• Is Use of Mobile Phone by Students Such a Bad Thing?
    Is Use of Mobile Phone by students such a bad thing? - Anusha Bargavi A major on-going and never-ending debate these days is about the increasing development of technology, especially that of mobile phones. Alth
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  • Study on Use of Mobile Phone by Nitk, Surathkal.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Study on Applications of Mobile Phones by Students of NITK, Surathkal.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • How the Mobile Phone Has Changed Our Identities
    These are notes for a presentation based off the journal detailed below. Quite interesting. _____________________________________________ Changes in self resulting from the use of the mobile phone Journal of Media Culture & Society Jose M. Garcia-Montes University of Almeria, Spain ¡V p
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  • Mobile Phone Usage Patterns Amongst University Students: a Comparative Study Between India and Usa
    Sayan Chakraborty. Mobile phone usage patterns amongst university students: A comparative study between India and USA. A Master’s Paper for the M.S. in I.S degree. April, 2006. 53 pages. Advisor: Diane Kelly Mobile phones are one of the most common information access devices with almost 31% of th
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  • Schools Should Ban the Use of Mobile Phones Among Students
    Greetings and salutations I bid to the Master/Mistress of Ceremony, honourable adjudicators, esteemed timekeepers, my worthy opponents, and members of the house. Today’s motion is ‘'School Should Ban the Use of Mobile Phone among Students”. We, the government, totally support the motion. Me
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  • Research Methodology for Mobile Phone Ads.
    Research Methodology For Mobile Phone Ads. Topic: 1. Introduction. 2. Secondary data. 3. Problem definition. • Management decision problem. • Marketing research problem.
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  • Mobile Phone in Education
    Mobile phone in education process A mobile phone defined by Wikipedia is a device that allows its user to make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobiles and fixed line phones across the world. Through mobile phone, one can do many thin
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  • Mobile Phone Users in Bangalore
    CHAPTER I INRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Indian telecommunication Industry is one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world. India is set to surpass US to become the second largest wireless network in the world with a subscriber base of over 300 million by April, according t
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  • Mobile Phone
    Mobile Development. The mobile phone has become a big inventions in 20th century. Motorola came up with the Walkie-Talkie followed by two handled two way radios that operated on battery power in 1940s. The idea of hexagonal cells for mobile phones introduced by Douglas Ring and W.Rae Young at Be
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  • Outline the Developments in Mobile Phone Technology over the Last 20 Years and Discuss Whether the Effects Are Positive or Negative.
    Essay Title: Outline the developments in mobile phone technology over the last 20 years and discuss whether the effects are positive or negative. In this world of science and technology, society has made much progress in the last 20 years. The mobile phone is a good example of this change. Mobil
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  • Mobile Phone Safety
    How is radiation produced by a cell phone? Cell phone radiation is transmitted by the cell phone antenna in all directions Most of the energy is lost in space Part of the energy is received by base stations Part of the energy is incident on human head Maximum Power Transmit The Federal Com
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  • Mobile Phone Brands
    1. INTRODUCTION: Mobile phone is a smart communication media. It is not a one-way communication like pager. Cellular communication basically gives the power of an advanced telephone system card. Cellular communication works like the radio set which is normally used. The handset or Mobile Phone is
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  • Mobile Phone: Calling and Texting Patterns of College Students in Pakistan
    International Journal of Business and Management www.ccsenet.org/ijbm Mobile Phone: Calling and Texting Patterns of College Students in Pakistan Sohail Kamran Department of Business Administration, Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi, Pakistan E-mail: sohkam@hotmail.com Abstract This pa
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  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Phone
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Effect As time passes by technology is growing faster and move faster. The most important and common part of technology in our life is mobile phone technology. We bring mobile phone with us in everywhere that we go and use it on a daily basis. It is be
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  • Use of Mobile Telephone
    Mobile Telecom Operator Introduction | Telecom is system which is used in transmitting messages over a distance electronically. It is the transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. Mobile Telecom Operator is a telephone company that provides services for mobile
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  • Mobile Phone Internet
    Executive Summary When Joel Engel and Richard Frenkiel invented mobile phone at first, people could only make and receive call with that and it was mentioned as an unbelievable invention at that time. But they didn’t know that more surprising things were waiting for them. People became more surpr
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  • Demographic Factors Such as Age, Income, Gender and Profession with Brand Choice and Brand Switching of Mobile Phone Handset Users in Mumbai
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY India being the country with the second largest population in the world it has unmatched scope for brands to exploit the large untapped market for mobile phones in India. Especially with recent statistics showing us that markets in the developed countries have already been exhau
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  • Social Factors of Mobile Phone
    Social factors-the growth of mobile phones has reached a level where most people are expected to own one. Both the sizes and prices of mobile phones have become more affordable. Hence, in Thailand, people of all status from daily-earning laborers upwards can afford a mobile phone. Daily-earning work
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  • Proliferation of Mobile Phone in E-Commerce
    Running head: PROLIFERATION OF MOBILE PHONE IN E-COMMERCE Proliferation of Mobile Phone in E-Commerce Gertrude Nyandat Grantham University Abstract This Paper explores five published articles that reiterate the proliferation of mobile phone in E-Commerce and how mobile phone has penetrate
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  • Advantage of Mobile Phone
    Advantages: * you can carry a mobile phone with you so you don't miss important calls * if you are lost, you can call for directions. * if you are in an accident, you can call the police or ambulance - and if the phone has a camera, you can take pictures of the accident. * you can l
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