• Is the Truth Always Good?
    Is the truth always good? This is a question that no one could ever answer; there is always something that can stop you from speaking the truth, maybe for the sake of one or more people to live peacefully. The truth actually can shock millions of people like it occurred to the people of Hiroshima, a
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  • Always Telling the Truth Is the Most Important Consideration in Any Relationship
    Hello! I also wrote an essay on this topic, but before posting it I wanted to give you my two cents: As John Bishop says “The truth is like as transparent glass and always comes in front of them at (eliminate) one day”. But some people claims (claim) that white lies also have an important
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  • The Truth About the Electoral College
    Since the foundation of America, the Electoral College has been the means of deciding the next president of the United States. Until the recent fiasco in the 2000 Florida presidential election, most people accepted the Electoral College as a fair way to decide a future president. In truth, the Elect
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  • Twenty-Five Ways to Suppress Truth: the Rules of Disinformation (Includes the 8 Traits of a Disinformationalist
    Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth:   The Rules of Disinformation  (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)    Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation  Built upon Thirteen Techniques for Truth  Suppression by David Martin, the following may be useful to the initiate  in the world
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  • How Do I Distinguish the Real Truth from the False One
    How do I distinguish the real truth from the false one The difference between a truth and a lie is that the truth doesn’t need to be hidden whilst a lie needs secrecy. How do we know if someone is telling us the truth or just a lie? We can determine if they’re not telling the truth if they’re
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  • Important Truth Begin as Outrageous
    This is a proven fact that truth is the initial stage of progress. However, it is also believed that truth always starts away from the traditions and conventions. Therefore, people consider truths as attacks upon their beliefs, which people are following from ages. Truth also means some new facts th
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  • Discovering the Truth Doe.
    Discovering The Truth Vs. Promoting Justice There are many goals to the criminal adjudication system. Between discovering the truth and promoting justice, I have the reason to believe that, promoting justice is more important. The reason why I believe that, this is more of an important goal is bec
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  • Truth Alone Triumph
    Truthfulness is the ninth of the ten attributes of ‘dharma’. Normally, this attribute is linked with the faculty of speech; i.e. to strictly speak what one has seen, heard or understood. This could do as a broad general definition. But it does not capture the essence of truthfulness which can on
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  • Truth
    James M. Bonney Mr. Breerwood English 111 26 September 2012 Truth Since our early stages of life we were taught the difference between right and wrong that a lie was wrong and telling the truth was right, but although truth can generally be defined as the opposite of a lie, it may...
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  • The Truth Is Not Always Seen by the Trained Eye.
    The truth is not always seen by the trained eye. The play Trifles was written in 1916 by a woman named Susan Glaspell. This is a story about murder, basically an old "who done it" kind of mystery. The story takes place in an old, messy, kitchen located somewhere close to the Dakotas and Omaha. It
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  • Should We Always Tell the Truth?
    Should we always tell the truth? Have you already told a lie to somebody? Everybody has already lied to someone. After that, most of the time people have felt guilty or bad if they expressed their own opinion. But sometimes, people don’t tell the truth just to avoid hurting others because they
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  • One Should Always Speak Truth
    Speaking the truth is a cardinal tenet of all great religions and creeds. Holy books of all people enjoin upon man to speak the truth. Liars are threatened with dam nation and the tortures of hell. Perjury is considered both a crime and a sin. Fables of all cultures abound in illustrations of evi
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  • Should We Always Tell the Truth
    Should we always tell the truth? Telling the truth seems to be a rule that we have to follow in any circumstances. We learn not to lie during our childhood, and we try to follow that moral obligation during all our life. However, it is sometimes better not to tell the truth. In certain circumstan
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  • Essay- Always Telling the Truth Is the Most Important Consideration in Any Relationship.
    the traditional virtue of telling the truth in all situations is increasingly doubted by many in today’s world. many believe that telling the truth is not always the best policy when dealing with people. moreover, the line of a “truth” is becoming more and more vague. this essay will explore t
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  • Should the Mass Media Always Tell the Truth
    Theodore Roosevelt once commented on the mass media and journalism specifically – “The power of the journalist is great, but he is neither respected nor admired for it, unless it is used right.” The former president of the United States aptly summed up what the mass media should aim to do: to
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  • Should We Always Tell the Truth?
    #1 (permalink) Sat Oct 23, 2010 20:44 pm topic: should we always tell the truth? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration i
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  • The Truth Is Not Always Good
    JIALIANG HE ENGL 102 04/24/2013 The Truth Is Not Always Good Niccolo Machiavelli, a man who knows the truth of political ethics, wrote his treatise into a book. The Prince, one of Machiavelli’s masterpieces, contains a number of maxims concerning politics, such as the qualities of the prince.
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  • “the Media Always Report the Truth” How Far Do You Agree?
    “The media always report the truth” How far do you agree? The media has been both the angel and the devil in the last few decades. Besides reporting the news and brining the world of ours to close proximity, the media has also uncovered and exposed wrong doings. It makes us wise to the wor
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  • Should We Always Tell the Truth
    Should we always tell the truth? Have you already told a lie to somebody? Everybody has already lied to someone. After that, most of the time people might have felt guilty. But sometimes people don’t tell the truth to avoid hurting others because they act like that for the good of the others. H
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  • Is It Always Essential to Tell the Truth, or Are There Circumstances in Which It Is Better to Lie?
    In the current social context, some people say that lying is a form of dishonesty. They live so truthful that they never lie. The truth is good. But in my opinion, there are circumstances in which it is better to lie. Basically, there are two purposes of lying, which is lying with an evil
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