• Emotions at Workplace
    SUMMARY There are several approaches to an employee contributing productively in an organisation .This article focuses on the importance of having positive emotions. As we live in the world of people, we day to day interact and communicate with each other. We continuously speak either with the peo
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  • Workplace Emotions
    Pre-print version of article Later published in Academy of Management Executive 16(1)76-86 (Finalist for AME Best Paper Award) Emotion in the Workplace: The New Challenge for Managers Neal M. Ashkanasy The University of Queensland and Catherine Daus Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
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  • Nonverbal Communication
    Sofia Martinez Flores Nonverbal Communication Introduction This essay is about how human beings despite we are the only specie in the world that uses verbal communication the majority of our communication is nonverbal, nonverbal communication goes beyond body language, appearance, gestures, etc
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  • Emotions
    Introduction The famous Hollywood star Jonny Depp says, “People say I make strange choices, but they're not strange for me. My sickness is that I'm fascinated by human behavior, by what's underneath the surface, by the worlds inside people.” There are various aspects which affect people when
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  • Blissful Marital Expression
    Blissful Marital Expression Rahni David Com200 Interpersonal Communications Instructor: William Conaway 11/04/2012 Dear Steve and Stacy, Although many couples communicate on a daily basis about many different subjects, communication must be extended beyond responsibility to family,
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  • Handling Emotions and Expressing Feelings in Relationship
    Handling emotions and expressing feelings in relationship TABLE OF CONTENTS |Contents |Page | |I – Definition of feeling
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  • Nonverbal Communication Between Gendre
    Nonverbal Communication Differences between genders Sophia Achamsi Nonverbal Communication Differences between genders Sophia Achamsi Nonverbal Communication Differences Between Genders ”The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.” No one, by
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  • Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles, Followers' Positive and Negative Emotions, and Performance in German Nonprofit Orchestras
    Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles, Followers’ Positive and Negative Emotions, and Performance in German Nonprofit Orchestras Jens Rowold, Anette Rohmann Although the transformational-transactional leadership paradigm has received increased attention from the research com
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  • Nonverbal Communication
    Introduction The saying goes, “Look into a person’s eyes, and you will see their soul.” But what is it about the eyes that hold so much? Why do the eyes embrace so much emotion, so many feelings?  The eyes, along with other body aspects, are able to communicate to people in ways our words c
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  • The Importance of Nonverbal Communication
    The Importance of Nonverbal Communication Strengthens or Weakens Verbal Communication One of the most crucial aspects of nonverbal communication is its ability to strengthen verbal communication. For example, if you tell your spouse you love him and then you follow up your oral communica
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  • Nonverbal Communication: a Serious Business Advantage
    Business Advantage 2 Nonverbal Communication: A Serious Business Advantage Whether it is called intuition or just good judgment, the ability to perceive and to use nonverbal cues to one’s advantage gives the business person the power and the skill to be more successful. T
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  • How Does Brand Loyalty Affect Performance of a Company? Colgate Case Study
    HOW DOES BRAND LOYALTY AFFECT PERFORMANCE OF A COMPANY: COLGATE CASE STUDY THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON Submitted in partial fulfilment of requirements for the award of a degree in Business Administration The University of Northampton SUPRVISOR: DATE: mm/yy
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  • Do You Understand Me
    Do You Understand Me Teresa McDowell COM200: Interpersonal Communication (ABM1312E) Instructor: Kara Brunson April 22, 2013 Do You Understand Me Dear Sara and Tim, Let me start by first congratulating you on your engagement. Not many couples start out looking for advice on co
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  • Nonverbal Language
    Can You Trust a Customer’s Expression? Insights into Nonverbal Communication in the Retail Context Nancy M. Puccinelli Sa¨ d Business School, Oxford University and College of Business Administraı tion, Northeastern University Scott Motyka Brandeis University Dhruv Grewal Babson College
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  • The Price Is Unfair! a Conceptual Framework of Price Fairness Perceptions
    Lan Xia, Kent B. Monroe, & Jennifer L. Cox The Price Is Unfair! A Conceptual Framework of Price Fairness Perceptions Recent news coverage on pricing portrays the importance of price fairness. This article conceptually integrates the theoretical foundations of fairness perceptions and summarizes emp
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  • Visual Merchandising Affect on Store
    European Journal of Business and Management ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online) Vol.5, No.4, 2013 www.iiste.org Understanding the Importance of Visual Merchandising on Store Image and Shopper Behaviours in Home Furnishings Retail Setting Yoo-Kyoung Seock1* Young Eun Lee1 1 Depa
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  • Personality and Emotions Exam
    Personality and Emotions Which of the following are classifications on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? Chapter 4 Personality and Emotions MULTIPLE CHOICE Personality 1. Personality is: a. always stable. b. a part of a person. c. an aggregate whole. d. comprise
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  • The Affect on Emotional Intelligence on Effective Leadership
    FIT - BUS 5450 Assignment 1: Research Analysis and Proposal The Affect of Emotional Intelligence on Effective Leadership “Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage one’s own and others’ in order to guide one’s behavior and achieve goals” (Salovey, & Mayer, 2005). In simple words,...
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  • About emotions
    The word "emotion" dates back to 1579, when it was adapted from the French word émouvoir, which means "to stir up". However, the earliest precursors of the word likely dated back to the very origins of language. In psychology and philosophy, emotion is a subjective, conscious experience...
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  • emotions
    Emotions in the workplace play a large role in how an entire organization communicates within itself and to the outside world. “Events at work have real emotional impact on participants. The consequences of emotional states in the workplace, both behavioral and attitudinal, have substantial...
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