• Teachers and Students -Roles and Relationships
    The student teacher establishes a routine that students understand and respect. Activities reflect careful thought, take into account student developmental levels, learning styles and diversity, and create situations in which students construct knowledge. The student teacher exhibits respect and con
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  • Students and Teachers
    Serrette 1 Students of today’s society are prone to being violent in schools towards teachers and other students. Many of them are considered to be juvenile delinquents. The film “Blackboard Jungle” is a 1955 social commentary film about teachers in an inner-city school. This film was d
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  • The Problems Faced by Female Teachers
    PROBLEM STSTEMENT: The study designed to find out the problems faced by female teachers teaching co-educational classes at secondary level in Rawalpindi city and cantonment. DEDICATION This humble effort is dedicated to our parents who did their best to uplift us to the height of an idea
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  • A Tribute to Maxine
    A Tribute To Maxine Loving, Thoughtful, A true Friend, Protector, Humorous, Serious, Virtuous, are some of the characteristic my sister has, to spell out in depths who she is to me. She’s Loving, Maxine has shown an eternally love for family down through the years she has shown her love for he
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  • The Relationship of Computer Literacy to the Performance of Teachers
    In this study, “competence”, refers to the ability of high school teachers to apply their teaching skills, classroom management skills, and evaluation skills in the field of teaching. Computer. Is an electronic device capable of interpreting and executing programmed command for input, output co
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  • Should Teachers Be Able to Remove Disruptive Students from Classroom
    Within a democracy everyone has rights; however those rights end when they are used to abuse or hinder the rights of another person within that democracy. For instance everyone has the right to entertain themselves with a listening device on the train, yet they are asked by transit authorities to us
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  • Teachers Right's
    Teachers have a responsibility to protect students and conduct order. If a teacher has reasonable suspicion that a student may have items in his or her locker that are against the law, or against a valid school rule, the teachers have a right to perform a search and seizer without a warrant S
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  • A Tribute for Imagination
    A Tribute to Imagination I am a procrastinator; a dawdler, a “space cadet”, if you will. To me, there is nothing more enviable than to lay about with nothing to do, least of all worry over what I could be doing. Certainly there are those who would say that such a habit is horribly decadent; w
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  • Environmental Awareness Among Prospective Teachers
    Environmental Awareness among Prospective Teachers of Himachal Pradesh Dr. Ajay Kumar Attri Lecturer, Deptt. Of Education, MLSM College Sundernagar, Mandi (HP) ABSTRACT The present study was undertaken to compare the environmental awareness of male and female, science and arts and rural and
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  • Teachers of Today – Who They Are and What They Need to Know
    Assignment 2 – Paper – Teachers of Today – who they are and what they need to know Word count (2,382): Final Word count (2,264): INTRODUCTION Exciting, and rewarding are just some characteristics that explain teaching. Overcoming anxiety and nerves in the first year is our greatest ch
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  • Assessing the Level of Environmental Literacy of Teachers
    Assessing the level of environmental literacy of teachers in Epe division of Lagos State, Nigeria Fatona P. Olugbenga School of Environmental Health Science Ogun State College Of Health Technology P.M.B 2081 Ilese – Ijebu Email: pius2pious@yahoo.ca 08033835621, Akinyele C. Babasope Sc
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  • The Role of Teachers and the Decline of Public Schools and How It Affects the Children
    The Role of Teachers and the Decline of Public Schools and How It Affects the Children Abstract Education today has been on the decline within our public schools. Teachers do not have the passion as once did in the past and students do not have the desire to learn as they once did. Tea
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  • Pre-Service Teachers Conceptions of Mathematics and How to Teach It.
    Pre-service Teachers Conceptions of Mathematics and How to Teach It. “Description The popular phrase: “children live what they learn”, seemed to have applied to teachers also, based on this article. Researches that were conducted revealed that Mathematics teachers often teach Mathemati
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  • Roles of Teachers in Classroom Management
    Chapter I Introduction Sunday is typically the rest day and the family day. But for certain and valid reasons working students use Sunday for schooling. A Sunday school is usually attended by working individuals who are busy on weekdays and so to continue their needs of education they pursue thro
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  • Time Management Tips for Teachers
    The tips that I found that would be beneficial to me as a teacher would be to assign jobs to a student, assigning a number to a student or seating them in a way that will help me to remember who they are and having all necessary supplies ready and on hand. These methods will help me be more affluent
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  • Job Stress and Coping Strategies Among Secondary School Teachers of Buea Sub-Division in Cameroon
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  • Recruiting & Retaining of Qualified Teachers in Rural Namibia
    Chapter 2 Literature Review This section reviews the literature concerned with the study in question and the views of other writers. It is clear from the background of the problem that the rural areas in Namibia are made up of tradition and “urban fringe” areas, scattered and sparely po
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  • Disposition & Early Childhood Teachers
    Disposition & Early Childhood Teachers 1 Disposition and Early Childhood Education Preservice Teachers: Where to Start? Ursula Thomas, Ed.D University of West Georgia Ursula Thomas Ed.D is an assistant professor of early childhood education at the University of West Georgia. Her research ef
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  • Students vs. Teachers
    Student vs. Teachers It’s the end of another boring school day. During the day tests that were taken the previous week were passed back with some not so impressive results. The students and parents are quick to blame the teacher for the low grade, while the teacher blames her students. Is it t
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  • What Do Best Teachers Do?
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