• Applications of Uniform Circular Motion - Foucault's Pendulum -
    Foucault’s Pendulum In 1851, a French physicist named Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault suspended an iron ball with a radius of approximately 0.5 feet from the ceiling of the Pantheon in Paris with a wire that was over 200 feet long. The ball was used as a pendulum, and it could swing more than 12 fee
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  • Uniform Circular Motion
    Title: Uniform Circular Motion Objective: To investigate the relationship between FnetT² and radius Proposed Hypothesis: FnetT² is directly proportional to the radius Manipulated variable: Radius of the circular motion Responding variable: The time taken for 20 rotations Controlled variables:
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  • Reviewer for Uniform Circular Motion
    Uniform Circular Motion – a constant motion along a circle; the unfirom motion of a body along a circle Frequency (f) – the number of cycles or revolutions completed by the same object in a given time; may be expressed as per second, per minute, per hour, per year, etc.; standard unit is revo
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  • Gizmo: Uniform Circular Motion
    Exploration Guide: Uniform Circular Motion Go to www.explorelearning.com and login. Please type or write your answers on a separate sheet of paper, not squished in the spaces on these pages. When relevant, data collected should be presented in a table. Objective: To explore the...
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  • Circular Motion Lab
    Emmanuel Adepoju AP Physics 10/2/12 Title: Circular Motion Lab Objective: To show that a tangential speed and a centripetal force are needed for circular motion. Materials: • Circular motion set • A timer • Weights Procedure: As given in class… Data: ac Mass (St
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  • Physics Circular Motion
    II Uniform Circular Motion A. Nomenclature 1. Speed – magnitude of an objects rate of motion (no direction, scalar quantity) 2. Velocity – speed and direction of an objects motion (vector, mag & direction) 3. If a car’s speed is constant but direction is changing, velocit
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  • Circular Motion and Gravitation
    Circular Motion and Gravitation Circular motion is everywhere, from atoms to galaxies, from flagella to Ferris wheels. Two terms are frequently used to describe such motion. In general, we say that an object rotates when the axis of rotation lies within the body, and that it revolves when the a
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  • Physics Lab Report - What Keeps a Stopper Moving in a Circle
    What keeps the stopper moving in a circle? Purpose: Relate the variables involved in uniform circular motion Hypothesis: I predict that the velocity of the stopper will increase as the radius is shortened. Rubber stopper with a hole PVC tube or wooden spool 1. Measure the mass f the stopp
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  • Circular Motion
    Circular Motion Uniform circular motion is the movement of an object or particle trajectory at a constant speed around a circle with a fixed radius. The fixed radius, r, is the position of an object in uniform or circular motion relative to to the center of the circle. The length of the positio
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  • Circular Motion
    Chapter 12: Circular Motion Please remember to photocopy 4 pages onto one sheet by going A3→A4 and using back to back on the photocopier. We know that angles can be measured in degrees. They can also be measured in something called Radians*, where Angle (in radians) = Angular Velo
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  • Pglo Transformation Lab Report
    Transformation Lab Report Introduction Transformation is the transfers of virulence from one cell to another, through the transferring of genetic material. It was originally postulated in 1928 through the works of Federick Griffith, a British microbiologist. Griffith observed that the mutant for
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  • Ancient Weapons - Lab Report
    Physics Extended Cock Task Ancient Weapons Michael Bennett June 15th 2010 Teacher – Miss Shitcunt [pic] Contents Title 1 Contents 2 Introduction 3 Weapon Analysis 4-5 Weapon Physics 5-10 Calculations 11-20 Discussion 21-22 Bibliogra
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  • Physics Notes - Circular Motion
    2.6.1 Draw a vector diagram to show that the acceleration of a particle moving with uniform speed in a circle is directed toward the centre of the circle. Review of basic kinematics: If the acceleration and velocity of an object are parallel (or anti-parallel) then the object's speed will increase
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  • Lab Report
    The Charge/Mass (e/m) Ratio of the Electron PHYS 0212: Introduction to Laboratory Physics Fall 2012 Abstract The experiment conducted demonstrated correlation between the charge and mass of an electron and the behavior of magnetic fields. The lab was divided into four parts. The first three par
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  • circular motion
    Translational motion Translational motion is the aspect in which a body moves from a specific point to the next. This can be in terms of objects, molecules or atoms. This kind of motion normally takes place in a straight line for instance bullet which is fired by a gun. The object in...
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  • Unknown Lab Report
    Unknown Lab Report Unknown Organism #6 Ann Le (Phuoc) May 6, 2010 Dr. Carrington Microbiology Lab- MW 12:50 Le 1 I. Introduction My unknown organism #6 is Morganella morganii, which is a gram-negative bacillus rods commonly found in the environment and also in the intestin
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  • Lab Report
    ABSTRACT. In this experiment, we test factors which affect friction. We pulled a wood block across a surface to determine whetherthe surface area ofthe block orthe type ofsurface affectsfriction. We found that the surface area of the block did not change the coefficient of kinetic friction, whil
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  • Lab Report
    LIFS 2720 – Introductory Biochemical Laboratory Lab Report 4 Serum Electrophoresis Using Cellulose Acetate Name: CHAN Kin Yan ID: 20094186 Group No. 9 Date of Experiment: 1st March 2012 Abstract Electrophoresis is a useful tool to separate components in a mixture
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  • Centripetal Force Lab Report
    Purpose To be able to understand and verify the relationship centripetal force, mass, velocity, and the radius of orbit for a body that is undergoing centripetal acceleration. Background Information An object moving in the same direction is not necessarily undergoing acceleration. If
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  • Lab Report
    Crank and Connecting Rod Objective To obtain the displacement diagram for the piston of a crank and connecting rod assembly Theory The slider crank chain is one of the two basic mechanisms which from the basic for many more complicated motions. (The others are the four Bar Chain, Scoth Yoke or
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