• The Environmental Problems in India
    The environmental problems in India are growing rapidly. The increasing economic development and a rapidly growing population that has taken the country from 300 million people in 1947 to more than one billion people today is putting a strain on the environment, infrastructure, and the country’s n
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  • Traffic Rules in India
    Traffic Rules in India The transport department of each and every city around the world has been entrusted with the responsibility of providing a smooth public transportation system on roads, controlling pollution under permissible limits, keeping a record of registration of vehicles, insurance o
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  • Traffic Problems
    TRAFFIC PROBLEMS Traffic is one of the major concerns for the city hall. They remodel streets and roads to help avoid traffic. It is one of the things that contaminates the cities, not only with the use of gas but also acoustically with the claxon when people get anxious. Traffic is form by cars, w
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  • Revenue Model Analysis of Passenger Traffic and Cargo Traffic in Air India Ltd
    [pic] [pic] ” REVENUE MODEL ANALYSIS OF PASSENGER TRAFFIC AND CARGO TRAFFIC IN AIR INDIA LTD” By N.ANANDRAJ (21107631002) A PROJECT REPORT Submitted to the DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES In partial fulfillment of the requirements For the award of the degre
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  • Population Problems in India
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  • Education Problems in India
    But what is the The K-12 Space? Schools, globally known as K12 (Kindergarten to 12th grade), broadly address education needs of students between the age group of 3-17 years. Some states in India follow the system of K-10 + 2 (in which case, the last two years form a part of higher education). S
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  • Inter-Cultural Problems of It-Services Outsourcing from Sweden to India
    Degree Project Inter-cultural problems of IT-services outsourcing from Sweden to India Ahtsham Gul & Amir Zaib 2010-06-23 Subject: Information Systems Level: Master Course code: IV9024 Abstract IT-services outsourcing from Sweden to India has increased in the last few years and it is often rega
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  • Tourism Industry in India (Nov 2006)
    Tourism Industry in India (Nov 2006) Contents • Introduction • Incredible India • Boom Time • Economic Growth Engine • India on the World Map • The scene till now • Govt Policies and Initiatives • Open Eyes- Open Arms • Challenges • Conclusion • References Intro
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  • Economic Planning in India
    “ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS PROJECT ON ECONOMIC PLANNING IN INDIA - Prospects & Retrospect” ANKIT KATARYA Subject: Project study on “Economic Planning in India – Retrospect & Prospects” This is regarding the project done
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  • Times of India
     The environmental problems in India are growing rapidly. The increasing economic development and a rapidly growing population that has taken the country from 300 million people in 1947 to more than one billion people today is putting a strain on the environment, infrastructure, and the country’s
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  • Traffic Management N Mumbai
    INTRODUCTION Traffic Management is a very serious issue today. Traffic in Mumbai especially is seen as a major drawback for the city. Everyone belonging to this city of dreams has at some point in their life faced a traffic snarl which has made them wish they lived anywhere else. The core reason fo
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  • Tourism in India
    ABSTRACT Tourism provides the second highest net foreign exchange earnings to our economy. It is estimated that, by 2010, this industry will create 7 million new jobs, may contribute Rs.1,30,000 crore in capital investment and may have 7% share in GDP. India, is a country which has everything fo
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  • Fyp's in India
    For the smooth functioning of any economy, planning plays an important role. The Planning Commission has been entrusted with the responsibility of the creation, development and execution of India’s five year plans. India’s five year plans are also supervised by the Planning commission. Curren
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  • Public Perception on Infrastructure Development by Government of India
    TABLE OF CONTENT Chapters Page No Introduction 3 Objectives of the Study 6 Limitations 6 Research Methodology 8 Literature Review 10 Data analysis and interpretation 18 Findings 36 Suggestions and Recommendations 39
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  • Traffic Control: the Need for Change
    Traffic Control: The Need For Change As the population of the United States dramatically increases and the number of vehicles on the nation's roads and highways skyrockets, new methods of traffic control and organization have become necessary, by utilizing new methods of transportation or by revi
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  • Lowering Population in India and South Asia
    Lowering Population in India and South Asia Mike Rubens 1st period 9/18/20 The problem of overpopulation exists nearly everywhere, and if it does not currently exist, it will in the near future. People are having several children, and that is greatly exceeding the death rate. This problem is
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  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- Boston Big Dig Disaster
    Most people remember July 10, 2006 as just another regular day in their lives. As for Angel Del Valle it was the day that he lost his most pride possession in life, his wife. While they were coming through the new section of the connector tunnel from Boston heading towards the Ted Williams Tunnel th
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  • Importance of India’s Agricultural Economy to Its Development
    Importance of India’s Agricultural Economy to its Development Modern day India has in some aspects advanced very far from where it was at the break of the century when it was still under British rule, however in other aspects it still holds many similarities to this day that it did back then
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  • Alternative Energy Sector in India
    Introduction India's energy sector is currently confronted with multiple challenges, which stem not only from supply-side constraints but also from demand pressures imposed by a buoyant economy and a growing population. As per recent Planning Commission estimates, if economic growth is sustained i
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  • How to Learn Traffic Rules Easily
    Congratulations! You have successfully passed your Quick and Easy Traffic School Final Exam. Your certificate will be mailed within 1 business day from the successful completion of your final exam. Your Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the address you provided when you registered, v
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