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Thompsons Pcs Model Of Anti Opressive Practices

Evaluate the importance of anti oppressive practice in social work. Illustrate your answer using the PCS model. Within this essay the areas in which discrimination and oppression occur will be highlighted and then evaluated to show how ‘good’ anti oppressive/ discriminative practice within social work can ‘aid’ and empower service users who are in groups that experience oppression and discrimination to overcome their problems. Gil (1994) states that “the conditions that cause people to seek help...

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Pcs Model

minors, including school and residential facilities. The 1980's saw this approach often used with involuntary clients; those referred by legal circumstances. Systems Theory Systems theory covers a broad range of theoretical and methodological practices across many disciplines. Generally, systems theory is concerned with the structure of complex systems, with a special emphasis about how parts relate to each other and to the whole system. In the social sciences, this usually means understanding...

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Practice Model

The Mayo Clinic Model of Care (MCMC) is the professional practice model of care chosen for this assignment. The Mayo Clinic drives healthcare change by providing holistic and compassionate care to their patients by using education, research, patient-centered care and evidence-based practice. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the MCMC and how this model of care is a positive influence to healthcare. A professional practice model (PPM) is implemented in healthcare organizations...

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Anti Discriminatory Practice

Leeanne Norman Task 2 Anti-discriminatory practice Contents * An explanation of how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice (P4) * A description of how ant-discriminatory practice is promoted in health and social care (P5) * An assessment of the influence of a recent national policy initiative promoting anti-discriminatory practice (M2) * A discussion of the difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practice in health and social care...

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Anti Discriminatory Practice

 Anti-discriminatory Practice Human rights act 1998 This is useful within the UK because lays down the law which every individual is entitled too. These rights give us freedom. They may affect many things such as the rights to live and the rights to die also the rights we use in everyday life. National initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice so issues are prevented from happening. Freedom from torture and degrading treatment – This mean treatment causing severe mental or physical...

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Anti-corruption practices in companies

implement the responsible partnership with the government which is aimed to the growth of living standards and economic development. The corruption which is rooted in the economic and social spheres bothers the successful implementation of these practices. It causes significant damage to competition and complicates the business environment. In this regard companies should perform a certain number of actions and measures to cope with the real and extensive threat. The comparative efficiency of these...

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Frequent text message users, social media advocates, and opinionated bloggers all write about various topics, but how does that compare to classic writing? Clive Thompson, author of Smarter Than You Think, continuously supports his mark that the Internet, regardless of its credibility, is progressively transforming today’s way of writing, allowing society to write more effectively and for longer lengths. Based on Thompson’s claims he makes in “Public Thinking”, it is apparent that appeals to logos...

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Equal Opportunities Anti Discriminatory Practice

Equal opportunities & AntiDiscriminatory Practice Aims of the session Define the terms Equal Opportunities Define and identify stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination Identify appropriate legislation Suggest ways of creating a positive environment A few useful websites Commissions for racial equality www.cre.gov.uk Disability rights commission www.drc-gb.org National children’s Bureau www.ncb.org.uk UN convention on the rights of the child www.save_the_children.org.uk www.everychildmatters...

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Simple Regression Model: Practice Problems

regression model Practice problems Use Chapter 4 Powerpoint question 4.1 to answer the following questions: 1. Report the Eveiw output for regression model . Please write down your fitted regression model. 2. Are the sign for consistent with your expectation, explain? 3. Hypothesize the sign of the coefficient and test your hypothesis at 5% significance level using t-table. 4. What percentage of variation in 30 year fixed mortgage rate is explained by this model? Why? ...

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Contrast Two Reflective Practice Models

Contrast two reflective practice models: - The two reflective practice models I have chosen to compare are Kolb1 and Brookfield2. Reflective practice is intended to help the teacher evolve and develop. It is an essential aspect of continuing professional development and is seen as a fundamental process in improving the quality of teaching3. Although teachers have done this for years the models formalise the process and put a structure on it. However, it is a subjective rather than an objective...

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ANTI-CORRUPTION IDEAS IN ACTION From Goudie, Burnett, Thayanthal, Anti-Corruption Kit: 15 Ideas for Young Activists, Transparency International, 2014 Philippines: A Million New Inspectors About 1 million boy and girl scouts in Philippines have counted textbooks and conducted quality inspections throughout the country. Working hand-in-hand with government and non-government agencies, the programme discourages theft of textbooks and helps promote long-term transparency in the country’s schools...

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Model: mont blanc mb425s 16a 19/05/2013 10:15 2 Items Store in Lingua Italiana search … Go Home > Model: Mont Blanc MB425S-16A Shop by Brand Glasses on Offer Eyeglasses list Sunglasses list RX Prescription Sunglasses Unisex glasses Male glasses Female glasses Junior glasses Rimless-Nylor Eyeglasses BUY NOW WITHOUT RX LENSES Model: MB425S-16A Mont Blanc Price: 250.99 GBP Colour: Size: Bridge: Temples: 16A(shiny palladium smoke) 59 Unique Unique Archive (out of production...

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Anti Hacking

 Analysis Of Anti Hacking Techniques Computer Science Department, Mahamaya Technical University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201309 Abstract - Anti-Hacking is a topic that should incorporate not only the tools to defend against black- hats but the knowledge to understand what the black-hat sees when he looks at a network. Anyone that connects to the Internet is at risk of having his or her machine compromised. And now, in the age of always on connections for even the home user, the threat to computer...

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Anti-Oppression Practice for Refugees in New Zealand

 Anti-oppression practice for refugees in New Zealand Working with difference Essay FSSC505 Donna Swift Karl Ross 3258312 Social Work 2014 5th May 2014 Word count: 1420 The number of refugees in the world is increasing day by day. With wars between countries, religions and governments continuing, the number of displaced people on our planet is staggering. One of the most distressing realities is that most refugees are children. Young...

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in social work practice, one of the first things to understand is what our values are, Thompson (2000) states that One of the significant features of values is that we tend to become so accustomed to our own values and beliefs that we do not recognise that they are there or how they are influencing us. An important step, then, is to be clear about what our values are. Thompson (2000,pp33) I will discuss both the personal and professional values that influence social work practice and discuss a particularly...

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Anti Discriminatory Practice: Assessors Training Program

Assessors Training Programme Assignment: - Anti Discriminatory Practice Anti-discriminatory practice underpins all good practice as it seeks to prevent the division and oppression created and legitimised by individuals, groups and organisations, divisions that include class, race, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation. These divisions are often accepted as the norm and are then perpetuated unwittingly. Good anti-discriminatory practice requires competent workers to be aware of discrimination...

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Anti-Trust Practices and Market Power

designed to prevent monopoly and promote competition. On June 23, 2011, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission initiated an antitrust probe into Google, the world’s largest search engine. FTC’s investigation entailed a broad probe into Google’s business practices and weather it was abusing its search power to drive traffic to its own properties over rival sites and services. After a nearly twenty month high-profile investigation, the federal government announced on January 3, 2013, that its dropping an “exhaustive”...

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Five Forces Model

Five Forces Model, three generic strategies, and value chain analysis” (Strayer University, 2008, p.17). This analysis will focus on the first of the three common analytical tools -- Five Forces Model. Michael Porter, a Harvard University Business School professor, developed the Five Forces Model as a tool to assist companies in determining the intensity of competition and relative attractiveness of entering a new industry or industry segment (Wikipedia). Porter’s Five Forces Model includes five...

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A Review of Research on Cost of Quality Models (P-A-F Models) and Best Practices

1.0 Title A Review of Research on Cost of Quality Models (P-A-F Models) and Best Practices 2.0 Introduction In every organization, measuring and reporting the cost of quality (CoQ) is an important issue they must consider. Quality is a critical factor to defeat competitor and to retain customer and to meet the customer’s need. CoQ is a sum of conformance cost (cost for prevention of poor quality) and nonconformance cost (cost of poor quality caused by product and services failure). CoQ analysis...

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Social Philosophy Has Its Place in Social Work Practice. Critically Analyse This Statement in Relation to Values and Ethical Thinking for Social Work Practice 2011/2012.

ordering of a society. Human rights and social justice are clearly draw from Kantian and Utilitarian social philosophies and today are regarded as fundamental principals in the practice of social work (Banks 2001). In this paper the author will consider what social philosophy is and what effect if any it has on social work practice in 2011/2012. Political philosophy is influenced by social philosophy which in turn has an impact on the work has carried out by social workers ‘a rigid demarcation between...

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Values for Professional Practice

episode of care for an individual which I was involved in whilst on placement at a local nursing home. I am going to choose an appropriate model and reflect on this episode and within this reflection examine my own values and beliefs relating to the individual receiving care. I will also explore the values and beliefs that will underpin my future practice as a nurse. Values are ideals, attitudes and beliefs held by individuals or groups to represent what they consider to be important. They...

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Comparison of Model

Comparison of the models of perfect competition and monopolistic competition in terms of the structure- conduct- performance theory. Structure-conduct-performance theory is a theory which states that that market structure determines market conduct which in turn determines market performance. Thus each preceding step contributes to the next leading to an overall understanding of the way the market behaves under different schools of thought. Underneath is a comparison of perfect competition as well...

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Tablet Pcs

TABLET PCs Combines Simplicity of Paper with Full Power of Windows-Based Computing For the past few years, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) has grown tremendously popular. However, due to size restrictions, it has always served as a secondary device to the desktop computer. So a number of hardware manufacturers unveiled a new form of communication, the Tablet PC. What exactly is a Tablet PC? It is a notebook PC with a touch-sensitive screen and is a bit larger than the size of a...

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Analysis of Practice Dilemma

Analysis of practice dilemma This essay will be examining a case study in relation to an older adult who wants to return to his country of birth. His daughter is opposed to him doing so and these conflicting views therefore become a practice dilemma. According to Parrott (2011) a dilemma involves the social worker “being presented with two equally unpalatable alternatives”. There are no easy resolutions but the element of risk becomes an important factor to consider. The notion of risk will...

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Evidence Based Practice

Historically nurses’ decision making has relied on tradition, authority, trial and error and research (Lee 2003, p. 618). However, more recently the appreciation and application of evidence based practice (EBP) has caused a shift in clinical nursing decision making (Lee 2003, p. 618). EBP is defined as ‘integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research’ (Sackett et al. 1996, cited in Rolfe, Segrott & Jordan 2008, p. 448). EBP...

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Difficulties That May Arise When Implementing Anti-Discriminatory Practices

JANET LAWAL P5 HOW ANTI-DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICE IS PROMOTED IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS ETHICAL PRINCIPLES In health and social care sector, health care professionals take into account four key ethical principles when providing service to the service users. The key ethical principles are justice, autonomy, beneficence and non-maleficence. In health and social care settings people must be treated fairly without being judgemental regardless of who they are or where they come from. Health...

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Johns Reflection And Gibbs Reflection in Nursing Practice

Introduction: In this essay, I will discuss several issues that seem to bind nursing practice with questions of ethics, sociology and management. Reflective practice is an important aspect of nursing management and in this essay we discuss implications of discrimination in nursing care and examine the importance of anti-discriminatory perspectives in nursing. In this paper, the case study I will elaborate is of an elderly woman who was of a non-British ethnic origin and spoke little English. A junior...

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Evaluate Is Acceptance Model

There are many models have been developed to understand the factors affecting the acceptance of computer technology such as Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) (Fishbein & Ajzen, 1975, Ajzen & Fishbein, 1980), Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) (Ajzen, 1985, 1991), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1989), Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior (DTPB) (Taylor & Todd, 1995), and Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) (Venkatesh et al., 2003). TRA proposes that individual...

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Develop a regression model that could be used to predict the final average in the course based on the first test grade. (b) Predict the final average of a student who made an 83 on the first test. (c) Give the values of r and for this model. Interpret the value of in the context of this problem. Exercise 4: Steve Caples, a real estate appraiser in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has developed a regression model to help appraise residential housing in the Lake Charles area. The model was developed using...

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comparing relevant theories principles and models of reflective practice

Comparing relevant theories, principles and models of reflective practice In this evaluation I will analyse and compare relevant theories, principles and models of reflective practice and explain how they relate to my practice and development. Reflective practice is an evolving concept. In the 1930s, John Dewey defined reflective thought as: ‘Active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it and the further...

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Healthcare Models Analysis

 Health Care Models Analysis Sarah Bomar Grand Canyon University: HCA-515 January 15, 2014 Food poisoning is a common problem for millions of Americans and people throughout the world. Food poisoning occurs when food infected with bacteria is ingested. People who become infected with food borne organisms might have symptoms ranging from mild cramping and intestinal discomfort to severe nausea and diarrhea, accompanied...

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Pc Specification

PC Specification HP 20" Touch-Screen TouchSmart All-In-One Computer - 4GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive HP 20” Touch-Screen TouchSmart All-In-One-Computer with a 4GB Memory and 1TB Hard Drive will be the user type that will be identified. With the state of the art high definition widescreen for online chat rooms to include video conferences and web courses. The integrated premium stereo speakers produce clear, crisp sound. Just plug in one power cord to get started with simple and easy set up...

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vocabulary tends to become old-fashioned and, in turn, our language is becoming more limited in certain areas. An extensive amount of this limitation is a product of an on-going movement of political correctness. This new trend of speaking and writing “PC” is limiting our language and putting effective communication at risk. It has become an almost self-censorship, forcing people to change their true thoughts into ideas that don’t seem offensive to anybody else. It’s getting in the way for our society’s...

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Principle and Practices of Management

STUDIES PRINCIPLE AND PRACTICE OF MANAGEMENT DMG1013 ASSIGNMENT 1 Prepared by MOHAMAD HAZIF BIN FIJASRI 012012110239 Submission date 14TH DECEMBER 2012 THE MANAGEMENT OF STEVE JOBS In 1976 Steven P. Jobs sold his Volkswagen van, and his partner Steven Wozniak sold his two programmable calculators, and they used the proceeds of $1,350 to build a circuit board in Jobs’s garage. So popular was the circuit board, which developed into the Apple II personal computer (PC), that in 1977 Jobs...

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The Application of the Big Five Model In HR Practice

Organizational Psychology Research paper The Application of the Big Five Model In HR Practice Jackie BO YU Advisor: Prof. Rakesh Mittal New York Institute of Technology Abstract This research paper gives a brief introduction of the big five model and applies it into real business work place. Personality has a big influence on how an employee thinks, feels, and behaves...

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Costco Wholesale Corporation: Mission, Business Model, and Strategy

Costco Wholesale Corporation: Mission, Business Model, and Strategy Renee Francia Strategic Human Resources BME 0939883 May 2013 Term Company Background Costco Wholesale Corporation (Costco) is a retail membership warehouse chain which was founded by Jim Sinegal and Jeff Brotman in 1983. Headquartered out of Issaquah, Washington, Costco has grown in to one of the largest wholesale giants in the industry. The company’s business model was to generate high sales volumes and rapid...

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Case Study for Pc Industry

Question 1.1 Barriers to entry in the PC industry. Support your response with relevant theory and extracts from the case. The personal computer industry has undergone major changes in its market structure. The industry has grown substantially from its beginnings in January 1975, when the first microcomputer, the Altair 8800, was introduced. During its early development, the industry was dominated by a few small-scale companies, mainly hobbyist-run. Entry into the market was determined by technological...

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Social Model of Disability

and the inter-related condition AIDS. The essay will begin with an outline of what HIV and AIDS actually is. Once diagnosis has been confirmed, then a brief discussion on the treatment and delivery and the differences between the social and medical model will address how the individual is treated in relation to health care. Key issues surrounding a work place or educational environment and generally the discrimination they face from different aspects within society will be discussed from a critical...

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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

 Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models Amanda Decker Grand Canyon University NRS 440-V Trends and Issues in Health Care December 5, 2014 Nursing is a career that presents those in it with many opportunities. There are a variety of nurses and the field in which they choose to practice is just as varied. There are oncology nurses, school nurses, home health nurses, trauma nurses and nurse practitioners. They work in clinics, hospitals, schools, prisons, mental...

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Bradbury Thompson

Kaitlin Mitchell Paper synopsis 3-24-12 Bradbury Thompson Bradbury Thompson was born in 1911 in Topeka, Kansas. He was a lively child who was obsessed with brooks and type from an early age. In high school Thompson was heavily involved in his work as a draftsmen at a civil engineering firm. He was also quite the over achiever in high school. He was the president of his senior class; captain of the track team; and editor of two Kaw yearbooks. He loved working with what he had a challenging himself...

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Thompson Essay

Nathaniel Lee Professor P. Hiebert RWS 100-07 10 September 2014 Thompson Essay Clive Thompson, in his chapter excerpt “Public Thinking,” from the book Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For the Better published by Penguin Group, argues that the development of technology of mass communication improves the user’s writing and their ability to collaborate. To support his argument, he incorporates statistics to show the enormity of the production of writing, anecdotes to...

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Practice Problems PARTI: MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The CPI index: A. Is usually highly correlated with the GDP deflator B. Measures the price of a consumption basket; the GDP deflator, instead, measures the cost of a basket of locally produced goods C. Is sensitive to the high volatility of the price of food and energy D. All of the above 2. Looking at the composition of GDP in the last 50 years, we can claim that: A. Both in India and the US the consumption share has been converging to...

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Edr P4 Explain How National Initiatives Promote Anti-Discriminatory Practice.

EDR P4 – Explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice. What is Legislation? The process of making or an acting law. There are a number of different acts in Legislation, these include: Sex discrimination act 1975 This act applies for both men and women. It promotes that both men and women should be treated equally. For example in transport, education, jobs, equal pay etc. It promotes anti-discriminatory practice by making sure that men and women are treated equally,...

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Briana Thompson Revised By Karen

 Thompson 1    Briana Thompson   Professor Conti  English151  2 March 2015   Improving Empathy in College Students  Introduction    Some scholars have approached empathy as cognitive mechanisms by which individuals  are able to imagine the internal state of others, while others have viewed empathy as an affective  construct of a person’s state. Measures of empathy tend to focus on either a cognitive  understanding of another person’s state or a vicarious other oriented emotional response to these ...

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Porter's Five Force Model for Apple

electronics. Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008, and in the world from 2008 to 2012. However, the company has received widespread criticism for its contractors labour practices, and for Apple's own environmental and business practices. As of July 2011, Apple has 364 retail stores in thirteen countries as well as the online Apple Store and iTunes Store. It is the largest publicly-traded corporation in the world by market capitalization, with an estimated...

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Power and Dominace

privilege and dominance, the application and importance of anti-oppressive practice and the theoretical frame work of Thompson’s Personal, Cultural and Structural (PCS) models of oppression, Burnham’s social ‘GRRAACCEESS’ and Fook’s Micro and Macro approaches. It will also cover my reflection on the article ‘To Address Privilege and Dominance’ and how it influences my social work practice and a reflection on challenges that might arise in my practice. Bailey (1998:109) defines privilege as ‘systematically...

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Patient Care Delivery Model

1 Discuss the distinguishing characteristics of, as well as the pros and cons of the earlier models for organizing of nursing services that were in use (during the 1970s onwards), namely: Answer: A The ‘Team Nursing’ model: “Team Nursing” model emerged from the British model of a single Head Nurse after the Second World War. It had the following distinguishing characteristics: Characteristics: 1 A Head Nurse oversaw two or three teams of registered nurses RNs and non-licensed personnel ...

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Microsoft: On Anti-Trust and Monopolies

a. Do you think the US government was right in proceeding with the anti-trust case against Microsoft? Explain. What are the disadvantages to customers when one company dominates an industry? Why should competition be encouraged? The settlement focused on Microsoft's selling practices with computer manufacturers. Until now, Microsoft would sell MS-DOS and Microsoft's other operating systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) at a 60% discount if that OEM agreed to pay a royalty to...

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Dell’s best practice

Dell’s best practice Dell has successfully cooperated with its suppliers to directly fulfill their customer demands. We will examine the best practices of Dell in terms of the logistics operation, competitive advantages and customer service. Logistic operation Dell has been choosing the right transportation mode for each order type to minimizing packaging, they are continuously refining their global transportation and logistics network so their transactions are more eco-friendly without added...

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importance of reflective practice

A load of research has been done on learning and reflective practice and its effectiveness on the practitioners and one of the first people to research reflective Practice was Donald Schon in his book “The Reflective Practitioner” in 1983. Schon was an influential writer on reflection and had two main ways of identifying reflection and they were reflection in action and reflection on action. “The practitioner allows himself to experience surprise, puzzlement, or confusion in a situation which he...

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David, Thompson

David Thompson was born in London, England, on April 30, 1770. His parents were Welsh, and of little means. His father died when he was two, and at the tender age of seven, he was enrolled by his mother in the historic 'Grey Coat' charity school near Westminster Abbey. Having shown an aptitude for mathematics, his education was oriented towards preparing him for life as a midshipman in the Royal Navy. His studies included algebra, trigonometry, geography, and navigation using 'practical astronomy'...

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Betty Neuman's Systems Model

Betty Neuman’s Systems Model A Look into Nursing Theories Syreeta Watkins, RN; Kim Thompson, RN; Devah Mateen, RN Winston-Salem State University Nursing 2312 Prof Faye Mauldin, RN, MSN April 26, 2011 Nursing can be described as a combination of both an art and a science because not only does it include natural and human sciences such as biology and psychology, but it also has the ability to morally guide nursing practice and form trusting relationships. With both aspects of art and science...

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Racism & Anti-Racist Practice

regularly gets involved. My local primary school does not want to recognize the needs of the 40% Muslim children dietary needs even after highlighting the issues; there is no choice but to accept vegetarian meal. The key features of anti- racist social work practice should be not to discriminate people based on their colour of skin or ethnicity. Practitioners should know how to recognize racism. They should be culturally aware and any assumptions are checked out which could cause stereotyping. For...

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Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Model: Theory Into Practice, Plan, and Evaluation

Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Model: Theory Into Practice, Plan, and Evaluation Linda De Meule Walden University NURS-6125-16 May 15, 2011 Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral Model: Theory Into Practice, Plan, and Evaluation The behavioral model of care was the result of many years of reflection and study by Dorothy Johnson. The major drive in her publications and teachings validates that nursing is a distinct and separate science from medicine (Parker&Smith, 2010). In this she focused...

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Industrial Pcs Worldwide Market

Industrial PCs Worldwide Outlook FIVE YEAR MARKET ANALYSIS AND TECHNOLOGY FORECAST THROUGH 2014 TECHNOLOGY DRIVES GROWTH AND CONSERVES MARKET STRUCTURE This study analyzes the industrial PC market for industrial PCs in manufacturing. The study analyzes complete industrial PCs sold to machine builders and end users. ARC also looks at technological developments, especially at the differences between embedded (no rotating parts and pre-configured hardware and software) and standard industrial PCs. Different...

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Product: Microsoft Tablet Pc

tablet pc) ------------------------------------------------- History In 2002, original equipment manufacturers released the first tablet PCs designed to the Microsoft Tablet PC specification. This generation of Microsoft Tablet PCs were designed to run Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, the Tablet PC version of Windows XP.[3] This version of Microsoft Windows superseded Microsoft's earlier pen computing operating environment, Windows for Pen Computing 2.0. After releasing Windows XP Tablet PC Edition...

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anti-discriminatory practice

I am going to write how the legislation and code of practice or charter promotes diversity. Anti- discriminatory practices It is the responsibility of the institution or organisation to make sure that service users and service providers feel safe and protected, so they can receive the help they need in the most supportive environment possible. They can do this by ensuring everyone follows non-discriminatory practice by putting in place policies and other procedures and making sure they are being...

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PC Industry Analysis

worldwide; 357 million units sold annually worldwide Scope of competitive rivalry: The competition within the PC industry is extremely cut throat due to new technology, reliability, and customer service. The top companies consist of Dell, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Gateway, and Sony. Market growth rate: 14% annually Stage in life cycle: Mature Number of companies in industry: There are 5 major PC companies with a handful of smaller ones also. Major ones are Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, and Apple. Market...

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Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson Marketing 4200 Maria Sharapova: Marketing a Champion (A) Case Assignment Questions 1. (a) Should Max Eisenbud and the other members of “team Sharapova” engage in the Motorola partnership? Explain. b) Should they consider any of the other possibilities? Explain. After the tournament when Kournikova could not reach her mother with her unbranded cell phone, Motorola had the idea of sponsoring Kournikova. I personally believe that this was a great idea...

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Policy in a helping organisation & the importance of equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice

on are Women’s Aid as the national organisation and Telford and Wrekin’s Domestic Violence / Women’s Refuge as the local organisation. They both have many policies designed to safeguard and protect. I am primarily looking at the policy of good practice. Women’s Aid aims to “To increase safe choices for women and children experiencing domestic violence where substance misuse is also an issue To raise awareness and standards in refuge organisations, outreach and other services To encourage...

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