• OPM 300 Module 1 Session Long Project
     OPM 300 Module 1 Session Long Project Dr. Tu For the session long project, I will analyze one of the supply chain operations the McDonald's Corporation. I will discuss how the logistic operations enable the same quality in service no matter which...
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  • Opm 300 Critical Path of Rockfest
    The Critical Path of Rockfest Karen E. Wilkerson TUI OPM 300 Dr. Joseph Thomas June 05, 2011 The Critical Path of Rock Fest Project management is one of the key tools that Hard Rock Café uses to plan. Hard Rock’s Vice-President, Chris Tomasso states “there is no way to keep so
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  • OPM 300
     TUI University Michael Gordon OPM 300 Module 5 SLP Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Bowersox November 2, 2013 The purpose of this paper is to discuss E-commerce and globalization of McDonald’s and its pursuit in...
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  • Opm 300 Mod 3 Case Assigment
    Touro University International OPM 300 Module 3 Case Assignment: I. Introductory After the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001 many companies who relied upon just-in-time inventory practices, found themselves in crisis due to their supply chain inventory being disrupted. One pa
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  • Opm 300 Mod 2 Case Study
    TOUROU UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL OPM 300 MOD 2 CASE INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT PAUL GRUNKOWSKI Productivity and, thus, capacity for coffee manufacturing is dependent on a lot of different factors – some within the plant itself, and others outside the manufacturing/processing fac
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  • Opm 300
    TUI University OPM 300 Intro to Operation Management Module One Case Assignment Core Professor: Dr. Gary Hanney 30 August 2008 The Hard Rock Café has obviously taken the time necessary to make the changes they felt were need
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  • Opm 300 Operations Management
    Lynnette k. Bryant OPM 300 Introduction to Operations Management Case Module 2 Process and Location Strategy 18 May 2011 The flow chart of Maternity patients follows these steps: 1. Enter the APH’s Labor & Delivery check in desk entrance. 2. If a mother is scheduled to have
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  • Tui Mgt 499 Module 1 Slp
    Trident University International MGT499 – Strategic Management Module 1 SLP Core Professor: Dr. Sara Garski This is a leading global food service retailer with more than 33,000 local and global restaurants. McDonalds was my chosen business for this project, because this is a major fra
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  • Module 1 Slp
    TUI UNIVERSITY Robert Brown Module 1 SLP OPM 500 Operations Management for Managers Dr. Kevin Dickenson January 15, 2013 4 Corners Cookie Company The 4 Corners Cookie Company was established in 2013 from a vision of Robert Brown to create a local and unique cookie and bakery company that
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  • Module 4 Slp
    TUI UNIVERSITY Module 4 SLP ITM435 - Marketing and Marketing Info. Syst 10 July 2011 During this SLP I reviewed the tutorial sections for Distribution Decisions, Retailing, Wholesaling, and Managing Product Movement This tutorial is a great resource for learning the basic fundamentals of marke
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  • Module 2 Slp: Understanding Financial Reports
    TUI UNIVERSITY YOUR NAME Module 2 SLP: Understanding Financial Reports ACC 501: Accounting for Decision Making Instructor Name June 22, 2012 Where to Invest, Verizon or Sprint? Most households in the US have at least one cellular phone. With the continuing increase in wireless devices a
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  • Bhs312 Module 2 Case
      BHS312 - Principles of Management Introduction to Management Module 2 – Case Planning and Organizing: The Management Function of Organization Me TUI University Dr. Someone, PhD Summer 2012 Module 2: Case Assignment: The Management Function of Organization In this module we look a
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  • Itm433 Slp Md5
    TUI UNIVERSITY Juan Pablo Alcala Module 5 SLP ITM 433 September 14, 2010 My assessment of Usability.gov, useit.com and Transparencynow is that these agencies maintain a range of statistics describing web services while others have undertaken only minimal or no data collection and a
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  • Eco Mod 1 Slp
    Mary Baldwin ECO202 Module 1 SLP 1/25/13 Trident University 1. Identify and briefly describe the organization you are going to use. Why do you think it will be an interesting focus for your application of economic ideas? I picked to do my SLPs on the Dell computer corporation. When reading
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