• India vs. China
    INTRODUCTION With a combined population of close to two-and-a-half billion people , China and India- neighbors across the Himalayas- control a significant portion of world demand. Add to this the high GDP growth rates shown by the two economies in the past five years and you get what is now well
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  • M&a India
    1 RIS DP# 5-2000 Multinational Enterprises and M&As in India: Patterns and Implications Nagesh Kumar Version: 1.1 June 2000 Published in Economic and Political Weekly, 35, 5 August 2000: 2851-8 Research and Information System for Non-aligned and other Developing Countries, Zone 4B, Fourth
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  • Automobile Industry in China and India
    Table of Contents Introduction 3 1 The Nature of the Automobile Market 4 1.1 China: 4 1.2 India: 5 2 The Country Situation in India and China 7 2.1 China: 7 2.2 India: 8 3 The Type of FDI to Further Minimise Risks 10 4 Conclusion and Recommendations. 10 5 Bibliography 13 6 Appendices 17
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  • Trends Affecting the Future of Us Agricultural Trade
    Running head: TRENDS AFFECTING THE FUTURE OF US AGRICULTURAL TRADE Trends Affecting the Future of US Agricultural Trade Sivakumar Veeraiyan Baker College Center for Graduate Studies CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP BAKER COLLEGE CENTER FOR GRADUATE STUDIES On-Line Masters of Business
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  • Education System : India - Korea
    INTRO DUCTION India and Korea are two Asian countries separated by vast continental landmass. Being oriental countries, the two nations share certain common oriental values like the attitudes towards the family certain social institutions, certain moral values and things like that which are dist
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  • Transfer Pricing Rules in India
    TRANSFER PRICING RULES IN INDIA Some Problem Areas, Issues and Suggestions R. Das, PGPPM-2007, IIM Bangalore Definitions and Background: Transfer pricing was till recent years a subject of interest only for tax administrators and subject specialists. But recent economic developments in th
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  • Macro-Economic Factors Affecting Mutual Funds in India
    Abstract A mutual fund is a form of collective investment that pools money from investors and invests the money in stocks, bonds, short-term money-market instruments, and/or other securities. The portfolio manager trades the fund's underlying securities, realizing a gain or loss, and collects the
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  • India and Subprime
    Just like our fashion industry is affected by US trends, so also is our financial industry. Whether it is relevant or applicable is not material. If it affects US citizens then it should affect us since we are a major economy having all the ills of a developed economy. In the medical field it is
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  • Strategy Contents: the Case of Irish Exporters in India
    MSc Dissertation Submission Cover Sheet Student name: Gurdeep Kumar Antil Student number: 2584826 Study mode: Full-time √ Part-time Dissertation title: Strategy Contents: The Case of Irish Exporters in India Supervisor’s name: Ms Kitty Moloney Supervisor’s signature: Plagiarism dis
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  • India
    Who would have thought that the country I would eventual chose as a research project would be India? My first choice was Australia. The country has always been interesting to me ever since I was in elementary. During that time, I began to learn about Charles Darwin, the famous 18th century scientist
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  • Fdi Trends
    Introduction Foreign direct investment (FDI) is starting to shift more and more towards services; these services are also becoming more traditional. Almost all the countries in the world are affected by the rise of services FDI and the broad-based growth of service TNCs. The off-shoring of export-
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  • The Power Sector in India: an Inquiry Into the Efficacy of the Reform Process
    Abstract The distribution segment of the Indian power sector – dominated by state governmentsponsored utilities – has, after reaching a point of near collapse in 2000, reportedly undergone a transformation at the aggregate level, with an improvement in revenues and a reduction in technical a
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  • Marketing in India, with Special Reference to Liberalisation
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  • Savings in India
    INRTODUCTION In India the socio-economic profile of the people change dramatically. Today people are not only spending on products and services, earlier considered a luxury but are also looking at smarter ways of investing their money. This is mainly due to the fact, that people today not only hav
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  • Equity Market in India
    CHAPTER I – SECURITIES MARKET IN INDIA ▪ AN OUTLINE A. Introduction A fter the securities are issued in the primary market, they are traded in the secondary market by the investors. The stock exchanges along with a host of other intermediaries provide the necessary platform for trading in
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  • World Bank Investment Climate in India
    Aurora Ferrari and Inderbir Singh Dhingra India’s Investment Climate India’s Investment Climate Voices of Indian Business Aurora Ferrari and Inderbir Singh Dhingra Washington, D.C. © 2009 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development /The World Bank 1818 H Street
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  • India Growth
    BATTLES HALF WON: POLITICAL ECONOMY OF INDIA’S GROWTH AND ECONOMIC POLICY SINCE INDEPENDENCE Sadiq Ahmed and Ashutosh Varshney Revised 09-13--07 “When economists propose their favored economic policy agendas and fret that they are not immediately adopted, or get aborted after adoption, because
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  • Union Bank of India
    Initiating Coverage Banking India Research Union Bank of India Bank to Bank Upon Sanju Verma Executive Director & Head - Institutional Business sanju.verma@hdfcsec.com 91-22-6661 1859 Amey Sathe amey.sathe@hdfcsec.com 91-22-6661 1872 August 27, 2008 HDFC Securities Limited, Trade W
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  • Retail India
    Retail Sector in India Prepared By: Shaikat Mallick PGDBM (2007-2009) Under the guidance of: Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Post Graduate Program in Business Management International School of Business & Media, Kolkata CERTIFICATE This is to certify
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  • Do India Need Credit Derivatives?
    EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY DO INDIA NEED CREDIT DERIVATIVES? C.Pratap Masters in Business Administration This dissertation is presented to the BMA Degree of Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A) BMA BUSINESS SCHOOL May 2009 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Firstly my
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