• Unwritten Law in Malaysia
    Unwritten laws are laws that are not enacted and not found in any constitution. It comprises of English law (Common Law and Equity), judicial decisions and customs. Common Law is a major part of many States, especially Commonwealth countries. It is mainly made up of non –statutory laws, which are
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  • Unwritten Law
    Law in Malaysia Prepared by :- Musbri Mohamed DIL; ADIL ( ITM ) Pursuing MBL ( UKM ) 1 What are Your Rights ? People have to know their scope of rights and freedom granted to them by government and must be able to demand for their rights whenever injustice takes place. 2 Law prote
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  • Unwritten Law
    Answer 1(a) Unwritten law is law that has not been enacted by the legislature (Parliament and the State Assemblies) and this law is not found in the written Federal and State Constitutions. This law is found in cases, which have been decided by the courts and local customs. Unwritten law is ma
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  • Law in Malaysia
    Law is a system of rules and guidelines, usually enforced through a set of institutions. It shapes politics, economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a social mediator of relations between people. For example, Contract law regulates everything from buying a bus ticket to trading on deriv
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  • Written and Unwritten Law
    TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION | 2 | Written and Unwritten Constitution | 3-4 | Comparison of the Supremacy of Malaysia and United Kingdom | 5-7 | Characteristic of both Parliamentary Supremacy and Constitutional Supremacy and the drawback | 7-8 | Conclusion | 10 | Bibliography | 1
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  • Law in Malaysia
    Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science, Vol.5, No.1, July 2000: 19-36 MALAYSIAN LEGAL SOURCES : PRINT N. N. Edzan MLIS Program, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya e-mail : edzan@fsktm.um.edu.my ABSTRACT Identifies and provides a brief descriptio
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  • Law in Malaysia
    1) INTRODUCTION This module will introduce students to the operation of Malaysian Legal System, the principles governing entering into contracts, terms of contracts, discharge of contract and remedies and principles governing employment, terms of employments contract and termination. 2) AIMS
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  • An Introduction to the Concept of Law in Malaysia
    Definition Law is defined as any system of regulations to govern the conduct of the people of a community, society or nation. It is the governmental response to society's need for both regularity, consistency and justice based upon collective human experience. A statute, ordinance, or regulation e
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  • Law in Malaysia
    Table of content 1.0 Introduction………………………………………………………………………..1 2.1 Legal effect of Memorandum and Article of Association………..……1 - 2 2.0 Memorandum of Association…………………………………………..……..
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  • The Reception of English Law in Malaysia.
    The Reception of English Law In Malaysia. Introduction Malaysian legal history has been determined by events spanning a period of some six hundred years. Of these, three major periods were largely responsible for shaping the current Malaysia system. The first was the founding of the Malacca Sultan
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  • Employment Law Overview- Malaysia
    EMPLOYMENT LAW OVERVIEW- MALAYSIA The matters covering employment and labor in Malaysia are covered by the Employment Act of 1955. Contracts of Service • The contract of service pertains to the agreement entered by the employer and the employee and the same shall be covered by this pa
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  • Company Law of Malaysia
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  • Company Law in Malaysia - Separate Legal Entity
    Introduction In a modern capitalist market economy, companies are a familiar part of everyday life. Companies own supermarkets, supply water, gas, electricity and petroleum products we are depending on. They publish the newspapers and provide our Internet services. We deal with companies so often
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  • Bill to Law at Malaysia
    3. Explain the process how a Bill becomes Law. Malaysia was a former British colony and prior to its independence a commission was appointed to draft the Federal Constitution based on the system of parliamentary democracy practiced in the Great Britain. Similar to the Westminster System, Malaysia
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  • Law of Malaysia
    ACADEMIC SESSION : AUGUST- DEC 2011 BAB 2202/LAW 2034: COMPANY LAW ASSIGNMENT DEADLINE: 30 SEP 2011 INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. Assignments must be a minimum of 2,500 words and must not exceed 3,000 words. 2. All assignments must be word processed in Times New Roman tex
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  • Law of Malaysia
    Question 1(i) Phing, 17 years old daughter of a wealthy businessman is currently studying at a University College at Kelana Jaya. She bought a luxury car Audi R8 worth RM 900,000. The car has now been delivered but she is unable to payfor it. Firstly, Phing is a 17 years old teenager which also kno
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  • English Law in Malaysia
    English Law (Common law) Common Law is a major part of many States, especially Commonwealth countries. The common law is based on the principle of deciding cases by reference to previous judicial decisions, rather than to written statutes drafted by legislative bodies. The decisions came from Engl
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  • Written Law and Unwritten Law
    The Difference between Written and Unwritten Constitution are as follows: Written Constitution: Written constitution is one which is found in one or more than one legal documents duly enacted in the form of laws. It is precise, definite and systematic. It is the result of the conscious and del
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  • law of malaysia
    It is important that reseachers should understand that much of Malaysia’s history is related to Great Britain which established amongst the early colonies on the Malay Peninsula. Although the Dutch and Portuguese were the British, who had ruled Malaya for more than one hundred and fifty...
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  • Law from Malaysian Perpective
    Law from Malaysian Perspective    In a society with certain structure it is definite that different individuals will have different opinions which have to be coordinated by law. Laws is a type of glue stick that holds society together, so that they can live peacefully. For example, law of crimina
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