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Various Rocket Propellants And Their Characteristics

------------------------------------------------- Rocketrocket is a missile, spacecraft, aircraft or other vehicle which obtains thrust from a rocket engine. In all rockets, the exhaust is formed entirely from propellants carried within the rocket before use.[1] Rocket engines work by action and reaction. Rocket engines push rockets forwards simply by throwing their exhaust backwards extremely fast. Rockets for military and recreational uses date back to at least 13th century China.[2] Significant...

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Rocket Propellants

A propellant is a force or substance that drives something else forward A propellant can be fuel, or the explosive charge that pushes a bullet out of a gun. Gases used to propel can be called "propellant gases" and might be stored in a "propellant tank." A rocket propellent is explosive charge that propells a rocket. Propellant is the chemical mixture burned to produce thrust in rockets and consists of a fuel and an oxidizer. A fuel is a substance that burns when combined with oxygen producing...

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Rocket Propellants @Scribid Hacked

Rocket Propellants and their characteristicsIntroductionRocket propellants are the fuels and the oxidizers carried by the rocket for propulsion. Itis the mass that is stored in some form of propellant tank, prior to being used as the propulsive mass that is ejected from a rocket engine in the form of a fluid jet to producethrust. A fuel propellant is often burned with an oxidizer propellant to produce largevolumes of very hot gas. There are a variety of different fuels and oxidizers because theyall...

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Rocket and Evolution

History of Rockets Our time there has been an evolution in our history of rockets. It has been one man-kinds greatest invention for thousands of years. Rockets date back to 400 B.C in the city Tarentum from a roman writer named Aulus Gellius as he tells a story of a Greek, named Archytas. Archytas used his invention to amuse and baffle the people by flying a wooden pigeon using steam to propel the bird suspended off wires. Couple three hundred years later after the invention of Archytas flying...

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There are a lot of kinds of rockets, such as missiles, spacecrafts, aircrafts, and also other vehicles that contains thrust from a rocket engine. The first rocket which can fly up high enough to reach into space was the V2 missile which was launched by Germany in 1942, but the first rocket which actually launched something into space was used to launch the first satellite on October 4, 1957. [CoolCosMos] Before rockets were invented, humans does not have a clue actually what has been happening in...

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Water Rockets: An Investigational Experiment

Water Rockets Abstract Water rockets have been a source of entertainment and education for many years. They are usually made with an empty 2-litre PET bottle by adding water and pressurizing it with air for launching. Water rockets are used to help students understand the principle of aeronautics. Aim The aim was to design and perform an experiment to determine the volume of water to use in order to obtain maximum height for the bottle rocket. Introduction Bottle rockets are often used in...

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Rocket Theory

Appendix E ROCKET THEORY Rocketry encompasses a wide range of topics, each of which takes many years of study to master. This chapter provides an initial foundation toward the study of rocket theory by addressing the physical laws governing motion/propulsion, rocket performance parameters, rocket propulsion techniques, reaction masses (propellants), chemical rockets and advanced propulsion techniques. matter, which depends on both how much and how fast propellants are used (mass flow rate)...

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How Water Rockets Work

SHAMINMENISHA How Water Rockets Work A water rocket works using the same principles as other rockets. There are three main forces in action: thrust (Fapp), drag (Ffr) and weight (w=mg). The water, which is forced out by the difference between internal and atmospheric pressure, is a reaction mass that provides the thrust. All rockets have a reaction mass, which can vary from hot gasses that are expelled when a fuel is burnt (in the Space Shuttle's SRB's for example) to water in a water rocket. The air molecules...

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Rocket Roll In The Rocket City

Riley Thompson Dr. Zhuk 1 November 2014 HIST150 Rock and Roll in the Rocket City Rock and Roll in the Rocket City was an interesting book because, the book described westernization of youth culture in one "closed" city in Soviet Ukraine during the very important historical period. One reason why this book was so interesting was that it was not the typical readings of blood-thirsty wars, magnificent rulers, etc. After reading this book, one would learn about so-called Soviet closed cities which...

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Chemistry of Fireworks

properties of another blend of chemicals called the black powder, consisting of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal; which became the first "modern" high-energy composition of black powder. The Chinese were also involved in pyrotechnics, developing rockets by 10th century and using fireworks in 1200 AD. Chinese firecrackers became a popular item in the United States when trade begun in the 1800's, and still remain popular in the United States today, accounting for well over half of the annual sales...

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Bottle Rocket

 Manufacturing A Steps involved to building a Bottle Rocket: Materials Two 2 litter soda bottles. Cardboard pieces pre cut and measured Duct tape Scissors, Cutters, Cutting Board, Glue etc  Foam pieces for fins Vinyl Material according to colors Cotton or any Sponge type material used for the Egg Compartment Construction To build a bottle rocket, there are many steps involved. It just cannot be made out of the bloom, but has to be thought about, researched and designed properly so that the result...

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How to make a soda-bottle rocket launcher Text copyright 2001 Kevin Karplus. Images copyright 2001 Michele Hart. Design inspired by a similar launcher made by Manfred Warmuth. Permission to copy is granted for copies distributed for free, as long as this copyright notice is retained. This document can be found at http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/~karplus/abe/soda-bottle-rocket.pdf You need •about 6’ (2 meters) of 1/2” PVC water pipe •plumbing connectors for 1/2” PVC pipe: • 1 tee (two glue connections...

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Rocket ISU

Rocket ISU Lab Report Abstract What are rockets? How did they come to our existence? What are the main principles behind rockets? What is the history of rockets? How is the mass of the rocket related to its Fnet, Acceleration, Max Height, etc. This lab report gives a brief explanation of the physics behind this innovative man-made invention. This lab goes through the basic principles of rocketry. The lab explores how rockets became more sophisticated over the years. This report discusses about...

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The Rocket Boys

“The Rocket Boys” Homer Hickam Jr. For my reading assignment, I chose “The Rocket Boys” by Homer Hickam Jr. It is an autobiography written more like a fiction novel about a high school aged boy, Homer, who lived in a coal mining town named Coalwood. His father ran the coal mine and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps but Homer did not want to become a miner. He wanted to grow up to be a rocket engineer. Homer and his father were never great friends and this built tension between them all...

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Rocket Lab

Introduction When Henry Cavendish discovered hydrogen in 1774 and Joseph Priestley found oxygen in 1776, neither man would expect the effect these elements could have on modern science, namely rockets. But creating a rocket is just combining these two gases in a closed environment, and one spark. This lab exemplifies just that what happens when the gases H2 and O2 are chemically combined with a spark. In this lab, the objective was to see how far a pipette filled H2 and O2 could travel. One half...

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Globalization & Rocket Internet

can be said the impact of the globalization can be determined by the way in which national governments frame their policies.  Globalization and the impact of multinationals on local communities: Multinationals can impact on local communities in various ways.  First: They look to establish or contract operations like production, service and sales in countries and regions where they can get cheaper labor and resources. This causes flow of money into this society but it also leads to unemployment...

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Rocket Singh

Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year Synopsis Harpreet Singh is a B.com graduate who wanted to do wonders in sales. He always wanted to become salesman so joins AYS computers. When things were just going fine tables turn when Harpreet Singh doesn’t agree to give up on his ethics even by the orders of his boss to close a deal. He later starts his own business by using company resources and convinces his colleagues to join him. He achieves success on the basis of his ethics and his values. ...

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Watershed Characteristics

Watershed Characteristics 1. Drainage Area the drainage area and it is the most important watershed characteristic for hydrologic analysis. It reflects the volume of water that can be generated from a rainfall. Thus the drainage area is required as input to models ranging from simple linear prediction equations to complex computer models. Once the watershed has been delineated, its area can be determined, either by approximate map methods or by GIS. 2. Drainage Density The drainage density, D...

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Rockets for Me

Eva Elizondo English 99 July 2013 Final Draft Narrative Essay Silly Boys Girls Can Ride Rockets Too It was a warm summer day, as we were slaving away at Genie Industries. My son and I were both employed for Genie. It was just about time for the second shift to relieve us. A meaning my son should be walking in fairly soon. Just as I looked up, in trots my son, through hi bay three. Although the sun was shining brightly through the doors, which made his appear to be in a silhouette form,...

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Entrepreneur Characteristics

com) and later, an "elevator speech" by fellow students on various issues related to entrepreneurship. This collective information and some reading on entrepreneurship journals, books and articles have brought to the idea on writing this paper, towards certain perspective, on successful entrepreneurial characteristics. This paper examines the myths associated with what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the profiles and the common characteristics among these successful entrepreneurs. INTRODUCTION ...

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Characteristics Paper

Characteristics Paper Bonnie Garcia, University of Phoenix/PSYCH 535 October 25, 2010 Dr. Terry Scott Characteristics Paper Introduction The United States is a land with a diversified culture. The reason for this diversification of culture is the fact that the country alone is home for people of all cultures. Therefore, the United States is often referred to as the “Melting Pot”. Being the land of the free, America is one of those countries where people from different backgrounds are...

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Characteristics of a Corporation

There are many ways a corporation can be classified; however the best way to classify a corporation is by knowing the characteristics that makes a corporation. The unique characteristics of corporations are consist of limited liability of stockholders, free transferability of shares, perpetual existence, and centralized management. In relation to John Marshall who is the chief justice in 1819 defined corporation as an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of...

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Language and Its Characteristics

language and all its constituent parts. It accentuates the idea that language is a system of signs (meaningful units) which are closely interconnected and interdependent. Units of immediate interdependencies (such as classes and subclasses of words, various subtypes of syntactic constructions, etc.) form different microsystems (subsystems) within the framework of the global macrosystem (supersystem) of the whole of language. Each system is a structured set of elements related to one another by a common...

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Entrepreneurial Characteristics

la sierra university school of business | Entrepreneurial Characteristics | | Mgmt 546: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP | | Prepared by: Laycia a. PalmerLecturer: professor Dominick betroDUE DATE; JANUARY 28, 2012Id#: 939707 Question: Entrepreneurial Characteristics per Chapter 1 of Enterprise Non-profits, analyze you in light of 2-3 of the following characteristics:According to our text Enterprising Nonprofits by J. Gregory Dees, Jed Emerson and Peter Economy they have outlined Entrepreneurs...

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Skills & Characteristics

 Skills & Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers BSHS/471 December 24, 2013 Skills & Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers Personal characteristics of a human services professional can be both essential and detrimental for success. Essential characteristics of a professional do not make the job easier. However, they create a higher tendency for the professional to work successfully with clients. An open-minded professional recognizes differences...

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characteristics of God

CWV 301 Christian Worldview Characteristics of God Worksheet & Essay For Part I of this assignment, you will look up the following passages in the Bible to learn about certain characteristics of God and how they shape the Christian Worldview. This is a brainstorming exercise, in which the listing of ideas is more important than writing. Consider using a bullet list or outline to discuss elements and sub elements. For Part II of this assignment, you will write an essay that summarizes what...

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Characteristics of a Person

Characteristics of Personhood Rationality The ability to reason is seen as being one of the defining characteristics of personhood. Rationality can be summarised in our ability to make considered choices and decisions at a higher intellectual level. Rationality is illustrated in our ability to justify our thoughts and actions through reason, scaled to emotional or practical variables. Aristotle considered that the thought-processes that precede our actions are pivotal to personhood. Such thought-processes...

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Soda Bottle Rocket

Soda bottle rocket Purpose The students will investigate the effect of the rocket length upon the distance of flight. The students will also investigate the mass upon the distance flight. Background The students will proof Newton's third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's third law also applies to rockets. A rocket gets its lift from the gases pushing out of its tail. The force of the rocket pushing on these gases is the action force...

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Characteristics of Organisms

Chapter 1: Classification and Characteristics of Living Organisms Organisms - An individual living thing, such as an animal or a plant, is called an organism. There are seven characteristics of living organisms – Nutrition Nutrition is the process by which organisms obtain energy and raw materials from nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats for growth and repair. Photosynthesis is the process of nourishment of green plants. Digestion is the process of nourishment of green...

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Principles of Rocket Propulsion

A rocket is a machine that develops thrust by the rapid expulsion of matter. The major components of a chemical rocket assembly are a rocket motor or engine, propellant consisting of fuel and an oxidizer, a frame to hold the components, control systems and a cargo such as a satellite. A rocket differs from other engines in that it carries its fuel and oxidizer internally, therefore it will burn in the vacuum of space as well as within the Earth's atmosphere. The cargo is commonly referred to as the...

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Characteristics of Living Things

Observing the Characteristics of Life In this activity, you’ll identify some observable characteristics (some not) of life in videos of various organisms and describe those characteristics. Review Remember that ALL living organisms are made up of CELLS! What are seven characteristics of living things? 1. Movement 2. Reproduction 3. Sensitivity 4. Growth 5. Respiration 6. Nutrients 7. Excretion If your teacher is displaying the...

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bottle rocket report

design and build a pop bottle rocket to fly as far as possible. Research Pop bottle rockets are used for the study of aeronautics all over north america.Water rockets are used in schools to help students understand the principles of aeronautics. The Science provides challenges of bottle rocket design and flight, including altitudes and distances reached. A model rocket has four components of flight to it aerodynamics, weight, thrust, lift and drag. Water rockets have been a source of entertainment...

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Characteristics and Qualities

 Characteristics and Qualities Your name PSY/211 Date Professors Name Characteristics and Qualities Scientists define personality as a combination of characteristics and qualities that form within an individual. This means the way we interact and behave with ourselves or socially and how one emotionally reacts to certain concepts. There are four certain perspectives of personality that will be discussed and how three of these theories are compared. Also, if taking part...

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“Various portrayals of Chunhyang”

Various portrayals of Chunhyang” The Chunhyang tale, based on a Korean love folktale in the early 18th century, similar to “Romeo and Juliet”, is portrayed in various versions, a pansori, film, a novel, and a manga. Chunhyang, the beautiful, sharp-witted, talented daughter of a courtesan shows strong resistance to authoritarian powers and represents a female role model of headstrong perfectionist through her secret love, marriage to the son of provincial governor, Mongyong. Despite of Chunhyang’s...

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An Extended Investigation: Bottle Rockets

Extended Investigation | Liam Hallam Cameron Martin | Bottle Rockets | Table of Contents This extended investigation serves to examine and evaluate the physical forces that affect the flight of a bottle rocket. This will be accomplished by altering the water levels and the level of air pressure (psi) within the rocket will be altered, and tested, to further understand the mechanics of bottle rockets. Introduction Rocket flight has long been at the forefront of the human race’s exploration...

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Audience Characteristics

Audience Characteristics When preparing a presentation concerning sales data to a diverse group of managers, sales persons, and customers; attention to the differences and similarities of the group need to be considered. The amount of technical information and understanding among the differing groups varies and this requires the ability to formulate a presentation that puts an emphasis on finding the way to communicate the information to each individual within the group that is easily understandable...

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Characteristics of Living Things

Characteristics of Living Organisms In order to identify living organisms, scientists listed 7 characteristics which all living organisms have: 1. Nutrition: Taking in nutrients which are organic substances and mineral ions, containing raw materials and energy for growth and tissue repair, absorbing and assimilating them. 2. Excretion: Removal from organisms of toxic materials, the waste products of metabolism and substances in excess. 3. Respiration: Chemical reactions that break...

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Characteristics of Culture, Class & Language

Compare the generic characteristics of counseling with respect to culture, class, and language, with Native American characteristics in terms of culture, class, and language. Which characteristics most closely reflect your culture, class, and language? Of the Native American characteristics there are not very many that closely reflect my German culture at all. The Native American people have a holistic view on life, keep to oneself, rely heavily on extended family, not competitive and often very...

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CB Characteristics Of A Transistor 3

 Experiment No: 9 Date: COMMON BASE CHARACTERISTICS OF A TRANSISTOR Aim: To plot the input and output characteristics of an NPN transistor in common base configuration and calculate various parameters. Components and Equipments Required: Transistor, voltmeters, ammeters, rheostats, dc sources, breadboard and CRO. Theory: In CB configuration, the base of a transistor is common to input and output circuits. Input voltage is applied between emitter and base and output is taken across collector...

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Chief Characteristics of Managerial Economics

Chief Characteristics Of Managerial Economics It would be useful to point out certain chief characteristics of Managerial Economics, inasmuch it’s they throw further light on the nature of the subject matter and help in a clearer understanding thereof. 1. Managerial Economics micro-economic in character. 2. Managerial Economics largely uses that body of economic concepts and principles, which is known as ‘Theory of the firm’ or ‘Economics of the firm’. In addition, it also seeks to apply...

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Marketing Research Rocket Soup

sales in regards to total sales volume is that it increases drastically when the average price of soup is low (Average price is calculated by dividing Category Volume by Category Dollars). Total sales volume had significantly increased when either Rocket Soup or competitors (or both) offer low price for promotion. In other words, soup consumption is relatively elastic to price, meaning that customers are highly sensitive to price. See below graphs showing the inverse relationship between the total...

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The Rocket and Recovery System

Engineering Period 5 Oct, 18 210 The rocket and recovery system Is a missile, spacecraft, aircraft or other vehicle which obtains thrust from a rocket engine. In all rockets, the exhaust is formed entirely from propellants carried within the rocket before use. Rocket engines work by action and reaction. Rocket engines push rockets forwards simply by throwing their exhaust backwards extremely fast. Usually the rocket are propellant by chemical, and this rockets store a large amount of energy in an...

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What Are the Characteristics of a Good Manager?

What are the characteristics of a good manager? By Carolien Toor Introduction Over the years I have worked in many various businesses; large as well as small, from stressful to peaceful environments and during good times as well as bad times. What I learned, through my experience from the various firms I worked for was the role the manager had in the workplace and how it affected me as an employee. When set this task I started to reflect how my past managers acted and how they got me motivated...

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Formal Characteristics

past century. Second, what differences were there in organizations a century ago, and compare to today’s organizations. And lastly I will also tell of the trends in today’s formal organizations in modern society. I will describe how each of the characteristics for formal organizations will need to evolve or change in Micah’s organization to be more open and flexible. And I will give an overall prediction based on my research on how organizations like Micah’s may evolve in the future. The evolution...

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Rocket Boys Book Essay

of his friends to help him build a rocket. They used terrible materials, and the rocket blew up their mother’s fence. They go to many different people for help on ideas, math and materials. After much hard work they finally build a rocket that launches into the air. The story keeps progressing and their rockets keep flying higher, as they get new ideas on how to build their rockets more effectively. One major person in helping them to develop their rockets is Miss Riley, their chemistry teacher...

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Counselor Characteristics

Counselor Characteristics Walden University COUN 6100 According to the text, “counselor characteristics are an important part of the therapeutic dynamic (Sheperis, D. S., & Ellis, C. M., 2010).” Counselor’s characteristics are formed by one’s personality and how that counselor uses his or her personality in their approaches to therapy. In the media Counselor Characteristics, Gail Mear, Bob Walsh and Norm Dasenbrook all explained a few counselor characteristics they...

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Characteristics and Tasks of Step Families

Characteristics and Tasks of Families Name Institution Outline Characteristics and Tasks of Step-families Characteristics of Step-families Tasks of step-families Social work implications References Characteristics and Tasks of Step-families Characteristics of Step-families There are several characteristics of the step-families. Firstly, the family starts after experiencing several changes and losses. The children...

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Ariane 5 Rocket Disaster

Ariane 5 Rocket Disaster On the 4th of June 1996, around 40 seconds after initiation of the flight sequence, the maiden flight of the Ariane 5 Launcher ended in failure. An independent Inquiry Board was nominated to determine the cause of the launcher failure, and found that the inertial reference system (IRS) was the cause of this incident; a system error propagating through the control, commanding large corrections in altitude leading to the destruction of the vehicle. During the development of...

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Pollution and Various Micro Organisms

Due to various chemicals and smokes etc. emitted in the process of industrialization, the land ozone pollution has occurred. 5. Land and Soil Pollution: Land is the natural resource in which we get all our food. The upper surfaces of the land are full of fertility where various plants are grown. The richness of the soil depends on various micro­organisms. Among these micro-organisms various fungus etc. are harmful for plants weeds are also harmful for crops. In order to destroy them various insecticides...

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Personality Characteristics

be of personal benefit to myself. To begin with, in our DNA we all have things that make us unique. One of those unique characteristics are our traits. After taking the assessment the letters that were assigned to me were ISTJ. The first one to discuss will be the I. The letter “I” stands for introverted. Being more introverted means I keep more to myself. The characteristics would be thinking and reflecting before acting out. Also being more serious and quiet. They play a more dominant role in...

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Bill and the Boom Box Rocket

Bill and the Boom Box Rocket by Artie S. Once upon a time there lived a boy named Bill, who always dreamed of flying to the moon. One summer evening when Bill was trying to go to sleep, he was bothered by his big brother Ron. Ron was playing his new boom box too loud. The only way Bill could go to sleep was to put on some headphones and play a tape. His favorite tape had the sound of the ocean waves splashing up on shore. As he lay there in bed with his eyes closed pretending...

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Characteristics of Religion

quest for answers to the meaning of life is universal. It is not surprising then that the world’s major Religious Traditions share many characteristics. Using the characteristic headings from the Oxford Studies of Religion text book: - Name each of the characteristics of religion. - Write a comprehensive definition for each characteristic. For each characteristic, give TWO detailed examples from the Christian tradition, and ONE detailed example from another tradition. (1 ½ - 2 pages) Religion provides...

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Rocket and Space Exploration Technologies

requirements. SpaceX will use their Falcon 1 to fulfill their Air Force contract (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, 2008). The Falcon 1 is a two stage, liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene (RP-1) powered launch vehicle. With a flight costing under $10 million, this launch vehicle is the lowest costing per flight rocket in the world. It is currently being tested at the Reagon Test Site of Omelek Island in the Marshall Islands. The Falcon 1 is designed from the ground up by SpaceX for cost...

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Characteristics of a good teacher

 Characteristics of Good Teachers A good teacher can be defined as someone who always pushes students to want to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative. A positive or negative influence from a teacher early on in life can have a great effect on the life of a child. Teachers, especially at the elementary level, must be very creative with their teaching styles. Not every child learns the same way, nor are they interested...

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Water Rocket

Group Name: XX INTRODUCTION A water rocket is a type of model rocket using water as its reaction mass. The pressure vessel—the engine of the rocket—is usually a used plastic soft drink bottle. The water is forced out by a pressurized gas, typically compressed air. The term "aquajet" has been used in parts of Europe in place of the more common "water rocket" and in some places they are also referred to as "bottle rockets" (which can be confusing as this term traditionally...

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Characteristics of a Comedy

Characteristics of Comedy There are many characteristics that make up a comedy. Characteristics such as mistaken identity, battle of the sexes, and jumping to conclusions are what set the comedic story apart from the tragedy. Within a comedy, no matter how much fault, and dismay may appear within the story, there always seems to be the classic ending of "…and they all lived happily ever after…" Comedies capture the viewer with a sense of compassion and love for the characters in the story...

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Characteristics of blog

Characteristics of blog For those of you who may not know what a blog is, it’s short for web log. In simple terms it is a piece of software which allows you to write an online diary on a website. Your last entry, called a post, is displayed on the front page, home page, of the site. Significant Characteristics of Today’s Blogs The significance of the blog is that it is dynamic. That is that it can handle be updated and it allows the visitor to communicate through the comment section attached...

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Leadership Characteristics

for in a good leader will be the questions we explore in this paper. This paper is meant to be a summarized reflection of my thoughts and beliefs on leadership. It will evaluate where I stand at the beginning of this course with regard to the characteristics of leadership I possess. It will explore some of the realities that confront leaders within the healthcare industry. It will examine some of my past experiences, personal and professional, in order to learn who I am as a leader and where I need...

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Characteristics of a President

 What characteristics should a candidate possess to become president? Abstract The vital characteristics required of a presidential candidate include the ability to deal with honesty and act with integrity in all issues of governance, embrace the aspect of citizenship, abide by the constitution, exercise empathy when representing the people, and be reliable at all times. Other important characteristics are being knowledgeable of the political, social, and economic situation...

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Characteristics of Speaker

Characteristics of Effective and Ineffective Speakers Effective 1. Confidence - Confidence comes from believing in what you are saying and being passionate about your subject. Self-confidence is developed by knowing everything you can about your subject and thoroughly preparing and practicing. 2. Likeability - As a general rule your listeners want to like you. When they do like you it makes delivering your speech easier. Your likeability is helped by smiling and being positive and friend...

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