• Family Structural Theory with Second Marriage
    Using the family structural theory developed by Salvador Minuchin over fifty years ago, he believed that a person’s behaviors are a function of our relations with others. “Matrix of identity” is how we develop ourselves into who we are, as we interact with others (spouse, parents, kids, and e
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  • Taylor's Theory of Scientific Management
    Knowledge Policies For Sustainable Development in Africa A Strategic Framework for Good Governance Draft Working Paper [1] ________________________________________ © Jacques L. Hamel, ECA/SDD 23 December 2004 Table of Contents Abstract ………………………….…â
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  • Theory of Social Development
    Theory of Social Development Full Outline of the Theory in Brief N. Asokan Table of Contents Chapter I Introduction Chapter II Infrastructure Chapter III Levels of Comprehension, Enjoyment, Values, Attitudes and Motives Chapter IV Model of Nine Levels of Growth Ch
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  • Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time
    Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time 1 Great Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6dp Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York Auckland
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  • A Course in Game Theory
    A COURSE IN GAME THEORY MARTIN J. OSBORNE AND ARIEL RUBINSTEIN A Course in Game Theory presents the main ideas of game theory at a level suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, emphasizing the theory's foundations and interpretations of its basic concepts. The authors prov
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  • A Concise Guide to Market Research Using Spss
    A Concise Guide to Market Research . Erik Mooi l Marko Sarstedt A Concise Guide to Market Research The Process, Data, and Methods Using IBM SPSS Statistics Prof. Erik Mooi VU University Amsterdam Marketing Department De Boelelaan 1105 1081 HV Amsterdam Netherlands emooi@feweb.
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  • Game Theory
    Algorithmic Game Theory Over the last few years, there has been explosive growth in the research done at the interface of computer science, game theory, and economic theory, largely motivated by the emergence of the Internet. Algorithmic Game Theory develops the central ideas and results of this ne
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  • Theory U
    Theory U This page intentionally left blank Theory U Leading From the Future as it Emerges T H E S O C I A L O F T E C H N O L O G Y P R E S E N C I N G C. OTTO SCHARMER Theory U Copyright © 2009 by C. Otto Scharmer All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduc
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  • Econometric Theory
    Chapter 1 Regression Models 1.1 Introduction Regression models form the core of the discipline of econometrics. Although econometricians routinely estimate a wide variety of statistical models, using many different types of data, the vast majority of these are either regression models or clos
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  • Divorce as a Result of Family Conflict
    Contents Introduction Section 1. Family conflict as a subject of psychological research 1.1. Psychological approaches to family studying 1.1.1. A family and marriage, their kinds   1.1.2. Quality of marriage relations, the reasons of divorces 1.2. Psycholog
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  • Individuals and Family Studies Notes
    UNIT 1: All In The Family CHAPTER 1: Family Matters Definition of family: Family is defined as any combination of two or more persons who are bound together over time by ties of by mutual consent, birth, and/or adoption/placement and who, together, assume responsibilities for variant combinations
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  • Organisational Theory
    . Organization Theory Challenges and Perspectives John McAuley, Joanne Duberley and Phil Johnson . This book is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive and reliable guide to organisational theory currently available. What is needed is a text that will give a good idea of the breadth and
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  • Family and Family Planning
    [pic] [pic] Reported by: Group 4 Gabriel Cachuela Reymil de Jesus Rosemarie Kochi Judy Ann Logatoc Joemel Escriba Allen Carvajal Arvin San Juan Lester Mañacap Ludivin Gatchalian Nandito Espinosa Bobby Macario John Lopez Topic Contents Family
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  • Family Life Cycle
    Group Influences on Consumer Behaviour UNIT 10 FAMILY BUYING INFLUENCES, FAMILY LIFE CYCLE AND BUYING ROLES Objectives At the end of this unit you should be able to: • Explain the nature of the family influences that operate on the purchase behaviour • Describe how family decision-making is
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  • International Relations Theory
    As the orangish-red map on the cover of this volume suggests, the earth—and debates about the earth—have been heating up in recent times. Concerns about global warming are recontextualizing IR Theory and being recontextualized within IR Theory. They recontextualize IR Theory by changing the s
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  • The Theory of Economic Growth
    The Theory of Economic Growth: a ‘Classical’ Perspective The Theory of Economic Growth: a ‘Classical’ Perspective Edited by Neri Salvadori University of Pisa, Italy Edward Elgar Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, USA Contents Introduction by Neri Salvadori 1. Theories
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  • Entrepreneur: an Economic Theory
    preneur The Entrepreneur Team FOS Dedicated to the memory of my cousin Nowell Barlow The Entrepreneur An Economic Theory, Second Edition Mark Casson Professor of Economics, University of Reading, UK Edward Elgar Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, USA © Mark Casson 1982, 2003
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  • Price Theory and Applications
    Price Theory and Applications, Seventh Edition Steven E. Landsburg Printer: Transcontinental Louiseville, QC VP/Editorial Director: Jack W. Calhoun Content Project Manager: Amy Hackett Editor-in-Chief: Alex von Rosenberg Manager, Editorial Media: John Barans Senior Acquisiti
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  • History and Theory in Anthropology
    MMMM This page intentionally left blank History and Theory in Anthropology Anthropology is a discipline very conscious of its history, and Alan Barnard has written a clear, balanced, and judicious textbook that surveys the historical contexts of the great debates in the discipline, tracin
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  • Price Theory and Applications
    Price Theory and Applications, Seventh Edition Steven E. Landsburg VP/Editorial Director: Jack W. Calhoun Editor-in-Chief: Alex von Rosenberg Senior Acquisitions Editor: Steve Scoble Developmental Editor: Joanne Vickers Ohlinger Publishing Services Marketing Manager: Brian Joyner Marketing Commun
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