• Cyber Crime
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  • Sex and Crime - Criminology
    3. Societal power structures and some pop culture stereotypes which lead some men to fear appearing weak are often behind intimate spousal abuse, a new study has found. Clare Murphy of QUT's Faculty of Law has, as part of her PhD research into men's intimate partner abuse and control, interviewed 16
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  • Crime and Policising in Nigeria
    CRIME AND POLICING IN NIGERIA: CHALLENGES AND OPTIONS Etannibi e.o. ALEMIKA Innocent c. Chukwuma CLEEN Foundation Page 2 6/29/2005 © CLEEN FOUNDATION 2004 ISBN: 978-35160-9-4 CLEEN FOUNDATION 1A Afolabi Aina street Off Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos – Nigeria Telephones: 234-1-
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  • Legal Studies Crime
    Crime Part 1- Key Legal Concepts and Features of the Legal System 3.1- Types of Crime… i) Offences Against the Person Involve some form of injury to an individual. Most crimes against the person are listed in the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). a. Homicide: Is the unlawful killing of o
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  • What Is Crime
    What Is a Crime? Legal Dimensions Series This series stems from an annual legal and socio-legal research initiative sponsored by the Canadian Association of Law Teachers, the Canadian Law and Society Association, the Canadian Council of Deans, and the Law Commission of Canada. Volumes in this seri
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  • Cyber Crime
    CRIMINAL JUSTICE RESPONSES TO EMERGING COMPUTER CRIME PROBLEMS Osman N. Sen, B.S. Thesis Prepared for the Degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS August 2001 APPROVED: Robert W. Taylor, Major Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice Tory J. Caeti, Commi
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  • An Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture
    An Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture Second Edition An Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture is a clear and comprehensive guide to the major theories of popular culture, from the Frankfurt School to postmodernism. Dominic Strinati provides a critical assessment of the ways in wh
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  • Sociology A2 Exam on Crime and Deviance
    What is crime? Crime is associated with behaviour that breaks the formal, written laws of a given society What is deviance? To deviate means to move away from set standards in society. Deviance then, is a much more general category than crime and is used by sociologists to refer to is different b
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  • Crime
    [pic] CJA/204 – March, 2011 (update) College of Criminal Justice and Security Introduction to Criminal Justice CJA/204 Version 2 Course Syllabus Program Council The Academi
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  • Outline and assess the role of the police in the social construction of crime (50 marks)
    Outline and assess the role of the police in the social construction of crime (50 marks) Social construction refers to the way in which crime and deviance in society might be created and shaped by society and social institutions. This can occur in a number of different ways. For...
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  • Policing Fantasy: Problems of Genre in Fantasy Literature
    Policing Fantasy: Problems of Genre in Fantasy Literature By Svein Angelskår A Thesis Presented to The Department of Literature Area Studies and European Languages The University of Oslo In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements For the MA Degree Autumn Term 2005 2 Table of Contents:
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