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Wgu Jet2 Task 3

FAQs - JET2 Task 3 Here’s Some Task 3 Advice “Here is the method I used for successfully doing task 3 in 3 days and passing it on the first submission” “**ATTEND THE WEBINAR” A1 “I gave an introduction discussing what capital structure is and how it relates to debt vs. equity financing and what maximizes shareholder return and what the goal of the company is in choosing a capital structure approach. I then made my recommendation discussing all approaches for all years using a table with earnings...

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business needs. The storyline suggests in a merged company the Canadian Bikes, Inc. shares will be exchanged for Competition Bikes, Inc. shares on a 3:1 basis. During the merger in year 8 for available common stock for Competition Bikes will have 31,286 while Canadian Bikes will have 24,200. After the merger Competition Bikes will 975,000 of the shares plus 1/3 of Canadian Bikes 200,000 shares outstanding. The earnings per share before the merger was .032 and after the merger the earnings would be .053;...

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WGU Schools and Society task 3

 Schools & Society Task 3 Part B. The 3 sources I used were New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders, Core Curriculum Content Standard and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. New Jersey's Standards are one of 44 states that are involved in the Common Core State Standards. This makes New Jersey standards the same of most other states in the United States. But the Common Core State Standards are only for Mathematics and Language Arts. New Jersey has...

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JET2 Financial Analysis Task 4 WGU

Competition Bikes Inc. Storyline Managing Capital & Financial Assets 04/12/2014 WGU JET2 Financial Analysis Task 4 - PASSED To: Vice President The following is a summary report to recommend whether Competition Bikes should change its traditional costing method to activity based costing, and an analysis of the breakeven point with regards to sales units and dollars for both CarbonLite and Titanium bikes. It also discusses the impacts to the breakeven point. The cost-volume-profit evaluation...

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JET2 Financial Analysis Task 5 Part I WGU

Custom Snowboards Inc. Managing Capital & Financial Assets 04/19/2014 WGU JET2 Financial Analysis Task 5, Part I - PASSED To: Vice President for Chief Financial Officer (CFO) The following is a summary report is an analysis of the current financial statements of Custom Snowboards Inc. The company wishes to be considered for an extended long term loan for a European expansion. We have arrived at a selection of key financial statement line items, conducted a risk assessment, and ratios...

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FXT2 Task 3 Webinar

Planning, Prevention and Response Overview – TASK 3 To complete this task, you may need to do outside research beyond the Learning Resource provided. At the Master’s Degree level, you will be challenged to perform research of multiple collections to draft a conclusion/response. 1. Task 3 – Competency Competency 427.1.7: Continued Assessments During a Disaster - The graduate assesses needs, threats, and solutions prior to and during a network disaster. 2. Task 3 – Introduction to the Rubric  You can...

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JET2 task 1

 Jason White Financial Analysis JET2 Task 1 February 18, 2015 For this task I preformed an analysis of the financials of Competition Bikes, Inc. In the following pages I will discuss my findings in detail. I will find weaknesses and strengths as well as indicators of how the company’s financial health is. Also included will be some potential ways to make adjustments to correct the weaknesses. Some of the operational strengths and weaknesses were identified by reviewing the horizontal...

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Jet2 Task 4

Competition Bikes Finical Analysis Dan Petersen WGUJET2 Finical Analysis Task 4 A. 1. To: Vice President This report has been prepared to argue the case that the company’s current costing method should be changed to the activity based costing method. This report will review; the difference between traditional based costing and activity based costing; traditional split and allocations with activity based costing; and discusses the breakeven point for Competition bikes Inc. with...

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EHT Task 3

LESSON PLAN Name: Tammie G. McDaniels WGU Task Objective Number: 602.4.20-08 Task 3 GENERAL INFORMATION Lesson Title & Subject(s): Kick the Ball/Physical education Topic or Unit of Study: Physical education Grade/Level: 3-5 Special Needs classroom Instructional Setting: Physical Education Classroom: 9 Special needs students in a TMD classroom. Student physical independence varies tremendously from fully independent to completely dependent. Lesson will be given in the school gymnasium. The...

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task 3

Task 3 for GKE 1 March 25, 2014 Western Governors University Page 2 In 1615 the East India Company acquired its first territory in Bombay, India. The East India Company was a British company that traded for goods, services, and raw materials with India. What initially started as a trading company became a company ruling a country with Brittan’s backing. The company established an army in India comprised mostly of local citizens called Sepoys. With help from the British...

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WGU JGT Task #1

there is an order in which the boot construction is performed, there are precedence requirements that place restrictions on the sequence of production. (http://wps.prenhall.com/wps/media/objects) Task Performance (minutes) Precedence Requirement A 10 -- B 6 A C 3 A D 8 B,C E 3 D F 4 D G 3 E,F H 9 G TOTAL 46 minutes Catherine Pang provided the assembly schedule which denotes cycle time which is the maximum amount of time the boot is allowed to spend at each workstation. Upon initial...

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Let1 Task 4 (Wgu)

should be included performance evaluations should not solely be based on these topics. The three main evaluation criteria should be based on the following: individual task outcomes, behavior, and traits. The current company evaluation only rates the employees on the last two. While this may be a part of ones performance. Individual task outcomes should also be evaluated. The value of using common sets of evaluation criteria is better in the long run because it will be the same across the board....

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Task 3

service user with a questionnaire to find out what they rate the care standards as and also to find out information about the service users which can help he ay their cared for. Bibliography Aldworth, C (2010). Health & Social Care Level 3. Essex: edexcel. 133-143. Bibliography: Dignityincare.org.uk, (2014). The 10 Point Dignity Challenge - Dignity in Care campaign - Dignity in Care network. [online] Available at: http://www.dignityincare.org.uk/Dignity_in_Care_campaign/The_10_Point_Dignity_Challenge/...

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Decision Analysis Task 3

Shuzworld Task 3 Charlene Taylor WGU 000345193 Shuzworld Task 2 I was asked to determine which method for Shuzworld to consider when manufacturing its sneaker. The options are to recondition equipment, the Shanghai plant will acquire new equipment, or manufacturing will be outsourced to China. Reconditioning existing equipment presents a fixed cost of $50,000. For every 1,000 sneakers, there was a $1,000 variable cost. Purchasing new equipment has a $200,000 fixed cost and $500 variable costs...

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Why Wgu

Why I chose WGU for my degree? WGU employs a competency-based model where a student may earn college credits based on their knowledge, work experience and skills. In order to speed up your preparation for each course, you would typically take a pre-assessment test of a specified domain of competency, based on the result of which your mentor would work with you to create a study strategy to prepare you for your final test. This way you would save precious time by not having to study through the entire...

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GRT1 Task 1 WGU

Transmission of Information by DNA and RNA (My name) December 2014 GRT1 Biochemistry Task 1 DNA Replication at the Biochemical Level • A DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) molecule is in comprised of two strands of nucleotides. • When DNA replicates, the nucleotide strands are split and used as a template for a new strand. – The original strand (template) is called the parent strand – The replicated strands are called daughter strands. – A complete daughter DNA strand contains one strand from the parent...

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JET2 Task#3

 Report for Expansion Regarding Competition Bikes, Inc. Western Governors University Report for Expansion Regarding Competition Bikes, Inc. A1. Capital Structure Recommendation Competition Bikes, Inc. would like to expand into Canada. Risks exist with all expansions and the future stability of CBI must be ascertained. Bonds may be available, but are not always ideal if sales cannot be met, due to the interest that must be paid back. Also, CBI may not...

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administrative salaries saw an increase from the flexible budget. They could have paid overtime for their administrative staff to stay over to get extra work done. They need to sit down and plan out their days at the beginning of the day and prioritize their tasks. The morning planning will help them accomplish their work through their normal business hours so they don’t have to stay after hours. Utilities were at a $1,777 favorable outcome. The flexible budget for utilities was $150,000 but the company ended...

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WGU GNT1 Task 4

 Sarah Platte 259466 RN to BSN GNT1 Task 3 The couple in this case study is faced with a heartbreaking diagnosis and decision about the future of a pregnancy that they have tried for some time to achieve. After getting the joyous news that Mrs. Trosack is pregnant, the couple receives the devastating news that the fetus has Tay-Sachs disease. This disease is caused by a genetic abnormality that causes fatty substances to build up in the brain. This causes numerous neurological...

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WGU JDT2 Task 1

November 20, 2013 To: CEO, Toy Company From: Date: 23 November 2013 Subject: JDT2 Task 1 Human Resources Former Employee’s Constructive Discharge Claim As requested, I have investigated the claim relating to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I researched case law pertinent to this case and prepared the following synopsis and recommendation. Constructive Discharge In the beginning of the year, the company implemented a new scheduling policy that would require all...

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JET2 Task 3

income taxes (EBIT). 2. Valuation: Determines impact of debt use on shareholder’s value by determining the level of debt at which the benefits of increased debt no longer outweigh the increased risks and expenses associated with financing (Wenk, 2012) 3. Cash Flow: Analyzes a firm’s debt capacity by using the weighted average of cost of capital (WACC). The WACC is a calculation of a firm’s cost of capital in which each capital source (bonds, stock and other long-term debt) are proportionally weighted...

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Rqbt1 Task 1 Wgu

strongly supports my thesis statement and main points. (Armario, 2010) Moe, T. (2011): The Staggering Power of the Teachers’ Union “A look at the most powerful force in American education — and it isn’t a force for good”: Hoover Digest 2011 no. 3 Edition. This article discusses the phenomenal amount of political power possessed by the teachers unions, how the unions negatively influence education in this country by putting their special interest needs before the wellbeing of our students...

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HGT task 1 WGU

 Community Health Nursing HAT1 Task 1 Western Governors University Community Health Nursing HAT1 Task 1 History and Demographics of Bucks County Pennsylvania Bucks County is located in southeastern Pennsylvania and is part of the Delaware Valley area. Bucks County is a suburb of the large city of Philadelphia. Bucks County was founded by William Penn in 1682 and was named after the British county of Buckinghamshire where Penn resided while in England. Bucks is one of the...

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Wgu Jdt Task 3

Running head: JDT TASK 3 JDT TASK 3 Western Governors University Human Resources JDT TASK 3 A. Benefits of Performance Appraisal Systems Optimal results of a well prepared and well developed employee appraisal: The processes demonstrates a commitment to people within the business by showing them that they are valued members of the company and their success is important to the entire organization. Formal employee appraisals provide a strong reinforcement of the corporate aims...

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Wgu - Performance Evaluation Task

personal characteristics. For the second annual review the plant manager is exploring other options when it comes to evaluating the engineer. The three most commonly-used sets of evaluation criteria which should be used in evaluations are individual task outcomes, behaviors, and traits. In this scenario, the engineer could be judged on what he was able to accomplish. For example, the changes that the engineer suggested resulted in considerable savings on manufacturing energy cost and eliminated a significant...

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Wgu Hat Task 3

 Global  Health   EEEeeCommunity  Health  Nursing   EE           Community Health Nursing Environmental  and  Global  Health-­‐HAT  Task  #3   Lynn  Senfelds   Western  Governor’s  University     Environmental  and  Global  Health   Task  A-­‐1   The  Communicable  Disease  Outbreak  of  Avian  Influenza   2          Communicable  diseases  account  for...

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Wgu Egt1 Task 3

To: Senior VP of Operations From: Jessica Torres, director of Human Resources Date: May 20, 2012 Subject: Federal Act Violations for 3 cases Situation A: The Family and Medical Leave act of 1993 states, that any eligible employee can take twelve weeks of unpaid time off for a family emergency. The family emergency must be one of the four cases: a birth of a child, being a caregiver for immediate family members with a serious illness, placing a child in foster care or placing them up for...

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WGU EGT Task 4

Economics and Global Business Applications Task 4 This report will detail cross-cultural issues that may be faced when a firm does business within the borders of the highly populist country. With the emergence of the WTO (World Trade Organization) international trade drastically increased allowing countries to participate in foreign trade in turn raising the GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) and exposing their products to a broader audience. Not only are countries able to trade standard goods and...

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szt 1 task 3

 SZT 1 - Task 3 Name here WGU SZT 1 January 19, 2014 SZT 1 - Task 3 Rubeola Rubeola, or measles, is a communicable disease that is highly contagious and easily spread from person to person through close physical contact or direct contact with infected bodily secretions. “Measles is caused by a virus in the paramyxovirus family” ("Measles," 2013). Paramyxoviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses that infect respiratory cells. If an infected individual coughs or sneezes...

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WGU LIT1 Task 1

incomes on their personal tax returns. In addition, there is great flexibility in how profits can be collected or distributed among its members. You can limit your income taxes by investing the profits back into your company to further develop it. 3. With this business form, you can attract others for further investment into the company. Your family members can invest and become the members of the company. You can also hire a family member to become a manager to run your business and operate the...

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Unit 3 Task 3 Assignment

Wendie Lunn Unit 3 Health and Safety and Security Task 3 Risk Assessments A risk assessment is something that will be written up before an outing, the assessment covers what the risks are, who can be put at risk, where the risk could take place, when the risk is most likely to happen and how the risks will harm the service users. A risk assessment is always done before an activity so the service users and myself are kept safe and the service providers have a written step-by-step plan if anything...

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Ebt1 Task 2 Wgu

Research Integration EBT1 Task 2 Types of Sources of Evidence/Appropriateness/Classifications The article from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) that addresses acute otitis media (AOM) is a filtered resource. This article is appropriate for use in nursing practice as it establishes diagnosis and management guidelines for the treatment of AOM. In addition the article recommends treatment options for the symptoms of AOM and addresses...

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GKE Task 3

Running Head: GKE1 task 3 GKE Task 3 Melissa Holley Western Governors University GKE1 task 3 SECTION A: IMPERIALISM OR COLONIALISM The “Scramble for Africa” was a movement by the every European power during the Industrial revolution to claim as much land as possible in resource rich Africa, with a goal of expanding its wealth and empire. During the Berlin Conference of 1884, the Europeans established that individual countries could lay claim to African land simply by setting up government offices...

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Assessment Task 3 2

Assessment date/s Time/s The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective You will demonstrate skills and knowledge required to advise applicants of interview outcomes and induct a successful applicant. Assessment description Across three assessment tasks you will support the recruitment,...

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Measles or Rubeola JJ task 3

Measles Outbreak and Controlling a Pandemic James Wilson WGU 000295445 1 Measles, or Rubeola as it is also called, is caused by a virus. Years ago, before the Measles vaccine was prevalent in the United States, this virus was one of the worse in terms of disease in our nation. Most children contracted this virus in their adolescent years, and many died due to lack of treatment options. More than 400 people died each year of Measles and hundreds more were left with irreversible brain damage. Information...

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Lkt2 - Task 3

regardless of which site they are located. With a few changes and upgrades the transition from two closed networks to one multi location internet accessible network is possible. The challenges involved are not difficult to overcome. LKT2 – Task 3 Page 1 of 4 MAB Law Firm Network Consolidation Security Plan Physical Security Site A: The interior 8’ x 10’ room has one door controlled by a BEST push button combination lock. The walls to the room are masonry and extend above the suspended...

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Task 3 Risk Assessment

Assemble the workstation and test its functionality Open case and clean inside Remove RAM and upgrade to 8GB Reassemble and test Take workstation back and re test No. Activity (step 1) Hazards Identified (step 2) Who is Exposed (step 3) Risk High, Medium, Low (step 4) Additional Controls (step 5) (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) 1 Disassembling workstation on preparation to move Electrocution The Technician involved could be electrocuted also it could cause the buildings electricity to...

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Let1 Task 3

RLET TASK 3 Patrick R Selamy According to a 2013 Wikipedia article entitled “French and Raven's five bases of power”, the five bases of power are “Coercive, Reward, Legitimate, Referent, and Expert.” (French and Raven's five bases of power, 2013) This article goes on to describe the many different ways one can go about attaining power. The behaviors exhibited by the employees in the given scenario are indicative of several bases of power. Power has been sought after since the dawn of time...

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EGT1 Task 3

WGU EGT1 Task 3 Student# In this essay I will discuss a few terms and how their relationships apply between regulation and market structures, as well as how regulation policies affect the market. A) There were 4 particular Antitrust Laws that were enacted with the primary purpose of protecting consumers, striving to achieve fair competition in the market place, and to achieve and allocate efficiency. The 4 Antitrust Laws that are major pieces of legislation are; The Sherman...

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Persuasive Essay - Choice of University - Wgu

University and remain very satisfied with this choice. Cost is a major determining factor, and one in which WGU holds a tremendous advantage over competing learning institutions. One must consider the annual cost of WGU at $5,780, compared to the average annual cost of a public institution at $32,617. Other online institutions also cannot compete in regards to cost, owed largely to WGU being the nation’s only nonprofit online university. University of Phoenix’s cost for a four year degree is...

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Assessment tasks 1 3

Assessment task 1 – Project Plan “Houzit” Marketing management plan Marketing objectives The market for home-wares in Brisbane is estimated last year at $175 million per annum with an anticipated growth rate of the percent in the coming year. Here I outline the following marketing objectives: 12% market share (up from 11%) Increase in sales by 8.5% over last year’s result No expansion stores are planned during this phase of consolidation and on average the stores achieved $24,680 per week for the...

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Task 3 Answer

Task 3 Name: Section: Author’s Purpose Activity Directions: Read the descriptions of each item and determine the author’s purpose in writing it (to entertain, persuade, or inform). Then, in a sentence or two, explain your answer. 1. A story about a family trying to stick together and survive through the Great Depression in the Midwest in the 1930s Author’s Purpose: to entertain Explain Your Answer: Write a sentence or two. Because it is a story and wants to entertain. 2. A section...

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Assessment Task 3

Task 03: Finalise and review project Submission details The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your trainer. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your trainer. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. You must submit printed copies of your answers. Printed copies- Submit to your Trainer with the "Assessment Cover Sheet" (Filled out and signed appropriately) attached on top of your documents. Assessment...

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p1 task 3

Sources of Finance Unit 3 - Task 1 – P2 Describe 5 sources of financial advice and guidance available to a new business start up Trade associations A trade association is a group of people that meet who are in the same trade or type of business as you. There are associations for those who are in Human Resources, marketing, and much more. Finding the right association for you can help you out professionally. Advantages of this would be listening to people in the same trade therefore you would...

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JGT Task 3

JGT Task 3 MEMORANDUM To: Alistair Wu, Plant Operating Director Cynthia Crowninshield VP From: Holly Lindsay Date: 10/26/2014 A. In this task, we were asked to decide which method Shuzworld should consider for the manufacturing of its sneakers at all possible volumes of output. The possible methods to be considered are: Reconditioning the plant equipment Purchasing new equipment Outsourcing to other manufacturing operations The figures for fixed and variable costs for each section were derived...

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INT1 Task 3

 INT1 Task 3 The Popcorn Experiment Skye McDonald-George Project Plan and Problem Statement In this project I will be testing whether or not popcorn yields a higher percentage of popped kernels when frozen. This is relevant because most people would like to get the best value out of items they purchased and this may demonstrate one way to do that. I will be freezing multiple bags of popcorn and then popping both frozen and unfrozen bags in the microwave. Finally I will count the popped and...

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unit 6 task 3

Concrete Experience - (a new experience of situation is encountered, or a reinterpretation of existing experience). 2. Reflective Observation (of the new experience. Of particular importance are any inconsistencies between experience and understanding). 3. Abstract Conceptualization (Reflection gives rise to a new idea, or a modification of an existing abstract concept). 4. Active Experimentation (the learner applies them to the world around them to see what results). Kolb's learning theory (1975)...

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Task 3 TDA 2

Task 3 – Children and Young Persons Development TDA 2.1-3.1, 2.1-3.2/CCLDMU 2.2-3.1 AMENDMENTS: The term ‘bereavement’ refers to the whole process of grieving and mourning, and is associated with a deep sense of loss and sadness.  It is a natural process, but its effects can be overwhelming. Many children and young people will experience bereavement, through the loss of a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend or pet. The death of a person you love is a major life change and children will need to...

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GKE 1 task 3

 GKE1 Task 3 GKE1 Task 3 A. The rise of imperialism by Portugal was due to the pursuit of exploration and trade. Imperialism is the acquisition of territory by either political or military force, while colonialism is sending citizens to inhabit and populate a new territory. Portugal landed in Brazil on April 23, 1500 and began setting up trading stations called “feitorias”.(Skidmore, 1999) Portugal did not have the population to colonize the new land and these stations...

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Task 1 And 3 Combined

Assignment 1 – Construction in Civil Engineering Alex Dale Task 1 + 3 – Describe and compare fundamental techniques, processes, plant and materials used in groundworks, foundations and substructures. Millau Viaduct Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world, located in Southern France. The bridge reaches the height of 343 meters and weighs in a 36,000 tonnes. The bridge was designed by the French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster. The bridge opened...

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Assessment Task 3

 Assessment Task 3: Report TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction………………………………………………… 3 Literature Review Social Support……………………………………………. 4 Organisation……………………………………………… 5 Problem Identification…………………………………. 6 Conclusion…………………………………………………. 7 Reference List…………………………………………….. 7 Introduction The purpose of this report is to discuss key strategies of transition that make successful students and why some students unlike the successful ones cannot develop with such strategies...

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Int Task 3

Windows 7 Versus Ubuntu Linux : A Number Crunching Showdown vs. Jeffrey Howard INT1 Task 3 Western Governors University A. Project Plan The purpose of this project is to determine the fastest computer operating system for solving mathematical equations. Which operating system, Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux, performs the best when it comes to pure number crunching? In order to test this question, the researcher ran a Java based application that benchmarks the ability of each operating system...

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Ebt1 Task 3

Lauren March 1, 2013 Evidence Based Practice Task #3 Routine Perioperative Practice Research Perioperative routine practices vary from state to state and even facility to facility. It is important for the surgical nurse to be well versed in perioperative procedures and constantly question the effectiveness and positive/negative outcomes related to each one. Several preoperative procedures take place on the surgical unit of my hospital, and after research and discussions with surgeons, I...

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Recruitment And Selection Task 3

Recruitment and Selection Task 3 Denise Chilton 3.1 How to establish the induction needs of new staf All employees need an induction and the quality of the induction process greatly affects both the employee and the company. Poor inductions result in unhappy, unsettled staff leading to resignations and dismissals and ultimately more time spent on recruitment, selection and inductions. Within the first few days the induction process is to be put in place. The new employee will be given a plan...

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Task 3 Barriers to communication

Task 3-Barriers to communication Some communication barriers happen when the person doesn’t know if someone is deaf, blind etc. So this may make things a lot difficult as the person trying to understand the message being sent may think they are ignoring them or just trying to use signals to get them to understand that they may not be able to hear or see them. Communication between people is mainly about sharing new information to one another. For example someone may ask someone what number bus...

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INT1 Task 3

 INT1 Task 3 Will frozen popcorn kernels yield higher output? Amy L. Tiller November 2014 Project Design Plan The experiment will determine if frozen popcorn kernels yield a higher amount of cooked popcorn than those stored and cooked from room temperature. Will kernels stored in a home freezer for 24 consecutive hours contain a higher or lower yield of popcorn once cooked? Through this experiment I intend to find how to create the highest possible yield of popcorn. Six brands of popcorn...

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INT Task 3

INT Task 3 In this paper I will be addressing how to tell an acid from a base using a simple experiment that can be done in the household. Telling an acid from a base is very important in the world from people that may have a pool in their backyard to those who are chemists and need that information to balance chemical equations. With simple experiments, one can tell if the solution they have is a base or an acid. The testable question in this paper will be “can simple tests show that a liquefied...

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Wgu Supply Chain Task 3

and the general ledger Funds management The main task of funds management within this organization will be monitoring international exchanges and the money market to determine what the value of the dollar is worth. Capital requirements This unit will be in charge of issuing stocks and bonds to the market Marketing: The marketing department will be in charge of sales, advertising, market research and promotions. The main task of this business unit will be promoting the brand and creating...

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GKE1 task 3

 Historical Systems of Power, Governance, and Authority MacKenzie L Leliefeld Western Governors University Themes in U.S. and World History- Task 3 A. The rise of new imperialism of the 19th and early 20th century involved Europe going into Africa. The causes of imperialism in Africa were partly due to the decolonization in America. The European powers were out political and economic gain by the United States gaining their independence. In 1876 European powers especially King Leopold...

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Hat Task 3

Global and Environmental Communicable Disease Effects July 8, 2013 Western Governors University HAT- Task 3 Global and Environmental Communicable Disease Effects Community health nurses face many concerns that can create environmental and global health issues. In history, humans have battled many health epidemics, from as early as the black plague, to polio, and more recent issues of measles, small pox, and HIV/AIDS. Many vaccines have been created and billions of lives have been saved...

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