• Visual Aids in Teaching
    Describe how the visual aids can help in teaching languages? The aids that help in teaching languages and that can be seen are called 'visual aids'. They provide practical solutions to the problems of a language teacher whose equipment, as a rule, consists of nothing more than books and classroom. T
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  • How Visual Aids Can Help When Teaching a Foreign Language.
    How visual aids can help when teaching a foreign language. 1 Visual aids provide a practical solution for teachers whose equipment can consist of nothing more than a few books and a classroom. They include black-boards, laptops, charts and posters, pictures, magazines, flash-cards an
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  • Visual Aids for Language Teaching
    Four important visual aids teachers use with students to teach, learn, study, play and review knowledge in class for Language Teaching. The use of visual aids is important if a teacher really wants to do a great job, have more attractive classes and get better results from their students.
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  • Business Presentation Must Be Accompanied with the Visual Aids and a Copy of the Text Needs to Be Provided to All Participant
    Business presentation must be accompanied with the visual aids and a copy of the text needs to be provided to all participant ( Agree/Not agree) Visual aids equal a presentation is a very common misconception. Visual aids are aids. They are not even necessary, usually. A presentation is the i
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  • Teaching English
    School of Humanities English, GIX115 Supervisor: Maria Estling Vannestål Examiner: Ibolya Maricic The weak language learner - a study of ways of taking weak language learners into consideration in class Susanna Axelsson Spring 2007 Abstract English is taught as a compulsory second langua
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  • Strategies for Teaching English to Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    INTRODUCTION All teachers witness the evolutionary achievements of their students. But what happens when teachers are uncertain that their students seem to experience difficulties in learning? One significant problem that calls more attention from teachers and therefore to me, a future teacher,
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  • Visual Aids
    Visual Aids Visual aids help your presentation make things happen. Visual aids help you reach your objectives by providing emphasis to whatever is being said. Clear pictures multiply the audience’s level of understanding of the material presented, and they should be used to reinforce your messag
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  • Visual Aids
    Module 3 Teaching aids Unit 7 Visual aids The assistant as visual aid Gesture in error correction p 30 Your facial expression, gestures and mimes can greatly enhance students’ understanding of your meaning. Without turning into an absolute clown you can take steps to help students und
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  • Tefl Teaching English to Young Learners
    Teaching English to Young Learners with GO TEFL Result: 81% Assignment Answer the following questions based on your course readings for this module. (100 marks) Part 1: This section covers multiple choice type questions. Choose the correct answer from the possible answers provided. 1. What is o
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  • Teaching English
    Teaching Readers of English “A book of this kind is long overdue. . . . It is a giant contribution to the field. With its emphasis on a socioliterate approach to reading and literacy, it nicely captures the prevailing view of academic literacy instruction. Its extremely skillful and well-de
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  • Teaching English Vocabulary Using Games
    |Vol 36 No 1, January - March 1998 Page 20|PREVIOUS ... CONTENTS ... SEARCH ... NEXT | | |The Use of Games | | | |For Vocabulary Presentation and Revision
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  • Teaching English
    Using Drama Activities and Techniques for Teaching English What is Drama? Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling. Drama is an essential form of behavior in all cultures, it is a fundamental human activity. In this site we are investigating the benefits Drama
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  • The Effectiveness of Using Ict in Teaching English
    The Effectiveness of Using ICT in Teaching English ABSTRACT This research is aim to establish the effectiveness of using ICT in improving English knowledge among the Year Six students. Particularly, this research will investigate to what extent the effectiveness of using ICT in language teachi
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  • General Objective Teaching English
    ------------------------------------------------- Escuela Normal Superior de Hermosillo ------------------------------------------------- Plantel Obregón * ------------------------------------------------- General objective of teaching English at high school * ------------------------
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  • Teaching English Vocabulary Through Pictures for Young Learners
    Teaching English Vocabulary through Pictures for Young Learners INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background All languages consist of words. Languages emerge first as words, both historically, and in terms of the way each of us learned our first and any subsequent languages. Vocabulary plays an importan
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  • Teaching English in Manipur
    English Language Teaching and Education in Thailand: A decade of Change Darasawang, P., English in Southeast Asia: Varieties, Literacies and Literatures Newcastle D. Prescott (ed.) Cambridge Scholars Publishing October 2007 pp. 187-204. The definitive version of this article was published as Darasaw
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  • Teaching English
    (ii) Plan a complete lesson for any ONE day based on the curriculum specifications suggested in the SOW comprising one week of lessons in a primary school (preferably Year 3, Year 4 or Year 5). Date: 31st March 2014 (Monday) Class: Year 3 Time: 08:15-09:15 a.m. (60 minutes) Focus:...
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  • Effect of Using Mathematics Teaching Aids in Teaching Mathematics on the Achievement of Mathematics Students
    Teaching is a challenging job, whether you are in charge of a traditional public school classroom or tutoring a single child in a language. Fortunately, there are many aids and accessories available to make the job easier. Though some cost money, others are available for free or easily manufactured
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  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    TEFL Assignment Name: Una Burns Student No: 40024517 Course Director: Paul Anthony Assignment Title: Outline the problems faced by both the teacher and the student on a TEFL course. (1000 words approx.) Outline the problems faced by both the teacher and the student on a TEFL course. (1000
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  • Distinctively Visual Learning and Teaching Program
    ngTitle: Distinctively Visual | Concept: How are images we see and visualise in texts created? | Language Modes: speaking, reading, writing, listening, viewing, ICT | Outcomes: | | | 1. A student demonstrates understanding of how relationships between composer, responder, text and contex
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