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The Most Interesting Place You Have Ever Visited

Earl Smith III Professor Vining English 1301 February 5, 2012 The Most Disturbing Place I Have Ever Been To Going to jail was no fun. It started off with a police officer placing me in handcuffs. The handcuffs were so tight that my hands went numb. Then I took a long ride in the back of a police car. I had to lean to the side so that I could ease the pressure of the handcuffs on my wrists. Next I arrived at the inmate-processing center. From the moment the door closed behind me, I was...

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Describe the Most Interesting Movie That You Have Seen

Describe an interesting film you saw recently.    You should say;  What is the title?  When did you see it?  What is the story about?  And explain why this movie was interesting to you. Last summer, my family and I went to AMC Movie Theater in Cupertino and enjoyed a movie entitled “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. It was a Science Fiction and adventure movie in three-dimensions. We enjoyed state-of –the-art computer graphics in the movie. For instance, when a dinosaur chased the characters...

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interesting place

Essay If you believed the house you were living in was haunted would you flee town or would you try to accommodate your house for your ghostly guest? Me myself I would run and never come back, however one woman by the name of Sarah Winchester decided that she would provide accommodation for her ghostly visitors in her whole seven story mansion. Back when I was in middle school me and my grandma was watching the discovery channel and a piece came on in which they were talking about this bizarre...

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Have You Ever Been to College?

Have you ever been to a college class? Did that class only consist of two exams, a midterm and a final throughout the entire semester? How much stress did you feel around the time those exams came around? These are the types of problems that Patrick O’Malley argues against in his essay “More Testing, More Learning”. In this essay, O’Malley takes the stand presenting the fact that there are courses in college that provide infrequent testing. He lets it be known that this is not the most effective...

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Why you should go to Brazil!

and exotic attributes alone are reason enough for all of you to come visit this land of beauty. Introduction I. Have you ever wanted to go surfing on white sand beaches where the people are beautiful and everything is cheap. Have you ever wanted to see the diversity and wonder of the Amazon mixed in with the cement jungle of Sao Paulo. Well, if you have all of this can be seen in one country alone and that is Brazil. II I must tell you that all I will speak about today is first hand information...

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Place You Have Visited for a Holiday

corner of the state. One of the wonders of Malaysia, it is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country. This highland paradise still retains much of the charm of an English village. Being a primarily agricultural domain, you will find an abundance of vegetables and fruits farms here. Cameron Highlands is also the leading producer of flowers and tea in Malaysia. Be prepared for a lovely sight of extraordinary flowers you won’t see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia! Located on the Titiwangsa...

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Have you ever seen the Hunger Games mov

28 October 2014 The Hunger Games book and movie are great. Well, if you have seen them you clearly see that the movie and the book’s plots are relatively similar, but there are a few differences between the movie and the book. Although they bear some seeming variances, the similarities between the Hunger Games book and the Hunger Games movie are pronounced. To begin, the Hunger Games movie is a very interesting movie that is modified in order to clarify several concepts that cannot...

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Do You Believe

Do You Believe In Aliens Are we alone or do you believe in aliens? Most people would say no in public, but in truth most do believe. A survey was taken of 29 people; they were asked one to three questions depending on their answer. Question # 1, “Do you believe aliens exist?” out of 29 people asked 24 said yes, they do believe aliens exist. Those 24 went on to the next question, Question # 2, “Do you believe aliens have visited Earth (even if just to fly past)?” of the 24 that...

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Discuss the Attributes of Postmodern Drama/Theatre Performance That You Find the Most Interesting.

felt that as science and technology developed so did human understanding. As understanding increased people began questioning everything that they had been previously told such as society, politics and religion. We no longer have recourse to grand narratives....But as we have seen, the little narrative remains the quintessential form of imaginative invention....In addition, the principle of consensus as a criterion of validation seems to be inadequate. It has two formulations. In the first, consensus...

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The worst manager you have ever seen

Do you think that highly influential people gain power? In other words, are influence and power related? Yes, we think influence and power are related. Identification occurs when people accept the direction or influence of others because they identify with the power holders and seek to maintain relationships with them—not because they value or even agree with what they have been asked to do. French and Raven’s concept of referent power is based on the same sort of personal attractiveness as is...

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The Most Beautiful Place I Have Ever Seen

The most beautiful place I have ever seen There are so many nice places on the earth. They are scattered across the country. Every place has its own distinct features. Some places have scenic beauty in abundance while many are famous for their architectural wonders. In addition every person has different tastes, choices and likings. Several people enjoy the sight of scenic beauty; some are attracted towards places of historical and archaeological interests. A few may be interested in visiting...

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Australia Facts: Interesting Facts About Australia

Australia Facts: Interesting Facts About Australia The Land Down Under is an anomaly in many regards. It is an island, a country, and a continent at the same time. Keep reading to learn some very interesting facts about Australia. Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, the Commonwealth of Australia comprises the continental mainland, the Tasmanian island, and many other smaller islands. One of the interesting facts about Australia is that the oldest skeleton found in Australia is reportedly more...

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Have you ever made the disastrous decisions

Avoiding Disaster by Disaster Have you ever made disastrous decisions? You might think the reason why you made a disastrous decision without any thought about the consequences is because you lacked prior experiences of making such disastrous decisions. When I was a child, I usually played with a coin to amuse myself. One day, I envisioned the coin was a shining, delicious cookie, and then I swallowed it like a cookie, resulting in the coin getting stuck in my throat. Fortunately, my mom noticed...

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Third place

Third Place Third places, the world is full of them, but how do we know what place is a third place and what place is simply just a place? When you walk into wherever it might be that you go to relax or just get away from work, home or school, what things in that place make you want to be there? Why have you chosen this place over anywhere else? Everyone has a third place but what exactly is a third place, where it is located, and what it is made up of to make it an actual third place? I recently...

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"Three Kinds of Books to Read" tells about three different types of books that are most read. They are fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

Three Kinds of Books to Read I'm an avid reader and I have found the most interesting books fall within three categories. The categories are fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I have read books in all of these categories and although I'm not an expert, I will explain the differences of these categories. Nonfiction is probably my favorite category, because while reading these books the reader is reliving something that happened to someone or an event that happened somewhere. These books are based...

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A Place You Consider Beautiful

My Beautiful Place Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong era? I ask this because I know I do. The place that I consider beautiful is America, but please bear with me for a second and let me explain. I’m not talking about the America built on people who are famous for just being famous or the obese population produced by Mc Donald’s, I’m not even referring to the weather (yes I’m still bitter about the excuse of a “summer” we get in Ireland). To me America isn’t beautiful anymore but...

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A Beautiful Place

 A Beautiful Place Everyone has their favorite place, if it’s in their heads or in real life. This is about one of my favorite places. This place would be the place I’d always go to whenever I had the free time. Even if I didn’t, I’d take the project I was working on and finish it there. No one ever went to the place or did I tell them where I was going so I was all alone in complete solitude. I used to live on a farm, out where no one could see. When you step outside you will see never ending...

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A wonderful place

A Wonderful Place Some people may feel exciting about their summer time because they want to take summer vacation. Nowadays, we are feel more competition and have stresses in our modern life. People think a good vacation will help us improve our metal healthy and find creative inspiration in our daily life. One of the major reason why people wants to take vacation is they can rest and relax their self. The other reason...

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Have you ever considered what kind of person you want to be

American Life Style and fast food How much fast food do you guess you eat a month? The average American eats about 50lbs worth, that’s more than most children in 3rd world countries eat in total in 3 monthsWill you follow everyone else or will you stray from the beaten path, and dare to be different? Dare to be your own person? Or will you crumple from the influences and pressures of society? The truth is no matter how much you tell yourself that you are going to be independent and make your own choices...

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Historical Places in India

Historical Places in India India is a land with a rich and varied history. Many different rulers, dynasties, and empires have fought over and controlled different parts of the Indian subcontinent during its eventful history. The various rulers and dynasties left behind their legacy in the form of grand monuments and buildings, in different historical places in India. Most of India's cities have a history worth exploring, for the tales of the past are truly fascinating. The various monuments including...

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What would You Do ? and Country

IELTS SPEAKING PART ONE TOPICS. YOU Describe yourself. FAMILY o Describe your family? o Do you have a large or small family? o How much time do you spend with your family? o What do you like to do together as a family? o Do you get along well with your family? o Are people in your country generally close to their families? WORK o What do you do? o What are your responsibilities? o How many hours do you work each day? o Do you enjoy your work? o Is there...

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Have you ever bullied or been bullied

Have you ever bullied or been bullied? If you have bullied or been bullied then you should know how bullying feels like. Bullying is very negative and creates major problems for our society. Nothing good comes out of bullying. It could very well change or ruin a person’s life. In fact, it does ruin many people’s lives. Kids can be mentally scarred if they are teased often. Even worse, they could be killed or fatally injured if the bullying gets extreme. There are many causes for bullying which must...

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Places That Interest Me

An interesting place you enjoyed visiting. There is a very lovely place that I enjoy visiting. I am never tired of visiting it. My place of interest is full of greenery, serenity and is a huge, beautiful garden of various flowers. It has flowers, trees and shrubs of various kinds. This place is the Singapore Botanical Gardens. It is located on the outskirts of the city. The Botanical Garden is a lovely place to take strolls. In the morning, people frequent the place to jog, walk or do other...

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Sense of Place

A sense of place Born in a seaside resort you could count yourself as quite lucky, I do. Bournemouth is a beautiful seaside town with so much to do and has been a huge tourist attraction since the very first short wooden jetty pier was completed in 1856. Bournemouth contrasts hugely to those scruffy little towns with nothing but dirty alleyways. Right on the Jurassic coast, Bournemouth beach is one of the most popular seaside tourist destinations. Every summer there is a massive air festival;...

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INTERESTING PLACES TO GO IN MALAYSIA 1) Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur The iconic landmark is a must-visit. Visitors can shop at the Suria KLCC mall or enjoy a day under the sun at the KLCC Park. If you are brave enough, you can opt to cross the skybridge on the 41st and 42nd floors. 2) Mount Kinabalu, Sabah Be sure to mark Mount Kinabalu off your bucket list. As the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago, the mountain is a prominent attraction to climbers from all over the world. ...

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where have you been

“Where have you been” By: Khalid Arbei Arellano The cold wind from the east blew solemnly. It makes the curtain dance with its rhythm. Esh Reh felt it, so she gets her woolen bandana and conceals her neck up to her head. She went to the window, holds the window pane and slowly pulled it then she goes to the chimney and after she lighted it, she sitted in front of it and put her hands near to the flame to lessen the coldness that she feels. She sensed the spirit of Christmas. It’s December already...

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Peyton Place Research Paper

 Have you ever wanted to read a book that set you into a different time but reminded you of life today? Or how would you act if someone said this to you. "There ain’t much a feller can do when he’s married to a born whore" (Metalious 4). An interesting quote from a book right? How would if feel if this person was calling someone you know a slut? Or better yet who would right that. Well it is very simple my friend this is a story from a book I greatly enjoy a best-selling novel known Peyton Place...

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Malaysia Intering Places

The Best Time To Visit Interesting Places In Malaysia Malaysia. It is now well one of the famous contry in Southeast Asia that usually chosen by tourist from the whole world to visit when there is a holiday, but the number of tourists usually depends on the weather of Malaysia. To overcome the lack of number of tourists, a good prediction of weather must be done by the tourism company. ` Malaysia is located a few degrees north of the Equator and is one of the South East Asia nations. The climate...

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Have you read a newspaper?

 HAVE YOU READ A NEWSPAPER? ABSTRACT Have you ever wondered; why we find the lead story in the farthest upper-right hand column? Like most people, we try to keep up with the news by watching it on television. That is how 65% of us get 100% of our news – from the 24-odd-minute television news broadcast. What television news bring is primarily a front-page headline service only. To get all one needs to know, one has to amplify these headlines with a complete...

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Most Beauiful Place I Have Seen

First season [edit] Main article: 2008 Indian Premier League The inaugural season of the tournament started on 18 April 2008 and lasted for 43 days with 59 matches scheduled, out of which 58 took place and 1 was washed out due to rain. The final was played in DY Patil Stadium, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Every team played each other both at home and away in a round-robin system. The top four ranking sides progressed to the knockout stage of semi-finals followed by a final. Rajasthan Royals defeated Chennai...

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The 6 Most Important Decisions You'Ll Ever Make

make are the right ones. After reading The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make I think I have taken a step in the right direction. The six major points in the novel: friends, school, parents, addictions, dating and sex, and yourself seemed logical and they helped to alter my view on life and the decisions I will have to make in the future. Overall, friends are one of the most important things to teenagers, and humans of all ages. Whether we have many good friends or a select few close friends...

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In what ways have change been made interesting to you by writers craft and performance of the text and on screen?

characters in the story, not always in a good way. Additionally, particular techniques are used to create an atmosphere around these characters. The authors of the original texts are not particularly the only people that have a say in how these protagonists are perceived, they have been presented in all manners of ways; with directors (such as Roman Polanski, director of the 1971 adaptation of the play, and Clive Donner, director of the book to screen reworking in 1984.) and playwright’s having a say...

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Place, Non-Place, and Cyberspace

and age, time is moving ever so quickly. The places we knew, may not be places anymore, things that are were made three years ago, are considered “old”, and we as human beings have been faced with a whole new world called cyberspace. In a way, this can all be very daunting and scary at times however, I believe that there is also a beauty to it, a hidden tint of silver lining to this grey cloud we call the 21st century world. In the up coming pages, a “place”, a “non-place”, and “cyberspace” will...

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Where have you been

Stacey Robinson Professor Victoria Madden Bonillas English 1010 14th July 2014 Thesis’s of Where are you going, where have you been? Where are you going, where have you been is about a young teen thinking she knows the rules of life when she really doesn’t. As we grow up in life we always seem to feel like we know more than our parents and that we have all the answers. The main character was Connie a young free spirited fifteen year old girl who was conceited and thought she was the prettiest...

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Have You Ever Been Skeptical About What You Eat Everyday Is Not Essential As You Think

Have you ever been skeptical about what you eat everyday is not essential as you think? You may doubt that what am I talking about. I am going to talk about something that you eat everyday. Guess what? That is rice! Recently, my mother decided to choose brown rice instead of white rice as our food staple. This raises my attention about white rice. At present, half the world's population sees rice as their staple food, mainly in parts of Asia, southern Europe, tropical America and Africa. Among the...

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Sacred Places

Sacred Places A sacred place can be interpreted as many things that can and cannot be seen or visited. The majority of all mythologies have some sort of sacred place that is associated with it. A sacred place doesn’t have to be a heaven or hell. It can be an altar, ruin, place of sacrifice, ritual spot, burial site, cultural migration lines, pictographs, and any other place that could be essential to a culture. (Leonard & McClure, 2004, "Gulliford's Nine Categories of Sacred Places"). One of...

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Interesting Place

Indonesia. Another crystal clear reason that makes Malacca a place of national importance to Malaysia is its harbour. In the ancient times, the harbour was suitable for many large ships from western and eastern countries all over the world. However, today, the harbour cannot be used for large ships as it does not have proper accommodation. In October 2010, Malacca was awarded as world heritage city by UNESCO and the most visited place nowadays was Melaka River Cruise. The river was the main artery...

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A Place I Want to Visit Most

spectacular geographic features including Sugar Loaf mountain, Corcovado Peak, and the hills of Tijuca. These features collectively make the harbor one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Population In 2010, the city of Rio de Janeiro was the 2nd most populous city in Brazil, approximately 6.3 million people within the city proper, making it the 6th largest in the Americas, and 26th in the world The city had 1,200,697 opposite-sex couples and 5,612 same-sex couples. The population of Rio de Janeiro...

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Place Marketing / Place Branding

Place Marketing The concept of place branding has emerged in recent years as a powerful instrument and it is becoming more popular all over the world. Place branding is important today because in the global marketplace of instant communication and growing democracy, the opinions of the people count as much as the opinions of the powers in charge. As a consequence of expanding globalization, the need for place branding is more important than ever. Having a positive brand is necessary to compete with...

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As most of you know this

As most of you know this month is devoted to raising awareness and educating individuals about breast cancer and honoring thousands of women across our nation who have been Sadly, we all know someone--a mother, a sister, a friend, a neighbor--who has faced breast cancer. I know that I do. In fact, the circle grows larger every day with friends, families and loved ones who are stricken by breast cancer. diagnosed, fighting or have survived breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among...

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A Book You Have Read

The setting for The Diary of Anne Frank is in a “Secret Annexe” in Amsterdam, Holland. Anne and her family are not the only people that are hiding in the “Secret Annexe,” the Van Daans live with them also. Anne draws a map in the book to show you a layout of the “Secret Annexe.” It’s pretty large, although with eight people living there, it’s quite crowded. The plot for the story was for Anne and her family to hide from the Germans until the war was over. Hiding was hard for the Franks...

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‘Some businesses now say that no one can smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. Do you agreARGUMENTATIVEe or disagree? Give reasons.’

Argumentative Essay ‘Some businesses now say that no one can smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons.’ You're always better off if you quit smoking; it's never too late. A well said thought by Loni Anderson. Smoking is never good for your health, it acts as a slow poison which kills you daily after every puff. It is considered as a bad habit but still a large proportion of people are indulged into smoking...

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Yes and We Have You

the process of sweeping the floor. She’s come to a stop, gazing out of the window, mesmerized by the sight of the most beautiful doll in the display, and jealous that Eponine can see it and touch it up close. COSETTE: There is a castle on a cloud I like to go there in my sleep. Aren’t any floors for me to sweep, Not in my castle on a cloud. Cosette gets out from a hiding place in the wall a knotted grimy rag - this is her “doll”, the knot is the doll’s head. There is a lady all in white ...

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The Most They Ever Had Book Review

The Most They Ever Had The Most They Ever Had is a story of suffering, hard work, and sacrifice. It is a collaboration of interviews conducted on the textile workers of the Profile cotton mill in Jacksonville, Alabama. The author of the book, Rick Bragg, compiles the stories of these people because he is one of them. He was raised in Jacksonville, Alabama. His older brother, Sam, worked at the mill. Bragg wrote this story of his people because it was a story that needed to be heard. The Most They...

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My Place for Diversity

My Place for Diversity XXXXXX XXXXXX Comm/315 November 20, 2012 XXXX XXXXX My Place for Diversity An understanding of both the hidden dimensions of diversity and the visible can upsurges understanding and tolerance of the differences in every one of us. Diversity gives uniqueness to each of us and makes us interesting, however if you base your judgment on the visual and not the hidden dimension as well, then you are being judgmental to that person. The visual characteristics only encompass...

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The Greatest Battle You Will Ever Face Is the Battle to Be Yourself

Greatest Battle You Will Ever Face is the Battle to be Yourself Finding the person you really are is a life-long journey. The people you hang out with, your family, what you listen to and what you watch on television all affect the person you become. My Biology teacher once told me “Everyone is born a scientist. You do experiments to figure out what is right or wrong, and you learn from them.” When you are growing up you teach yourself things like how to talk and walk. You never get it right...

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The most dangerous game

Agatha Lai The Most Dangerous Game March.07.2014 The “Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell shows the transformation of a civilized man to a savage when his life is threatened. This sharpens our awareness of life and provides insight into the nature of the human condition which is an interpretive story. First of all, by highlighting the ironic fact that when a guy who seemed to have no connection with murder, but hunting, turned out to be a murderer, uttered the unseen...

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The best trip ever

the car. The idea of leaving America and going to Japan seemed to really not have hit me yet, but now that I look back I know that I had to feel it. I think that the things that I was feeling was such a blob of mixed emotions that I really did not know how to feel so I will just say that I was excited. At the airport I met my best friend and two other friends of mine from school. We would all be traveling together, most all the time. The only things that would really be different would be where we...

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How to Have Fun in the Work Place

How to Have Fun in the Workplace Humor in the workplace can be a great motivator. Having some fun at work will help you to appreciate your job - and the people you work with - more. Start having fun with some simple tips and ideas. Difficulty: Easy Things You’ll Need: • A good sense of humor • A good attitude Step1 Use Common Sense - Before you consider telling a joke at work, take a moment to make sure you will not offend anyone. If the joke is something you would have no problem...

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A Small Place Response

Ciarra Leocadio ENGL 102W 1/14/15 Response Paper The Queen is Dead Jamaica Kincaid’s critical novel, A Small Place, highlights the adverse effects of imperialism on her birthplace Antigua. Antigua became a sovereign state in 1981. However according to Kincaid, its yield to its colonizer, England, has yet to cease. Kincaid provides clear evidence of the natives’ high regard for everything that is English through national celebrations of the Queen’s birthday and royal visits, the education system...

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Situation Irony Is the Most Effective at Creating Interesting Stories.

There are many ways to make a story interesting. There are many definitions for interesting, but usually means to get the attention of something. Irony, the opposite of what is expected is one way to make a story interesting. There are three types of irony: situational irony, verbal irony, and dramatic irony. Situational irony is when what happens is the opposite from what is expected. Verbal irony is when what is said is the opposite of what is meant. Dramatic irony is when the reader knows...

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A Famous Place I Visited

Don't cheat, if you are honest, this tells the truth. It's pretty good. Write your answers on a piece of paper, and NO cheating!! The answers are at the bottom. 1. Which is your favorite color out of: red , black , blue , green , or yellow? 2.. Your first initial? 3.. Your month of birth? 4.. Which color do you like more, black or white? 5.. Name of a person of the same gender as yours.. 6.. Your favorite number? 7... Do you like Flying or Driving more? 8.. Do you like a lake...

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‘in Light of What You Have Learned About City Road, Describe Some of the Inequalities on a Street Which You Know.

‘In light of what you have learned about City Road, describe some of the inequalities on a street which you know. ’ 750 words Inequalities or differences in the streets of the UK are looked in many different aspects; differences among people are looked through our social lives and through our material differences. These can include what people find valuable, what similarities they might have and what things are distributed between people. We start to categorise people and we label them according...

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did you ever stop to wonder?

Did you ever stop to wonder what sets apart the really successful students from the average ones? Why do some students who appear to study all the time just get by, while others who don’t appear to put in as much time and effort do well? Is it all related to IQ or are some other factors involved? The truth is that success in school is not so much determined by sheer intelligence as knowing how to study. Studying is a skill. Being successful in school requires a high level of study skills. Students...

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Word Order and Interesting News

Basic Sentence Word Order in Standard American English [adapted from http://www.better-english.com/grammar/wordorder.htm] The usual word order for standard American English sentences is Subject Verb Object Place Time (who) (did what) (where) (when) The teacher wrote an example on the blackboard yesterday. The dog ate the steak in the kitchen this morning. My secretary sent the letter last week. The train is leaving for Boston tomorrow. Instructions:...

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most peaceful place]

Malcolm X’s involvement because he expressed the anger, struggle and insistence of black people for freedom. I also thought it would be an interesting topic to do because Malcolm’s advocacy of “black power” and the need for violence to gain civil rights is in direct contrast to Martin Luther King’s non-violent approach. Aims: 1. To develop research skills which I have not used previously such as the ability to analyse sources 2. To find out if Malcolm X was successful in gaining civil rights for black...

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There are many interesting places in the world to visit. Many places are interesting because of their popularity, some are interesting because of the climate and some are interesting because they are always on the news. Chicago, St Petersburg and Armenia are three places in the world that have an interesting history. Chicago is part of Illinois which is one of states of the U.S.. Chicago is not English word. It’s the word form one of languages used by Indians. It means the strong smell. This...

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Describe the Place You Like the Most

Task: Describe the place you like the most Purpose: - language: informal - content: describe Audience: My classmates. OUTLINING Topic sentence: On the last summer, I have visited my friend in Singapore. I deeply impressed by her house Body: 1 – Geogarphy • North of Singapore • On the Elizabeth street • Next to the Tracy shop. 2 – Total area and first floor • 1500sq • a living room 3 – Second...

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The Hiding Place Book Report

Gabby Pusha December 3, 2012 2nd Period “The Hiding Place” Book Report “The Hiding Place” is an autobiography written by Corrie Ten Boom. Boom’s autobiography is about when she and her family were living in a town named Holland in the 1930’s. During this time Nazi violence and hatred towards Jews was increasing rapidly. Many people turned their backs on Jews because they feared for their own lives. Corrie Ten Boom and her family joined the Dutch resistance, and helped Jews avoid begin captured...

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Making Vocabulary Learning Interesting

IDEAS TO BRING TO THE CLASSROOM TO MAKE VOCABULARY INTERESTING AND REWARDING Acquiring new vocabulary needs to fun for student and teacher alike. Otherwise all lessons become staid and uneventful experiences. Therefore a wide range of learning activities need to be organised and effectively implemented to teach vocabulary. You must remember the purpose is to get students to understand and use words and expressions in many diverse situations. Our job is arouse the learner’s senses and creative...

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