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Visi Dan Misi Thailand Airlines

the direction and purpose of the organization. Questions Addressed by Mission Statements (1) What is the purpose of organization?, (2) What is unique about the organization?, (3) What are its principal products and markets?, (4) What are its values?, dan (5) Where is it hoping to be in five or ten years' time? (www.1000ventures.com) Mission is what you want to achieve by starting the business – www.smallbusinessnotes.com The Mission is a statement of purpose and the primary objective for which resources...

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 Thailand, a country located in the center of the Indochina peninsula currently boasts an unemployment rate of .7%. Thailand’s economy has slowly developed over time only to turn into one of the greater success stories. In the beginning stages of the countries growth, pre-1950, those heavily indebted might have sold themselves as slaves. As the country continued to grow they gained a boost once the Cold War took place. Soon after Thailand saw a huge change in its economy as international economics...

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Southwest Airline

Company Profile Kisah sukses dan keberhasilan Southwest Airlines dimulai pada tahun 1966 saat Herb Kelleher dan klien-nya Rollin King berbicara membicarakan keberhasilan Pacific Southwest Airlines, maskapai penerbangan yang hanya terbang di negara bagian California. Saat itulah King mengusulkan untuk memulai layanan sejenis tapi untuk negara bagian Texas. King memaparkan gagasan untuk menghubungkan tiga pusat metropolitan di Texas, yakni Dallas, Houston, dan San Antonio. Jarak antara ketiganya cukup...

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 Airlines - US - August 2012 Attitudes Toward Airlines and Airline Travel Key points The many changes to airline travel over the last few years have been absorbed by air travelers and a majority (77%) agrees that they feel comfortable with the process of flying. However, while air travel is familiar to them, most (65%) feel that it is becoming “more and more of a hassle.” The most affluent air travelers (those with a household income of at least $150K) are also...

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Airlines to Philippines [pic]Air Asia flights [pic]AirPhil Express [pic]Cebu Pacific [pic]Philippine Airlines [pic]South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) [pic]Sky Pasada [pic]Tiger Airways [pic]Zest Air |[pic]Delta flights | |[pic]United flights | |[pic]China Southern flights | |[pic]Air China flights ...

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, yang mulai sebagai maskapai kecil Texas pada tahun 1971, telah tumbuh menjadi salah satu maskapai penerbangan terbesar di Amerika Serikat pada tahun 2004. Selama lebih dari tiga decade, keuntungan kompetitif Southwest berasal dari model bisnis yang unik dan dibarengi dengan gaya manajemen yang tidak ortodoks, terutama mantan CEO Herb Kelleher. Metode negosiasi yang tidak biasa ini adalah alasan utama untuk rekor keuntungan selama 31 tahun berturut-turut. Sejarah Rollin...

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written-down value for Eagle. For Airline Aviator, assets are depreciate from the date of acquisition unless when dealing with internally constructed assets (then is from the time its completed and ready for use), any improvement cost of asset is being capitalized and amortized over the shorter one between the remaining useful life and the estimated life of the improvement. Assets under finance lease are amortized over the term of the lease. Unlike Aviator, at Eagle Airline no depreciation will be charged...

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Low Cost Airline

| | Nok Air is a low cost airline in Thailand. Destinations of the flight are served within domestic with affordable price. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited holds 39% joint venture with the company. Thai Commercial Securities Co., Ltd. (Thai commercial banks. Co., Ltd. (Thailand), CPB Equity Company Limited (Crown Property Bureau) and other shareholders include Krung Thai Bank (Thailand) holds 10%, Dhipaya Insurance Company Limited (Thailand) holds 10%, Pension Fund holds...

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Provinces of Thailand and Thailand Amazing Thailand

THAILAND “Amazing Thailand, Always Amaze you” ABOUT THAILAND: CAPITAL CITY Bangkok- is the capital city and center of political, commercial, industrial and cultural activities. It is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, near the Gulf of Thailand, and is the 22nd most populous city in the world. Bangkok has a recorded population of about 7 million, but the actual number is thought to be much higher. Languages: Thai, English (secondary language of the elite), ethnic and regional...

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Leadership in Nature

Seorang manajer yang handal pastinya haruslah memiliki jiwa kepemimpinan yang tinggi serta karisma yang dapat mencerminkan prilaku dan tindakan yang dapat menyelesaikan masalah – masalah yang dihadapinya. Kepemimpinan adalah salah satu aspek penting di dalam membangun sebuah organisasi yang dinamis dan mampu untuk mempunyai visi dan misi yang jelas, dengan adanya visi dan misi yang jelas suatu perusahaan akan dapat mencapai tujuan atau goalnya. Menurut Rupert Lay, seorang pakar kepemimpinan dari jerman...

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Travel and Tourism in Thailand to 2018

Travel and Tourism in Thailand to 2018 Published on 02nd APR. 2014 The Thai travel and tourism sector posted growth during the review period (20092013), despite the global financial crisis. The growth can be attributed to the increasing number of tourists from emerging countries such as China, India and Russia; international tourists to the country reached 26.7 million in 2013. While forecast-period growth is expected to be undermined by political instability, the countrys tourism sector...

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Singapore Airlines

CASE 3: STRATEGIC CHOICES AT THE SINGAPORE AIRLINES GROUP Strategic Management and strategic Competitiveness Productivity Enhancement 1) Deployment of Technology 2) Total Involvement 3) Incentives The External Environment A) General Environment 1) Demographic • Malaysian Airlines (regional competitor), which is geographically closed to Singapore, were imitating SIA’s strategy (threats) 2) Economic • Global financial crisis – reduced demand...

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Sastra Dan Masyarakat

Sastra dan Masyarakat Donny Syofyan Dosen Sastra Inggris FSUA Tak seorang penulis-penulis besar yang merayakan tatanan sosial yang mapan. Mereka berpendapat bahwa kemapanan itu berpotensi akan membatasi dan merusak segala sesuatu, termasuk karya seni dan sastra dalam lingkup masyarakat. Mereka yakin bahwa masyarakat berperan membentuk nasib seseorang. Dalam masyarakatlah seseorang bertindak dan mendefinisikan dirinya. Sehingga kebanyakan novel berupaya untuk mengeksplor tentang seseorang, bukan...

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resources and change management in the private and public sectors. He is an independent practitioner in the fields of human resource and change management consulting. His clients include financial services, high tech and aerospace manufacturers, airline and transportation companies. David has worked with clients in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.) Source: http://www.hr-info.com/ USA Access time: 02/27/2004 ...

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The Development of Thailand Tourism Industry

THE DEVELOPMENT OF THAILAND TOURISM INDUSTRY (1487 words) Teacher: Nguyen Tien Dung Student: Trinh Lan Huong Class: 1D-11 Course: EAP Writing Date: May 8, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract……………………………………………………………………………… ii 1. Introduction ……………………………………………………………………..1 2. Discussion of findings …………………………………………………………...1 2.1. The developmental process of tourism industry in Thailand ……….1 2.2. The reasons for the development of tourism in Thailand ………….....2 3. Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………...

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Dan Turèll

Der findes to motiver for mord: sex eller cash. "Mord i myldretiden", der er den 7. bog i Dan Turèlls kendte mord-serie, der bragte den hårdkogte kriminaldetektiv ind i dansk litteratur, bliver den navnløse journalist rodet ind i endnu et mord, denne gang i et møde med fortiden, da hans gamle musikerkammerat på mystisk vis falder om midt under en koncert. Dan Turèlls måde at skrive er meget farverig og spraglet. Han er kendt for sin meget moderne og frie måde at skrive på, der ikke på nogen måde...

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Garuda Airlines

(data s/d April 2009) Visi 2007-2010                                                  Visi KOKARGA 2007-2010 adalah                                        Menjadi koperasi percontohan dan dibanggakan                                           di lingkungan Garuda Group dan menjadi                                                      mitra pilihan utama anggota"                                                           Misi 2007-2010 Untuk mewujudkan visi tersebut, maka misi KOKARGA adalah : ...

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Dan Brown

find out the reasons why famous novelist Dan Brown chose Manila as a symbol of "gate of hell" in his novel Inferno. The said novel is about a doctor named Robert Langdon who has amnesia and woke up one day in a place far away from home and started to venture around the world. On the 351st page of the book, it is stated there that Robert went to Manila and described it as a worse place and called it "gate of hell". Despite of the fact that the author, Dan Brown had never been to Manila before he...

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Dan Gable

Jason Tsirtsis 1/21/13 Astronomy 110-6 Dan Gable: Legend On The Mat & In The Coach’s Chair Dan Gable is titled by many as the most legendary amateur American wrestler and coach in the history of amateur American wrestling. To put into retrospect of Dan’s popularity in the wresting world, Gable is the Michael Jordan of Basketball, the Pele of Soccer, and the Muhammad Ali of boxing, everyone has heard of Dan Gable. That is how legendary Dan Gable is. But what single attribute made Mr...

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Childhood in Thailand

McWade 1 PSY 103 01 Child Development Child Development in Thailand Kerri McWade April 12, 2015 I will be exploring childhood in Thailand as I am seeking an internship that will host me in the country for four months. I am inspired by the culture to pursue the application process of this opportunity, and with a little more research, I intend to learn as much about the country if I am able to travel there. The internship includes learning the native language of the country, Thai, in hope to be...

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HRM problem in Indian Airlines

Indian Airline was set up under the Air Corporations Act, 1953 with an initial capital of Rs. 32 million and started operations on 1 August 1953. And it dominated the Indian aviation sector during the 80's and 90's. However the rules of monoploy were deregulated in 1994. Following which many carriers entered the market. However, only two strong competitors emerged during the 1990s which were the Jet Airways and Air Sahara. This competition from the new private carriers required the airline to adapt...

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Airline Industry Essay 10

world because the Airline industry can provide fast and convenient service for the passengers. However, in the world with a lot of competition, it is not easy for the business to survive. In this essay, we will first describe the features of the market which determine its market structure and consider what the best market structure for the International Airline industry is. Then we will move on to the term of non-price competition and the three different ways in which airlines compete for a share...

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Gulf Of Thailand

Marine Biology Shantal Ortega 1st The Gulf of Thailand Introduction The Gulf of Thailand is a semi-enclosed tropical sea located in the South China Sea, it is surrounded by Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Gulf covers roughly 320,000 km². The boundary of the Gulf is defined by the line from Cape Camau in southern Vietnam, south of the mouth of the Mekong River to the coastal city of Kota Bharu on the east coast of West Malaysia. It is particularly shallow; the mean depth is 45 m...

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Airlines: Airline and Aviation Industry

Importance to economy The revenue of international airlines industry has increased from 476 billion USD in 2009 to 567 billion USD in 2011, a 9.3% year-on-year increase. This industry employs 56.5 million workers and accounts for US $2.2 trillion of the global GDP. Indian Aviation industry contributes to 0.5% of the India’s GDP and generates 1.7 million jobs. Technological Trends Major cost items for airlines are fuel, labour and maintenance. Airlines are able to reduce the cost/increase profit by...

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Thailand: Overview

* Thailand is a modern democratic Nation in Central South East Asia. ‘’ Thai ‘’ is the Tai word for ‘’ free ’’. Thailand’s natural landscape includes tropical wet evergreen forests in the South to temperate deciduous forests in the North and we explore these in the Thailand National Parks. Thailand art architecture and decorative objects need to be considered with regard to the influences of religion, mythological beliefs and regional artistic styles. Thailand is so large and diverse we detail all...

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Southwest Airlines Corp. Culture

Introduction In this paper I have researched in to Southwest Airline, I have focused to write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which I will, determine how Southwest Airlines’ corporate culture differs from other airlines. I will then analyze three (3) ways that Southwest’s unique culture has benefited the airline and its employees and eventually I will speculate how Southwest Airlines would continue to thrive as a company if its current corporate culture would need to change in the near...

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rbc in thailand

 Case Study: Royal Bank of Canada in Thailand 1. What were RBC’s ultimate goals in opening a representative office in Thailand? When RBC opened a representative office in Thailand in the early 1980’s, its ultimate goal was to obtain a full branch license. RBC felt that Thailand had the potential to become a regional financial center, and they certainly wanted to have an established presence in a country with this sort of opportunity. RBC also had the corporate goal of increasing the amount...

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Thailand Tourism

Bangkok The capital as well as the largest city of Thailand, Bangkok is a melting pot of exotic aromas, remarkable sights and visual delights. The city was founded in 1782 by the first king of present Chakri Dynasty, King Rama I. Bangkok is also known as Krung Thep which means ‘City of Angels’ (Tourism Authority of Thailand 2011). It is situated on the delta of Chao Phraya River, 25 miles from the gulf of Thailand. The vibrant heart of Thailand- Bangkok is important as a major financial, cultural...

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Abortion in Thailand

called vacuum aspiration. The second trimester uses the method called dilation and evacuation. The third trimester uses the method which is similar to means in the second trimester, but it is a lot more complicated (Warner & Rosenberg, n.d.). In Thailand, there are many illegal abortion clinics which are mainly located around Bangkok and rural areas (Narkavonnakit, 1979). Recently, the police officers found hundreds of human fetuses in the temple called Wat Phai Ngern. There are more than 3 hundreds...

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External Environment Analysis of Airline Industry

income. Therefore, they will be more affordable to travel. 3. Occupation Employees who work in multinational company often travel to other countries for the business purpose could be the important customer in airline industry. 4. Population Highly populated country tends to utilize airline services more frequently. For instance, China has a larger market for travelling comparing with small country, such as Vietnam, Singapore and etc. 5. Gender Women are more influential power in planning a vacation...

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Thailand Memo

political unrest observed in Thailand which are categorised below and developing strategies accordingly. Macroeconomic political risks As a result of civil unrest Thailand’s economy has experienced slower growth as “the stock market fell almost 10 per cent over the first two days, and car sales and consumer confidence are down” (Snowdon 2014). This will directly affect our revenue. Civil unrest prompting violent actions also raises doubt in Thailand’s rule of law, as “Thailand has consistently lacked...

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Palace of Thailand

Palaces of Thailand. There are many palaces in Thailand each with their own unique design and stories behind it. Of course the most important palace in Thailand is Bangkok’s Grand Palace. For many, a visit to the Grand Palace is an absolute essential when in Thailand. Besides that, there is also the Bang Pa-In Palace and Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace just to name a few. However, out of the many palaces in Thailand, I have chosen the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace. If given this title, Palaces of Thailand, most...

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Malaysia Airline System

Company Perspectives: From a small air service that began with a 5-seater twin engined Airspeed Consul in 1947, Malaysia Airlines has grown into an award-winning airline with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft, servicing more than 110 destinations across six continents. Today, Malaysian Airlines System Berhad is a corporation with a vision of global expansion. The airline's network will grow extensively in response to consumer demand for worldwide coverage. The airline's enhanced in-flight services...

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l'oreal thailand

and cosmetic company in the world include the Thailand which is the case study. Thailand have been characterized by excessive fixed assets investment, reckless borrowing, over ambitious local corporations and undisciplined financial institutions during the Asia crisis in 1997. L’Oreal Thailand consistently poor performance in the beauty industry such as low market share, sales and profitability. Chris Martin the managing director of L’Oreal Thailand was appointed in the year 2000 in order to increase...

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Strategic Management

pengarahan dan pengawalan dalam sebuah organisasi bagi mencapai misi serta visi yang telah ditetapkan. Mengikut AhmadAtory(1996), Istilah pengurusan telah merujuk kepada satu set yang telah direka bentuk bagi meninggikan dan mengarahkan kerja-kerja dan tugasan yang telah ditentukan.Istilah strategik pula berasal dari bahasa Greek Strategos yang boleh diertikan sebagai " Fungsi Seorang Jeneral' (zainal Abidin 2008). Perancangan Strategik merupakan satu proses perancangan untuk menentukan visi, misi dan...

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Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (Tafta)

October 19, 2003, negotiation between Thai and Australian Government had finally completed, giving birth to Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), the first comprehensive free trade agreement between Thailand and a developed country and the third free trade agreement for Australia. Since entering into force during January 2005, TAFTA has greatly affected on investment flows between Thailand and Australia. Like most Free Trade agreements, the main objective of TAFTA are to facilitate trades, open...

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Rising Fuel Cost in the Airline Industry

Running Head: Rising Fuel Costs and the Airline Industry Rising Fuel Costs and the Airline Industry Of all the changes that we have seen in the economy, fuel has to be at the top of the list as an item whose pricing affects more than just the price we see at the pump. In addition to increased prices at the gas pump, we have also seen products, services, and virtually every item sold increase due to the high cost of fuel. Although fuel prices have dropped today versus what they were in...

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thailand education

now scarce in Thailand. Furthermore, this paper will focus on Thailand education is scarce and how Thai government need to fix about this. Thailand education: Thailand education is scarce and it needs to be fixed Thailand education is scarce. There are lots of problems that Thailand has today, and one of them is education. Education in Thailand needs to be fixed. Thai education system is not good and it is not working with students. Some of students complain that Thailand has the worst...

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delta airlines

Domestic Environment – Delta Airlines Business Theory August 15, 2013 Domestic Environment – Delta Airlines Delta Airlines has 70 years of experience and is part of the airline industry. The domestic environment of Delta Airlines is the United States. The airline has grown into one of the largest global airlines in the world. Each year they help over 160 million travelers in reaching their destinations ("Century of flight," 2013). Delta Airlines started in 1924 in the agricultural...

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thailand education

Most of the schools in Thailand are operated by the government, private and local administrative council, and a portion of them are operated by the private and local administrative council. The current education system of Thailand is based on the 6:3:3 model, comprising 6 years of compulsory education, 3 years of lower secondary education and 3 years of upper secondary education. Based on the 1999 Education Act, by 2004 the compulsory education will be extended to 9 years. Pre­primary education...

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Tourism in Thailand

rainforests are located in Thailand's national parks. In Thailand, there are 15 national parks set aside for conservation, though only 80% of these parks remain intact today. These Parks represent approximately 13% of Thailand's land. The purpose of these parks is for the conservation of the forests and wildlife, educational tours and research studies, as well as recreational adventure (Wheeler). In 1961, The Royal Forest Department (RFD) of Thailand passed the National Park Act. This act stated that...

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Airline Industry

This paper briefly described what the airline industry included and the environment of the competitive market. Air transport has been a big industry. And the airline industry is consistent developing. After the crisis, although the airline industry has been hit , the industry is also one of the vital industries. The industry is facing the deman problem. When facing a growth in demand, airlines tend to respond more by means of increasing frequencies than by increasing aircraft size(Moshe...

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Mango Airlines

carrier for air travelling passengers. Prior to 2006 there were three low cost airlines operating within the country, on 15 November 2006 funded by SAA the emerging of Mango airlines took place. Tickets sales for the airline were sold out for almost a month, the prices of air tickets were either the same or cheaper than any other mode of transport within the country. This boosted consumer confidence and the other airlines weren’t able to compete with Mango’s reduced prices. Mango’s marketing strategies...

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Airline Changes

ONLINE TICKETING IN THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY: THE GLOBAL IMPACT Chiang-Nan Chao, St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY, USA Robert J. Mockler, St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY, USA Dorothy G. Dologite, Baruch College, New York, NY, USA ABSTRACT As consumers move away from the traditional approach of buying airline tickets in the past years, airlines are benefiting from cost reduction due to the rapid increase in paperless e-ticket sales and restrictive use of traditional travel agencies. However, when...

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Southwest Airlines

Introduction: Southwest Airlines is based in Dallas, Texas and is the fourth largest airliner in the United States. The company was co-founded by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher on March 15, 1967, initially named Air Southwest until changing the name to Southwest Airlines in early 1971. King and Kelleher wanted a low-cost/low-fare airline that would shuttle passengers between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas. The company now operates 537 Boeing 737 aircrafts and provides service to 64 cities...

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Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline is one of the five world leading airline companies founded in 1985. It was awarded the “World’s Best Airline” by Skytrax at the 2013 World Airline Awards. In addition Emirates Airline was awarded the “Best Middle East Airline” and for the ninth year in a row “World’s Best Inflight Entertainment”. Emirates Airline serves over 39 million customers a year based on 2013 data. Nonetheless as every other business, Emirates Airline faces its own challenges. The company needs to update...

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Airline industry

Airline Industry Introduction The global airline industry has always been an integral part of the world economy due to its major economic force for transportation, manufacture, technology and other sectors in modern society (Business Vibes, 2012). Development of worldwide aviation transportation has meant that the industry has been able to cover virtually every country in the world since 1905. The Airline industry now consists of over 2000 airlines operating more than 23...

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Airline Deregulation

1978, President Carter signed into law the Airline Deregulation Act. The purpose of the law was to effectively get the federal government out of the airline business. By allowing the airlines to compete for their customers' travel dollars, was the thinking, that fares would drop and an increased number of routes would spring up. Expected Results The results of airline deregulation speak for themselves. Since the government got out of the airline business, not only has there been a drop in...

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Singapore Airline

Singapore Airlines’ strategy Singapore Airlines is positioned as a premium carrier with high levels of innovation and excellent levels of service, and has made a strategic choice of giving priority to profitability over size. The internal organizational practices outlined in this paper, such as continuous people development and rigorous service design are key aspects of operationalizing and sustaining this positioning and strategic choice. At the corporate level, SIA follows a strategy of...

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American Airlines

American Airlines: Unsuccessful Firm American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is a major airline of the United States and is the world's second-largest airline in passenger miles transported, passenger fleet size, and operating revenues. American Airlines is a subsidiary of the AMR Corporation, and was founded in 1930. Distribution: American Airlines is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and operates an extensive international and domestic network, with scheduled flights throughout North America, Latin...

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American Airlines

American Airlines Marketing cases AMERICAN AIRLINES 1. Issues 2. American Airlines' objectives 3. The airline industry 4. Market 5. Consumer needs 6. Brand image 7. Distribution system 8. Pricing 9. Marketing related strategies 10. Assumptions and risks 1- Issues The main issue of this case is the lack of profits of the airline industry, an industry that should be more than profitable due to the large amount of customers, the necessity of using airlines' services and the high prices charged by most...

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Delta Airlines

(DELTA) is the US’s largest airlines; it operates both internationally and domestically along with chartering air services for the carriage of passengers, cargo and mail. The airline flies to over 900 destinations globally and is considered to be a leader within the industry with almost 770 aircrafts in service. Starting back in 1924 as a crop dusting company down in Louisiana, merging with several airlines and rising through bankruptcy to become one of the strongest airlines in the business today. ...

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines has long been one of the stand-out performers in the U.S. airline industry. It is famous for its low fares which are often some 30% lower than those of its major rivals. These are balanced by an even lower course structure, enabling it to record superior profitability even in bad years such as 2002, when the industry faced slumping demand in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Indeed, from 2001 to 2005, quite possibly the worst 4 years in the...

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airline service

Airline Services – Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines (SIA) has a history of more than 60 years. It grew out of Malayan Airways which began operating scheduled flights between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in an Airspeed Consul plane in 1st May 1947. 26 years later, Malayan Airways, which was renamed MSA in 1963, split into two: Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. It is from this moment on that Singapore Airlines commenced its independent operations. Beginning operation with 5 Boeing B707s...

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Airline Regulations

AIRLINE REGULATIONS Research Paper AVSC 1220 TREVOR CARTER ID # 10524707 *The airline industry operates like the veins of the United States by pumping precious cargo throughout the country. Most *people don’t realize how different the airlines were a few decades ago. The entire industry was regulated by the government. Regulation is usually considered a more socialistic liberal idea that is opposed by conservative capitalists. Although I personally believe in a government with a small...

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Delta Airlines

particular airline. Delta as we know it today, traces its roots way back to 1924. Huff Daland Dusters was founded as the world's first aerial crop dusting organization. In 1928 the company became Delta Air Service, and the following year Delta carried its first passengers over a route stretching from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi with stops in Shreveport and Monroe, Louisiana. In 1941, the company moved its headquarters from Monroe to Atlanta, Georgia. Deregulation of airline industry in...

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Southwest Airlines

competing airlines filed suit to prevent the airline from ever leaving the ground. Herbert D Kelleher, one of the original investors was an attorney who took the proceedings all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1970, the court ruled in favor of Air Southwest (fundinguniverse.com). After numerous legal battles, a name change to Southwest Air, and selling stock in the company, the airline finally began operating on June 18, 1971. With a new leader in place, M. Lamar Muse, the airline began with...

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Airline Alliance

An airline alliance is an agreement between two or more airlines to cooperate on a substantial level. The three largest alliances are the Star Alliance, SkyTeam and Oneworld. Alliances also form between cargo airlines, such as that of WOW Alliance, SkyTeam Cargo and ANA/UPS Alliance. Alliances provide a network of connectivity and convenience for international passengers and international packages. Benefits and costs Benefits can consist of: An extended and optimized network: this is often...

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Hr and Airlines

The human resource department of any airline is the backbone of the organization. The employees in this department are responsible for multiple tasks. These tasks can range anywhere from hiring and firing employees to developing a training system for all airline pilots to go through. Working in the aviation industry has shown me many ways in which having a human resource department is vital to an organization’s success. The human resource department knows everything there is to know about how...

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Indigo Airlines

leadership While the other airlines in the industry purchased rivals, flew different models of planes and tried to offer costly services, Indigo stuck to single model planes with a reputation of being a no frills airline. Indigo has stuck to operating the world’s largest selling single-aisle aircraft, the Airbus A320. This has helped the airlines to not just survive the economic slump in the industry but infact to post profits year-on-year end. Capacity utilization of IndiGo airlines fleet The utilization...

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