• Unemployment in India
    Unemployment in India http://www.indiaonestop.com/unemployment.htm India's employment perspective Overview of unemployment Sector-wise absorption of labour Trends in Labour Force Participation Labour Force Projections by Age Groups Projections of work opportunities Home Underemployment Age st
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  • Unemployment in India
    UNEMPLOYMENT Employment in simple words can be defined as an occupation by which a person can earn his living. And Unemployment is the inability of providing gainful work to people who are willing to work. And for a country like India, employment has become one of the major challenges of the cur
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  • Unemployment in India
    India is facing an unemployment problem by the youths due to the recent rise in the population and inefficient labour markets. Labour laws may not be affecting overall growth but are influencing where jobs are created and amplifying the substitution of labour with capital. But Indian workforce
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  • India Compendium
    Asia Pacific Economics 11 December 2009  72 pages India Macroscope Looking Back at 2009…and a Peep Into 2010*  2009 elections − ‘one small step/vote for Indians, one giant leap for India’? The election result which brought the promise of politically cohesive and decisive gover
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  • An Unsuccessful India
    India is one of the worlds oldest and richest civilizations, the treasure chest of the Far East, and the desire of all the great powers of Europe. After years of battle it ended up under the control of Britain, making it "the most precious jewel in the crown of the Empire". Yet for India, the rul
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  • How Has the Level of Employment/Unemployment and National Minimum Wage Legislation Impacted on the Economy as a Whole and How Will This Effect the Economy in the Years to Come?
    tom david Economics How has the level of employment/unemployment and national minimum wage legislation impacted on the economy as a whole and how will this effect the economy in the years to come? What is the current state of our economy? Well many economists think that this year the economy
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  • India Country Profile
    1. General information Facts • Population: 1,080,264,388 (est. 2005) • Area: 3,287,590 sq km • Location: Southern Asia. Neighbours are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal and Pakistan. It Borders the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. • Capital: New Delhi • Government type: Federal re
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  • Economy of India
    November 5, 2005 Economic Growth and Development Economy of India The economy of India has seen an explosive amount of growth during the past few years. India's economy is the fourth largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) followed by a Gross Domestic Product of $3.3 tril
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  • Imperialism in India
    British imperialism on India had many positive and negative affects on both the mother country, Britain and the colony, India. Many people would argue which effects were more prominent in these countries and some would agree that they were equal. But in both cases there were actually both. In In
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  • Greenfield (India V. Germany)
    Introduction As a part of its international expansion program, Acme, a U.S. multinational enterprise (MNE), is currently in the planning stages of establishing a Greenfield which is an investment that establishes a production or service facility starting from the ground up overseas (Eitman, Stonehi
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  • China vs India
    Development of the countries India The globalisation of a company goes always along with a great amount of opportunities but also with many risks. India and China are both very interesting countries to move into. India became democratic after gaining independence from Britain in 1947. From the
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  • India Oda
    India receives Net ODA in millions in 1999 was 1491, in 2000 was 1485, in 2001 was 1724, in 2002 was 1463, and in 2003 was 942. The ODA/GNI in 2002 as a percent was 0.29. India was a major recipient of individual DAC Members' Aid as a percentage of total ODA in 1982 – 1983 from Belgium at 0.8. Indi
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  • India and the Black Market
    ----------------------------------- Sep 20, 2005 BLACK MARKET AND THE INDIAN ECONOMY ----------------------------------- Statistics: It is said that black money in India accounts for 20 % of GDP. If this is true, then black money generated every year must be around Rs 400,000 crore or
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  • A Comprehensive Comparison of India and Ireland Historically
    National name: Ireland, or Eire in the Irish language President: Mary McAleese (1997) Taoiseach (Prime Minister): Bertie Ahern (1997) Area: 27,135 sq mi (70,280 sq km) Population (2004 est.): 3,969,558 (growth rate: 1.2%); birth rate: 14.5/1000; infant mortality rate: 5.5/1000; life expectancy:
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  • India vs. China
    INTRODUCTION With a combined population of close to two-and-a-half billion people , China and India- neighbors across the Himalayas- control a significant portion of world demand. Add to this the high GDP growth rates shown by the two economies in the past five years and you get what is now well
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  • Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana of India
    ABOUT PMRY I. GENESIS OF PMRY 1. Unemployment is considered as a bane of India's development particularly the educated unemployed youth who become unproductive and frustrated are to be paid special attention. The small-scale sector includes village and cottage sectors are found out to be the best
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  • How the American Dollar Impacts India
    Fin 242 Financial Management Term Paper How the American dollar ($) impacts India, a general report By Samarth Bahl Since, 1991 when the then Indian government was run by the Indian National Congress (INC), the political party instituted a plan to implement economic reforms, short and
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  • India
    India is the second most populated country in the world, with an estimated annual growth rate of 1.7%. Estimated at 950 million, India's population is expected to breach 1.15 billion within the next four years. The country's three largest states ( Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal) located in th
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  • India Ecomony
    The Economic Growth of India from the year 1990 to the Present" India's economy has grown tremendously over the last sixteen years. India's economy is ranked number four compared to other countries in regards to purchasing power and averaged a Gross Domestic Product of 3.3 trillion dollars
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  • India Shining
    Brand India: History Repeats, India Rising!! By: Amisha K. Shah – PGP 1 Rishabh Maheshwari – PGP 1 IIM Indore Indore   Table of Contents 1. ABSTRACT 3 2. INTRODUCTION – POSITION OF INDIA INTERNATIONALLY 4 3. BRAND INDIA 5 4. PRIMARY RESEARCH 6 4a. Survey Que
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