• Tim Burton Techniques
    Gimnasio britanico Ingles Valentina vivas 9-c Final project ALICE IN WONDERLAND AND CHARLIE IN THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ALICE IN WONDERLAND Alice in wonderland is the history of a girl, and the day when a boy will said she to marry him, she start to see some kind of n
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  • Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques
    Robbie Schwartz 3/12/13 English 1H Tim Burton uses many cinematic techniques in his movies such as lighting and camera angles throughout his movies in order to create effects and moods. Cinematic techniques He uses both lighting and camera angles in Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocola
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  • Tim Burton the Man Behind the Movies
    Tim Burton (The man behind the films) Tim Burton’s uncommon insights into the tormented and troubled hearts of his characters make him a truly remarkable visionary. His films Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands and his short debut film Vincent all incorporate a common theme; an outsider tor
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  • Tim Burton
    Some people say Tim Burton is crazy; however, I think he is a genius. The way he chooses different cinematic techniques to express the feelings in the scene is just brilliant. Two of Burton’s trademarks are bottom lighting, and low angles. Tim Burton uses these cinematic techniques in order
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  • Tim Burton Essay
    From the creepy ghoul-filled streets of Halloween Town to the candy crowded rooms of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, Tim Burton is a master of suspense and directing. His use of cinematic techniques created incredible worlds beyond imagination. People from all over find themselves pulled into th
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  • Tim Burton Style Analysis
    Tim Burton Style Analysis Tim Burton is one of the most unusual and unique directors of our time. He brings characters to life by putting them in a habitat they don’t belong. His movies “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Corpse Bride”, “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, and “Edward Scis
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  • Tim Burton, Style Analysis
    Tim Burton Style Analysis Film Essay By John Visgaitis Period 6-7 The well-respected and established director Tim Burton has always been credited for the uniqueness of his many films. In one of his most popular movies, Edward Scissorhands, he reveals his true potential as a filmmaker and a
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  • Tim Burton
    Cinematic techniques help a movie become more entertaining therefore everyone uses them. Different elements can create different moods. Directors all have unique styles of making movies. Tim Burton uses lighting and different angles to contrast fantasy with reality and show the strength of different
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  • Tim Burton Essay
    Lewis1 Welcome Lewis Ms. Morrow English I Pre-AP 16 December 2012 How does Tim Burton’s unique style show through the use of cinematic techniques in his films, and what message does he communicate to his viewing au
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  • Vincent Tim Burton
    In what way does Burton contrast adult and child like perception in his short films, ‘Vincent’? Introduction Tim Burton is a brilliant director, producer, writer and artist. In ‘Vincent’, he is able to show his multi-faceted talent. He wrote the short animation as a tribute to one of his f
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  • Tim Burton Style Analysis
    Tim Burton Style Analysis Tim Burton has achieved much fame for his imaginative movies and his quirky remakes of old classics such as Alice, Batman, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is in Edward Scissorhands though, a heartfelt story about an outsider looking in, that Burton shows off hi
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  • Tim Burton
    Tim Burton There are many cinematic techniques that help a movie become entertaining. So everyone uses them. Different elements can create many different moods during a movie and every director has a different way of making a movie. Tim Burton uses lighting and different angles to contrast fantasy
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  • Tim Burton’s Cinematic Style
    March 21, 2013 English 1R Isaac, Pd. 3 Tim Burton’s Cinematic Style “Being original is more important than fitting in, especially if you have to change to fit in.” This is quote that can definitely describe well-known director, Tim Burton as well as the character Edward in the m
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  • Tim Burton Movie Style
    tim burton- cinematic techniques ''Burton's masterful storytelling skills intertwined with his artistically unique style make this a stylised vision of the ''outsider'' story. Using a similar idea to Frankenstein, taking the ''outsider'' into a new community and creating havoc, director Tim Burton
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  • German Expressionism and Tim Burton
    German Expressionism and Tim Burton Tim Burton's films have often been noted as modern day forms of German expressionism (the creative movement in Germany before World War I). It is through such things as sets, themes, makeup and costuming, lighting and shadows, acting techniques, and character tha
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  • Tim Burton Comparitive
    Respond critically to significant aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close reading, supported by evidence Achievement Standard English 91480: Tim Burton is an extremely unique and quirky film director, famous for his gothic fantasy styled film, evidently influenced by the Gothic Hor
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  • Tim Burton Film Characteristics
    Perhaps a slightly less readily recognizable theme in Burton's work than some of his visual styles and story patterns, the 1950s horror films is nevertheless a prime source of material for all of his work. The monster movie is especially relevant in discussing Burton's themes and recurring preoccupa
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  • Tim Burton
    Director: Tim Burton Tim Burton was born August 25, 1958. He began as an artist at an early age, he attended California Institute of the Arts. His drawings got him a job at Disney as an animator. After a few small projects Tim Burton was given his first major project ‘Pee- Wee’s big Adventure
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  • Tim Burton
    1. Burtonesque 32 up, 9 down adj used to describe people, objects, actions or a kind of atmosphere/tone, which bare a resemblance in nature style to the films of acclaimed director Tim Burton. Burton's films are encapsulated by imaginative and fantastical worlds and characters, reminiscent of the
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  • Tim Burton Fact Sheet
    Timothy William ‘Tim’ Burton was born on August 25, 1958 in Burbank California. Burton was always known as an ‘odd’ child, he was never a very good student in school as he spent most of his time drawing, painting, and watching films, mostly in the genre of Horror which were his favourite.
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