• Vote of Thanks
    Vote of thanks speeches Giving away a welcome speech and "vote of thanks" are some of the responsibilities bestowed on us if we work in an organisation. Alas! I am faced with the puzzle of how to give vote of thanks. Did you have to face this situation? Well, you need not panic. First an
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  • School annual day
    This is a sample speech on annual day for school and college students. Just like sports and games held all the year round culminate into the sports day, all the co-curricular activities held all through the year crystallize into the Annual Day. The Annual Day is highly awaited as it is...
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  • Hup Seng Annual Report
    02 03 04 06 07 13 18 19 20 25 27 29 80 84 87 89 Corporate Information Corporate Structure Chairman’s Statement Financial Highlights Directors’ Profile Statement on Corporate Governance Statement of Directors’ Responsibilities in Relation to Financial Statement Other Compliance Information
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  • Std Annual Report
    Contents Board of Directors 2 Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Green Banking Committee & Shariah Supervisory Committee 3 Corporate Information 6 Management Team 7 Group Corporate Structure 8 Head Office & Branch Network 9 Credit Rating Report 12 Notice of the 13th Annual General Meeting 13 Ch
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  • Teachers Day
    Ratna: A timeless Indian edict goes “Mata Pita Guru Deva” which translated stands for “Mother Father Teacher God” – a sacred list of the most revered relationships in a strict order. The meaning of this adage is the greatest truth, and is the order in which one should offer reverence. The
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  • World teachers day program anchoring notes
    “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”- Aristotle (Welcome) On behalf of Tilak college of education, I heartily welcome all of you for the “World Teacher’s Day “ celebrations. first, let me convey to all the teachers ans...
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  • sports day
    Warm Welcome to the parents Welcome Speech by the kids (English and Hindi) Performances by the kids               - Taekwondo / Yoga presentation               - Dance performance (Any sports song-Eng/Hindi) Performance by our kids Vote of Thanks Welcome by comperer Bouquet...
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  • annual report
    Annual Report 2012 Your global quality partner Contents Overview Inside cover – Intertek at a glance 1 Financial highlights 2 Chairman’s statement Directors’ report – Business review 4 Chief Executive Officer’s review 10 Intertek Operations Committee 12 Operating review 22...
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  • mother day
    Mother's day Just like every year, the education week was celebrated in our school with great joy. As part of the week the mother's day was celebrated. The theme is to highlight the role of mothers in the proper upbringing of children. It is the mother who can help shape the...
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  • Annual concert
    SCRIPT Welcome Speech: Good morning/ afternoon/ evening parents! We extend a very warm welcome to all of you to our second Annual Concert- Different Strokes. A lot has gone into making this an unforgettable experience for you, so fasten your seat belts and sit tight as you are about to...
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  • Thanks Giving Day
    [pic] Thanksgiving Plan 2012.07.30 [pic] [pic] CONTENT Introduction of company.......................................2 Dining in the hotel.................................................3 Thanksgiving Introduction and history.................4 Reportive...........
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  • Year Round School: an Annual Mistake
    Year Round School: An Annual Mistake Omar Ramos Mrs. Wilkerson English II (H)- 4 11 December 1996 Throughout time education has been considered a process that every so often must be improved. The education quality in the U.S. has declined over the years and people have been
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  • Tvs Annual Report
    TVS MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED Sixteenth Annual Report 2007-2008 TVS MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED Bankers STATE BANK OF INDIA Corporate Accounts Group Branch, Greams Road, Chennai - 600 006. STATE BANK OF MYSORE Industrial Finance Branch, Midford Garden Road, Bangalore - 560 001. Registered office Jaya
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  • Telecom Annual Report
    telecom corporation of new zealand annual report for the year ended 30 june 2008 annualreport.telecom.co.nz/2008 k ey fac t S an d fi G u r e S our numBerS A team of We’re committed to enabling the delivery of broadband connections between 9,000 80% of New Zealanders by 2011
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  • Infosys Annual Report
    Power of talent “Our core corporate assets walk out every evening. It is our duty to make sure that these assets return the next morning, mentally and physically enthusiastic and energetic.” – N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman and Chief Mentor This Annual Report is printed on 100% recycled
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  • Starbucks Annual Report 2008
    Starbucks Corporation Fiscal 2008 Annual Report Fiscal 2008 Financial Highlights Stores Open at Fiscal Year End (COMPANY-OPERATED AND LICENSED STORES) Net Revenues (IN BILLIONS) & Net Revenue Growth (PERCENTAGES) from Previous Year 16,680 $9.4 $7.8 $6.4 $5.3 $4.1 24% 30% 20% 22% 21% $10
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  • Google Annual Report
    About Google! 2008 Annual Report Unemployment 100 80 60 40 20 0 100 80 60 40 20 0 Foreclosure ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 We are all in uncharted waters. – CEO Eric Schmidt Query volume index for “u
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  • Coca Cola Annual Report
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  • Tesco Annual Report
    Tesco PLC Annual Report and Financial Statements 2008 More than the weekly shop Annual Report and Financial Statements 2008 Contents Financial highlights Chief Executive’s statement Report of the Directors > Business Review > General information > Corporate governance Directors’ remuner
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  • Annual Report of Hdfc Bank 07-08
    Financial Highlights Interest Income Interest Expense Net Interest Income Other Income Net Revenues Operating costs Operating Result Provisions and Contingencies Loan Loss Provisions Others Profit before tax Provision for taxation Profit after tax Funds : Deposits Subordinated debt Stockholders’
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