could read more about it from many useful search results for "ethernet vs. token ring." I'll point out a key difference and give you a source answering your question on performance. Ethernet is based on CSMA/CD (carrier sense multiple access with collision detection), meaning multiple stations sense the carrier...

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network topology

FACULTY OF MEDIA, INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY NETWORK ENGINEERING 511 1ST SEMESTER ASSIGNMENT Name & Surname: ____________________________________________ ICAS No: _________________ Qualification: ______________________ Semester: _____ Module Name: __________________________ Date Submitted: ___________ ASSESSMENT CRITERIA MARK ALLOCATION EXAMINER MARKS MODERATOR MARKS QUESTION 1 INTRODUCTION Outlines the subject...

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NETWORK TYPES LAN - Local Area Network A LAN[->0] connects network devices over a relatively short distance. A networked office building, school, or home usually contains a single LAN, though sometimes one building will contain a few small LANs (perhaps one per room), and occasionally a LAN will span a group of nearby buildings. In TCP/IP networking, a LAN is often but not always implemented as a single IP subnet. In addition to operating in a limited space, LANs are also typically owned, controlled...

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Slow Network Analysis

Slow Network Analysis Paper NTC 406 July 14th, 2014 James Parks Slow Network Analysis Paper Increase in number of users: In 1993 there were 14 million users in 2014 there is almost three billion users. The network constituting of interconnected set of computers in a small, limited area such as office buildings, universities, homes etc. is said to be a Local Area Network (LAN). Performance of a LAN refers to the average speed of the network. There are many ways to measure the performance...

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Network Ccnp

OSPF routing protocol is enabled on a network. The administrator would like to enable a floating static route to be used as a backup. Which is the correct setting for the administrative distance of the floating static route? 0 1 50 100 120 The following line was displayed in the output of the show ip route command: [120/2] via, 00:00:30, Serial0/0 Which routing protocol is the source for this route? BGP EIGRP ODR OSPF RIP What is the administrative distance of EIGRP-learned...

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Network and standards protocol Professor 1.Which of the following terms is the cloaet synonym to the term computer networking? Protocol 2.Ann uses her email address, me@here.com, to send an email to bob, whose email address is you@there.com. the message contains a few paragraphs of text. Which of the following will be important to the process of making sure that bob receives this email? 3. According to this chapter, which of the following concepts happens in a modern-day , end...

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What would You Do ? and New Product Design

to the students. 3. The money was stolen. 4. They are paid on Fridays. 5. The movie is being made in Hollywood. 6. I washed my car three weeks ago. 7. His hair was cut by a professional. 8. I will introduce you to my boss this week. 9. It would have been fixed on the weekend. 10. The national anthem is being sung by Jason this time. answers.. a a p p p a p a p p 1. They make shoes in that factory. 2. People must not leave bicycles in the driveway. 3. They...

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Network Marketing

The simplest explanation of network marketing is that it is a method of marketing that depends on independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods. In order to accomplish this, network marketing companies and their associates recruit individuals I.E. “their sales force,” How often have you seen ads on television that use the term, “Independent Insurance Agent or Associate?” Yet, as we watch...

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Network Design: Physical and Logical Design

Network Design: Logical and Physical Design In networking terminology, the term network topology refers to the entire structure of the network. There are two primary parts to the topology definition: the physical design, which is the actual layout of the wire (media), and the logical design, which defines how the media is accessed by the hosts. The physical designs that are commonly used in networks are the Bus, Ring, Star, Extended Star, Hierarchical, and Mesh. A bus topology uses a single...

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Local Area Network (Lan) Basic Components

The local area network (LAN) is home to sheer bandwidth and countless client server applications. Different companies have radically different networks; some have a single PC and others have hundreds of locations and thousands of computers. This page is intended to explain the basic principles and components frequently found on the LAN. The internal network is usually built with the highest bandwidth available. It is then connected to a tiny internet connection which is almost always a bottle neck...

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Assignment 2: Network Topology Design

Assignment 2: Network Topology Design You are the network manager of a company that has grown from 10 employees to 100 employees in 12 months. Year 2 projected growth is estimated to be 100 additional employees located at a remote location. The aggressive growth has brought about some unique challenges and opportunities. The company has one remote warehouse and no off-site disaster recovery services or servers. The network design remains a non-redundant, flat topology. Your assignment must consider...

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Network Design

UMUC’s new building in Adelphi, MD will have to provide networking connectivity to students, professors, and staff. In order to begin the process of planning the new network, we will begin by planning the network IP addressing scheme. It is very important that the network IP addressing scheme be clearly defined in order for IT administrators to locate computers promptly. Also, in order to make it easier for the administrators, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) will be used to assign...

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Computer Network Design

Enterprise network design Name Number Course Tutor Date The enterprise network system is made up of a set of local area networks interlinked through a wide area network. Such a network system is made up of several networking devices such as routers, gateways and switches. An enterprise network is always managed by the organization 1. Enterprise Network Design Model The network design model is particularly crucial when it comes...

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Wired and Wireless Network

Vs Wired Networks | There are two kinds of network technologies: * Wireless - communicates through radio waves * Wired - communicates through data cables (most commonly Ethernet-based) | Why choose a wireless network? | Wireless networks don't use cables for connections, but rather they use radio waves, like cordless phones. The advantage of a wireless network is the mobility and freedom from the restriction of wires or a fixed connection. The benefits of having a wireless network include:...

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Network Design

Network planning and design From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Network planning and design is an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization, and is aimed at ensuring that a new network or service meets the needs of the subscriber and operator.[1] The process can be tailored according to each new network or service.[2] This is an extremely important process which must be performed before the establishment of a...

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Wk 2 Lan Topology Design and Cabling Specifications

LAN Topology Design and Cabling Specifications Rhonda Turner IT230 Steve Acklin January 27, 2013 LAN Topology Design and Cabling Specifications Introduction/Overview Best Betts Gaming Company is opening a new local Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. They have purchased an existing hotel with approximately five-hundred guest rooms. They also own another casino outside of Pahrump, NV. Their main purpose is to setup telecommunications within three departments for customer service...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Networks

disadvantages of networks I’ll start by saying that setting up a network is a serious job and should be done only by a person that is already familiar with the process of networking. The variety of options for setting up a home network can influence on a decision regarding the equipment needed to be purchase. Before deciding what hardware to buy you must first find out which type of network technology to use (by 'type of network technology' I mean the way computers connect to the network and communicate...

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Network Design Proposal

This paper will provide the recommendations for a network that will allow the connection of 50 different remote locations. Half of the remote locations will be required to connect with central headquarters 6 to 8 hours a day and send large files back and forth which consist of date, graphics and product design information including blueprints. The other 25 locations are sales offices and connect at the end of the day to upload daily/other periodic reports that total less than 5 megabytes of data...

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You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School

head: YOU DECIDE You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School Carmelita McNeill DeVry University, Charlotte Abstract This is paper on Leonard Cooper Charter School networking and print server. I will explain the problem and offer a solution to the situation. There are several in finding a resolution to resolve the issues. The first step requires interviewing the stakeholders of Leonard Cooper Charter School to hear the problems of the current system. This will help with determining what the network...

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Research in Network Infrastructure

Overview in Network Infrastructure Network Infrastructure Network infrastructure refers to the hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network. Network infrastructure provides the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks/the Internet. A network infrastructure can be identified as a public or private network that carries information...

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What General Managers Really Do

WHAT GENERAL MANAGERS REALLY DO Assessment 1:Essay by Louisa Cindy General managers are top of employee, who hold major problems and play a big role behind the organization or business. Being a manager takes a great deal of hard work, leadership, and dedication. They have responsibilities to take control, motivate, and monitoring each part of the organization. The pressure of being a manager is not as easy as what people think, they tend to be efficient and effective in the same time. In an...

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Dish Network

DISH NETWORK Headline Case Assignment Bus Strategy/Policy [Type the author name] 3/4/2014 [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.]   Should be in the present For example, a thorough SWOT analysis may help identify the challenges, and give insight as to reaction of the organization...

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4g Wireless Networks

4G Wireless Networks 3G Wireless vs 4GWireless Services and applications '3G' and '4G' are two of the most mysterious terms in the mobile technology dictionary, but they're used relentlessly to sell phones and tablets. The "G" stands for a generation of mobile technology, installed in phones and on cellular networks. Each "G" generally requires you to get a new phone, and for networks to make expensive upgrades. Third-generation mobile networks, or 3G, came to the U.S. in 2003. With minimum consistent...

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