• Tony Fernandes and Airasia
    Early years Born in Kuala Lumpur to a Goan father and Malacca Portuguese mother, Dato' Sri Tony Fernandes is the son of the late Stephen Edward Fernandes, and Ena Dorothy Fernandez. When he was young, he used to follow his mother, a businesswoman, to Tupperware dealer parties and conventions. He w
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  • Leadership
    Leadership Definition There are lots of definitions and interpretations for the term LEADERSHIP. One is "A relationship through which one person influences the behaviour or actions of other people" (Mullins, L.J. 2002, Management and Organisational Behaviour, 6th Edition, FT Publishing, p904). Anot
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  • Does Tony Blair Run a Presidential Style Administration
    DOES TONY BLAIR RUN A PRESIDENTIAL-STYLE ADMINISTRATION? In this paper, I intend to analyse the extent to which the current Labour administration shows the characteristics of a presidential government. To do this, the term ‘presidential' must first be defined. A definition of a presidential go
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  • A Brief Study of Margaret Thatcher's Leadership
    Introduction "Where there is discord, may we bring harmony; Where there is error, may we bring truth; Where there is doubt, may we bring faith; And where there is despair may we bring hope." 1 This was the St Francis's prayers recited by a woman before moving into her would be new home/
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  • Prime Minister Tony Blair
    In the term of the Prime Minister centuries prior to Blair, which started in the early 18th century, the English considered this position a place of special trust and regarded it as a high head of government. It became an elite position where a person could become almost as powerful as the queen o
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  • Tony Soprano vs the Modern Corporation
    1. Introduction 2. Tony Soprano: The CEO a. Planning b. Organizing c. Leading d. Controlling 3. Soprano "Family": The Corporation a. Organization b. Operations Management c. Accounting d. Sales and Marketing 4. Internal and External Environment a. Internal Environment b. External Enviro
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  • Monday Morning Leadership
    Monday Morning Leadership Book Report Monday Morning Leadership is an excellent book written about several broad aspects of leadership. David Cottrell uses a simple dialogue between Jeff and his mentor, Tony, to keep the book interesting, easy to read, and informational. To effectively summariz
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  • From Leader to Laggard – the Changing Role of U.S. Leadership and the Kyoto Protocol
    Former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, once said that "We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future." Now, eight years after her proclamation, U.S. "indispensability" is a topic very well-open to debate. The United States has long been considered to be
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  • Leadership
    High positions of authority over others are seldom referred to as leaders. The military has ranking officers by the entitlement of general, captain, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, etc. Leaders of businesses hold the titles of, CEO, CFO, General Manager, etc. Leaders of teams are referred to as c
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  • Leadership Versus Management
    Leadership Development: Allio, Robert J. (2005). Teaching versus learning Management Decision, Vol. 43, Issue: 7-8 pp. 1071-1077 The purpose of the article is to elucidate the limitations of contemporary approaches to developing leaders to present alternative approaches. Companies send
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  • Leadership
    2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This literature review outlines the different leadership theories and models in the context of business management. The rationale of the paper is to familiarize the reader with the basic concepts underlying each model and theory. This paper has been organized according to whi
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  • Leadership Research Paper Managing Across the Organization
    Introduction The business climate in today’s global economy is ever-changing and more competitive than perhaps any time in the world’s history. Companies now face a myriad of challenges that constantly are changing. The key to dealing with such change has remained constant, however; the most
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  • Tony Dungy Book Report
    Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life Author: Tony Dungy A Book Report Michael Fors BUS 625/626 • Dr. David Bess The book I chose was Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winnin
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  • Transformational Leadership and Economic Efficiency – Can a Charismatic Leader in an Administration for Care Motivate the Subordinates to Improve the Economic Performance?
    Author: Tony Pehrson Supervisor: Thomas Danborg and Anders Hederstierna Department: School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology Course: Masters’s thesis in business administration, 10 credits. Background and Problem Discussion: Skövde Kommun is a public organization and one
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  • Leadership & Power
    MCOM200 Management Communication GROUP REPORT 2008 b MCOM231- 08(A) Group Report: Leadership, Power & Influence. {draw:frame} Which form of power has the best influence on effective leadership? Word count: 2,746 Executive Summary Leadership, power and influence is
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  • The Bluest Eye by Tony Morrison: Summary and Analysis of Prologue and Autumn
    The Bluest Eye by Tony Morrison Summary and Analysis of Prologue and Autumn The Bluest Eye opens with two short untitled and unnumbered sections. The first section is a version of the classic Dick and Jane stories found in grade school reading primers. There is a pretty house, Mother, Father, Di
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  • Leadership Styles
    THE ART OF LEADERSHIP | May 29 2010 | | MAL 525 | The Art of Leadership Swapnil. P. Pagare MAL 525 May 29, 2010 City University of Seattle Evolution of human beings started Billions of years ago where life existed only in the form of single celled organisms. These organisms were s
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  • Nervewire: a Case Study of Leadership
    NerveWire: A Case Study of Leadership Grand Canyon University LDR600 Professor Stephen Young April 22, 2010 Abstract This paper is a review of the leadership of NerveWire, a professional services firm that was established in 1999. NerveWire’s Malcolm Frank, President and Chief Executive
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  • Bp Leadership
    DIVISION OF LIBRARY SERVICES Enhancing teaching, learning and research COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 WARNING This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Central Queensland University pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Ac
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  • Tony Kronheiser
    Tony Kronheiser Tony Kornheiser is the self-admitted opinionated, sarcastic sports and style columnist for The Washington Post. Kornheiser's purpose is not to report to the reader an objective account of a sporting event, but rather to add humor to topics that range in topic from the Washing
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