• Ethical Considerations of Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court
    Jaimie Hutchinson Ethical Considerations of Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court In partial fulfillment of the requirements for (CMRJ 500) March 21, 2011 Abstract Juveniles in the criminal justice system are a special population. Throughout history juveniles have been looked at as needing
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  • The Use and Abuse of History
    The Use and Abuse of History By Friedrich Nietzsche Forward "Incidentally, I despise everything which merely instructs me without increasing or immediately enlivening my activity." These are Goethe's words. With them, as with a heartfelt expression of Ceterum censeo [I
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  • Juvenile Justice
    Juvenile Justice The problem of dealing with juvenile justice has plagued are country for years, since the establishment of the first juvenile court in 1899. Prior to that development, delinquent juveniles had to be processed through the adult justic3e system which gave much harsher penalties. By 1
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  • Research and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offending from a Policy Point of View
    Research and Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offending From a Policy Point of View By Yvonne K. Ray A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of HS8101 Social Change and Public Policy September 2005 191 Sidney Street Twin F
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  • Juvenile Death Penalty
    Death at 18? One of the most controversial issues in the country today is addressed in the question, "Should the death penalty be applied to juveniles, and if so how young is too young?" The death penalty has been in the United States for many, many years, and the United States still has yet to fi
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  • History of Juvenile Justice
    Until the 19th century, children were punished and confined in the same ways as adults. Early jails housed men, women, adults, juveniles, sane and insane all together. Houses of Refuge In the early 1800's reformers became concerned about the overcrowded conditions in the jails and the corruption
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  • California Land Use and Planning
    California's Land Use Planning Concept California acknowledges the need for an officially adopted planning strategy among its cities and counties. In doing so, the State has required each city and county to prepare a plan to meet its future goals and expectations. The concept of a master or "ge
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  • The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia
    FINAL RESEARCH PAPER THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: PROPOSALS FOR LEGISLATIVE AND ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM Abstract: This paper deals with the role of the Constitutional court of the Republic of Macedonia in building constitutionalism. For that purpose, the concept o
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  • How to Curb Juvenile Delinquency
    How to curb juvenile delinquency Juvenile delinquency has become more serious in recent years. Crime committed by young people has risen since the mid-twentieh century. Youth crime is an aspect of crime which receives great attention from the news media and politicians. ‘Juvenile delinquentâ€
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  • “Recen Court Rulings in the United States and Australia Will Spell the Demise of P2P Websites, Making the Online Piracy of Music, Movies and Tv Shows More Difficult to Achieve. Discuss This Statement Critically, Paying Special Attention to the F...
    “Recent court rulings in the United States and Australia will spell the demise of P2P websites, making the online piracy of music, movies and TV shows more difficult to achieve.” Discuss this statement critically, paying special attention to the future of file sharing technologies. The intern
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  • Is the Change in Today’s Family Values and the Conditions Children Are Raised in to Blame for Youth Delinquency? Is the Juvenile Justice System Geared to Handle This?
    Leyton Burk Juvenile Law Juvenile Court Report Is the change in today’s family values and the conditions children are raised in to blame for youth delinquency? Is the juvenile justice system geared to handle this? Prepared by: Leyton Burk
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  • Juvenile Justice
    Juvenile offenders be rehabilitated and protected from retribution. There are certain murderers who gain a high level of infamy, Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Huntley to name just a few. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson easily fit into that category of high infamy. In 1993 they m
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  • Juvenile Delinquency
    1. INTRODUCTION For many young people today, traditional patterns guiding the relationships and transitions between family, school and work are being challenged. Social relations that ensure a smooth process of socialization are collapsing; lifestyle trajectories are becoming more varied and less
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  • Juvenile Crime
    Juvenile crime has always been a touchy issue. The suspects are somebody's son or daughter, sister or brother, niece or nephew and to their family they are still just children even though they may have committed a crime. The courts and the juvenile system walk a very thin line when it comes to the c
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  • A Statistical View of the Juvenile Justice System
    A STATISTICAL VIEW OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM Najja A. Wells California State University, Dominguez Hills Author Note Najja A. Wells, Departme
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  • Juvenile Justice in Nepal
    Term Paper On Social Context of Children in Nepal Juvenile Justice Submitted to: Submitted by: Dr. Bala Raju Nikku Bidhya Joshi Bikina Chhetri Kadambari Memorial
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  • Juvenile
    Juvenile Justice Glossary 5th Amendment - Amendment that guarantees citizens the right to trial by jury, and the right to withhold self-incriminating statements. LawyerShop can help you find a criminal law attorney in your area today. 14th Amendment - Amendment that guarantees citizens equal
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  • Modern Banking
    WHAT ARE BANKS AND W H A T D O T H E Y D O? 1 1.1. Introduction1 The term ‘‘banking’’ can be applied to a large range of financial institutions, from savings and loans organisations to the large money-centre commercial banks in the USA, or from the smallest mutually owned building so
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  • Juvenile Deliquency in Ibadan, Nigeria
    JUVENILE DELIQUENCY IN IBADAN, NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION In the 1990s, juvenile delinquency has become a major global problem. The rising incidence of juvenile delinquency in many countries may be caused by certain socio-economic problems often associated with development. These
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  • Relevance of the Common Law Doctrine of Stare Decisis (Judicial Precedent) to the Shari’ah Court System in Nigeria
    1 CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0. INTRODUCTION By virtue of the legal and judicial legacy bestowed on Nigeria by colonial masters, common law principles, rules and doctrines have tremendous influence on administration of justice system in the country. Particularly as an offshoot of tha
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