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The Role Of Rural Banks In Ghana

http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/1716433/ Co-operative Banks in India: Functioning and Reforms Description: Co-operative banks are an integral part of the Indian financial system. They comprise urban co-operative banks and rural co-operative credit institutions. Co-operative banks in India are more than 100 years old. Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs) also referred to as primary cooperative banks?play an important role in meeting the growing credit needs of urban and semi-urban areas...

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Mobile Finance for Rural Banks

Edition (J2ME) 4 Short Message Service (SMS) 4 Secured Short Message Service (SSMS) 5 Figure 1 5 Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) 5 SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) 6 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 6 Mobile Finance for the Rural Environment 6 Mobile Finance solution 6 Products 7 Stakeholders 7 Recommendations 8 List of Mobile Finance software vendors and their products 8 Introduction Mobile Finance refers to the provision of a set of banking and financial services...

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Rural Sanitation in Ghana

Introduction Rural water and sanitation in Ghana is considered and seen as a social issue and not merely a technical or financial one. Sanitation, in general has always been an afterthought in past water and sanitation programmes in Ghana until the launch of the country’s Community Water and Sanitation Programme (CWSP) in 1994 when situation reversed. The implementation strategy of the CWSP focused on the creation of a market for sanitation facilities and services using community based artisans...

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Poverty in Ghana

www.ruralpovertyportal.com In recent years, Ghana has emerged as a leading country in the Western and Central Africa region. It has developed its economy on a scale that could enable it to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) before the 2015 deadline. It also managed a smooth and peaceful political transition in 2008 and 2009, and has created a political and policy environment conducive to economic and social progress and poverty reduction. The Ghanaian economy has grown at an average...

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The Bank of Ghana Act

THE BANK OF GHANA ACT, 2002 (ACT 612) OUTLINE 1. INTRODUCTION 2. PURPOSE OF THE ACT 3. ADMINISTRATION OF THE BANK 4. OBJECTS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE BANK OF GHANA 5. POWERS OF THE BANK OF GHANA 6. RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF EMPLOYEES INTRODUCTION The Bank of Ghana was established as a Central Bank of the Nation on 4th March 1957 by a British Ordinance (No.34 of 1957) passed by the British Parliament. Since then the Bank of Ghana experienced legislative changes...

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Role of It in Banks

Role of Information Technology (IT) in the Banking Sector Banking environment has become highly competitive today. To be able to survive and grow in the changing market environment banks are going for the latest technologies, which is being perceived as an ‘enabling resource’ that can help in developing learner and more flexible structure that can respond quickly to the dynamics of a fast changing market scenario. It is also viewed as an instrument of cost reduction and effective communication with...

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Regional rural bank

3/19/2014 STATE BANK OF INDIA :: INDIA's LARGEST BANK REGIONAL RURAL BANKS Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) were established in 1975 under the provisions of the Ordinance promulgated on 26th September, 1975 and Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976 with a view to developing the rural economy by providing, for the purpose of development of agriculture, trade, commerce, industry and other productive activities in the rural areas, credit and other facilities, particularly to small and marginal farmers...

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Rural Bank of Suares

Group 2 Rural Bank of Suares Case Synthesis: In a stockholders’ meeting of the Rural Bank of Suares (RBS), Peter Arguelles, the bank general manager, proposed that the bank should open another branch in the capital city. However, the stockholders are reluctant with this motion, given that there are branches of the big banks of Manila and already two rural banks in the city. For more than 20 years, the Rural Bank of Suares struggled financially because of the government’s lending program. Point-of-View: ...

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Rural Bank of Suares

Dynamics of Management Practice Case RURAL BANK OF SUARES In a stockholders meeting of the Rural Bank of Suares (RBS), Peter Arguelles, the bank general manager, reported on the financial performance of the rural bank in the past year (see Exhibits 1 and 2). The stockholders were pleased with the report since it showed substantial growth in both profitability and resources as compared to the preceding years. They were however surprised by Arguelles proposal that the bank should embark on the opening of...

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Rural Bank of Suarez

THE RURAL BANK OF SUARES To be submitted to Mrs. Dina Wong-Remoto in partial fulfillment of the requirement in Management 12-D Earl Adrian C. Aseñas Gil J. Buenavista Georgette Mae P. Dineros Christine Y. Lu Ma. Nathalie D. Refamonte Divina Mari A. Tubat January 24, 2014 I. Central Problem Major Problem: Should Rural Bank of Suares (RBS) expand and open a new branch in the city? Minor Problem: If they choose to do so, what is the best way to expand the bank in the...

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Rural Bank of Suarez

CASE ANALYSIS 2: RURAL BANK OF SUARES Synthesis: Peter Arguelles is bank general manager at Rural Bank of Suares. During the stockholder’s meeting, he proposed that the bank should open another branch in the city but the stockholders are questioning this movement given that there are already big banks in the city and there is already two rural banks. Based from the company’s history, they have financial difficulties for almost 20 years because of the government’s lending...

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The Role of Rural Banks

for the study from the library, journals, the internet and other useful materials needed. 3.3 POPULATION The targeted population which I was Management, staff/ employees and customers of the Manaya Krobo Rural bank Limited, Akuse Branch who are also involved in playing the role as a rural bank providing services. They involved Men and Women, the Young and the Old who are part of the population. 3.4 SAMPLE SIZE A sample is the unit selected from the population of interest so that by studying the...

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Role of Banks in the Economic Development

Bank: An organization, usually a corporation, chartered by a state or federal government, which does most or all of the following: receives demand deposits and time deposits, honors instruments drawn on them, and pays interest on them; discounts notes, makes loans, and invests in securities; collects checks,drafts, and notes; certifies depositor's checks; and issues drafts and cashier's checks. Features of Bank: • Money Dealing • Acceptance of Deposit • Grant of loan and advances • Payment...

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Role of Ngos in Rural Developement

Role of NGOs in Rural Development Shridhar Hegde, 2nd year MBA MSRIT Bangalore Kishan B.V , 2nd year MBA MSRIT Bangalore Abstract India has been a land of villages and the Government of India has been Implementing numerous rural development programmes for the upliftment of rural Communities. Non-government organizations with their advantage of non- rigid, locality specific, felt need-based, beneficiary oriented and committed nature of service...

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Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development

Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development According to Kent: “An organization whose principal operations are concerned with the accumulation of the temporarily idle money of the general public for the purpose of advancing to others for expenditure.” Various economists have different views about the role of commercial banks in economic development. Schumpeter says, “It is the banking system which serves as a key agent along with the entrepreneur in the process of economic development”...

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Role of Bank Capital

the key roles played by bank capital in the banking business. This report briefly outlines the main functions of bank capital and takes a brief look at the benefits of bank capital to the bank and the banking industry. It is hoped that from reading this paper a general understanding of the roles of bank capital in the banking business can be gained. Bank Capital A bank's capital also known as equity is the margin by which creditors are covered if the bank's assets were liquidated. A bank must hold...

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Ghana: the Gold Coast of Africa; was previously an oppressed colonized country by the British, until March 6, 1957 when they became the first independent African country. The president of Ghana, since 2009, is John Dramani Mahama. The current population is 24.97 million spread over 240,000 square kilometers of land. Ghana is bordered by Ivory Coast to the west, Burkina Faso to the North and Togo to the East. They hold great relationships with all these bordering nations. Ghana is divided into ten...

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Trade Finance Roles of Banks

TRADE FINANCE ROLES OF BANKS Prepared by Goodluck Nkini Manager Trade Finance CRDB Bank Limited. March 2005 Definition: Trade financing is the provision of any form of financing that enables a trading activity to take place and which may be made directly to the supplier, to facilitate procurement of items for immediate sale and/or for storage for future activities,or it could be provided to the buyer, to enable him meet contract obligations. Importance of Trade Finance The availability...

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The Role of the Central Bank

Role of A Central Bank as Lender of Last Resort Introduction Nowadays, monetary and central bank policy become more and more important. Besides, many references are regularly made to the function of central bank as lender of last resort(LOLR). LOLR contributes a lot to solve the financial crises. As central banks are independent from government, they seem to have strong priorities. In modern society, with the growth of the global economy, central banks have been playing especially important...

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Role of Commercial Bank in Economic Development in India

Commercial banks have played a critical role in the economic development of a country. Now a day’s commercial banks are important not just from the point of view of economic growth, but also financial stability. In emerging economies, commercial banks are special for three important reasons. First, they take a leading role in developing other financial intermediaries and markets. Second, due to the absence of well-developed equity and bond markets, the corporate sector depends heavily on banks to meet...

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Jasean Fowlkes Professor Marrow History 101 November 26, 2013 1. Ghana means: "Warrior King". Ghana was the title given to the emperors of Wagadou, which is why it became known in Europe and Arabia as the Ghana Empire. Although present day Ghana took its name from the ancient Ghana Empire, there is no territory common to the two, as Wagadou was located in what is now Southeastern Mauritania, Western Mali, and Eastern Senegal. (The name Wagadou meant 'Land of Herds'). 2. Ghana’s capital...

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Role of Women Executives in Banks

ROLE OF WOMEN EXECTIVE IN BANKS INTRODUCTION Indian Banking system has not only made rapid strides in net work expansion but it itself has undergone a complete and never-dreamt of transformation in its very avowed objectives, approaches, and scale of operations. Technology has indeed played a significant role in this seachange. Nationalisation of banks in two spells in 1969 and 1980 was a watershed in the annals ofbanking sector in India. Banks were required to saunter along a new path untrodden...

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The role of banks in an economy

 The role of banks in an economy One think one knows what a bank is and what it does. And not without reason: most people have had experience of at least one bank, even if it is only through having a salary account or withdrawing cash from an ATM. A bank's activities in all its divisions can basically be simplified as follows: it transfers money and information, and in doing so transforms money, maturities and risks. Some of the example of four lines of a bank's business to examine how it does...

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Role of Commercial Banks in the Economic Development of a Country:

Role of Commercial Banks in the Economic Development of a Country: Commercial banks are one of the three primary agents which help circulating funds in the market. Commercial banks provide loans and corporate bonds to the households, new start ups and small medium enterprises to run their businesses. It also obtains money from the households and invests that money to other profitable investments. The money held as customer account then accrues interest which is given to the customer in the form...

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Functions and the Roles of the Central Bank

Functions and the roles of the central bank Central Bank of Malaysia also known as Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) was established on 26 January 1959 under the Central Bank Ordinance 1958. The main functions and roles of central bank are: Supply currency, act as custodian of banks’ reserves and control value of Malaysian currency; Act as government’s banker and financial adviser; Ensure financial stability and strong financial structure; Act as commercial banks’ banker; Control and influence the...

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Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development

regarding how banks provided finance for imperialist ventures in newly acquired colonies. Over time banks have formed an important part in providing an avenue for both savings and investments. Land, Labor, capital and entrepreneurs are the basic economic resources available to business. However, to make the use of these resources, a business requires finance to purchase of the land, hire labor, pay for capital goods and pay for individuals with specialized skills. Detail role of commercial banks in economic...

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Impact of Global Health Actors on Health Policies of Ghana

INTRODUCTION This essay would inquire in to the impact of global health actors on Health Policies in the Republic of Ghana highlighting the World Trade Organization, The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as reference points. Policy issues have emerged from both constructive and unconstructive effects of various global processes associated with development in the trans-national movement of funds, commodities, services, a rise in multinational corporations, widening inequalities, diseases...

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Regional Rural Bank

domiciled in Kashmir Division of the State of Jammu & Kashmir during the period 1-1-1980 to 31-12-1989? : Whether you belong to Religious Minority Community ? : Religion to which you belong : Are you an Employee of any participating Bank ? : Name of the Participating Bank : Employee Number : Are you an Ex-Serviceman? : Have you applied for the CWE for Specialist Officers held in March 2012 ? Note: If Yes, Please enter your Registration Number Registration Number: Nationality / Citizenship : Centre of...

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Role of Indian Banks in the Growth of the Indian Economy

banking sector is no exception to this event. Banking, the world over, has been changing at a spectacular pace. This change is due to multifarious factors like the need to be efficient in functions, thirst for becoming finance superpowers than mere banks, growing importance of private banking, the rise in high net worth individuals, etc. the decade of 90s has witnessed a sea change in the way banking is done in India. Technology has made tremendous impact in banking. “ANYWHERE BANKING” and “ANYTIME...

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The Role and Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Ghana’s Economy.

the 8 questions in page 75 of your text book but start reading from page 71 under the heading of - Determining what to research, and stop at the 8 questions. , propose a research topic and Justify it choice. Proposed Research Topic: The Role and Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Ghana’s Economy. Topic Area: The topic is on Microfinance and the Impact It has on Ghana’s Economy. Microfinance is often defined as financial services for poor and low-income clients offered...

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Nabard Bank

NABARD BANK HISTORY NABARD was established on the recommendations of Shivaraman Committee, (by act 61, 1981 of Parliament) on 12 July 1982 to implement the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act 1981. It replaced the Agricultural Credit Department (ACD) and Rural Planning and Credit Cell (RPCC) of Reserve Bank of India, and Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation (ARDC). It is one of the premier agencies to provide credit in rural areas. Nabard is India's specialised...

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Role of commercial banks

The Role of Commercial Banks in the Economy Many of us share a fairly basic view of banks. They are places to store money, make basic investments like term deposits, sign up for a credit card or get a loan. Behind this mundane view, however, is a highly regulated system that ties our day-to-day banking back into the wider financial system. In this article, we’ll look at commercial banks, how they are created and what their larger purpose is in the overall economy. When is a Bank a Commercial...

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The Role of Banks in Economic Recessions

The role of banks in economic recessions 05.05.2009 In today’s wavering global economic context, the word `crisis` is omnipresent, taking the media by assault and infringing into the population’s daily life, although many countries haven’t even officially entered recession yet. Although recession is generally referred to as a negative Gross Domestic Product growth for a period of at least two consecutive quarters, other important economic...

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Introduction Advertising has and would always be around us. If one questions what the CAL Bank tent on the University of Ghana Business School compound is doing, then one is sure to have advertising as an answer. The advertising sector in Ghana is becoming more complex, interesting and challenging since its revival in the 1980s after the liberalization of the economy under the Economic Recovery Programme (ERP). Customers have differed in several ways such as taste, preferences, social class among...

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Even after 56 years of Independence, right from the Nehru era to the Vajpayee era, the rural India of today still short of basic amenities, like drinking water, electricity, roads, housing, food and clothing. Once Gandhiji told the renowned author Mr. Mulk Raj Anand that we can't build India unless we build villages. Gandhiji wanted to make the villages independent republics, independent in governance and for routine requirements, governed by the people of the villages and self sufficient for...

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Role in risk mgt of Bangladeh Bank

FIN 470.1 Role of Bangladesh Bank Risk Management Submitted To : M. Ahsanur Rahim, School of Business Submitted By Ajeyo Patranabish 1120240030 10/3/2014 Introduction Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh. It’s core duty is to maintain the financial fluency of our country. On doing so it performs a lot of activities and among them the risk management of other commercial banks is notable. Because on managing the risk of other commercial banks it keeps the economy standing. Some new...

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Organizational Profile of Ut Bank Ghana Ltd, Kumasi Branch

leadership of UT Bank Ghana Limited, Kumasi Branch which seeks to study a new theory of organisation built on the idea that individuals, groups and organisations like biological organisms operate more effectively when their needs are met. Organizational profile of UT Bank Ghana Ltd, Kumasi Branch UT Bank Ghana Limited (formerly UT Financial Services Ltd) commenced business as a finance house in 1997 under its former name. It has evolved from a lending institution to a universal bank through the acquisition...

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Role of Financial Institutions and the Central Bank in Kenya

Question 1: Briefly explain role of the following Financial Institutions in the economic development of Kenya: a) Kenya Industrial Estates: Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) Limited was established in 1967 as a subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) with a major role of promoting indigenous entrepreneurship by financing and developing small scale and micro enterprises. KIE Limited was established to facilitate development and incubation of micro, small and medium...

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Role of Ngo in Rural Development

it is required to promote organisations of street vendors’ e.g. SHGs, Co-operatives and other forms to facilitate their empowerment. The organisation should build adequate systems for managing finances/ investment to be handled by professionals. Role of State Governments · All State governments should ensure that institutional arrangements, legislative frameworks and other necessary actions achieve conformity with the National Policy for Street Vendors Action Plan · A comprehensive survey...

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Tyra Banks Is a Good Role Model

Tyra Banks is a good role model. "A smart model is a good model,” Tyra Banks has once said, but does Tyra Banks really live up to the standards of being a good model? Some might agree while others disagree. It all depends on how people define the word good. To better understand why Tyra Banks is a good role model some examples are given below. First of all, the connotation of the word good can confuse someone just by reading the statement above because of the variety of ways the word can be...

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Corporate Governance in Ghana Against the Corporate Governance in the Us

of Ghana in compares with the United States Regulations. Corporate Governance in the world has received both increased attention and scrutiny in the 21st century, after a series of financial reporting and corporate governance scandals such as Lehman Brothers, WorldCom and Tyco shook the US securities markets and more recently with the collapse of Bear Stearns that set off a serious global financial crisis. In Ghana, the cases of Pyram, Bank for housing and construction and the CAL Bank raise...

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rural livelihood

DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT OF RURAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COURSE : SOCIAL ECONOMICS OF RURAL LIVELIHOOD CODE : ERL213 LECTURE : FRANCIS UNGAPEMBE STUDENT : GIFT KAPOTA YEAR : 2 ASSIGNMENT : Seven QUESTION : Discuss the role of government in promoting socio-economics of rural livelihood DUE DATE : 7 September 2013 DATE SUBMITTED: 2 September 2013 Government has a role to play in as far as...

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Role of Central Bank (Europe)

The regulation of a country’s financial system usually is the responsibility of that country’s Central Bank. Examples of this would be the United States Federal Reserve, The European Central Bank and the Bank of England. The central bank manages a country’s currency, money supply and interest rates. Central Banks also oversee the commercial banking system. Unlike a commercial bank, the central bank has a monopoly on increasing the country’s monetary base and also usually prints a country’s currency...

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nestle in ghana

GSM5200 MARKETING MANAGEMENT - GROUP STUDY Nestlé (Ghana) Ltd. “An Analysis on Situation and Marketing Strategy Proposal to Maintain Brand Equity and Expand Brand Penetration of Nestle Products in Ghana, West Africa” “How to effectively expand market in least developing countries” is the major issue found in the case. This consists of derived issues faced by the company which can be correlated with marketing studies. By The American Marketing Association, marketing is defined as the activity...

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Executive Summary of Rajasthan Gramin Bank

is highly influenced by rural economy; therefore the role of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in the rural development is phenomenal. Regional Rural Banks in India are an integral part of the rural credit structure of the country. Since the very beginning, when the RRBs were established in October 2, 1975, these banks played a pivotal role in the economic development of the rural India. The main goal of establishing regional rural banks in India was to provide credit to the rural people who are not economically...

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How is Ghana different from the UK? UK Ghana Flags Red, white, blue Red, green, yellow with a green star Climate The climate of Ghana is tropical, but temperatures vary with season. We never know what the weather will be like from one day to the other. It can be sunny one day and rainy the next. As we have such a variable climate changing from day to day, it is difficult to predict the weather. In general we have warm summers and cool winters...

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Evolution of Banks in Ghana

Evolution of Banks in Ghana Ghana’s financial sector is dominated by foreign banks that emerged after the liberalization of the financial market over the last eight years. At independence, there were only two foreign banks, Barclays and Standard Chartered Banks that were dominant players in the country. Naturally, their operations were structured to support the colonial economy. Research indicates that the Bank of Gold Coast was later split into Ghana Commercial Bank and Bank of Ghana in 1957....

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Role of Community Attitudes in Revival of Rural Tourism

constitutes rural areas, in which 72 per cent of the total population (70.98 per cent according to 2001 census) lives. Since independence most of the national policies have been focusing upon rural development. But issues like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, regional imbalances, and environmental degradation through deforestation; health and sanitary factors in rural areas remain unsolved. Many of the planners blame commercial viability for this matter. At the same time these rural areas posses...

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Introduction What is bank? Finance is the lifeblood of trade, commerce and industry. Now days, banking sector acts as the backbone of modern business. Development any country mainly depends upon the banking system. MODERN BANKING: - The banking, which was known in various forms and guises in The ancient civilization in various parts of the world did not Coincide with the emergence of the modern Banks. The Banking which had its roots in the flourished culture...

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Effects of Globalization on Ghana

Globalization on Ghana Globalization is a phenomenon that has conquered much of the world we live in today. From the depths of the most rural village to the world’s biggest cities, the effects of globalization are quite apparent. However, this paper aims to address the issues that globalization presents for countries in West Africa; more specifically, Ghana. To fully understand the situation of Ghana, we must look at the meaning of globalization and what it represents to Ghana and the Ghanaian...

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Limitation of Banks

PERFORMANCE OF BANK A Study on performance of bank using Camel modelwith special reference to The Citizen Co-operative Bank Ltd. INTRODUCTION India has large number and broad range of rural financial services providers with formal financial banks at one extreme informal provider such as money lenders or traders at the other extreme and between these 2 a large number of semi-formal providers the co-operative sector was conceived as the 1st formal institutional channel for credit delivery to rural India...

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Rural Insurance

business in rural India, both among the rural wealthy and the not-so-wealthy, and most firms in the business are actually ahead of targets laid down by the sector’s regulator, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, or Irda. The companies claim that apart from helping them grow sales in locations outside the near-saturated urban markets, this strategy also helps them maintain their profitability at existing levels—which means that rural policies are as profitable as urban ones. “Rural and social...

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Ghana and the United States Relationship

The Republic of Ghana & The Unites States of America: The Analysis of Investment and Trade Relationship [pic] [pic] Outline Introduction Statement of intent and Background information Government support Business impact Government regulation V. Business compact and lobbying organization Capitalism is an economic and political system where a country’s commerce and industry is dictated and controlled by private owners. In many developing countries...

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Empowering the Women’s Labor Force in Ghana

Empowering the Women’s Labor Force in Ghana Since 1992, Ghana’s Constitution recognizes equal rights between men and women in all aspects of life. Even though Ghana’s Constitution works as a legal mechanism that guarantees women protection, the women’s reality is different. For example, the national literacy rate for men is 44.1% as opposed to 21.1% for women (WILDAF, FEDDAF, 2013). Receiving less education than men, when employed women don’t earn enough to be economically independent and support...

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Rural Development of Pakis

Rural Development of Pakistan CSR Project Submitted to: Sir Uzair farooq Submitted by: M.Azeem khan MBO-20 Comsats University, Lahore Rural Development of Pakistan...

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Role of Financial Institution in Economy

Role of Banks and Financial Institutions in Economy Money lending in one form or the other has evolved along with the history of the mankind. Even in the ancient times there are references to the moneylenders. Shakespeare also referred to ‘Shylocks’ who made unreasonable demands in case the loans were not repaid in time along with interest. Indian history is also replete with the instances referring to indigenous money lenders, Sahukars and Zamindars involved in the business of money lending by...

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Organic Food Market Ghana

Profiles of organic food markets Ghana Macro-economic data General Population 2011 | 25,000,000 | Gross Domestic Product (current US$, 2011) | 39.20 billion | GDP growth rate (%, 2012) | 2.10% | GDP per capita (current US$, 2012) | $3,300 | Inflation rate (%, 2013) | 10.40% | Unemployment rate (%, 2005) | 12.90% | Distribution of GDP between sectors (%, 2012) | agriculture: 24.6%industry: 27.4%services: 47.9% | Size of middle and upper class | Low (50.7%), middle (30%)...

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Historical Background of Rural Finance of Bangladesh

Historical background of rural finance The non-institutional or informal rural finance Informal rural finance markets enable flow of funds and transfer of rural financial assets through relatively localised transactions in money, and real goods and services among friends, relatives, kin-members, landlords, neighbours, shopkeepers, farmers, artisans, itinerant traders, marketing intermediaries, village mahajans (moneylenders), and other local income groups. Informal financial markets do...

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Economy of Ghana

Adjustment [ERP/SAP] in April 1983. The policy seeks to eliminate barriers to export and import sector of the economy and there by promote large scale production within the domestic economy. Some of the obvious merits of trade liberalization in Ghana are increased output especially of non-traditional goods for export, increased access to foreign goods on the Ghanaian market, increased employment and easier transfer of production including foreign direct investment. The trade reform policy however...

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Structure of Commercial Banks

tSTRUCTURE OF BANKS Commercial banks can be divided into 2 main categories: (1) Scheduled banks (2) Non-scheduled banks (1) Scheduled bank: A scheduled bank is so called because it has been included in the second schedule of Reserve bank of India Act, 1934. To be included in the schedule, the bank must satisfy the following 3 conditions: (a) It must have paid up capital and reserves of an aggregate value of at least Rs. 5 lakhs; (b) It must satisfy the reserve bank that its affairs...

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