"The Russian Ruble Crisis And Its Aftermath At The End Of Part 4" Essays and Research Papers

The Russian Ruble Crisis And Its Aftermath At The End Of Part 4

Declining productivity, an artificially high fixed exchange rate between the ruble and foreign currencies to avoid public turmoil (instability), and a chronic (constant) fiscal deficit were the reasons that led to the crisis. The economic cost of the first war in Chechnya, estimated at $5.5 billion (not including the rebuilding of the ruined Chechen economy), also contributed to the crisis. In the first half of 1997, the Russian economy showed some signs of improvement. However, soon after this, the problems...

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Russian Default 1998

Russian Default 1998 1 Intro Russian financial crisisRuble crisis Russian flu -> 17th august 1998 Result => Devaluation of Ruble , Default on Debt Causes => Declining productivity high fixed exchange rate chronic fiscal deficit Economic burden of Chechen war Asian financial crisis 1997 Commodity prices – oil & non-ferrous metals – impacted foreign exchange reserves Political crisis => Russian president Boris Yeltsin dismisses PM Viktor Chernomyrdin & his cabinet - 23 March 1998. Yeltsin ->...

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Russian Crisis

Russian Crisis 1988 Introduction The Russian Financial crisis(also called “RUBLE crisis) hit Russia on 17 August 1998. It was triggered by the Asian Financial crisis, which started in July 1997. During the ensuing decline in world commodity prices, countries heavily dependent on the export of raw material where among those most severely hit. Petroleum, natural gas, metals and timber accounted for more than 80% of Russian exports, leaving the country vulnerable to swings in world’s prices. Oil...

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Russian Economy in the Late 1990s

Causes and specific features of financial crisis in Russia at the end of 20th century. Economic and institutional background of crisis The process of economic transformation in Russia has been marked by a prolonged transitional depression and macroeconomic instability: seven years of continuing decline resulted in a cumulative drop of GDP by more than 40% between 1989 and 1996; in that period there were also several outbursts of near- hyperinflation. The first radical effort to tackle inflation...

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Development Strategies and Policies of the Russian Government: Toward Growth and Innovation Theory Paper

Research Problem and Results This paper is written to show the role of the Russian government in development of innovation growth in Russian Federation.. To show the role and the part of governmental intervention in development of innovation I would use some official statistic data. From it we could see that the role of the government in this sphere is big. To show and clarify the potential role of innovation policy in enhancing long-term productivity growth in Russia I would refer to...

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Mcdonald’s Russia: Managing a Crisis

Canada, and this could also inspire him to feel McDonald’s in Russia could be successful. #3. There were four major challenges involved with opening a McDonalds in the Soviet Union. The first risk involved building a supply chain in Russia. At the end of 1980s, the Soviet agricultural system was outdated and highly inefficient. Therefore, Cohon and his team had experienced the many simplest things in the farm, such as getting the right kind of potatoes. To overcome these challenges, Cohon’s team...

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Iran Hostage Crisis

Iran Hostage Crisis In the early morning of November 4, 1979 an angry mob of Islamic revolutionaries overran the US Embassy in Tehran, “the group called themselves the Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line” (History, Unknown). The Iran Hostage Crisis was also known as “Conquest of the American Spy Den” which is the literal translation from Persian to English (Lee). From November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days in various locations around Iran to...

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Russian Financial Crisis in 1998

The Russian Financial Crisis: Causes and Effects on ENI Countries Robert M. Birkenes, USAID/PPC/CDIE/DIO/ESDS John A. Pennell, USAID/PPC/CDIE/DIO/RRS June 4, 1999 Introduction: Scope and Purpose of Paper On 17 August 1998, the Russian government defaulted on its GKO Treasury Bonds, imposed a 90-day moratorium on foreign debt payments, and abandoned the ruble exchange rate corridor. Within the next couple of weeks, the Russian Central Bank announced that it would stop selling U.S. dollars...

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French and Russian Revolution

French and Russian Revolutions The years 1789 and 1917 held similarity in the fact that they were the beginning of years of utter chaos in Europe. In 1789, France was at the beginning of what was to be known as the French Revolution. And coincidentally so was Russia in 1917. These revolutions changed Europe in many ways, especially politically; the aftershocks were felt for decades after. Resemblances were held in the initiation execution, and follow-up; some differences did exist as well in the...

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Chap2 Minicase

Mini Case 2 Russian Ruble Roulette Russian Ruble Roulette: Case Questions 1. How would you classify the exchange rate regime used by Russia for the ruble over the 1991–2014 period? 2. What did the establishment of operational bands do to the expectations of ruble speculators? Would these expectations be stabilizing or destabilizing in your opinion? 3. What would a depreciating ruble mean for Russia’s commercial trade and its war on inflation? MC2-2 © 2015 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved...

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Russian Roulette and End Dylan

The incident caused him to lose control over his body shows how senseless he could be at times. His small group of friends got bored, on a hot summer day, and decided to play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. At first he declined but eventually was pressured into it against better judgement. In the end he did get shot but survived as a quadriplegic. Dylan admits in the story that he never really liked his friends. “My so-called friends stop visiting long ago. The guys. Not ...

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Indian Crisis

Partition of Bengal (1947) The Partition of Bengal in 1947, part of the Partition of India, was a religiously based partition that divided the British Indian province of Bengalbetween India and Pakistan. Predominantly Hindu West Bengal became a province of India, and predominantly Muslim East Bengal became a province of Pakistan. The partition, with the power transferred to Pakistan and India on 14–15 August 1947, was done according to what has come to be known as the "3 June Plan" or "Mountbatten...

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uk/business/2013/may/06/paul-krugman-battle-against-austerity/print Pagina 1 di 4 Paul Krugman's call to arms against austerity | Business | The Guardian 08/05/13 11:18 More than four years on, austerity is being questioned as never before, not least because most countries implementing a deficit-reduction policy have failed to grow. Krugman, his blog and comments on Twitter, have become the focal point for objectors worldwide. Speaking to the Guardian to publicise the second edition of his book End This Depression Now, he argues that...

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Financial Crisis

The Over-Weighted Factors The Subprime Crisis was cause by multiple factors, some more impactful than others. In the aftermath, there was enough blame to be spread all around, but some institutions and firms did not deserve the level of blame they received. The amount of blame placed on the Gaussian copula function is unjustified. Some states took heat with regard to laws passed to protect home buyers in times of default. The Federal Reserve was quickly pointed out for not recognizing a housing...

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Bosnian Crisis

Bosnian crisis Austria-Hungary after 1878 Treaty of Berlin was allowed to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina. Certain events happened to make Austria-Hungary feel threatened that she would no longer be able to ‘rule’ Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 1908 Bosnian crisis happened due the fact that Austria-Hungary wanted to and did annex Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the annexation, many problems were made, some were solved others weren’t. Austria-Hungary feeling threatened caused the Bosnian crisis, and her...

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Greer, CF & Moreland, KD 2003, 'United Airlines’ and American Airlines’ online crisis communication following the September 11 terrorist attacks', Public Relations Review, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 427‐41.

Greer, CF & Moreland, KD 2003, 'United Airlines’ and American Airlines’ online crisis communication following the September 11 terrorist attacks', Public Relations Review, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 427‐41. Q1 Despite the previous analysis of airline specific crisis communication by researchers such as Sturges and Coombs (Greer & Moreland 2003, p. 428) the aim of this specific study compares and analyses the specific use of web based communication by ‘United Airlines’ (Greer & Moreland 2003, p. 428)...

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The Crisis in Ukraine

3/13/16 Ms. Armstead IBUS Aubrey Walker Ukraine in Crisis The crisis Ukraine is facing with the battle over Crimea is one that started more than twenty years ago. August twenty-first, 1991, fifteen independent states crawled out from the strong hold of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R). This new found independence from one of the most powerful countries in the world ceased the existence of the U.S.S.R. It was the Soviet people who destroyed the Soviet Union, not outsiders, and...

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Argentine Crisis

 Analyse the causes and consequences of the Argentine crisis (2001-2002) The purpose of this essay is to further understand the what and the why the Argentine crisis emerged and explain its aftermath. To understand the specific crisis first we need to know ‘what is a financial crisis? Well in the business dictionary a financial crisis is defined as; “A situation in which the supply of money is outpaced by the demand for money. This means that liquidity is quickly evaporated because available...

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Russian Mafia

The Russian Mafia Protectionism in the New Capitalist Russia The Russian Mafia has always exercised an important role in the Russian economy. The contemporary Mafiosi are descendents of the seventeenth Century highwaymen and Cossack robbers. These men occasionally murdered families prior to raids preventing them from being captured. The Russia Mafiosi made a point to remain aloof from the state. Mob men were actually spurned when returning home from fighting in the Great Patriotic War. The gangs...

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The Russian Crisis Deja Vu

Russia From Crisis to Crisis…. Bharat Pratap Russian crisis – Evolution and prognosis 1. Contemporary Episode – Currently ongoing panic catalyzed by falling oil prices, a highly hydrocarbon based economy and lack of diversification and transparency. Key Statistical Highlights : Source : World Bank & OECD Source : CRS Compilation of data from IMF & Bank of Russia Page 2 of 11 Russian crisis – Evolution and prognosis Recent History & Current Situation: Over the last 14 years, Russia was a...

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Crisis Management

Crises Management in Public Schools Review of Crisis in Public Schools throughout the United States Throughout the United States students in public schools have experienced many crises. Students have witnessed or experienced many different types of crisis which can include: violence, death, accidents, family issues, natural disasters and terrorism. Statistics from the National Center for Educational Statistics (2008) show that in the 2003-04 school year there were 19 homicides and 3 suicides...

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History of Kazakhstan: Crisis of 1991

population. The unstable political and socio-economic situation in most former Soviet republics, and namely Kazakhstan, is expressed in economic crisis significantly affecting the whole state. Citizens are put in the conditions where one could survive relying only on own abilities and hoping for the best future. The ways in which people living in the period of crisis of 1990s experienced it could be classified in three main categories: unemployment, depreciation of money and provision scarcity. Each of...

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10 Rules of Crisis Management By Brian Ellis, EVP/Crisis Communications & whatcanbe Lab After 10 years in the news business and 20 years counseling clients how to stay out of headlines when a crisis strikes, I’ve developed 10 basic rules of crisis management. 1. Being Unprepared Is No Excuse. My father was an officer of the U.S. Army. Although I was never an active Boy Scout, their motto “Be Prepared” was drilled into my head at an early age. As I’ve toiled in this industry for the past two...

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Summary of Russian Macroeconomics

Summary of the Russian Economic Policies March 21, 2011 Differences in Fiscal Policy of our Countries Several differences in Russia’s Fiscal Policy from the other countries are the multiple measures that are available to evaluate the performance of fiscal policy. Russia’s debt-stabilizing surplus funding through the Russian Central Bank is Russia’s most appropriate measure when evaluating its ability to sustain the public debt in the long-term. Russia currently has the third largest GDP...

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Effects of Iranian Hostage Crisis

How Has the Iranian Hostage Crisis Affected the United States? For most Americans, the story begins in 1979 with the Iranian Hostage Crisis, when a group of revolutionary university students took over the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and held 52 American diplomats, intelligence officers and Marines hostage for 444 days. But for most Iranians, and to fully understand the repercussions of this aforementioned event, the story begins almost three decades prior, in 1953. This was the year that...

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1991 India Economic Crisis

------------------------------------------------- 1991 India economic crisis By 1967, India had started having balance of payments problems. By the end of 1990, it was in a serious economic crisis. The government was close to default, its central bank had refused new credit and foreign exchange reserves had reduced to such a point that India could barely finance three weeks’ worth of imports. India had to airlift its gold reserves to pledge it with International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan.[1] ...

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Cuban Missile Crisis Analysis

Cuban Missile Crisis Analysis The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the most important events in United States history; it's even easy to say world history because of what some possible outcomes could have been from it. The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 was a major Cold War confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. After the Bay of Pigs Invasion the USSR increased its support of Fidel Castro's Cuban regime, and in the summer of 1962, Nikita Khrushchev secretly decided to install...

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Russian Financial Crisis (1998)

Topic 3: Russian financial crisis (1998) 1.0 Introduction Affected by the Southeast Asian financial crisis, Russia suffered from the financial crisis in May 1998 followed the crisis in October 1997. The crisis initially reflected on currency market and security market. As a result, foreign capital about one-third of the total amount of Russian national debts faced large-scale capital flight; exchange rate depreciated and stock market suffered a large setback; re-lending interest rate once...

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Childhood in Crisis

INsitute of space technology | CHILDHOOD IN CRISIS | ASSIGNMENT#2 | | Submitted By: Arsalan Ahmed;Roll 19;Aero 10 | 6/4/2012 | Levels of depression and antisocial behavior in children have increased dramatically in the modern societies. This situation has led many people to believe that childhood itself is in crisis. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view? Childhood! The most magical time of our lives; the essence of our reminiscence; and most importantly the foundation...

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Russian Population Trends

Russian Population Research Project By Tom O'Donnell 1. Natural Characteristics affecting population Distribution (Arizona 07) Population distribution is heavily affected by natural characteristics such as rivers, mountains, lakes and forests. A lot of people tend to live where there are pleasant living conditions and/or conditions that suit themselves. Flat, easy accessible, build-able and agricultural friendly land always attracts people. To establish towns and cities there is a number...

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The Russian Revolution Of 1917

November 9th, 1917 During the Russian Revolution in 1917, a successful party called the Bolsheviks came to power. The Bolsheviks were born out of Russia’s social democratic party led by Vladimir Lenin. The Bolshevik party obtained power by total drive of character and the support of the disappointed soldiers, sailors, peasants and factory workers who were organized into Soviets. They grabbed the support of these various social classes by making promises such as: giving land and power to the peasants...

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Russian Czars

Russian Czars After the three partitions of Poland in 1772, 1793, and 1795, there were many more Jews in the Russian empire. The Pale of Settlement was a region in imperial Russia where the Jews were given permanent dwelling. The leaders of Russia were called Czars and they had complete power over the entire empire. This essay will discuss three Russian Czars, Nicholas I, Alexander II, and Alexander III and the impact they had on the Jews. The different levels of tolerance of these Czars to the...

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Financial Crisis Contagion

The International Financial Crisis Contagion: A Brief Analysis of The Last Financial Crisis & It’s Effect On Global Economics By Carlos April 29, 2013 Table of Contents Introduction Origins of The 2007-2009 Financial Turmoil The Contagion and Its Effect On Global Economy Preventing Another Crisis Epilogue Introduction Financial contagions have recently become of much interest to many economist and financial experts throughout the world, as a way to better understand...

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Crisis Interviention

Abstract I will be discussing the reasoning for crisis intervention skill in the law enforcement and how they use these specific techniques to avoid a crisis situation. In part two of this paper a specific scenario will be discussed as well as what I think the officer would do in that particular type of crisis situation and how he or she will intervene. Chiapparelli 3 Part I Public safety personnel are exposed daily...

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The Russian-Ukrainian Bilateralism

OF MACEDONIA Department: International & European studies Subject: International relations of Russia Professor: Dr. Spiridon Litsas Title: The Russian – Ukrainian Bilateralism September 2013 Paraskevopoulos Demis ΑΜ 78/08 Index Historical background 3 The soviet era 4 Our line and age 5 The gas crisis 2006 5 The Crimean issue 6 Epilogue 7 Bibliography 7 Historical Background The first record of recognition of the independence of Ukraine...

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Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Edit 0 0 16… Definition A crisis can occur in a myriad of contexts, including organizational, family, national, or interpersonal. The communication before, during and after a crisis is a transactional activity that helps individuals or organizations to prepare for or cope with the crisis event (Reynolds & Seeger, 2005). Crisis communication is studied primarily in the context of organizations (e.g., Benoit 1995, Fearn-Banks, 2009), although it is critical in coping with...

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How to Become a True Russian

How to become a true Russian The personality of Russians is a particularly interesting subject. Russians contrast themselves with the materialistic culture of the West and define themselves in terms of spirituality and their “Russian soul.” Russian national character was explored by outstanding novelists and came to be used by historians and political scientists as part of the explanation for Russia’s history. Every nation has its own character. It is no wonder that so much has...

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Russian Federation and United Kingdom: Comparison of Economy

gives information about main macroeconomic models which were applied to Russian Federation and United Kingdom. It consists of three parts. First part is dedicated to the identification of macroeconomic models for Russia and UK. The second part is about main macroeconomic changes between 2005 and 2012 in Russia and UK. Finally, effects of increase in interest rate by Bank of England to Russia and UK were described in the third part of the report. Secondary online sources and macroeconomic books were...

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Energy Crisis

A global energy crisis is defined as any great shortfall in the supply of energy to an economy. Energy is oil, electricity, or other natural resources like coal and natural gas. When the energy supply to an economy becomes endangered or scarce, prices raise to record highs. This paper will cover historical events that caused energy crises in the past, recent events that affect today's energy prices, and what is being done and proposed to lessen the United State's dependence on some forms of non-renewable...

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Russian Government Powers

Francesco Logozzo 1/20/12 AP Comparative Government In 1993, amidst the crisis of reconstruction of the Russian Federation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a constitution was drawn up for the new state. After decades of communism, Russia was heading toward more democratic processes, or at least hoped to be. Like the constitution of the United States – a wholly democratic state, the constitution of the Russian Federation dictates that there be a three-branch government consisting of the...

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Crisis Management

|MKT 351 TERM PAPER | |Crisis Management | | | |Maricely Estevez | |[June 13, 2011] ...

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Cuban Missile Crisis

the Cuban Missile Crisis on relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. On October 22, 1962, after reviewing newly acquired intelligence, President John F. Kennedy informed the world that the Soviet Union was building secret missile bases in Cuba, a mere 90 miles off the shores of Florida. After weighing such options as an armed invasion of Cuba and air strikes against the missiles, Kennedy decided on a less dangerous response. In addition to demanding that Russian President Nikita...

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Crisis in Ukraine

Simona Ulicna Prof. Mercantini HIST 1000-03 MEDIA ASSIGNMENT #2 4/30/2014 Sunday, April 27th, 2014 I watched the CNBC & CBS News channels where the news regarding the Crisis in Ukraine and sending more U.S Troops to Eastern Europe were presented. I focused on Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby where he said that the exercises and training will last about a month, and initially involve about 600 troops to be send to Ukraine. CNBC REFLECTION The United States will send about...

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Cuban Missile Crisis

Peterswag Period 4 What a Crisis After the United States invaded Cuba at Bay of Pigs, the Soviet Union, forced to protect its only stronghold in the Americas, sent several missiles to Cuba to offset the power of the United States. From October 16th to October 28th, 1962, intense diplomatic and militaristic actions occurred in the United States. The Soviet Union had transferred nuclear missiles to Cuba, a neighboring country to the United States. John F. Kennedy, the president during the crisis of 1962,...

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Russian Education

RUSSIA - CULTURE - EDUCATION 1. Russian children begin school when they are 6 years old. Elementary school consists of the first 4 grades, middle school consists of 5 grades and high school is 2 grades. It is only required that children attend the first 9 grades. After that a child can go to work or do work/study. If a child wants to go to the University, however, he or she must complete all 11 grades. There are approximately 25-30 students in each class. All students learn at least one foreign...

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Element of Culture. Russian Valenki

Element of Culture. Russian valenki Russia is a country with a very rich cultural history which takes its rise out of the customs and traditions of the early Slavs. They inhabited a vast area of central-eastern Europe in the 6th century, and were to spread even further over the next two centuries. Russian people are their descendants; we now belong with the eastern branch of the modern Slavs, along with the Ukrainians and the Byelorussians that are the western neighbours of the Russian Federation. There...

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QI part 4

 Quality Improvement Plan - Part Four and Presentation Wanda B. Grant HCS/588 October 27, 2014 Lee Tompkins Quality Improvement Plan - Part Four and Presentation The types of care and services that the Greenville VA Health Care Center (GHCC) focuses on is high quality care for the Veterans of the United States military. This center offers primary and specialty care service specifically to the Veterans in Eastern, North Carolina. The GHCC is an outpatient clinic of the Durham VA Medical Center...

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Pest Analysis of Russian Retail Market

environment in the targeted market, Russia. This study helps to frame the basis for the decision-making about a possible market entry. Thus, it is of vital importance to scrutinize the macroeconomic environment as part of the market research. Political and Legal Aspects According to the Russian 1993 Constitution, Russia is a democratic federative state with a republican form of government grounded in the rule of law (pwc, 2012). After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia has gradually opened...

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Crimerian Crisis

Introduction Problem One On Sunday, March 16th, 2014, the Crimean population voted, overwhelmingly to join the Russian Federation.  On March 17th President Vladimir Putin of Russia, stated that “in the hearts and minds of people, Crimea has always been and remains an inseparable part of Russia."  He then announced new laws for the Crimea to join the Russian Federation.  (www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26630062) Assume that there is a debate in the UN Security Council on a resolution stating that...

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Ukraine crisis briefing paper

everyone in Ukraine it was clear that Vladimir Putin pressured Viktor Yanukovych so much that essentially Putin made Yanukovych reject the deal. Just days later on 17th December Putin agrees to buy 9bn pounds of Ukraine’s debt and reduce the price of Russian gas supplies by about a third. Just hours after Yanukovych rejected EU’s proposal, thousands of protestors stormed the streets of Kiev calling for the immediate resignation of Yanukovych. The conflict quickly escalated with riot police, armed guards...

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Communication and Crisis

Communication and Crisis on Public Water Tonya Hardway HCS/320 November 26, 2012 Kim Foster Communication and Crisis on Public Water I am the director of the regional Emergency Management Office. We been receiving reports that the public water supply in several towns has been contaminated and if not taken care of it could be life-threatening. We are working hard to address the problem. Tunderhe symptoms to watch out for are: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Main concern is young children,...

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Aftermath by Wilfred Owen

Analysis of “Aftermath” by Sassoon “Aftermath” was written after the war in 1920. While other war poems composed by Sassoon, such as “Base Details” and “Wirers”, which were written from the point of view of a soldier during war, Sassoon sets the readers of “Aftermath” as post-war civilians, and uses many dark images of the battlefield to emphasize the importance of no forgetting what has happened in the past. From the very beginning of the poem, Sassoon demands for the readers’ attention with...

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energy crisis

of the Energy Crisis we are facing many crises just becauseof the energy, Like CNG, Production, Business, Studies Issues etc. An energy crisis can be defined as any enormous restrictedaccess in the supply of energy resources to anfinancial system Pakistan. Coal Reserve should be investigate Energy crisis in PakistanWind Power. A solution of Energy Crisis: serious and improvement ultimate explanation. like electricity, water for agricultural needs, natural gas etc. ELECTRICITY CRISIS: Pakistan had...

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The economy and financial markets crisis

 The economy and financial markets crisis The financial markets crisis means markets and consumers are experienced difficult business environment during this period. Retailers will fall into economy crisis because many consumers tend to reduce their purchases of goods until the economic situation improves. There are many reasons implicating of this financial crisis for the global economy. Many countries also have experienced serious turmoil in their financial systems, such as...

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Russian Literature

Russian literature: History Overview Russian literature has long been a cultural focus of the entire world. It's not surprising that the formation of Russia's first literary traditions goes back to the first century. The adoption of Christianity boosted the development of literacy, philosophy and theological literature. The earliest literary works were not written in the Russian language but in Old Church Slavonic which was developed in the 9th century by Greek missionaries Cyril and Methodius...

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European Crisis

European Crisis The article “Euro Crisis” explains in the detail the current economic problems that the European Union is struggling with. The article references highly educated professors and economists who help to explain some of the reasons why the European Union fell into this crisis. They also helped explain the possible outcomes of the recession in Europe, the way it affects the United States, and what actions should be taken in order to improve the current situation. This crisis has concerned...

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Russian Transition to Capitalism: What Would Have Made It Less Painful?


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Russian and Orange Revolutions

History themes, Task 3 Colonial India Russian Revolution/Orange Revolution History themes, Task 3 Abstract The Romans were thought to be the first to realize the benefit of trade with India. They chose to just have a part in the trade market however not attempt to gain control of the country. Eventually the British chose to go into India with the idea of colonization. The Indians were for the colonization at first. They realized the benefits of modern technology that the British could bring...

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Russian Culture

Russian culture has a long history. “In fact early Russia was not exactly ‘Russia,’ but a collection of cities that gradually coalesced into an empire. In the early part of the ninth century, a Scandanavian people known as the Varangians and their leader Rurik invested in one of these first cities, Novgorod. Rurik’s successor, Oleg extended the power of the city southward and established Kievan Rus, which is now Ukraine” (Ancient). Russians are known to be very proud of their country and traditions...

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modern universal bank, part of Societe Generale Group. It provides all types of services to individual and corporate customers. The subsidiaries of Rosbank are Rusfinance (consumer financing) and DeltaCredit (mortgage lending). In terms of assets and equity, Rosbank ranks as one of Russia’s Top-10 leading banks. The bank’s regional network numbers about 700 outlets, 1200 points of sales, around 3000 ATMs in 340 cities and towns across the country. Rosbank is a Top-3 Russian bank in retail banking...

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