"Three Factor Model Of Multicultural Counseling For Consumers With Disabilities" Essays and Research Papers

Three Factor Model Of Multicultural Counseling For Consumers With Disabilities

Cultural competence and ethical responsibility of counselors is an issue that holds increasing importance. To be both multicultural and ethical is increasingly challenging. The population of the United States is changing quickly from a predominately white Caucasian society to an ethnically diverse society`. The Hispanic population, which represented only 9% of the population in 1990, is projected to increase to about 25% of the population by 2050. The number of African Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific...

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Multi-Cultural Communication in Counseling

COMMUNICATION IN MULTI-CULTURAL COUNSELING Communication in Multi-Cultural Counseling Connie Sutton Grand Canyon University PCN 509/Social and Cultural Diversity Susan Lutz, LMFT October 25, 2010 Introduction Research shows clients from ethnic minority groups are the least likely to make use of counseling services. One explanation for this is that it is an ethnocentric activity, based on the values of the white middle...

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Multicultural Counseling Psychotherapy

 Multicultural Counseling Psychotherapy Lorie Grimble BSHS/465 Monique Thompson December 21, 2014 University of phoenix Multicultural awareness is an important tool for those in the human service profession. It provides the understanding of cultural backgrounds and life spans that will give professionals information and knowledge to best serve their clients. In addition to exploring different population such as African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and American...

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Three Factor Asset Pricing Model

Student name: Umar Abdullaev Proposed research topic: The implication of conditional betas on the Fama-French three factor model Introduction CAPM has been an active area of research over the past half century since the introduction of Sharpe development of the capital asset pricing model. Much progress has been made in the early years on the linear relationship between expected return and beta(Black, Jensen and Scholes 1972 and Fama and MacBeth 1973). Later studies however show weak...

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Fama-French Three-Factor Model

 Fama-French Three-Factor Model Capital Marketing Shijie Wu Fama-French Three-Factor Asset Pricing Model I. Definition of Fama-French Three-Factor Model A. Definition In asset pricing and portfolio management, the Fama-French three-factor model is a theory that improvement of the capital asset pricing model. The model is proposed based on the empirical study of historical returns as a result of U.S. stock market. The purpose is to explain the average returns...

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Models of Disability

Models of Disability Disability is a human reality that has been perceived differently by diverse cultures and historical periods.  For most of the 20th century, disability was defined according to a medical model. In the medical model, disability is assumed to be a way to characterize a particular set of largely static, functional limitations. This led to stereotyping and defining people by condition or limitations.  World Health Organization (WHO) – New definition of Disability In 2001, the...

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models of disability

SOAS Disability Equality Scheme 2010 - 2012 Appendix 3 Brief summary of three MODELS OF DISABILITY The Charity Model of disability The Charity Model casts the disabled person forever in the “poor unfortunate” role. It emphasises and encourages dependence on others rather than independence – one might say it is a form of “killing with kindness” since if this is taken to extremes the disabled person may lose those life skills they had and become increasingly dependent. The disabled person...

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Disability Models

person with disabilities and turn our attention to disabling environments.” Discuss with relevance to completing explanations of disability. Date: 14/03/13 Word Count: 1,442 “We should stop focussing on the person with disabilities and turn our attention to disabling environments”. This can be done by focussing on the social and rights based models of disability. There are four main models of disability, these are; the charity model, the medical model, the social model and the...

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Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling

Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling Sara Hall Liberty University Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling Deciding how to model your counseling practice is one of the fundamental issues needing to be addressed when a counselor is choosing to begin a successful career as a licensed counselor. There are many different theories, strategies and methods to choose from when developing the foundation of your models, but all must adhere to the ethical standard of behavior set forth by the...

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Competence in Counseling

Running head: Counseling A Comprehensive Profession Aspects Of Counseling Tearia Hill William Carey University Aspects of Counseling Abstract Counseling is the professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems. It is advice, opinion, or instruction given in direction the judgment or conduct of another. Knowing how to posses personal qualities such as maturity, empathy, warmth, understanding, and knowledge. From a legal stand point ethics, morality, and law must...

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Multicultural Issues

Multicultural Issues in Supervision Ethical supervision must consider the ways in which diversity factors can influence the process. In addition to course work, supervisors need a framework to approach differences in culture, race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, and other variables pertaining to clients being seen by trainees (Falender & Shafranske, 2004). The ACA’s (2005) code of ethics dealing with supervision states that “Counseling supervisors are aware of and address the role of diversity...

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Models of Disability Studies

MODELS OF DISABILITY STUDIES | MORAL-RELIGIOUS | BIO-MEDICAL | FUNCTIONAL | ENVIRON-MENTAL | SOCIO-POLITICAL | DEFINITION | Views disability as a punishment inflicted upon an individual or family by an external force. It can be due to misdemeanors committed by the disabled person, someone in the family or community group, or forbears. Birth conditions can be due to actions committed in a previous reincarnation. People are morally responsible for their own disability. | Focuses on purely biological...

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Hawkin's Model of Counseling: A Critical Review

 Theory Critique February 23, 2014 Summary Dr. R. E. Hawkins model for guiding the counseling process is based on five concentric circles which represent the factors of an individual’s personality and physiology. These circles are the core self, the soul, the body temporal and supernatural systems. Hawkins utilizes four phases in which counselor and client work through in order to overcome the issues plaguing the client. Inside the core circle is the innermost self, the image...

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Counseling Clients

Case Study in Cultural Identity Walden Student Walden University Case Study in Cultural Identity Mental health counselor at some point in counseling will address complexities in determining some identity of clients. Racial identity and consideration is “paramount” to the mental health of any client (Sue & Sue, 2008). Counselor’s must recognize cultural perspectives; understanding how clients see the world, and function as products of their environments. Navigating through complexities...

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Cbt & Multicultural Counseling

Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Multi-cultural Counseling As treatment providers of diverse populations who have a particular awareness and focus on cultural responsiveness, Freeman & Ronen (2007) indicate it is important for therapists to be able to apply CBT with cultural proficiency and develop original strategies within the context of the client’s culture. Freeman & Ronen (2007) state that a number of studies support the use of CBT with clientele of diverse cultural backgrounds with...

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Contrasting models of disability

I feel reflect some of the contrasting models of disability which we have looked at in Units 1-4 of the course materials (E214, The Open University, 2010). The first resource comes from the National Autistic Society’s website and the second comes from the national newspaper The Guardian. The first resource (Appendix A) is an information page entitled ‘What is Asperger Syndrome’ and particularly focusses on the medical/deficit model of disability, a model which involves identifying symptoms, diagnosing...

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Multicultural Psychology

Multicultural Psychology Paper Multicultural Psychology 535 Dr. V. Carter University Of Phoenix Rinita Mazumdar Multicultural...

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Factors that influence consumer buying behavior

Factors that influence consumer buying behavior There are a lot of subjects for marketers to understand in order to get more customers purchasing their companies’ products or brands. Consumer buying behavior is one of the studies that marketers need to understand. Factors that influence consumer buying behavior can be classified into four classes which are social factor, cultural factor, personal factor and psychological factor. One of the factors that influence consumer buying behavior is...

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BSc Social Sciences Part- time Year 1. Assignment 2. Consider the Social Model of Disability. How useful is this model in helping us understand the nature of Disability discrimination? Inspired by the writings of various disabled activists and scholars the 1980’s and the 1990’s,disability studies has taken on an emancipatory turn because of the paradigm shift by sociologists and activists from explaining disability in terms of individual pathology or biomedical to the ways in which environmental...

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Counseling Models And Theories

Application: Counseling Models and Theories Leigh Lusignan Walden University CPSY 6728-4 Substance Abuse Counseling Facilitator: Dr. Natalie Spencer July 9, 2014 Case Study: Jack Today I will briefly summarize two-counseling models and theories (i.e., client centered and Adlerian therapy). The two-model theories will apply to this case study regarding Jack and his alcoholism. I will provide you with strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the two-counseling models and/or theories and the one I...

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Social Model of Disability

treatment and delivery and the differences between the social and medical model will address how the individual is treated in relation to health care. Key issues surrounding a work place or educational environment and generally the discrimination they face from different aspects within society will be discussed from a critical perspective. The introduction of relevant government legislation, in particular the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the new Act in 2005 will show what measures have...

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Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior By Asifo Shah Consumer behavior refers to the selection, purchase and consumption of goods and services for the satisfaction of their wants. There are different processes involved in the consumer behavior. Initially the consumer tries to find what commodities he would like to consume, then he selects only those commodities that promise greater utility. After selecting the commodities, the consumer makes an estimate of the available money which he can spend. Lastly...

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3.3 Explain the Social and Medical Models of Disability and the Impact of Each on Practice.

Social models and medical models of disability By labelling a child because of there disability can prevent us as seeing the child as a whole person like their gender, culture and social background the medical models is a traditional view of disability and that through medical intervention the person can be cured where in fact in most cases there is no cure. They expect disabled people to change to fit into society. The social model of disability looks at ways to address issues to enable people...

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Social Factors on Disability and Ill Health

Social factors have a greater influence on how people experience ill-health and disability than biological ones. Discuss The author of this assignment will look at societal factors and see if they have an impact on how people experience ill-health and disability aswell as looking at the biological factors. Academics often argue that societal factors have a much greater impact on things such as; the area you live in and how long life expectancy in that area is. Sociologist often see disability and...

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Mental Health Counseling: Integrating Consultation and Social Advocacy

world around them. In order to respond to the thesis questions presented in this paper, we must first define consultation and social justice advocacy within the counseling context. Typically, consultation means a general meeting or conference between parties. In the counseling context however, we can say that it “usually involves three parties: a consultant, a consultee, and a client system. The consultant delivers direct service to the consultee, who delivers direct service to a client system"...

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Social Medical Model Disability

The social and medical model of disability There are a number of ‘models’ of disability which have been defined over the last few years. The two most frequently mentioned are the ‘social’ and the ‘medical’ models of disability. The medical model of disability views disability as a ‘problem’ that belongs to the disabled individual. It is not seen as an issue to concern anyone other than the individual affected. For example, if a wheelchair using student is unable to get into a building because...

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Five Factor Model

The Five Factor Model was developed by Raymond Cattell as way to describe human personality, and disorders. The intention was for it to help personality disorders and to help us improve the general understanding of personality. There have been many models that have risen, and some are more accepted than others, but the most prominent one would be the five-factor model of personality. The Five-Factor theory is one of the newest models developed for the description of personality, and the model shows...

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explore models of disability

Performance Evidence: Explore Models of Disability Date of activity: 12th October 2013 Ref to other units 58,1.1 58,1.2 58, 1.3 58,2.1 58,3,3.1,2,3 58,3.2,3 58.2.2 58,2.3 Examples of some theoretical models of disability are as follows; The medical model: is presented as viewing disability as a problem of the person...

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Three Stage Model

Describe how the three-stage model of service consumption could explain consumer behavior in a low-contact service like online textbook purchase. The three-stage model of service consumption is a customer decision making process of the service purchasing. There are three stages of the purchase process for service which are as follows: pre-purchase stage, service encounter stage and post-encounter stage. Pre-purchase stage is a stage before making decision. At this stage, consumers seek solutions to...

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Toward Intentional Interviewing and Counseling

and Counseling INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS THE “CORRECT” RESPONSE TO OFFER A CLIENT? * There are many potentially useful responses in any interviewing situation. * Reflecting the client’s emotions can be helpful. * Selecting one aspect to focus on can be useful, and then later you can examine other dimensions by asking an open question. * Our tasks: * Respect the client * Use appropriate skills and strategies * Seek to alleviate stress INTERVIEWING, COUNSELING, AND...

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The Five Factor Model of Personality


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Introduction 3 4. What is Multicultural Education 3 5. What are the major hindrances to multicultural education in Malaysia 3 6. Conclusion 6 What are the major hindrances to multicultural education in Malaysia? 1. Introduction A unique characteristic of our secondary schools is that the students are from three different ethnic groups namely Malay, Chinese and Indian. These three dominant ethnic groups have their own...

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Evaluate Two Models of Disability in Terms of Explaining the Concept of Disability.

Evaluate two models of disability in terms of explaining the concept of disability. Medical model;-- Weaknesses;-- There are many weaknesses of the medical model. One of the weaknesses that I am going to talk about is that in some cases people see the medical model as an insult due to the fact that the model tries to ‘fix’ people with a disability instead of making adjustments and adaptions to environments, activities etc… for them. Due to the fact that the medical model is trying to ‘fix’ tem...

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Multicultural Approach

Multicultural Approach Doris McMillan ECE 405: Children & Families in a Diverse Society August 29, 2010 Definitions of multicultural education vary. Some place emphasizes on the cultural characteristics of diverse groups, some emphasize social problems such as those associated with oppression, some place emphasize on political power, while others on the reallocation of economic resources. Some restrict their focus to people of color, while others include all major groups that are different...

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Consumer Behavior and Marketing: Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior & Marketing In their process of goods and services consumption customers are influenced by different factors that marketers study in order to satisfy customer’s needs. This research made on consumer behavior is important for companies in order to successfully establish their marketing plan, to sell their products or services and also to establish a good relationship with customers. In this paper work the three factors that were chosen to describe the impact on consumer behavior...

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people, not disabilities: Ensuring access and inclusion The potential of technology to connect people and provide a means of access to education, commerce, employment and entertainment has never been greater or more rapidly changing. Communication technologies and new media promise to break down barriers and expand access for disabled people. Yet it is true that this same technology can create unexpected and unnoticed forms of social exclusion for the disability society. (Goggin...

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The theories of consumer decision-making process assume that the consumer’s purchase decision process consists of steps through which the buyer passes in purchasing a product or service. However, this might not be the case. Not every consumer passed through all these stages when making a decision to purchase and in fact, some of the stages can be skipped depending on the type of purchases. The reasons for the study of consumer’s helps firms and organizations improve their marketing strategies...

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Multicultural Paper

son point of view. Hopefully, this paper will be able to discuss and determine that the best environment for Chinese-American families is by maintaining an equilibrium between acculturation and traditional Chinese fundamentals. Introduction Multicultural psychology is the methodical study of all aspects of human behavior as it takes place in settings where people of different cultural backgrounds encounter each other. These aspects of human behavior consist of age, ethnicity, social class, and...

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Key Factors of Consumer Behaviour

Table of contents 1. Introduction Page 2 2. Cultural factor Page 2 3. Social factor Page 2 4. Personal factor Page 3 5. Conclusion Page 3 6. Bibliography Page 4 1. Discuss and explain the key factors influencing consumer behaviour. Why must organisations understand consumer behaviour in order to optimise sales? "Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating communicating, delivering, and...

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The Five Factor Model

THE FIVE –FACTOR MODEL James Baron and David Kreps had given the Five-Factor model, which is based on Michael Porter’s Five Forces model of business analysis (Porter, 1980). These factors will influence the Competitive Intelligence system in any organization. These factors are External Environment, Workforce, Organizational Culture and Structure, Organizational Strategy, and Technology of Production and Organization of Work (Baron & Kreps, 1999). Lack of correspondence between any one of these factors...

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Three Levels of Prevention

Three Levels of Prevention Promotion of health and disease prevention is an important factor in health care. There are three levels of prevention: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention refers to interventions that promote optimal health and prevent the occurrence of disease, injury, or disability. Primary prevention advocates health promotion. Primary prevention includes health promotion, environmental protection, and specific protection against disease or injury. In primary...

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The Counseling Models of Ron Hawkins and Larry Crabb

The Counseling Models of Ron Hawkins and Larry Crabb A Critique Lynetric Rivers Liberty University COUN 507 B01 Summer 2010 Term Deadline: 5/30/10 Instructor’s Name: Diane Powell The Counseling Models of Ron Hawkins and Larry Crabb: A Critique The Crabb Model In “Effective Biblical Counseling,” Dr. Larry Crabb attempts to provide a concrete biblically based view of counseling and how it can best be applied. Dr. Crabb gives his interpretation on the different styles of integration...

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Mccrae & Costa's Five-Factor Model

McCrae & Costa's Five-Factor Model McCrae &Costa’s Five-Factor model of personality has become the dominant conception of personality structure (1985, 1987, and 1997). The Big Five Personality traits are said to be predictive of some kinds of behaviour such as honesty, job performance, and procrastination. Critically discuss the relevance of this understanding of personality to Occupational Testing. McCrae and Costa’s Five-Factor model of personality is said to be predictive in certain behaviours...

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Factors Affecting Consumer Demands

Evaluate main factors affecting consumer demands & types of hospitality products 2.1 Seasonality 4 - 5 2.2 Price 6 - 7 2.3 Location 8 - 9 2.4 Contemporary issue 10 - 11 Section 3 - Conclusion 12 Section 4 - References 13 - 14 Appendix 1 & 2 15 SECTION 1 - INTRODUCTION In the highly changeable hospitality world, there are different types of hospitality products which are based on different consumer needs...

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Consumer Behavior

UNIVERSITY OF BOTSWANA; FACULTY OF BUSINESS DEPARTMENT OF MARKETING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR THEORY AND PRACTICE (MKT 201) COURSE OUTLINE SEMESTER TWO, 2011 Course Instructor: Dr R. Makgosa Email: Makgosa@mopipi.ub.bw; Office: 245/ 017; Office Telephone no: 3554060 Class Time:  Tuesday 09.00; Thursday 08:00-10:00   Venue:  245-042. Consultation hours: Tueday 14:00-16:00; Thursday: 14:00-16:00 Nature of the Course Contemporary approaches to business emphasize the importance of adopting a...

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Software Engineering and Willis Factor Model

Security U> Usability- Human factors, Aesthetics, Consistency, Documentation R> Reliability- Frequency/severity of failure, Recoverability, Predictability, Accuracy, Mean time to failure P> Performance- Speed, Efficiency, Resource consumption, Throughput, Response time S> Supportability- Testability, Extensibility, Adaptability, Maintainability, Compatibility, Configurability, Serviceability, Installability, Localizability, Portability The model, developed at Hewlett-Packard, was...

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Three Circle Model

Table of Content No. Details Page ------------------------------------------------- 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Definition of Family Business…………………….………. 2 1.2 Three Circles Model……………………………….………. 2 2.0 Key players in the family business……………….……….. 3 3.0 Potential conflicts (current and future)……………………. 4 4.0 Suggestions and solutions…………………………………. 5 5.0 Conclusion………………………………………………...…. 6 6.0 References……………………...……………………………. 7 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Definition...

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Multicultural Counseling

Multicultural Counseling After reading the many articles on the notion of diagnosis and counseling with multicultural/ethnic patients, it has come to my attention that this focus is solely based on stereotypical attitudes. Sure, it can be said that it is important for a therapist to have a background of the patient's heritage and culture, but doesn't this necessarily mean that the outlook of the therapist will be put in a box by doing so? I think multicultural competency is a ridiculous way to...

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Factors to Consider in Tailoring Patient Counseling

background Culture may affect a patient’s perception of the illness, or the purpose/effectiveness of the medication. Disability Do NOT automatically offer to help the patient, unless emergency care/assistance is urgently needed. The patient may see it as potentially insulting or condescending. Special patient education materials may have to be prepared for patients with disabilities. Lifestyle and employment Call center agents who work in graveyard shifts are particularly in need of special dosing...

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Three Pane Model

A Brief Note on Open Economy ISLM Model (Three-Paned Model) Utility for Business Managers: Firms resort to macroeconomic analysis to make rational judgments about the effects of global events or policy shocks on the economy and thereby on the business environment. But such analysis is often laden with possibilities for logical missteps. The Three- Pane model (open economy IS/LM model) is discussed here as a tool for explaining key relationships in the economy while avoiding the missteps encountered...

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consumer behavior

Consumer behaviour is a hotbed of psychological research, as it ties together issues of communication (advertising and marketing), identity (you are what you buy), social status, decision-making, mental and physical health (Holt et al 2004). Customer behavior study is based on consumer buying behavior, with the customer playing three distinct roles of user, informer and buyer. According to Loudon (1988) consumer behavior is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they...

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Personality Type & Consumer Behavior

type and its effect on Consumer Behavior” | | | | Submitted by: Ashu Gurtoo | 09bshyd0186 | Project Proposed: “Personality type and its effect on consumer behavior” Description of the project: We will first try to understand what is consumer behavior What do we really want to study when we say that we want to study consumer behavior? * Why consumers make the purchases that they make * What factors influence consumer purchases * Why...

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Group Counseling

Growing Trends in Group Counseling Growing Trends in Group Counseling: Ethical and Technological Issues that Effect Vocational Rehabilitation Term Paper By Diadra McGraw 546 Group Counseling Dr. B. Canfield February 26, 2008 Abstract This paper explores the different ways in which group counseling can be used for the purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation. It also gives detailed information of how technology can be used in group counseling during Vocational Rehabilitation...

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Guidance and Counseling

also reveals the extent to which guidance and counselling services influence the total development of the potentials and proper adjustment of secondary school students. Research on School Counseling Effectiveness Provides a collection of sources that address the effectiveness of school counseling and other student support services, including their contribution to the personal and academic success of students. [pic] California has made important strides in class size reduction, higher...

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Three circle model

The Three-circle Model of World Englishes was developed by Kachru in 1985 and it remains one of the most influential models for grouping the varieties of English in the world (Mollin, 2006, p.41). Kachru (1985) described the spread of English in terms of three concentric circles: the Inner Circle, the Outer Circle and the Expanding Circle. These circles represent "the type of spread, the patterns of acquisition and the functional domains in which English is used across cultures and languages" (Kachru...

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Black Box Model: Consumer Behavior Survey

 Black box model The black box model shows the interaction of stimuli, consumer characteristics, decision process and consumer responses.[3] It can be distinguished between interpersonal stimuli (between people) or intrapersonal stimuli (within people).[4] The black box model is related to the black box theory ofbehaviourism, where the focus is not set on the processes inside a consumer, but the relationbetween the stimuli and the response of the consumer. The marketing stimuli are planned and...

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Personal Model of Helping

Personal Model of Helping name BSHS/312 date Teachers name Personal Model of Helping All theories have different views on ways of helping and different goals to imply. By using the person-centered approach ones view of human nature comes from one’s helping style. One would have to have a style that would make the client believe that he or she is safe and understood. By the client knowing that their therapist or counselor does understand him or her then he or she will believe that they are...

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Consumer Behaviour

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR ‘Evaluate the use of multi-attribute models to predict consumer behaviour The multi-attribute models are theories which use the consumer’s attitudes to predict their behaviour toward a product. An attitude it’s to have a positive or negative reaction facing a product. Many models were born during the last century. But do they have a real impact on the consumer behaviour? Are they really useful to predict it? We try to ask to these questions in studying six of these models...

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political factors

Political factors Political risk, for examples the Gulf war and terrorism somehow damaging passenger confidence, particularly in the US. Presence of political support and lobbying for major EU/US aerospace businesses Support of EU aircraft manufacturer for Rolls-Royce Subsidies by EU government US tax breaks for Rolls-Royce Carbon emissions under the Kyoto protocol is targets for reduction by EU, creating pressures for reduced impact of air travel Policy formation for example Open Skies liberalisation...

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Multicultural Counseling

Running Head: MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING WITH HISPANIC FAMILIES Multicultural Counseling Success with Hispanic Families Dawn With Artz University Mike Smith, Ph.D. December 16, 2009 Abstract There are many characteristics and commonalities among immigrants coming into the United States such as language, values, tradition, religion, and culture. They come to the United States from many different countries and yet American culture puts them into one large melting pot and...

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