• Is Tim Tebow the New Face of Christianity?
    The Denver Broncos just beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of NFL playoffs. Before the recent rise of Tim Tebow to football infamy, the prior statement would have seemed like a complete joke. The Steelers have been in the Super Bowl 3 times in the past 10 years; the last time the Bron
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  • A Hero: Tim Tebow
    Ask yourself. What is a hero? Is it someone who is tough, noble, and admired for good qualities? Or is it a chief mail character in a movie, book, or play that is identified with several desirable qualities? Does age, race, or gender help define a hero? I’m sure most people will have different ans
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  • Tebow
    Standing Tall and Standing Out As I kept asking myself about who I thought represented the “great five ideas” – Truth, Beauty, Justice, Goodness and Courage. One name kept entering my mind, Tim Tebow. He is, to me, the definition of the” great five ideas” and exemplifies Courage with hi
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  • Tebow Time!
    Wether you are a football fan or not you’ve heard the name Tim Tebow. He hasn’t made it into his third year and yet he doesn’t cease to get media attention that some quarterbacks do not see in an entire career. He has only thrown 17 touchdowns in two years, having just 1667 completion yards, 6
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