• ...the Mats
    The Mats By Francisco Arcellana For the Angeles family, Mr. Angeles'; homecoming from his periodic inspection trips was always an occasion for celebration. But his homecoming--from a trip to the South--was fated to be more memorable than, say, of the others. He had written from Mariveles: "I have
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  • The Mats Literary Analysis Paper
    The Mats by Francisco Arcellana Some writers don’t just describe their characters directly, but instead, they allow the readers to find it out from the interactions and behaviors of the characters throughout the story. Francisco Arcellana’s “The Mats” doesn’t contain a clear description...
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  • The Mats
    The Mats The story assigned to our group is ‘The Mats”. And based on our discussions and group meetings, the interpretation we all agreed to make is the “reader-based interpretation”. The Mats, written by Francisco Arcellana, is a short story depicting a very typical Filipino value –
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  • The Mats & Dead Stars
    THE MATS * Francisco "Franz“ Arcellana (September 6, 1916 – August 1, 2002) was a Filipino writer, poet, essayist, critic, journalist and teacher. He was born on September 16, 1916. Arcellana already had ambitions of becoming a writer during his years in the elementary. His actual writing, h
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