• Vote of Thanks
    Vote of thanks speeches Giving away a welcome speech and "vote of thanks" are some of the responsibilities bestowed on us if we work in an organisation. Alas! I am faced with the puzzle of how to give vote of thanks. Did you have to face this situation? Well, you need not panic. First an
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  • 64th Republic Day of India
    Introduction 64th Republic Day of India - January 26, 2013 Republic Day, celebrated on January 26th every year, is one of India’s most important national events. It was on January 26th, 1950 that the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly Sovereign, Democratic and Republi
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  • Thanks Giving Day
    [pic] Thanksgiving Plan 2012.07.30 [pic] [pic] CONTENT Introduction of company.......................................2 Dining in the hotel.................................................3 Thanksgiving Introduction and history.................4 Reportive...........
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  • School annual day
    This is a sample speech on annual day for school and college students. Just like sports and games held all the year round culminate into the sports day, all the co-curricular activities held all through the year crystallize into the Annual Day. The Annual Day is highly awaited as it is...
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  • Teachers Day
    Ratna: A timeless Indian edict goes “Mata Pita Guru Deva” which translated stands for “Mother Father Teacher God” – a sacred list of the most revered relationships in a strict order. The meaning of this adage is the greatest truth, and is the order in which one should offer reverence. The
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  • World teachers day program anchoring notes
    “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”- Aristotle (Welcome) On behalf of Tilak college of education, I heartily welcome all of you for the “World Teacher’s Day “ celebrations. first, let me convey to all the teachers ans...
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  • sports day
    Warm Welcome to the parents Welcome Speech by the kids (English and Hindi) Performances by the kids               - Taekwondo / Yoga presentation               - Dance performance (Any sports song-Eng/Hindi) Performance by our kids Vote of Thanks Welcome by comperer Bouquet...
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  • mother day
    Mother's day Just like every year, the education week was celebrated in our school with great joy. As part of the week the mother's day was celebrated. The theme is to highlight the role of mothers in the proper upbringing of children. It is the mother who can help shape the...
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  • Why Should I Vote
    “Why Should I Vote?” I live in a democratic republic and that means that I get a say in who runs my country, and by way of this privilege I also get a say about how my country is run. But, voting can be daunting. It takes time to register and then you have to learn about the candidates' views.
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  • Independence Day
    The Mechanical Celebration of the Independence Day Congratulations to all my fellow countrymen, on the occasion of the sixty fifth independence day! I wonder to see the number ‘sixty fifth’; as I think what we, the Indians have done for our motherland? Mother India is watching all her children
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  • Republic of Turkey Swot Analysis
    Information About Turkey Background: The Turkish Republic was formed in 1923 after Ottoman Empire. Nationalist resistance forces led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk defeated the occupying allies after the First World War to establish the country's present borders. Turkey oriented its political and econo
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  • Day of a Player
     A Day In The Life Of The Player   A Day In The Life Of The Player  How would you like to live a day in the life of The Player? Well now you can. I've decided to share m
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  • Mba in a Day
    mba TLFeBOOK MBA In A Day What You Would Learn at Top-Tier Business Schools (If You Only Had the Time!) ® Steven Stralser, Ph.D. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. TLFeBOOK TLFeBOOK More Praise for MBA In A Day® “Steve Stralser is a unique talent. It is unusual to meet people who
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  • How Did the Weimar Republic Survive 1919-24?
    How did the Weimar Republic Survive 1919-24? During the time the Weimar Republic were in government, they faced a number of serious threats to power coming from various opposing parties and lack of support. These threats came from the left and right wing, and more-over problems such as the Treaty o
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  • Country Analysis Czech Republic
    International Study Trip Czech Republic: A Country Analysis for Withit International Submitted By: John Hornby, Davy Cullen, Niall Doyle and Ian Forsey Submitted To: Dr. Sheila O’Donohoe And Mr. Gerard Arthurs Date of Submission: 22nd of February 2011 TABLE
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  • Ebrd Research About Kyrgyz Republic
    DOCUMENT OF THE EUROPEAN BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC As approved by the Board of Directors at its Meeting on 1 September 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ................................................................................
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  • Was the Weimar Republic Dommed from Its Beginning
    Was the Weimar Republic doomed from its very beginning? Discuss this view of Germany’s infant democratic system. The Weimar Republic was born out of German defeat in World War I and lasted until 1933 with the rise of Nazism and Hitler’s becoming dictator. Throughout this time the Federal
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  • Republic of South Africa (1961–present)
    SOUTH AFRICA South Africa contains some of the oldest archaeological sites in the world.[19][20][21] Extensive fossil remains at the Sterkfontein, Kromdraai and Makapansgat caves suggest that various australopithecines existed in South Africa from about three million years ago.[22] These were succe
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  • Every Woman Has Her Day: The Women’s Rights Movement in 19th Century
    English Comp 1 7/15/2013 Every Woman Has Her Day: The Women’s Rights Movement in 19th Century Most think of women’s rights as a recent struggle, however they do not realize that women have been fighting for their rights as early as the abolitionist fought for their civil rights....
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  • Jeffersonian Republic
    APUSH Chapter 11 : The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic 1800-1812   Federalist and Republican Mudslingers Thomas Jefferson became the victim of one of America's first "whispering campaigns."  The Federalists accused him of having an affair with one of his slaves.  ...
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