• Fox and Pluralist Persceptive
    Review of Fox 1966 Since the publishing of ‘Industrial Sociology and Industrial Relations’ paper by A. Fox, Ireland has gone through an economic whirlpool, from bust to boom and now currently back to bust. The economic climate has a significance impact on the way companies caters for its emplo
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  • Are You a Unitarist, a Pluralist or a Radical/ Marxist?
    Are you a unitarist, a pluralist or a radical/ Marxist? As you read the Balnave chapter, you may have become aware of your own, sometimes implicit, views about employment relations and you may have been identifying mainly with one particular frame of reference. This sort of self-awarenes
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  • Radical Politics
    What is Radical Politics Today? ‘This is a bold, brave and timely book. As we emerge, blinking into the light after three decades of neo-liberal darkness, Jonathan Pugh has put together a collection of essays that will provoke and provide clues to the question of what comes next; what...
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  • In the Light of the New Constitutional Provisions on Devolution, to What Extent Is It Correct to Say the Kenya Constitution Can Be Clarified Unitary?
    The Kenyan Constitution The Kenya Constitution is the supreme law of Kenya. It establishes the structure of the Kenyan government, and also defines the relationship between the government and the citizens of Kenya. The current Kenyan constitution was enacted on 27th August 2010, replacing the olde
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  • Liberal or Radical Leadership: Constructing Equal Representation
    Liberal or Radical Leadership: Constructing Equal Representation | | Brandi Fay Donahou 11/28/12 | “Representative liberal democracy and its institutions as they have evolved have been criticized as restrictive, stifling and patriarchal and for failing to deliver what women want or nee
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  • “Integrity Is a More Dynamic and Radical Standard Than It First Seemed, Because It Encourages a Judge to Be Wide-Ranging and Imaginative in His Search for Coherence with Fundamental Principle.”
    “Integrity is a more dynamic and radical standard than it first seemed, because it encourages a judge to be wide-ranging and imaginative in his search for coherence with fundamental principle.” Ronald Dworkin was an influential legal philosopher, known for his contribution to legal philosophy
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  • Applying the Pluralist Theory of the State to People Power
     APPLYING THE PLURALIST THEORY OF THE STATE TO THE PEOPLE POWER PHENOMENON IN THE PHILIPPINES A research paper submitted by Leah Marie O. Tumlos MA in Political Science to Dr. Julio Teehankee Professor, Political Science Department De La Salle...
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  • Civil War - Radical Reconstruction
    Immediately following the Civil War the actions of Radical Republicans led to many changes in the South. Leading the way to Radical Reconstruction was Congressmen Charles Sumner and Thadeus Stevens. Their were many goals and motives the Radicals hoped to obtain. The first and main goal of the Radica
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  • Animal Rights Protests: Is Radical Chic Still in Style?
    Over the past fifteen years a powerfully charged drama has unfolded in New York's Broadway venues and spread to the opera houses and ballet productions of major cities across the country. Its characters include angry college students, aging rock stars, flamboyant B-movie queens, society ma
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  • Radical Issues in the Colonies
    During the colonial period of America, many colonists struggled with the laws imposed upon them by England. The struggle grew over the years until many Americans had developed a revolutionary attitude toward their mother country. This attitude not only led the colonists into the American Revolution
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  • Radical Drama in Society Today
    I'm not quite sure what I am supposed to do with these explorations, except for that they should be written on out of class material. I guess then that I will try to explore some more modern radical dramas. When I first thought of that question, nothing came to my mind. I began to think that radical
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  • Radical Feminism in Like Water for Chocolate
    There are many different definitions of feminism. Some people regard feminism as the idea that women deserve the same amount of respect that men deserve. There are the other schools of feminist thought that hold women superior to men. Yet another believes that the gender roles controlling women are
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  • The New Radical Religious Right
    By the end of the decade the whole earth will view the church in a different light. The church will no longer be mocked and despised, but either loved or feared." ?Evangelist Paul Cain As we approach the year 2000, we can expect an unprecedented flurry of activity as Christian missionary and eva
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  • To What Extent Was Pitt’s Repressive Policy the Main Reason for His Success in Resisting the Radical Challenge of 1801?
    To What Extent Was Pitt’s Repressive Policy The Main Reason For His Success In Resisting The Radical Challenge Of 1801? During his administration, Pitt proved his worth as a successful and capable prime minister. His approach to his duty was far reaching and effective and his repressive legisl
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  • Is a Clockwork Orange Reactionary or Radical in Its Meaning?
    Anthony Burgess defined a ‘clockwork orange’ as a person who ‘can only perform good or only perform evil – meaning that he has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice, but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil or (since this is increasingly rep
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  • Ideologies of Radical Islam Explained
    Introduction: This essay concerns itself with exploring the Islamic and political orientation of Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), an Egyptian civil servant turned political and religious activist, inspired by fundamentalist Islam. To gain an understanding of what influenced and formulated Qutb’s ideas
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  • What Is Unitary Theory
    The notion that there is one common goal shared by all, and perhaps one way of seeing things, one source of leadership, and one way of understanding what the organization exists to do. The organization is like a traditional patriarchal family, or like a football team. The British sociologist Alan Fo
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  • How Exercise, Vitamin E, and Selenium Affect Free Radical Scavengers
    How Exercise, Vitamin E, and Selenium affect Free Radical Scavengers I. Introduction In the article “Effects of exercise training, selenium and vitamin E on some free radical scavengers in horses” an experiment was conducted to determine if the increase of free radicals due to exercise could
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  • Summary of Radical Idea of Marrying for Love”
    08/30/2008 Summary of “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love” In the essay “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love,” Stephanie Coontz examines the history of marriage around the world and details its transformation from a necessity for the survival of society to becoming a tool for per
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  • Radical Explosion
    Kevin O’Donnell Mrs. Jankowski, p.2 10 March 2009 Radical Explosion Terrorism is a dreadful thing that causes dreadful things to happen like September 11th 2001. Have you ever thought about where or maybe when did terrorism start? Well America has had its share of terrorism inside its own
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