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Unforgettable Moment

An embarrassing moment can stumble among anyone at any given occasion. No matter whom we say we are we all have experienced an embarrassing moment during our lifetime, such as falling down in front of a large group of people, humiliating oneself in front of one’s crush, or simply peeing in one’s pants. There is no denying everyone has crossed paths with an embarrassing moment, but during these moments that occur we will either be accepting, ashamed, or see it as a joke in the end. We do not intend...

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Unforgettable Moment

Unforgettable Moment By Aida Raihanah Everyone have their own unforgettable moment, including me. I have many unforgettable moment. One of it is the moment I went to my grandparent’s house at Terengganu with my family a couple years ago. Terengganu is the place where nature embraces heritage. There are many wonders of Terengganu and many things to explore. Actually, my father did not plan to take us for a walk at there. But he did when my siblings persuade him to. Luckily, our persuasion was...

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Moment of Inertia

­­­Moment of Inertia 1. Abstract The goal of this study is to understand the transfer of potential energy to kinetic energy of rotation and kinetic energy of translation. The moment of inertia of the cross arm my group measured with the conservation of energy equation is: 0.01044 kg/m2 (with the mass of 15g), 0.01055 kg/m2 (with the mass of 30g), which is kind of similar to the standard magnitude of the moment of inertia of the cross arm: 0.0095 kg/m2 (Gotten by measuring the radius and the mass...

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Empathic Listening

where possibilities are many. We are not busy rehearsing our rebuttal to what they are saying, just waiting for a moment to break in and interrupt. We do not care if we are right and they are wrong. We have no need to defend ourselves or to prove ourselves brilliant, insightful or witty. We do have a burning desire to understand what the essence of this person is all about in this moment. We are pure awareness, soaking in the words but going far beyond the words and fully resonating with the other...

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To the Lighthouse

novel showed the upbringing of an incomplete character. Lily along with her painting became a complete object at the end when she realized the reasons behind her need to become an artist, a unique person and above all learn to take advantages of moments and vision in life. In the first section of the book, Lily was not portrayed as the visionary artist that she becomes at the end of the novel with “I have had my vision” as she makes the symbolic trip to the Lighthouse. In “The Window” at the beginning...

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Moment of Inertia

Sadie D. Hood Lab 8: Moment of Inertia Partner: Florence Doval Due 16 November 2011 Aims: To use a centripetal force apparatus to calculate the moment of inertia of rotating weights, using theories derived from ideas of energy transfer (Im = MR2 (g/2h)(t2-t02)) and point mass appoximation (m1r12 + m2r22). Set Up Procedure First we measured the weights of two masses and wingnuts that secure them. Then we placed one of the masses on the very end of a horizontal rod on the centripetal force apparatus...

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Literary analysis of "A Good Man is Hard To Find"

everyday interaction, and for a moment, things actually seem hopeful for the dysfunctional family. After their meal, the family continues on to their destination, and the grandmother and children manipulate Baily into taking a detour to visit an old, mysterious estate that the grandmother once visited in her younger years. A sudden and embarrassing thought of the grandmother leads to a car accident where miraculously, nobody sustains any serious injury. A moment of hope in rescue turns dismal as...

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Narrative Essay of a trip to NEW YORK

me up and take Shady and me to the airport. It was only 4 o'clock and I knew at that time that the wait would be a long one. After a couple of near death experiences we make it to Ft. Lauderdale airport and Jr. helps us unload our luggage. At that moment I felt sad over leaving my friends; I wished they were going to but I knew it was a getaway for Shady and I. We walked to the check-in desk and I got a little nervous that they would not find our tickets or that something would go wrong. "Your...

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CAPM essay

expectation of x The rth central moment is defined as: E(x−E(x))r,r=1,2,3,... They characterize populations or population distributions. First moment  Population mean  (r = 1: E(x1)=E(x)) [Do not confuse with first central moment, which is always one (=1)] Second central moment  Variance  E(x−E(x))2 Third central moment  Related to skewness of distribution Positively skewed = Tail extending to right Negatively skewed = Tail extending to left Fourth central moment  Related to the kurtosis (=...

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Symbolism and Religious Subtext in Flannery O'Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find

(Galloway, Pg. 1) O’Conner was heavily influenced by the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger. This particular “great thinker” developed a theory which he called dasein. The idea behind this particular theory is that death represents the moment wherein a given person’s life is complete, for better or for worse. O’Conner probably interpreted this particular theory as meaning that were one witness to another’s death, some type of understanding of that person’s life would come about. Greek...

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The Relationship Of Kino And Juana

face with a clenched fist’ Closeness regained… • Later when chased by trackers, Kino for a moment loses hope. He even suggest giving up. ‘a helplessness and hopelessness swept over him’ – ‘perhaps I should let them take me’ • In this moment Juana offers strength. ‘her goading struck into his brain; his lips snarled and his eyes were fierce again. • Personal Comment- I found this to be a powerful moment within the story. Despite the agony Kino inflicted upon his wife she still stands by his side...

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find Character Analysis

as a reason to spare her. Only when the grandmother is facing death, in her final moments alone with the Misfit, does she understand where she has gone wrong in her life. Instead of being superior, she realizes, she is flawed like everyone else. When she tells the Misfit that he is “one of her own children,” she is showing that she has found the ability to see others with compassion and understanding. This is a moment of realization, one that is immediately followed by her death. The Misfit seems...

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My Story

it I become another silent witness of cowardly acts. Just when I was no more than two blocks from The World Trade Center I understood the magnitude of the tragic story unfolding right before my eyes. And I felt it was the moment that I was waiting for so many years, the moment that would change my life. A few minutes later the second plane hit the South tower, and just then everybody and I included realize that it was not just an unfortunate accident but a terrorist attack. I have to say that after...

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Problem Set 4

sales = 75 * 0.0833 = 6.2498 Expected re-order quantity = the expected lost sales = 6.2498 million minutes Since the expected sale is lower than the order quantity, the expected addition capacity is 0.02*6,249,800 = $124,996. 8. In any given moment, the bookstore either has the book in stock (in-stock probability) or does not have the book in stock (stock-out probability). Since the in-stock probability is 90%, the stock-out probability is 100%-90% = 10% 9. μ = 130 σ = 30 Q = 150 First...

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Bsp Mid-Term

0 x2  (2  x) f ( x)   8 0 ; otherwise  (i) Calculate the mean of X and variance of X. (ii) Calculate . (iii) Find . b) Given X ~ Exp (  2) and the moment generating function (MGF) of X is given M X (t )  2 2t . Find the mean and variance of X. c) Given for x = 1, 2, 3, 4. Find the moment generating function of X. Question 2 a) According to a survey, 45% of all students at a large university suffer from math anxiety. Four students are randomly selected...

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change the unconditional 2 2 variance σ . The variability of σt does affect higher moments of the un2 conditional distribution of ηt+1 . With time-varying σt , the unconditional distribution of ηt+1 has fatter tails than a normal distribution. To show this define ηt+1 as follows: ηt+1 = σt 4 t+1 (3) where t+1 is IID with zero mean and unit variance. A useful measure of tail thickness is the fourth moment or kurtosis, i.e., K(y) = E[y 4 ]/E[y 2 ]2 . It is well known that the kurtosis of...

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Ee351K Homework #9 Solution

don’t know the exact distribution of X we must use the CLT approximation to calculate the probability and find the critical value of n. √ − n ) = P (Z ≥ 4 0.95 ≤ P (X > 73) = P X − 75 73 − 75 √ > √ 8/ n 8/ n Looking at the above line for a moment we notice that this is true only (Looking in the Normal table) when √ − n 4 < −1.645. We are then left with an inequality involving only n from which it follows:n > 43.29, n = 44 Rounding up we see that if at least 44 students take the exam the conditions...

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How My Community, School, and Nation Showed Support.

that moment the support that I received from my school was phenomenal, they sold purple bracelets in my honor to help with the cost of the hospital fees, held a volleyball tournament in my honor and my fellow cheerleaders held a spaghetti dinner. I have never felt so much love and support as I have with my school because of this I now know that there are other young women that look up to me for support. Part of the 9 hour surgery that I received made me shave my head, it was the saddest moment that...

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Conflict in Film

famous couple hitch was helping at that time. Of course hitch tries to explain what he does and why, but Sara at this point is not interesting in dating Hitch at that moment. Hitch tries to explain himself in many different situations such as the speed dating scene where Hitch speeds dates to her table, just to speak with her for a moment in order to fix the broken communication. At this time Sara is still not interesting in Hitch. Later in the movie, Sara finally realizes how wrong she was about Hitch...

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home reading report

weak and empty, he looked in the mirror. A worn-out, gray-haired man stared back at him. But his eyes, though red and tired, were still full of unrealized potential. He peered into these eyes and, all of a sudden, realized one simple truth. The next moment, the pain pierced his heart again, and it stopped beating forever. Everybody cried, even those who knew him only slightly. The pain of this loss was staggering. Not only had he been a good man but they also knew what great potential had died with...

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Psychology Paper- Acts of Kindness

sending the text one morning and did not hear from him for a while. A couple weeks later I woke up one day and have never felt more depressed than I did right then. I had received some news about my health that was not as good as we had hoped. At that moment I just wanted to give up and I was at, what I thought was, the end of the road for me. My phone goes off and I look at it. My guy friend that had thanked me for sending the text before sent me a message saying, “No. Don't give up hope just yet. It's...

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Npa, Npa Assets

+ n2) * Pooled sample standard deviation = sp = sqrt [ (n1 - 1) * s12 + (n2 - 1) * s22 ] / (n1 + n2 - 2) ] * Sample correlation coefficient = r = [ 1 / (n - 1) ] * Σ { [ (xi - x) / sx ] * [ (yi - y) / sy ] } Correlation * Pearson product-moment correlation = r = Σ (xy) / sqrt [ ( Σ x2 ) * ( Σ y2 ) ] * Linear correlation (sample data) = r = [ 1 / (n - 1) ] * Σ { [ (xi - x) / sx ] * [ (yi - y) / sy ] } * Linear correlation (population data) = ρ = [ 1 / N ] * Σ { [ (Xi - μX) / σx ] *...

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Mass Moment of Inertia

Title: Mass Moment of Inertia Objective: To determine mass moment of inertia of a part using experimental method. Theory: If a part has been designed and built, its mass moment of inertia can be determined approximately by a simple experiment. This requires that the part be swung about any axis (other than one that passes through its CG) parallel to that about which the moment is sought and its period of pendular oscillation measured. Figure 1 shows a part of connecting rod suspended on a knife-edge...

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The Moments of a Random Variable

THE MOMENTS OF A RANDOM VARIABLE Definition: Let X be a rv with the range space Rx and let c be any known constant. Then the kth moment of X about the constant c is defined as Mk (X) = E[ (X c)k ]. (12) In the field of statistics only 2 values of c are of interest: c = 0 and c = . Moments about c = 0 are called origin moments and are denoted by k, i.e., k = E(Xk ), where c = 0 has been inserted into equation (12). Moments about the...

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Bending Moment

for reactions, shear force and moment for: a. Simply supported beam b. Simply supported beam with one end overhanging c. Simply supported beam with both ends overhanging. 2. To calculate shear force and moment using influence line 3. To determine maximum shear force and moment 4. Calculate Absolute Maximum Moment (MMM) 4.1 INTRODUCTIONS: Influence line is to: Analysis a structure due to moving load along the beam. Show the changes in reaction, shear stress, moment and displacement in certain point...

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Bending Moment Intro

Introduction A bending moment is simply defined as “the algebraic sum of the moments of all the forces which induces bending of an element” (1). The aim of this assignment is to work out the bending moment in a simply supported beam when different concentrated loads are applied to it. A simply supported beam is a structure, usually with a straight profile supported at the ends, often pinned on one side and simply supported or on a roller on the other. There will be three series of loads applied...

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Bending Moment Lab Report

Applied mechanics laboratory report “Measurement of bending moment and shear forces for structural analysis” Azamat Omarov ID201102658 1.Theory and background 1.1 Summary That performed laboratory session on bending moments and shear forces requires good understanding and sufficient knowledge of axial forces. Bending is defined as a behavior of any structural element that undergoes the external load, which is applied perpendicularly to longitudinal axis. That experiment helps us to find...

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Rotational Dynamics Moment Of Inertia Of A Complex System

Laboratory VII: Rotational Dynamics Problem #1: Moment of Inertia of a Complex System John Greavu May 8, 2013 Physics 1301W, Professor: Evan Frodermann, TA: Mark Pepin Abstract The moment of inertia of a complex system was determined through two different approaches. A string was tied to and tightly wound around a horizontal disc and then strung over a vertical pulley where the other end was then tied to a hanging weight. Underneath and attached through the center of the disc were a spool and shaft...

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The Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study

The Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study Google/Shopper Sciences U.S., April 2011 Objectives How is shopper behavior changing in a digitally powered world? What role do new media like social & mobile in shopping? How are shoppers’ expectations of the physical changing? retail store How does pre-shopping change actual purchasing? Source: Google/Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of Macro Study, Apr 2011 N = 5,000 www.google.com/think/insights Google Confidential and Proprietary Methodology ...

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Bending Moment Exp


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Second Moment of Area and Maximum Stress

1 eng1201 tutorial 10 problem set (Set No. 6) 1. Calculate the area A, the location of the neutral axis, and the second moment of area (cross section stiffness) IXX for each of the following shapes, and rank them in order of increasing stiffness. Scale the dimensions from the drawings, and work in mm. For a circle, π r4 I= . 4 X X X (b) (a) X (d) X X X X (c) X X X X X X (e) (f) (g) X X X X X X (h) (i) (j) 2 2. A rectangular beam with a cross...

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moment of inertia

Moment of Inertia Academic Resource Center What is a Moment of Inertia? • It is a measure of an object’s resistance to changes to its rotation. • Also defined as the capacity of a cross-section to resist bending. • It must be specified with respect to a chosen axis of rotation. • It is usually quantified in m4 or kgm2 Quick Note about Centroids…. • The centroid, or center of gravity, of any object is the point within that object from which the force of gravity appears to act. •...

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Moment of Inertia

Moment of Inertia Formula The Moment of inertia is the property by the virtue of which the body resists angular acceleration. In simple words we can say it is the measure of the amount of moment given to the body to overcome its own inertia. It’s all about the body offering resistance to speed up or slow down its own motion. Moment of inertia is given by the formula Where  R = Distance between the axis and rotation in m M = Mass of the object in Kg.  Hence the Moment of Inertia is given in Kgm2...

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Sign In | Sign Up StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes Essays Book Notes AP Notes Citation Generator More My Unforgettable Experience Essays and Term Papers Search Advanced Search Documents 1 - 20 of 1000 Narrative Essay on an Unforgettable Experience Narrative Essay on An Unforgettable Experience During the December festive season almost every shopping and business complex is a hive of activity. The last few days before Christmas are exceptionally busy days...

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Moment of Inertia

MOMENT OF INERTIA Chua, Richard Janssen J., PHY11L/A3 chardsenchua77@yahoo.com Abstract The moment of inertia, or also known as the rotational inertia, is the rotational analog of a rigid body to a linear or an angular motion. It is one of the fundamentals of the dynamics of rotational motion. The moment of inertia must always be in a specified chosen axis of rotation. The point of motion is basically defined as the relationship between mass and the perpendicular distance to the rotational...

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Fundamental Physics Concepts: Magnetism

and are able to retain their magnetic properties after the external field has been removed. Ferromagnetic materials have some unpaired electrons so their atoms have a net magnetic moment. They get their strong magnetic properties due to the presence of magnetic domains. In these domains, large numbers of atom's moments (1012 to 1015) are aligned parallel so that the magnetic force within the domain is strong. When a ferromagnetic material is in the unmagnitized state, the domains are nearly randomly...

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Angular Momentum

angular velocity and its moment of inertia. Just as a moving object's inertial mass is a measure of its resistance to linear acceleration, a rotating object's moment of inertia is a measure of its resistance to angular acceleration."2 Factors which effect a rotating object's moment of inertia are its mass and on the distribution of the objects mass about the axis of rotation. A small object with a mass concentrated very close to its axis of rotation will have a small moment of inertia and it will be...

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Bending: Second Moment of Area and Solid Edge

materials and using Solid Edge to determine the Second Moment of Area for the different cross-sections. [pic] Equations  Use units: Force (N), Length (mm), Stress (MPa)  E = Young's Modulus or Mod of Elasticity (MPa) I = 2nd Moment of Area or Area Moment (mm4). Can calculate using SolidEdge sketch. BENDING [pic] In our case, we must first convert the mass to Newtons (N).  W = kg * 9.81 L is the span length in (mm). I is the Second Moment of Area in (mm4). We can calculate this for a rectangle...

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couldn’t have completed this project. I express my sincere thanks to my computer science teacher MR JOHN for giving me an opportunity to work on this project and guiding me towards successful completion of this Endeavour. AIM To determine the moment of inertia (I) of a bar magnet and time period of a bar magnet. rEQUIREMENTS (1) Deflection magnetometer (2) a bar magnet. (3) Oscillating magnetometer box (4) stopwatch. THEORY EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE ...

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Prayer IN School

escalating, therefore when students voluntarily come together to pray and express faith we should applaud them. Voluntary student prayer or a moment of silence should be allowed in all public schools. As school violence is escalating, religious influence in school is necessary to reach students morals and values. Banning student led prayer in school or a moment of silence violates student's rights to religious freedom. Our government is based on Religious Principles. Majority of Americans favor organized...

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On the Pulse of Morning

Good Morning Maya Angelou is a stunning writer who has a way of capturing her readers to the core. In her poem “On The Pulse Of Morning” she uses a voice of renewal of hope for mankind. She used this poem in a speech that in the moment, introduced a former President of the United States. This poem was used to motivate a nation of hopeless and ungrateful people. Angelou's tone in this piece is one of power and love. She is very consistent in communicating the truth of peoples destruction...

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E203: MOMENT OF INERTIA GAGABI, Dann Gil T. OBJECTIVES This experiment will determine the mass of inertia of a disk and ring. This will also allow us to compare the moment of inertia of solid disk rotated at two different axes: at the center and along its diameter. MATERIALS AND METHODS Materials: 1 set rotating platform 1 pc disk 1 pc ring 1 pc photogate 1 pc smart timer 1 pc smart pulley 1 set weights 1 pc mass hanger 1 vernier caliper Before starting the experiment, always make sure that...

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Physics of Springboard Diving

smaller "ball" in the air. As is seen in the laws of rotational motion, the diver's moment of inertia becomes smaller, but since momentum must be conserved in the system, the angular speed increases to compensate. It is important to note here that the reverse can be applied in order to stop the diver's rotation to keep him from doing a belly-flop on the water. To stop his rotation, the diver increases his moment of inertia by straightening his body, conserving momentum again. When a diver goes...

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Unforgettable Moments in My Life

Unforgettable Moments in My Life Sitting on my bed with my Acer notebook on my lap, I was looking through my family photos. I always did this when I started to miss the warmth and laughter at home. It had been a year since I made College Abdillah my second home. With no doubt, home was always my best refuge, but at college, my second home, I had experienced precious memories that I would never forget in this life. Everything started on the first day I stepped into college with curiousity and...

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Magnetic Susceptability

ligand field produced by CN-. Introduction: The magnetic susceptibility is a phenomena that arises when a magnetic moment is induced in an object. This magnetic moment is induced by the presence of an external magnetic field. This induced magnetic moment translates to a change in the weight of the object when placed in the presence of an external magnetic field. This induced moment may have two orientations: parallel to the external magnetic field of or perpendicular to the external magnetic field...

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System of Particles and Rotational Motion Centre of Mass and Rotational Motion

(iii)v(dv/dx)=a →∫vv0vdv=∫x0adx If angular acceleration α is not constant, then (i)(dω/dt)=α→ω=ω0+∫t0αdt (ii)(dϴ/dt)=ω→ϴ-ϴ0=∫t0ωdt (iii)ω.(dω/dϴ)=α→∫ωω0ω dω=∫ϴ0 αdϴ MOMENT OF INERTIA (I) - Let us consider a rigid body rotating about an axis (AB) with angular speed ω. You know that in rotational motion all particles move in circles having their centres on the axis of rotation. ...

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Ballistic Pendulum

DataStudio Ruler Procedure: 1. Measure the mass of the ball 2. Place the ball inside the pendulum arm and find the mass, and the radius from the center of mass to the end of the arm 3. Calculate the period of oscillation using a stopwatch 4. Calculate moment of inertia using the equations shown in results 5. Set up the photogate so the launched ball can pass through it 6. Launch the ball ten times and find the average initial velocity 7. Calculate angular velocity 8. Launch the ball into the pendulum...

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Inertia Lab 8

Physics Lab 8 Moment of Inertia Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine the experimental moment of inertia of a disk and a ring using the principles of conservation of energy. The experimental values of each will be compared to the theoretical values. Procedure: The masses of the disk and ring were weighed using a triple beam balance. The disk and ring were then measured using a meter stick and a set of caliper jaws. The diameter of the drum was then measured as well. The disk was...

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Physics Equations and Formulas

Physics Equations and Formulas By Steven Holzner Part of the Physics I For Dummies Cheat Sheet Physics is filled with equations and formulas that deal with angular motion, Carnot engines, fluids, forces, moments of inertia, linear motion, simple harmonic motion, thermodynamics, and work and energy. Here’s a list of some important physics formulas and equations to keep on hand — arranged by topic — so you don’t have to go searching to find them. Angular motion Equations of angular motion are...

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Magnetic Properties

(below TN, sample is antiferromagnetic) Magnetic Moments Magnetic moment (μ): relates directly to the number of unpaired electrons Susceptibility and magnetic moment can be determined experimentally using a Guoy Balance: For paramagnetic substance, unpaired electrons are attracted by the magnetic field and an apparent increase in mass of the sample occurs when the field is switch on www.geneq.com Electron Spin Magnetic Moment Magnetic properties of unpaired electrons arise from...

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Wallace v

religion will be conducted. Document that will be used are encyclopedias and eyewitness account. B. Summary of Evidence Judicial Branch With Justice Stevens writing the majority opinion, the Court decided 6-3 that the Alabama law providing for a moment of silence was unconstitutional. (“Austin Cline”) Stevens believed that the use of the words “voluntary prayer” was the main problem with the Alabama law. (“Pearson Prentice Hall”) Judge W. Brevard Hand, a Nixon appointee who was once described as...

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Problem set

4.102 a. Find the characteristic function of the random variable X uniformly distributed over [−b, b). b. Find the mean and variance of X by applying the moment theorem. 4.105 modified a. Show that the characteristic function of a Gaussian random variable X with mean m and variance σ 2 is 2 2 ΦX (ω) = ejmω−σ ω /2 . b. Use the moment theorem to verify that X has mean m and variance σ 2 . 4.106 Find the characteristic function of Y = aX + b, a = 0, where X is a Gaussian random variable. Hint: ...

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1 First, considering the magnetic field due to the coil on the left, the magnetic field, B, along the normal axis of a coil is defined as, [pic] (1) Where N is the number of loops in the coil. By definition, the magnetic dipole moment can be expressed as, [pic] (2) Furthermore, substituting (2) into (1) yields, [pic] By extrapolating this result, the magnetic field due to the coil on the right is, [pic] [pic] Since the current in the two coils flow...

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I'm calling from The Developing world Charity. Do you have a couple of minutes? I will be very brief…. First of all I want to say thank you for the support you've given our work in the past… I also want to let you know what we are up to at the moment. Before I do, can I just ask… what was it that inspired you to support our work? Do you know much about what we do? Well we are very active in helping people in the developing world to access the means to work their way out of poverty…for instance...

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A Biomechanical Analysis of the Roundhouse Kick

on a rotating body, the lower leg, and the axis of rotation, the knee, is minimal, thereby reducing the linear distance covered which can in turn be performed in a minimum period of time (Hall, 1999). Another factor worth consideration is the moment of inertia, denoted as I, or the tendency of a rotating body to resist change in its state of motion which is based on both mass, m and the distance over which the mass is distributed from the axis of rotation, denoted as r (Hall, 1999). I=mr2 ...

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Death isn't easy

My parents tried rocking, patting, singing, every tactic they knew to try and calm me but nothing worked. Nurses were frantically trying to appease me even if just to make sure I didn’t create a mass hysteria among all the young patients. At that moment my Papa walked onto the floor of the hospital and he said he could hear me from the elevator. As he walked into the room he asked my parent to leave and told the nurse to give me to him. He was Papa Wayne and “he would make it all better”. The second...

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day dreams

sitting in Geneva….. The day passed quickly and I realized that it is time to go home. I closed my computer, shut down the light above my desk, grabbed my bag and within five minutes I was headed to the subway. Just arrived in time, the same moment as the train entered the station. It was packed with people on their way home from work but luckily, a women got down and I quickly slept into her place, leaning my head on the side of the seat. … The airplane was strongly shaken for several...

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Reaction Paper

sense. But we started talking and after a year of just being friends we got together on June 7th, 2012. I was so in love with that man it was crazy. I was willing to do any and everything to keep him happy. We fought a lot but there was never a dull moment with him, we were happy. ...

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luuuuuurves John Green (this was the first book of his that she had read and reviewed) and she made me do it. Smugglivus. Feat of Strength. You get the picture. Review: So. I’ve made an important discovery – my own Colin/Archimedes style “Eureka!” Moment, if you will. But before I get there, let me start at the beginning. The Beginning (or, The Story) Ever since reading aloud a newspaper headline at the ripe age of two, Colin Singleton’s life has been defined by his status as a child prodigy....

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Modulus of Rigidity Lab

two methods. It is important to determine the polar moment of inertia to be used throughout the experiment: For the Aluminum sample: For the Brass sample: Aluminum: The first equation utilizes the internal torque (Tint) and angle of twist (Φ) on the fine scale. They are related in the following way with the polar moment of inertia (J) and initial length (L0) of the specimen: As the initial length and polar moment of inertia remain constant throughout the experiment,...

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