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Unwritten Law In Malaysia

Unwritten laws are laws that are not enacted and not found in any constitution. It comprises of English law (Common Law and Equity), judicial decisions and customs. Common Law is a major part of many States, especially Commonwealth countries. It is mainly made up of non –statutory laws, which are the precedents derived from judgments given on real cases by judges. Law of Equity resolves disputes between persons by referring top principles of fairness, equality and justness. In these cases,nothing...

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Unwritten Law

1(a) Unwritten law is law that has not been enacted by the legislature (Parliament and the State Assemblies) and this law is not found in the written Federal and State Constitutions. This law is found in cases, which have been decided by the courts and local customs. Unwritten law is mainly comprised of: 1. English Law English law forms part of the laws of Malaysia. English law can be found in the English common law and rules of equity. However, not all of England’s common law and rules...

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law malaysia

1) Laws may be defined as a body of rules which are enforced by the state. There are two types of laws in Malaysia, those are written law and unwritten law. Written laws are laws which have been enacted in the constitution or in legislations. Besides, written laws refer to the law that is contained in a formal document and which has been passed by a person or body that is authorised to do so. In Malaysia, which has a written constitution, written law consists of the Federal and State Constitutions...

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Written Law and Unwritten Law

The Difference between Written and Unwritten Constitution are as follows: Written Constitution: Written constitution is one which is found in one or more than one legal documents duly enacted in the form of laws. It is precise, definite and systematic. It is the result of the conscious and deliberate efforts of the people. It is framed by a representative body duly elected by the people at a particular period in history. It is always promulgated on a specific date in history. The Constitution...

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Law in Malaysia

Law is a system of rules and guidelines, usually enforced through a set of institutions. It shapes politics, economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a social mediator of relations between people. For example, Contract law regulates everything from buying a bus ticket to trading on derivatives markets and Property law defines rights and obligations related to the transfer and title of personal and real property and so on. Then, Natural law or the law of nature (Latin: lex naturalis) has...

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Law in Malaysia

Article of Association………..……1 - 2 2.0 Memorandum of Association…………………………………………..……...2 - 3 3.2 Doctrine of Ultra Vires……………….…………………………...…...3 - 4 3.0 Article of Association………………………………………….………………4 - 5 4.0 Australian Corporation Law 1961……………..………………………....……5 - 6 5.0 Conclusion…………………..…………………….……………….…...…………6 6.0 Bibliography…………………..…………………….……………….…...……….7 1.0 INTRODUCTION By section 33 (1) of the Companies Act 1965, the Memorandum of Association and Articles...

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law of malaysia

British, who had ruled Malaya for more than one hundred and fifty with just one short interruption of the World War II, left greater impact upon the law of the country. The legal history of Malaysian begins with the acquisition of Penang in 1786 and with the introduction of the Charters of Justice in 1807, 1826 and 1855. The legal system of Malaysia was modeled after the English legal system which practices parliamentary democracy and is ruled by a Constitutional Monarchy, with His Majesty the Yang...

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The Unwritten Laws Of Business

THE UNWRITTEN LAWS OF BUSINESS Excerpts taken from the book ‘THE UNWRITTEN LAWS OF BUSINESS’ written by W.J.King THE UNWRITTEN LAWS OF BUSINESS FOR THE BEGINNER IN RELATION TO WORK 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. However mental and trivial your early assignment may appear, give them your best efforts. Demonstrate the ability to get things done. Do not wait passively for anyone….. go after them and keep relentlessly after them. Confirm your instructions and the other person’s commitments in writing. When sent out...

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Law of Privity in Malaysia

LAW OF CONTRACT The doctrine of privity prevented a third party from enforcing a benefit in a contract made between other parties. This position has clearly been altered by the enactment of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. Today, third parties are no longer denied the ability to enforce benefits conferred upon them by a contract between two or more parties. 1. Examine the doctrine of privity and the problems that it faced, 2. Discuss the changes brought about by the development...

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An Introduction to the Concept of Law in Malaysia

Definition Law is defined as any system of regulations to govern the conduct of the people of a community, society or nation. It is the governmental response to society's need for both regularity, consistency and justice based upon collective human experience. A statute, ordinance, or regulation enacted by the legislative branch of a government and signed into law, or in some nations created by decree/judgement without any democratic process. This is distinguished from "natural law" which is not...

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Consideration (Malaysia Law)

In English law if other than the promisee provide consideration, then the promise could not be enforce by the law. This problem usually may arise when third party involve. For example in the case of Price v Easton (1833), In this case X are doing work for Easton and Easton make a contract with X. In return for X services Easton would pay a price of $19 to Price. The work was done by X but Easton didn’t make any payment to Price and Price sue Easton. Court held that Price claim failed as he didn’t...

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The Reception of English Law in Malaysia.

The Reception of English Law In Malaysia. Introduction Malaysian legal history has been determined by events spanning a period of some six hundred years. Of these, three major periods were largely responsible for shaping the current Malaysia system. The first was the founding of the Malacca Sultanate at the beginning of the 15th century; second was the spread of Islam in the indigenous culture; and finally, and perhaps the most significant in modern Malaysia, was British colonial rule which brought...

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The Constitution of Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its richness of multicultural and multi-racial country which is spread between Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Despite being one huge political unit, it has different set of rules and law to comply with. Malaysia law can be classified into various sources, mainly are written law, unwritten law and Muslim law. Written law comprises The Federal Constitution which is the supreme law of the land and State Constitution, a range of constitutions regulating the governments...

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History of Malaysia Law

Under Oxford English dictionary, ‘Legal’ defined as connected with the law. To the layman, law is understood as being a general rule of conduct. In the Oxford English Dictionary, law is defined as ‘the body of enacted or customary rules recognized by a community as binding’. Sir John Salmond defines law as ‘the body of principles recognized and applied by the State in administration of justice… In other words, law consists of the rules recognized on ‘by courts of justice’ . Malaysian legal history...

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english law

Malaysian law is English law. Explain how English law and the other sources of law form part of the law of Malaysia. The law of Malaysia mostly based to the common law legal system. It was a final result of the colonisation of Malaya, Sarawak, and North Borneo by Britain in between 19th century to 1960s. The supreme law of the land—the Constitution of Malaysia—sets out the legal framework and rights of Malaysian citizens as they will obey all the rule that had been state. Federal laws enacted by...

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Land Laws of Malaysia

QUESTION 1 The land laws of Malaysia are contained in the main pieces of legislation. What are they? The National Land Code 1965 was made effective from 1st of January 1966. It was enacted to ensure uniformity of land laws and land policies with respect to land tenure, registration of titles relating to land, transfer of land, leases, charges in respect of land, easements and other rights and interests inland. Some of the contents of National Land Code 1965 are as follows: indefeasible title...

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Business law

UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH KAMPUS ANTARABANGSA LABUAN BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENT Date of submission: 4th of April Lecturer: Madam Yanti Ahmad Shafiee Name of Course: Business Law (GT01103) 2. Describe the Malaysian legal system. Give your opinion as to its role in assisting Malaysian government in running the country. As an introduction, Law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. The aim of law is to attain justice...

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Sources of Law

Sources of Malaysian Law Weeks 3 & 4 • The sources of Malaysian Law mean the legal rules that make the laws in Malaysia, which can be classified into written and unwritten law. Written Law • Is the most important source of law, includes the following: 1. Federal and State Constitutions. Federal Constitution – Is the supreme law of the land (Article 4 states that any law passed after Merdeka Day which is inconsistent with the constitution shall, to the extent of inconsistency,...

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business law

written law in the society It is important because rules need to be established in case someone breaks them (and people tend to). If they aren't written, smooth-talkers will be able to talk their way out of punishment while less charismatic people will be punished more severely, and some judges will be far kinder than others (warning versus jail term). It is also harder to say "we need to punish domestic crimes more severely" when there is no set rule or punishment. Simply put, written laws are required...

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How Are Syariah Laws Being Currently Applied in Malaysia

and cultural influence of the Hindu and Buddhist powers over the Malay Peninsula. Malay society and its laws were influences by thought and ideas from various Muslim countries. This because Islam itself came to this region from different countries, namely the Arab countries, India and even China. The law used in Malacca was Muslim law together with Malay customary law. Malay customary law may also referred as to as Adat Melayu. In 1511, Malacca was conquered by the Portuguese. However, it’s difficult...

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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian nation that exists on two sides of the South China Sea, splits into Peninsular Malaysia which covers the southernmost point of Eurasia, and Malaysian Borneo (East Malaysia), which is on the island of Borneo. Malaysia is bordered by Thailand on the peninsula, and Indonesia and Brunei on the island of Borneo. Malaysia covers an area of 329,847 square kilometers (127,355 square miles). Malaysia is divided into two regions, with a total of thirteen states based on Malay...

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multiracial country. Malaysia has a population of 23.27 million consisting of 61 percent Malays, 30 percent Chinese, 8 percent Indians and 1 percent of other ethnic groups. Malaysia is unique because of its diversity of races, religions and cultures, the stability of the country and many places of interests. Besides, there are many international achievements which are the pride of our nation. Diversity of races, religions and cultures is a significant characteristic of our nation. Malaysia is a multiracial...

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Written and Unwritten Law

TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION | 2 | Written and Unwritten Constitution | 3-4 | Comparison of the Supremacy of Malaysia and United Kingdom | 5-7 | Characteristic of both Parliamentary Supremacy and Constitutional Supremacy and the drawback | 7-8 | Conclusion | 10 | Bibliography | 11 | INTRODUCTION As Malaysia is a federation of thirteen states, it has altogether fourteen constitutions the Federal Constitution and thirteen State Constitutions. Johor was the first state to have...

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Law in Malaysia

Malayan Law Journal has been identified as the most prolific legal publisher in Malaysia It is suggesed that the various Government bodies should actively publish since they are the sole producer of legal information. Keywords: Malaysian legal sources; Legislation; Law reports; Digests; Legal indexes; Legal bibliographies; Legal directories; Legal dictionaries INTRODUCTION Law is dynamic because its requirements and forms change with changing times and environment. As a result, new laws are constantly...

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Law in Malaysia

employment, terms of employments contract and termination. 2) AIMS This subject aims to develop students’ understanding of laws which govern businesses. It is also to develop students’ ability to apply the laws to business situations which he/she likely to be concerned with. The law which is covered in this subject are Malaysian Legal System, Law of Contract and Employment Law. 3) LEARNING OUTCOMES On completing this module, students should be able to understand the Malaysian Legal system...

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Malaysia Business Law

of Course: Law5504-Comparative Law and Business Name Of Course Leader: Associate Professor Anthony Gray Assignment Number: 3 Overall Word Count: 2995 Words Question 1: 1198 Words Question 2: 1298 Words Question 3: 499 Words Question 1 The jurisdiction that I have chosen to write is Malaysia. Malaysia is a country which practices parliamentary democracy and is ruled by a constitutional monarchy headed by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.[1] Malaysia is also a federation of a number...

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formation of malaysia

MALAYSIA CONSTITUTION The Constitution is a document that contains all of the order of rules and regulations constitute an important policy for removing a country's governance and administration. Determining the constitution of the Kingdom,a form of government and the rights of the people. The Constitution also contains principles that form the national institutions like the executive, legislative and judicial with the powers and role of each institution within the framework of governance and...

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Law of Malaysia

underage; who has not yet attained the age of majority, and which are denied the ability to fully and freely contract. In Capacity of Section 11 define a person who is of the age of majority, sound mind and is not disqualified from contracting under any law. Age of majority is recognized as above 18 years of age as stated in the Age of Majority Act 1971. Below are similar with the case, which case 1: Ryder v. Wombwell (1868), the defendant, an infant, having an income of only 500 Pounds per year was supplied...

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Courts in Malaysia

Introduction to Courts in Malaysia Summary There are generally two types of trials, criminal and civil. The hierarchy of courts begins from the Magistrates’ Court, Sessions Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, and finally, the Federal Court. The jurisdiction of the courts in civil or criminal matters are contained in theSubordinate Courts Act 1948 and the Courts of Judicature Act 1964. Article 121 of the Constitution provides for two High Courts of coordinate jurisdiction, the High Court in Malaya...

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Taxation in Malaysia

1. Briefly explain background of Malaysian tax system. The main source of income for the Government in Malaysia depend on the tax revenue. In 1910, Straits Settlements (Singapore, Malacca, Penang) Legislative Council introduce a draft bill for imposing a tax on income, but faced strong opposition from tax-paying public. So, proposal s to introduce income tax were stated as to "fund the Imperial War Expenditure", not to raise revenue. The public agreed. Then, War Tax Ordinance was introduced...

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The Unwritten Code

The Unwritten Code The Police “Code of Silence” is an unspoken rule among many police agencies in the country. It is a code of “honor” in the police brotherhood where giving information about another police officers wrongdoings is considered an act of betrayal. Other terms for the code include: “The Thin Blue Line,” and “The Wall of Silence.” Police academies across the nation are close-knit communities of law enforcement. From the first day on the job to the last, every officer is supposed to count...

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Advantages of an Unwritten Constitution

Law   of   the   Constitution Formative   assessment A   constitution   can   be   defined   as   “a   body   of   rules   which   regulates   the   system   of   government   within   a   state.   It   establishes   the   bodies   and   institutions   which   form   part   of that   system,   it   provides   for   the   powers   which   they   are   to   exercise,   it   determines   how   they are   to   interact   and   co-exist   with   one   another   and   perhaps   most   importantly...

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Atticus Finch - Unwritten Laws

Unwritten laws Maycomb County, a fictional area in Alabama, is just like any other city in the United States. This county has many people who go on the side of codes not on the side of the law. To Kill a Mockingbird, was written by Harper Lee. In today’s society, people make up codes just to make life easier for them and not to get into fights with anyone. In this book, the Ewells kid does not go to school more than one day and Atticus tries to overcome one of the nation wide codes. The judge...

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Law Governing Physical Child Abuse in Malaysia

LAW GOVERNING PHYSICAL CHILD ABUSE IN MALAYSIA According to Longman, Dictionary of Contemporary English (2003), physical child abuse can be defined as an adult’s physical act of aggression directed at a child that causes injury or even death. Even if the adult did not intend to injure the child, it also can be classified under physical child abuse. The acts of aggression include striking a child with the hand, fist, or foot or with an object; burning the child with a hot object; shaking, pushing...

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Tourism and Malaysia

problem statement and in -depth analysis. I choose Malaysia as my destination. Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories. It is separated by the South China Sea into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. Land borders are shared with Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei and maritime borders exist with Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. Peninsular Malaysia is connected to Singapore via causeway and a bridge...

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Common Law

Question A- states the similarities and differences between legislation and subsidiary legislation. What is legislation? Legislation knows as statutory law which is has been enacted or promulgated by any kind of governing body or even parliament. It refers to a single law or even a group body of enacted law. In the history, it is called as “bill” which is more often than not projected by a member of the legislature. Examples of legislation are Statutes or Acts of Parliament, Ordinance and Enactments...

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El Law

What is the Law in Malaysia? Law is a system, law can controls all the thing, law is a rules, law can prevents the people bad behaviour, all the people must comply with the law, cannot violate the law. Law also can protects benefits of Malaysians. Therefore Malaysians live in a country which has limitation of law. Malaysia has Separation of Power (SOP) and Civil Society. What is Separation of Power? Separation of power can be divided into legislative, executive and judiciary. These three system of...

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Constitution of Malaysia

CONSTITUTION OF MALAYSIA DEFINITIONS • K. Ramanathan: prinsip-prinsip asas yang mengasaskan sesebuah negara, memastikan bagaimanakah sesuatu keputusan kerajaan itu akan dibuat, bagaimana kuasa akan diagih-agihkan antara institusi-institusi kerajaan, menetapkan satu kewibawaan ideal sesebuah negara itu dan memperkenalkan satu sistem pemerintahan seperti termaktub sama ada dalam undangundang, adat mahupun Majlis Piagam Perjanjian”. Malaysian Constitution consists of 3 list • a. Federal List • b...

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Breaking the Law

Breaking The Law Nowadays people think rules is not something important in their life and they are not following the rules even they break the rules. For them, they can do whatever they wanted in this world because they think this world is belong to them. Their bad behaviors distract people from having a peaceful life. Addition, violence in this world getting increases and because of that, they cause a lot of trouble in mean time. There three main causes of breaking the rules and law. ...

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Federalism in Malaysia

FEDERALISM IN MALAYSIA By: Iffa Syafiqa Introduction The existence of federalism in Malaysian history dates back in 1895 during the establishment of the Federated Malay States which are the ‘Protected States’ of Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Perak. Federation of Malaya then came later in 1948 with the unification of the nine Malay states and Settlements of Penang and Malacca by the British. Federal principle was described by K.C. Wheare as "the method of dividing powers so that the...

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Rules of separation of Power in Malaysia

Rooban Subramaniam Subject : Law and Ethics in Mass Communication What is rules of separation of power and to what extent it is observed in Malaysia? As we all know, Malaysia is a country that practices Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy since achieving independence from British rule on August 31, 1957. The structure of government in Malaysia is very similar to what is practiced in Great Britain. This is due to the fact that the Malay Peninsula, as Malaysia was formerly known, was a...

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"The Law Is the Law": an Analysis of Law and Justice in Antigone and Trifles

"The law is the law": An analysis of law and justice in Antigone and Trifles Néstor Díaz Dr. Rosa Vallejo INGL 3012 LI1 March 19, 2011 "The law is the law": an analysis of law and justice in Antigone and Trifles “Objection!” The lawyer acts quickly in an attempt to disallow a certain piece of evidence. He or she considers the evidence unjust and opposes its use. The lawyer’s opposition may bear fruit in the form of a rejection to said piece of evidence. Much like a lawyer opposes an...

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malaysia culture

 Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society which consist of three major races; the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians. They are once immigrants who are brought in as workers by the British. The tribal people who lived in Malaysia long before the existence of the three races are known as the Orang Asli which means “Original People”; they populate the East Malaysia more in Sabah (Dayak, Iban, and Bidayuh) and Sarawak (Kadazan) in our current era. There are also other immigrants...

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Judiciary of Malaysia (Comparative Law)

(1168 words) Jurisdiction Chosen: Country – Malaysia Malaysia has a unique legal system as it is the only country in the world that adapts a dual-track legal system where Islamic courts co-exist alongside with civil-institutions. Apparently, because of the dual legal system, Malaysia inherits legal tradition from both the Islamic law and the common law. The more interesting discussion of this research would elaborate how co-existence is possible in Malaysia without conflict. Before British colonization...

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Problem 1 Issue1 Is the La Rochelle website, including the slogan, protected by copyright law? Law Copyright law protects text, images and other forms of expression. The requirements for protection are as follows: (1) The creation is a ‘work’ or ‘subject matter other than works’; (2) The creation is original; (3)The creation is expressed in a material form. Application The slogan is not a ‘work’ or ‘subject matter’ because Single words, names, titles, slogans are too short to be protected...

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Separation of power (Malaysia)

Malaysia is among dozens of countries are adopting the concept of the emergence of feudalism in his capacity as a federal state. Since our country, Malaysia gained independence in 1957, the concept of federalism that underlies the idea of merging states in Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah have sparked idealism existence of central government and state governments. The birth of the uniqueness of Malaysia is a federal state. 'Federation', means an association which has a central government and...

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Florence Low Poh Geok Program / Intake: BCom27 Module: Commercial Law Lecturer: Daniel Theyagu Student ID: 32736209 Program Manager: Hazel Ong / Ang Kang Ling Total Words Count: 1998 Question 1A The legal point in question is whether Leila advertisement constitutes a binding contract and that she go can back on her promise of paying the reward $50 to Julie for returning the gold chain and locket to her. Relevant principle of law relating to this issue is that an advertisement made to the world...

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Consitution Law

does not exist in one single document alone like the USA and Germany. The UK constitution is referred as an unwritten constitution, but that is not fully true, when the term ‘unwritten constitution’ is mentioned it basically means that the UK constitution does not exist in one document but large parts of it are written down and most of it in the law passed in parliament known as statue law. The UK constitution is often described as ‘partly written and wholly uncodified’. What uncodified means is...

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by-laws AUDIT 610 ADVANCED AUDITING ETHICAL CONDUCT & CODE OF ETHIC Prepared for: Madam Fairuz bt Fauzee Prepared by: Nur Rabiah bt Radzi Nur Hidayah bt Johari Nurul Hanisah bt Hasan Rohayu bt Rashid ACB 8Ba Question 1 1. There is violation of ethical conduct under professional independence( Financial interest).it is because Wani not take part in the audit of the client and the value of her shares is not material in relation to her husband wealth. 2. According...

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Malaysia GDP Growth Rate

MALAYSIA GDP GROWTH RATE The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Malaysia contracted 4.90 percent in the first quarter of 2013 over the previous quarter. GDP Growth Rate in Malaysia is reported by the Department of Statistics Malaysia. Malaysia GDP Growth Rate averaged 1.18 Percent from 2000 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 5.90 Percent in September of 2009 and a record low of -7.60 Percent in March of 2009. Malaysia is a rapidly developing economy in Asia. Malaysia, a middle-income country...

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One Malaysia

most influential leader of the country. I could assume my first thought is almost identical as anyone’s answer that is about the utilizing of multiracial status and all, but how could we really understand the uniqueness of a south east Asia country, Malaysia, to be different compared to other multiracial country too? My answer is “to lead 1malaysia publicize their basic, greatest asset splendidly, that is multiracial and placing unity the top priority” What really inspires me is what our beloved prime...

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 LAW DEVELOPMENT CENTER NAME: SUNNA HILAL LUQMAN Answer to the question; BREIF FACTS: Peter reads an advertisement in the new vision of a special x-mas discounted fare of shs 20000 only to Arua by the executive coach bus company but on reaching he was told that the offer was only for the first ten customers and he was not eligible which made him pay 40000 for a regular seat. His suitcase with clothes valued at 1000000shs was given to another passenger whose suitcase was given to peter...

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Rule of Law

LAW 012 MUHAMMAD ADAM BIN ZAWAHIR LWA01F MADAM SITI NOORAMANI The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law. The rule follows logically from the idea that truth, and therefore law, is based upon fundamental principles which can be discovered, but which cannot be created through an act of will. The most important application of the rule of law is the principle that governmental authority is legitimately exercised only in accordance with written, publicly...

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Bill to Law at Malaysia

3. Explain the process how a Bill becomes Law. Malaysia was a former British colony and prior to its independence a commission was appointed to draft the Federal Constitution based on the system of parliamentary democracy practiced in the Great Britain. Similar to the Westminster System, Malaysia’s Federal Constitution divides the structure of government into three branches – Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary. Under the doctrine of separation of powers, the Legislature is the body which has...

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GBI in Malaysia

Environmental Law Assignment Green Building Index (GBI) in Malaysia | Fauzan Kahfi | Jane John Mrosso | Okky Yuda Nagarana | Vidushini Siva | (MEEM 16) I. INTRODUCTION Sustainability has now become a necessity in the urban environment. This is especially important in Malaysia, where the urban population is almost 75%. It is also situated in an equatorial and tropical climate region where increase urbanization will also increased warming of the land. Green building practices can substantially...

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Equality in Malaysia

level in Malaysia is measured as follows:- Absolute poverty measures the Poverty Line Income (PLI). PLI is the gross monthly household income required to meet basic needs. Relative poverty is defined in terms of inequity between groups of people. It is measured using income parity ratio among different income groups in the rural and urban areas. The hardcore poverty, introduced in 1989, is when gross income is less than half of PLI. The value for Poverty gap at $2 a day (PPP) (%) in Malaysia was 0...

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Native Law

Definition Generally a native system of personal law applies only to a native person or community forming a part of part any native race.According to judicial interpretation the term ‘native’ is identified to be a native by descent and way of life.The Federal Constitution defines a native in Article 161 A, Clause (6&7) thus : (a) In relation to Sarawak, a person who is a citizen and either belongs to one of the races specified in clause (7) as indigenous to the State or is...

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Difference Between a Written and Unwritten Constitution

Distinction between a written and unwritten constitution is not real. There is no constitution which is either wholly written or entirely unwritten. All written constitutions grow and expand if they are to endure and serve their purpose. The real constitution is a living body of general prescriptions carried into effect by living persons. No constitution can ever be a strait-jacket. Nor can it be ever in the mind of the constitutional fathers to work out in all details a complete and final...

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Difference Between Written Constitution and Unwritten Constitution

Explain the differences between a written and an unwritten constitution.In your opinion,which is better? A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.According to Thomas Paine’s definition towards the term ‘’constitution’’,he describes constitution as an antecedent to government,which is the creature of a constitution,and the constitution is not the act of it’s government,but the people themselves constituting...

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The Federal Constitution of Malaysia

The Federal Constitution of Malaysia, which came into force in 1957, is the supreme law of Malaysia.[1] The Federation was initially called the Federation of Malaya (in Malay, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) and it adopted its present name, Malaysia, when the States of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore (now independent) joined the Federation.[2] The Constitution establishes the Federation as a constitutional monarchy having the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as the Head of State whose roles are largely ceremonial.[3]...

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