• Unitarism
    The academic field known in the English-speaking world as ‘industrial relations’ (IR) has little institutional presence in the universities of continental Europe and those other parts of the world where anglo-saxon modes of analysis are not dominant. Rather than focussing on wider questions of s
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  • Unitarism, Pluralism and Radicalism
    Course Description: School/Portfolio: Course Code/ID: Course Title: Teaching Location: Program(s): Author: Level: Semester: Prerequisite(s): Corequisite(s): Exclusion(s): Credit Points/ Progress Units: ASCED Code: The Business School BUHRM2602 Industrial Relations UB Sydney B. Management or such Dr
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  • Unitarism
    Employment Relations Essay Introduction: Unitarism, which also called human resource management, it is an organization is perceived as an integrated and harmonious whole with the ideal of one big happy family, where management and other members of the staff all share a common purpose, emphasizing
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  • Pluralism
    Pluralism is the theory that a multitude of groups govern the United States. These organizations influence the making and administration of laws and policy. The public acts mainly as bystanders. Some pluralists believe that direct democracy is not only unworkable, but also undesirable. Most peop
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  • Interpreting Religious Pluralism
    There are many ways in which one may interpret the concept of religious pluralism. My interpretation of religious pluralism is the diversity of thoughts, ideas and concepts relating to various religions, and the interpretations of those religions. I believe religious pluralism impacted Christiani
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  • Pluralism vs. Elitism
    Pluralism Vs. Elitism Opinion Paper It could be argued that politics is everywhere, from the debates and decisions of a powerful government to an argument between family members. There are many different ways of studying politics, each with different emphases, theories, and assumptions. Two of th
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  • Pluralism of China
    Beginning the semester we were asked a question, define religion. With my first thoughts, I scribbled down the conceptions of religion as I was taught through my Judaic background, "religion is a prescribed set of ideas and rules as given by a higher power to govern a body of people," it was almost
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  • Environmental Ethics and the Principles of Pluralism and Environmental Pragmatism
    by Chum Hamilton Environmental Ethics ENV362 Professor Dave Williams August 16, 2008 CONTENTS Pluralism and Environmental Pragmatism 3 My Response 6 References 9 Pluralism and Environmental Pragmatism With the widely differing theoretical environmental ethic philosophical
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  • Religious Pluralism
    On July 12, 2007, for the first time in American history the Senate session that day was opened by a prayer; unlike any other prayer, it was given by a Hindu priest. At first sight, it would seem as though the ideals designed by the framers of the Constitution were alive and well; the pluralization
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  • Religious Pluralism in the United States
    Introduction In the modern age of the United States, the demographics of its citizens range from distinctive cultures of the world. The cultural diversity in religion consists of Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity to Protestantism. The aspects of the American religious landscape originated from
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  • Theory of Morality: Monism, Pluralism, Particularism
    When considering the theory of morality. There are many different views about the guidelines humans should follow in order to be a good human and live in a functional environment. Monism, pluralism, and particularism are three different ideas about how one should make decisions. Pluralism seems to b
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  • Pluralism, Citizenship and Ethnic Crisis in the Middle Belt Valley Nigeria: Towards a Civilization of Peace and Tolerance.
    PLURALISM, CITIZENSHIP AND ETHNIC CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE BENUE VALLEY NIGERIA:TOWARDS A CIVILIZATION OF PEACE AND TOLERANCE. By Department of Rel. and Philosophy Benue State University, Makurdi. Nigeria. alloyihuah@yahoo.com ABSTRACT One of the most complex features of the Nigerian nation
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  • Liberal Democracy’s Dilemma: Individualism, Pluralism, and Toleration
    Liberal Democracy’s Dilemma: Individualism, Pluralism, and Toleration “Liberal democracy’s dilemma is how to reconcile individual autonomy with group membership in a pluralistic society” (PLSC 420). For Michael Walzer the dilemma of liberal democracy is solved by tolerance. Walzer
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  • Pluralism and Policy Making in New Zealand
    The political theory of pluralism maintains that political power is not held exclusively by the government, but by a number of diverse groups. Interest groups, pressure groups, trade unions, and informal groups of like-minded citizens are all examples of the types of coalitions which pluralists bel
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  • Pluralism of Religious Approach to Dialogue Between Catholic Church and Islam
    I. INTRODUCTION In today's world, with technological developments, particularly in the field of communication and transportation, show an increasing interdependence among the different parts of the world. These factors have brought about a greater consciousness of the plurality of religions and f
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  • Corporation and Pluralism
    Emir C. YAZICI Wealth & Power The corporation: The word "corporation" is derived from the Latin corpus (body), meaning a "body of people". It is also described as group of people authorized to act as an individual. By definition, it is a legal entity that is independently existent
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  • Acculturation, Pluralism and Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Classroom
    Acculturation, Pluralism and Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Classroom First, acculturation is the process of adopting the dominant group’s cultural patterns; some groups prefer to keep, or maintain the original culture. Consequently that group will not have become highly cultured to American c
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  • Pluralism and Elite Theory
    Pluralism and Elite Theory “Pluralism is the view that politics and decision making are located mostly in the framework of the government, but that many nongovernmental groups use their resources to exert influence”. Pluralists put forward the idea that power is not a physical quality that pe
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  • Pluralism
    Pluralism can be defined as the dispute that the best form of a political system for the United States would be one in which a multitude of competing interest groups would be given recognition. It believes that the power should be divided among many groups rather than one central authority, and the
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  • Legal Pluralism
    HOW FAR CAN YOU APPLY LEGAL PLURALISM IN MALAYSIA Definition Legal pluralism is the existence of multiple legal systems within one geographic area that, in Malaysia, occur when – • the law of the British colonial authority exists alongside more traditional Malay “adat,” Islamic a
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