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The Verger

The Verger by W. S. Maugham There had been a wedding that afternoon at St. Peter's Church, and Edward Foreman still wore his verger's gown. He had been verger for 16 years and liked his job. The verger was waiting for the vicar. The vicar had just been appointed. He was a red-faced energetic man and the verger disliked him. Soon the vicar came in and said: "Foreman, I've got something unpleasant to say to you. You have been here a great many years and I think you've fulfilled your duties quite...

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The Verger

short stories by W. Somerset Maugham: "The Verger", "Mr. Know-All" and "Sanatorium".Ken Annakin directed "The Verger" and "Mr. Know-All", while Harold French was responsible for "Sanatorium". Trio is the second of a film trilogy, all consisting of adaptations of Maugham's stories, preceded by the 1948 Quartet and followed by the 1951 Encore. Sydney Box was nominated for the Academy Award for Sound, Recording. Contents [hide] * 1 Plot * 1.1 The Verger * 1.2 Mr. Know-All * 1.3 Sanatorium...

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The Verger

William Somerset Maugham [pic] The Verger The Round Dozen Salina Vargas English IV AP Period 8 The life of William Somerset Maugham laid the introduction to many of his novels, plays, or short stories. His experiences growing up and traveling the world were the base for his work At the young age of ten, Maugham became an orphan and was sent to live with a religious uncle and lived a life that revolved around school that eventually led him to be a qualified doctor. These childhood...

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The Verger

The Verger1 GETTING READY What is a “verger”? 1. Where does he live? 2. What does he do? The Short Story A new vicar has been appointed at St Peter's Church, Neville Square in London. Accompanied by two distinguished churchwardens2, a lord and a general, he has come to see Albert Edward Foreman, the verger. 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 The vicar began. "Foreman, we've got something rather unpleasant to say to you. You've been here a great many years and I think his lordship and...

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The Verger

MANIRATHINAM E-mail: mani_serumangalam@yahoo.com Mobile: +9199421 39224 Career Objective : Aim to be placed in a challenging organization that gives me scope to update my knowledge & skills in accordance with the latest trends and be a part of team that dynamically works towards growth of...

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The Verger - Case Study

THE VERGER by W. Somerset Maugham 1. What is the kind of behaviour of the verger in the first part of the story? Give examples The first part of the story presents the verger as a compliant man, anxious to exercise his profession in the best way possible. The care with which he maintains his clothes shows all his hard work and dedication. Still, the verger remains a humble and simple man who enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like a glass of beer with his dinner. 2. Would you qualify him as an...

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Analyse the Irony in "The Verger"

Foreman has been the verger of St. Peter’s for sixteen years, which seems lengthy enough to assure him a life-time service there. Since “the vergers of St. Peter’s, like the popes Rome, were there for life”, Foreman could never, even in his wildest dream, think of the day when he would leave the church and no longer be a verger. Yet everything is not what it seems. That very day has come when the newly-appointed vicar comes to him with the forceful and cold announcement that he is to resign because...

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Verger: Fiction and Albert Edward Foreman

on the reader. When criticizing something he sounds rather amused than otherwise. The short story “The Verger” is an example of how a person can be successful in life even though he is illiterate. Anyway, he makes a good use of his creativity. What is more important is how to use our knowledge correctly. The new vicar of St. Peter's Church is astonished to learn that the long-serving verger, Albert Foreman, is illiterate. When Foreman refuses to learn to read, the vicar feels he has no choice but...

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The Verger(Analysis)

No.1-32/2006-U.II/U.I(!) Government of India Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Higher Education New Delhi, dated the 31St December, 2008 To The Secretary, University Grants Commission, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110 002. Subject:- Scheme of revision of pay of teachers and equivalent cadres in universities and colleges following the revision of pay scales of Central Government employees on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission. Sir...

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date and time

Written in the same fashion is “The Verger”, another short story about the path of making success of an illiterate verger. Maugham, in this amazingly ironic literary work, has put the art of utilizing irony to the top degree with the reply of Foreman the protagonist to the bank manager at the end of the story. Foreman has been the verger of St. Peter’s for sixteen years, which seems lengthy enough to assure him a life-time service there. Since “the vergers of St. Peter’s, like the popes Rome,...

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Diligent Notes

either dead or in flight, their successors promised King Agaja that they would no longer support Assou. Chapter 25 1. The Deligent went straight for Jakin, because Durand had convinced Captain Mary, that since they had harbored the fugitive Pierre Verger, they could be subject to arrest by the French Director on Whydah. Part 8: Jakin Chapter 26 1. The Diligent fired seven of its eight cannons in a salute to announce its arrival at Jakin. 2. Robert Durand was assigned to be the commander of the...

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Controversy in the World of Coal Mining

intentionally, was seen as an essential part of the British empire, along with the rest of Europe, and could even be seen as a moral obligation by some. In Samuel Purchas's Hakluytus Posthumus or Purchas His Pilgrimes [1625], the chapter titled Virginia's Verger discusses the motives for colonizing Virginia, yet also referring to all undeveloped lands, when he says, "First, as men, we have a natural right to replenish the whole earth; so that if any country be not possessed by other men… every man by law...

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Charity Begins at Home

Religious Education based post! Well, it is a Sunday morning and I must have woken with my “Vicar of Kettering” head on so I thought I would give you all an informative, sensible blog before I turn into my usual self which is more on a par with “Verger Alice” Suitable joke to follow Seriously now, my actual reason for my little R.E lesson this morning is that yesterday, I truly did see Charity in its true sense! Whilst my youngest daughter Evie and I were in our kitchen preparing dinner, my...

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Hannibal Lecter Analysis

nothing matters. At the latter part, Dr. Hannibal targeted men where he considered mean and rude like Pazzi, one of the corrupt cop who is secretly investigating him, he hanged from the balcony of his house and Mason Verger, the only victim who survived by the hands of Dr. Hannibal. Verger planned revenge by killing Dr. Hannibal but it turns into a point where he died on his own plan. After Verger’s death, the police traced Dr. Hannibal place and, Starling handcuffed herself with his hand. Dr. Hannibal...

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Stereotypes in the Media

between different races to not make feel people inferior to others. The second one shows that inter-racial skits in movies/shows do well in box office/television. For example a hit show out now is Modern Family, they have a character played by Sofia Verger, who plays a Colombian woman and is married to a White man played by Ed O’Neil who is a remarried man alongside with her son from her previously marriage back in Colombia. This show demonstrated the life of an inter-racial marriage and their own comedic...

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Fictional Character Analysis; Hannibal Lecter

Italy where he murders a man named Dr. Fell and takes his place as a local museum curator. Lecter spends a while in Italy before getting caught again by Rinaldo Pazzi (who he later kills) a detective hired by Lecter’s only surviving victim Mason Verger. Hannibal is soon brought back to the US and jailed when he meets FBI agent Clarice Starling. Lecter forms an almost romantic connection and fixation with Clarice. The last scene in the series ends with Lecter cutting off his own hand in order to...

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Chapter 13 Britain Summary

over by a bishop. In the Anglican Church there are other high-ranking positions at the level of the diocese, whose holders can have the title dean, canon or archdeacon. Other Christian churches do not have such a hierarchical organization. The terms verger, warden and sexton are variously used for lay members of churches who assist in various ways during services or with the upkeep of the church. A priest who caters for the spiritual needs of those in some, sort of institution is called a chaplain....

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Universities in Middle Ages

schools, and to sum up, or determine, the logical value of the arguments adduced by respondent or opponent.” (1888, p25). This meant nothing more than the student´s apprenticeship to a master but it was his admission to a degree of Bachelor of Arts (Verger, 1992). Performing the act of determining – to be tested in public disputations – made him a bachelor of arts. To be tested in public disputations meant that “a student was permitted to present himself for a test as to his ability to define words...

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NURSINGNU NURSLR 061 BiologicallyBased Chemistry A

be given to the effect of policy on populations, both urban and rural, living near and below the poverty level. 714. Management of Critically Ill Children with Acute and Chronic Conditions: Nursing of Critically Ill Children Advanced Clinical. (L) Verger; Bartke.Prerequisite(s): NURS 712, 713. Summer Session II This clinical course is designed with emphasis on continued development of advanced clinical decision-making skills in the care of critically ill children. Emphasis is placed on knowledge and...

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Success Story By James Gould Cozzens

evidence to connect them with the crime. I knew who the murderer was..." "Who?" "Don't you guess?" The Verger (W.S.Maugham) There had been a wedding that afternoon at St. Peter's Church, and Edward Foreman still wore his verger's gown. He had been verger for 16 years and liked his job. The verger was waiting for the vicar. The vicar had just been appointed. He was a red-faced energetic man and the verger disliked him. Soon the vicar came in and said: "Foreman, I've got something unpleasant to say to you...

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Historical (diachronic) linguistics

of meanings bird and fowl had been going in opposite directions. (3) There is also an elevation of meaning: minister (Latin minister) firstly meant “a slave” and later – (inter alia) “office employee”, “member of the government” (also: “priest”, “verger”). Similarly meanings of next words have developed: knight ( Old English cniht, the relative of German Knecht “worker”), firstly “boy”, “slave” > “knight”; marshall firstly meant “stableman” (compare to German Mähre “jade (bad horse)” + Schalk “knave”)...

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Role of Public Private Partnership in Education

J. (2009). Role and Impact of Public-private Partnership in Education. Washington: World Bank. Poterba, J. (1996). Government Intervention in the Markets for Education and Health Care. USA: University of Chicago Press. Robertson, S.L., & Verger, A. (2012). Governing Education through Public-Private Partnership. London: Centre for globalization. UNICEF & Asian Development Bank. (2012). Non-State Providers and Public-Private Partnerships in Education for the poor. Thailand: Keen Media...

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subcommittee on Taxonomy of Brucella had proposed that this genus could contain a single species, B. melitensis (Corbel, 1988). This proposal was based on DNA-DNA hybridization studies conducted on 51 strains representing all known species and biovars (Verger et al., 1985) and was fully supported by the recent genomic sequence data. The single species B. melitensis could then be divided into several biovars corresponding with the former species (Corbel, 1988). However, for practical purpose the older nomenclature...

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European Consumer Exposure to Cosmetic Products

the validation of probabilistic models of dietary exposure to selcted food chemicals, Food Addit. Contam., 20, Supplement1/October 2003. Kroes, R., Muller, D., Lambe, J., Lowik, M.R.H., van Klever, J., Kleiner, J., Massey, R., Mayer, S., Urieta, I., Verger, P., Visconti, A., 2002. Assessment of intake from the diet. Food Chem. Toxicol. 40, 327– 385. Kroes, R., Renwick, A.G., Cheesemen, M., Kleiner, J., Mangelsdorf, I., Piersma, A., Schilter, B., Schlatter, J., van Schothorst, F., Vos, J.G., Wurtzen...

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W.S. Maugham "The Moon and the Sixpence"

to London to study, but William stayed with his father. After some time his father also died and Maugham moved to his uncle. The uncle was a vicar of Whitestable. Perhaps this period of his life inspired him to write a very famous short story “The Verger”(1954). Later he studied at King’s Charles School in Canterbury. He had difficulties at school, because he spoke better French than English. After graduating school he began studying literature and philosophy at Heidelberg University. Then Maugham...

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Land Act Mauritius

Rempart to the boundary between Rivière du Rem-part and Flacq Districts From the mouth of Rivière des Anguilles to the intersection of Pas Géométri-ques l’Embra-sure with Black River Savanne Coast Road From Pas Géométriques Mon Plaisir to Petit Verger Prisons Grounds From Pas Géométriques La Cambuse to the mouth of Rivière des Anguilles 3 From Pointe Jérôme Youth Camp to Pas Géométriques La Cambuse From the Fish Landing Station at Palmar to the mouth of Rivière Sèche From the boundary...

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The problems of the Subjunctive Mood in English

forms of the Subjunctive Mood by English and American writers. For this purpose I chose the following stories included into the textbook by Merkulova which we studied during our 3 year, there are: «A Marriage of Convenience», «The Luncheon», «The Verger» by S. Maugham, «Jerusalem the Golden» by M. Drabble, «One Pair of Hands» by M. Dickens, «Shopping for One» by A. Cassidy, «A Start in Life» by A. Brookner, «The Lord of the Rings» by J.R.R. Tolkien as well as our home reading material «Love story»...

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Bell Hooks, “Talking Back”

Prof. P. Calow, University of Sheffield, UK Prof. W. Dekant - University of Wurzburg – DE Dr. A. Gard, Montpellier 1 University, FR Dr. J. Linders, RIVM Bilthoven, NL (Rapporteur environmental part) External experts: Dr. C. Chambers - SCCS Dr. P. Verger - EFSA Prof. J. Ekstrand - Karolinska Institut, Stockholm, SE 3 Fluoridation of drinking water ABSTRACT Fluoride is not an essential element for human growth and development, and for most organisms in the environment. Large variation in...

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Jacques Cousteau-A Life

Australia: People of Fire and Water Yes 26 1991 Australie: les trésors de la mer Australia: Fortunes in the Sea Yes 27 1991 Tasmanie, une île s'éveille Tasmania: Australia’s Awakening Island Yes 28 1991/1992 Indonésie: les vergers de l’enfer Indonesia I: The Devil’s Orchard Yes 29 1991/1992 Sumatra: le cœur de la mer Indonesia II: Sumatra, the Heart of the Sea Yes 30 1991/1992 Nauru, îlot ou planète Nauru: The Island Planet Yes 31 1991/1992 The...

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Ngo in Mauritius

| | | | | |by their families. | | |LUPUS Alert |E111 Clos Verger |Tel: 464 8276 |2000 |6097 |President:Mrs B. Vankatasamy|Provide support to persons suffering | | | |Rose-Hill |Fax:...

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Short Stories to Read and Discuss

10. A Good Start 11. The Filipino and The Drunkard. W. Saroyan 12. The Dinner Party. N. Monsarrat 13. Fair of Face. C. Hare 14. Caged. L.E. Reeve 15. The TV Blackout. Art Buchwald 16. Then in Triumph. Frank L. Parke 17. The Verger. W.S. Maugham 18. A Lion's Skin. W.S. Maugham 19. Footprints in the Jungle. W.S. Maugham 20. The Ant and the Grasshopper. W.S. Maugham 21. The Happy Man. W.S. Maugham 22. The Escape. W.S. Maugham 23. Mr. Know-All. W.S. Maugham ...

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Office Furniture Market France

94 Email : modern.inductrie@wanadoo.fr Website: www.modern-industrie.com AVAS EQUIPEMENT 210 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie 76650 Petit Couronne Tel: +33 2 35 69 19 19 Fax: +33 2 35 69 21 29 ORDIF DESIGN Z.I. Du Moulin Capignard Rue des Vergers 78580 Les Alluets le Roi FRANCE Tel: +33 1 39 75 57 47 Fax: +33 1 39 75 58 21 Email: ordif@hotmail.com HAWORTH 7 Terrasse des Reflets Courbevoie 92081 Paris la Défense Cedex 2 FRANCE Tel : +33 1 41 97 41 00/+33 2 51 45 61 00 Fax : +33...

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Education in Ancient India

(1970), S. 255-264 (264) ^ de Ridder-Symoens, Hilde: A History of the University in Europe: Volume 1, Universities in the Middle Ages, Cambridge University Press, 1992, ISBN 0-521-36105-2, pp. 47-55 ^ Verger, J. (1999), "Doctor, doctoratus", Lexikon des Mittelalters, 3, Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler ^ Verger, J. (1999), "Licentia", Lexikon des Mittelalters, 5, Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler ^ Toby Huff, Rise of Early Modern Science: Islam, China and the West, 2nd ed., Cambridge 2003,ISBN 0521529948, p. 133-139...

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List of British Words from Wikipedia

uni short for university, used much like US college up himself (informal) someone who is stand-offish, stuck-up, snobby. "He's a bit up himself." Euphemistic variation of up his own arse. (US: snotty) up sticks (US: pull up stakes) V verger (virger, in some churches) someone who carries the verge or other emblem of authority before a scholastic, legal, or religious dignitary in a procession; someone who takes care of the interior of a church and acts as an attendant during ceremonies...

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A Prayer for My Daughter(Not Written by Me)

fair jaillir l'onde; J'aurais semé de fleurs le bord de tes ruisseaux, Déployé tes gazons, tressé tes arbrisseaux, De l'or de tes moissons revêtu les campagnes, Suspendu les chevreaux aux buissons des montagnes, De leurs fruits savoureux enrichi les vergers ….3 [page 101] Modern literary theory tends to reverse Fontanier's distinction and say that by using images of fertility Delille may be redeeming the dream wasteland since in doing so he is "instructing"4 the reader to conjure it up in a certain...

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Report on Vocational Training

with hearing disabilities usually enter into training programmes, while the majority of learners with visual, sensory and motor disabilities continue with upper secondary education, higher education study courses and university studies (Rossello and Verger Gelabert, 2008). European political advocacy needs to promote the gathering of data on students with SEN and further develop ideas or projects that work at the national level. The European Commission is focused on helping Member States to achieve...

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he expressed his contempt and indifference for women. Let's get straight to the point with some examples showing Maugham's vast range of subjects and characters. Sometimes he can be quite funny, positively hilarious actually. Fine examples are The Verger, The Treasure and The Consul as well as The Vessel of Wrath, The Creative Impulse and Jane. The former three are short pieces, exquisitely written and intended solely to entertain the reader, while the latter three are much longer and contain a damning...

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Debate Case for 2012

-leap, accessed 10/11/2011 While China scared other nations in 2007 when it became the first nation to shoot down a satellite with a land-based missile, military goals are by no means Beijing’s priority when it comes to space technology, Sourbes-Verger believes. “Skill acquisition and applications such as telecommunications, earth observation, navigation, and meteorology are what’s essential to the Chinese,” she says, to judge by the way their space programs are designed. And while China sells...

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The Novels of William Golding

tries to spit on the altar, the revelation that ensues is parodic: "The universe exploded" into pain at the blow of the verger who suddenly materializes in the darkness (p. 61), and, far from Free Fall 115 being God-like, he exhibits himself as an uncomprehending adult who imagines Sammy to be the agent of an organized conspiracy against the church. As questioners, the verger and Father Watts-Watt behave with none of Dr. Halde's menace (indeed, later demonstrate their compassion for the boy)...

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Copeland, the Chapel Administrator, has been working through her first full year here, like me learning something new at every stage. In the spring we appointed Ian Griffiths as her Deputy. Ian comes with a wealth of experience behind him as a verger and chief verger at various cathedrals, and he has already made his mark here. We have a very strong team of Chapel staff, and all of them, without exception, make an enormous contribution to the life and well-being of the Chapel. Not only do they help the...

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Encyclopedia of American Popular Fiction

that includes Paul Krendler, but Starling is now drawn into the ugly world of Lecter’s old victim, Mason Verger. Verger is the inheritor of his father’s vast meatpacking empire and as coldly manipulative of the human beings around him as his business is of the animals it slaughters. Nineteen years earlier Lecter drugged Verger and convinced him to feed his face to his starving dogs; now Verger plans to allow specially bred killer swine to eat Lecter alive. Meanwhile, Lecter’s courteous literary impulse...

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Monte Carlo - Principality of Monaco Tel.: + 377 93 25 13 44 - Fax: + 377 93 15 92 86 LOUIS VUITTON (SUÈDE) AB Tel.: + 1 212 931 2000 - Fax: + 1 212 931 2099 LVMH FASHION GROUP HAWAII INC. Parc d’activités de la Grange Barbier 1, allée des Vergers - 37250 Montbazon - France Tel.: +332 47 34 24 00 - Fax: +332 47 26 93 22 BELLE JARDINIÈRE Stureplan 3 - 11145 Stockholm - Sweden Tel.: + 46 8 611 9200 - Fax: + 46 8 611 9292 LOUIS VUITTON DANMARK A/S Ostergade 18 - DK 1110 Copenhague - Denmark...

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Speaking Activities for Classroom

Sanders Stanley Sandra Simpson Samson Terrence Tina Sanders Southern Thomas Tracy Thompson Tucker Tony Ursula Unilever Ulrich Vincent Veronica Vane Vickers Victor Violet Vickers Verger Walter Virginia Vary Vincent Wayne Wendy Webster Wilson Winston Yvonne Yates York Zero Zelda Zane Zoroaster Keep repeating the sounds in these pages and to get a feel for the natural sound and rhythm...

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Enzyme Biocatalysis

the active center, which moves away in contact with interfaces leaving the active center available for substrate binding and processing. However, there are exceptions, such as enzymes that contain the lid but do not exhibit interfacial activation (Verger 1997). Lipases may be defined as esterases catalyzing the hydrolysis and synthesis of long-chain fatty acid esters from glycerol. But, there is not a strict definition for “long-chain fatty acid” and, furthermore, most lipases hydrolyze ester substrates...

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A Learner S Polish English Dictionary

szurnàç -n´ -niesz shuffle, scrape szus mi schuss (skiing) szusowaç -suj´ -sujesz impf schuss szuwar mi us pl bulrush szwab smp Kraut (German) szwadron mi squadron szwagier -gra mp Npl -owie brother-in-law szwagierka -rek f sister-in-law szwajcar mp verger Szwajcaria f Switzerland Szwajcar mp Swiss man Szwajcarka -rek fem of Szwajcar szwajcarski aj Swiss szwank mi injury, loss szwankowaç -kuj´ -kujesz impf be deficient szwargot mi jabber szwargotaç -c(z)´ -c(z)zesz impf jabber Szwecja f Sweden Szwed...

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Gothic Fiction and Gothic in Alias Grace Fiction

best tales, “Canon Alberic’s Scrap-Book” (1904), takes place at a cathedral near Toulouse, France, where an English visitor makes notes on the historic site. James introduces a not-quite-right atmosphere in a meeting between the outsider and the verger, a wizened old man bearing a “curious furtive, or rather hunted and oppressed air” (James, 9). The Englishman builds SUSPENSE while meticulously Jane Eyre 197 studying the grounds and perusing an antique scrapbook. James’s stories earned...

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