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The Last Leaf With Character Author Setting Moral Lesson Forgethable Scene In The Story

I. CHARACTERS The characters in this story are Sue, Johnsy and Mr. Behrman. Living in early 20th century in Greenwich Village are two young women artists, Sue and Johnsy. They met in May, six months previously, and decided to share a studio apartment. The story begins as Johnsy, near death from pneumonia, lies in bed waiting for the last leaf of an ivy vine on the brick wall she spies through her window to fall. Mr. Behrman, an old man who lives in the apartment below Sue and Johnsy, who enjoys...

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The Last Leaf

eyes were open wide Johnsy with wide-open eyes THE MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR The message that comes through the most powerfully for me is that you should not judge people by their outward appearances or social persona. SETTINGS The setting of the story takes place in a place called Greenwich Village, which is in New York. The last leaf takes place in New York City. The largest city in America, the location of the story is a small part of New York known as “Greenwich Village” and it is pronounced...

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Short Story

5 Important Elements of a Short Story A short story is a short work of fiction. Fiction, as you know, is prose writing about imagined events and characters. Prose writing differs from poetry in that it does not depend on verses, meters or rhymes for its organization and presentation. Novels are another example of fictional prose and are much longer than short stories. Some short stories, however, can be quite long. If a a short story is a long one, say fifty to one hundred pages, we call it...

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Last leaf

A Short Story By O’ Henry Themes: Death and Dying: Last leaf is a short story that entails the treasury of life and the existence of faith and hope. It need to the importance of living and how we deal with the hindrances we battle through our life story. It is a moving story across the traps that come across us in the most significant parts of our lives, the value of life is the centerpiece of story, where all the things go back and revolve…Apart of this story gives us a hint that God is the...

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The Last Leaf by O. Henry

CHARACTERS Sue -loving -caring she always taking care of Johnsy Johnsy - sick - easily give up she think she is going to die when the last leaf fall down from the tree she keep counting the leaf. Doctor - busy - kind he have lots of patient to take care of. he was always kind to Johnsy. Mr.Behrman -old -painter he was past sixty at last he painted a great masterpiece, Mr.Pneumonia -old gentleman - bad he was not a nice old gentleman he was bad because he hurt a weak...

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Short Story

Short story: Definition and History. A short story like any other term does not have only one definition, it has many definitions, but all of them are similar in a general idea. According to The World Book Encyclopedia (1994, Vol. 12, L-354), “the short story is a short work of fiction that usually centers around a single incident. Because of its shorter length, the characters and situations are fewer and less complicated than those of a novel.” In the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary...

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Stylistic Analysis of the Text "The Last Leaf"

analysis is a story written by O'Henry. O'Henry is a pseudonym of William Sydney Porter. He was an American writer, noted for his numerous short stories. He worked in various jobs: as a rancher, bank teller, as a journalist. He founded a comic weekly magazine “The Rolling Stone” before being employed by “The Houston Post” to write a humorous daily coloumn. In 1898 he was convicted of embezzlement and served a three-year term in the federal penitentiary. After that he contributed short stories to the popular...

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the elements of a short story the last leaf

A.Setting: =>The last leaf takes place in New York City. The largest city in America, the location of the story is a small part of New York known as “Greenwich Village” and it is pronounced as “Grennitch” it depicts New York in the light of struggling artist. And it is winter season and it is cold, windy night. B.The Third Person POV =>uses he,she and they C.Characters: Johnsy=>She suffers from pneumonia in this story.Her wish for death and her dialogues reflect her disparity for life. Sue=>she...

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Character and O. Henry

Critical Analysis of “The Last Leaf” "When the last one falls, I must go too." Jonsy the protagonist, stricken with pneumonia, of "The Last Leaf" by O. Henry makes this bleak, morbid statement to her friend Sue. In a brief but powerful burst O. Henry uses setting, characterization, and imagery to eloquently show the folly of wishing for death. In O. Henry's “The Last Leaf” the story is set “In a little district west of Washington Square where the streets have run crazy and broken...

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The Last Leaf (Analyis)

Last leaf is a short story that entails the treasury of life and the existence of faith and hope. It heeds to the importance of living and how we deal with the hindrances we battled through our life story. It is a moving story across the traps that come across us in the most significant part of our lives. The value of life is the centerpiece of the story where all things go back and revolve. A part of the story gives us a hint that God is the only one who knows whether we ride on with life and chances...

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FOR EVALUATING A STORY Introduction Start your analysis with an introductory sentence: USEFUL PHRASES: I’m going to analyze a story “___”, which is written by _____. The story under discussion is entitled “___” and is written by _____. The story I’m going to introduce you is called “___” and is written by _____. I’ll make an effort to analyze / I want to analyze / I’ll speak about the text I’ve just read. It’s favorable to begin the analysis with giving information about the author. Just give some...

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The Last Leaf

Free wright over the last leaf The last leaf by O henry is a story work that is primarily about two artist that live in an art colony that live together and one falls ill with pneumonia. The disease ravages her and is close to taking her life so she builds a time line for her death of the falling of the leaves and says when the last one falls I shall die. Then when there was only one leaf left a horrible storm blew in but in the morning the leaf was still there then main character started to make a...

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short story

Short Stories:  Characteristics •Short - Can usually be read in one sitting. •Concise:  Information offered in the story is relevant to the tale being told.  This is unlike a novel, where the story can diverge from the main plot •Usually tries to leave behind a single impression or effect.  Usually, though not always built around one character, place, idea, or act. •Because they are concise, writers depend on the reader bringing personal experiences and prior knowledge to the story. Four Major...

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The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf In his wonderful short-story The Last Leaf, O.Henry depicts a really admirable person - old Behrman. The story depicts the lives of artists in America at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. At that time arts people were massively settling in Greenwich Village attracted by eighteen century gables, Dutch attics and low rents, making this district an arts hub of this huge city. Two young artists Sue and Johnsy meet at a café. They become friends and find their tastes and opinions...

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Discusses the setting, theme, and point of view from William Carlos William's "The Use of Force" and Endora Welty's "A Visit from Charity"

Setting, Point of View, and Theme Authors use complex literary elements in order to relay their messages to the readers of the story. These elements serve as the visual and emotional connection between the thoughts and feelings of the author and his naïve reader. Setting, theme and point of view draw on the reader's ability or inability to create a picture of what the story is about. Setting can be defined as time and place. It represents one of the most important parts of the story, and helps the...

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O'Henry the Last Leaf

The stylistic analysis of “The Last Leaf” by O’Henry The text under stylistic analysis is the short story “The Last Leaf” by O’Henry. William Sydney Porter was born on 11-th of September in 1862 in North Carolina. His mother died when he was three year old. Porter worked at drug store of his uncle. Then he went to Texas and tried many professions. For example rancher, bank teller, journalist, founding a comic weekly magazine The Rolling Stone. Then was employed by the Houston Post to write a humorous...

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Lesson plan

Daily Lesson Plan Example Daily Lesson Plan Subject: English Date: ______________________ Grade: 8-__ Teacher: __________________ I. Unit: Reading - Short Story “Seventh Grade” II. Sub-Topic: Elements of the short story III. Key Concepts: • Character = Person performing the action in a work of fiction. • Protagonist = Character who is clearly central to the story and takes part of all the major events. • Setting = The time and location in which a story takes place. ...

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Just: Short Story and Author Aida Rivera-ford

forNanking StoreByMacario D. Tiu | 1. Give the gist of the short story. | Aida Rivera-ford present in her “Love in the Cornhusks” how the love story of a former housemaid and a tractor driver ends. Tinang gave up her work as her lover, Amado, deserted their workplace. She’s then married to Inggo whom she gave their first Bagobito. Ford uses flashbacks effectively in highlighting each character and situation being shown. The story takes place over a period of 3 hours or more; with this time Tinang...

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The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf (by O. Henry) Analysis O. Henry is one of the most famous American short story writers. His real name was William Sydney Porter and he was born on September 11, 1862. In 1894 was accused of stealing money and went to prison. While in prison Porter first started to write short stories. After Porter was released, he changed his name to O. Henry and published his stories in magazines. O. Henry’s short stories are famous for their surprise endings and humor. O. Henry's wrote such classic...

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Hawthorne to Faulkner: the Evolution of the Short Story

Faulkner: The Evolution of the Short Story Nathaniel Hawthorne and William Faulkner's short stories "Young Goodman Brown" and "A Rose for Emily" use a moral to endorse particular ideals or values. Through their characters examination and evaluation of one another, the author's lesson is brought forth. The authors' style of preaching morals is reminiscent of the fables of Aesop and the religious parables of the Old and New Testament. The reader is faced with a life lesson after reading Hawthorne's "Young...

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The Last Story Teller

The Last Storyteller Before the Europeans colonized America different tribes of Native Americas appointed storytellers to keep the tribes history alive. In “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona”, by Sherman Alexie an odd boy named Thomas Builds-the-Fire holds the title of storyteller. This short story is about a journey Thomas takes with his old friend Victor to claim Victor’s father’s ashes from Phoenix, Arizona and bring them back to their reservation in Spokane. The story ultimately...

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The Last Leaf

Narrator: Greenwich Village, a section of New York City, attracts those who are interested in arts. At the top of an old three story brick house lives 2 friends, Johnsy and Sue. During the month of November, pneumonia visited the city, touching victim after victim, including Johnsy. For days, Johnsy lays on a hospital bed while her friend Sue watches over her. One day, another one of their friends visited Johnsy in the hospital. Friend: Johnsy! I heard that you contracted pneumonia! How are you...

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The Lesson

The Lesson In “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, the author writes about Sylvia’s childhood experience as a student. She is a young-immature, uneducated, and naive kid who doesn’t know much about life, but her teacher tries to help her by giving her a lesson of reality as well to the rest of her students. She describes her teacher as a lady, Miss Moore, with “nappy hair,” “proper speech,” and “no makeup.” Sylvia explains how she feels when she goes to toy store in Fifth Avenue. For example,...

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Story Mapping

Submitted By: Alyssa Pelayo Submitted To: Ms. Rubie Lyn Palma Date of Submission: February 15, 2013 How my Brother Leon brought Home a Wife By Manuel E. Arguilla I- Setting * Time: It happened in daytime. * Place: The story took place in the field and Leon’s house. II – Characters * Protagonist: Leon, Noel and Maria * Antagonist: Baldo III – Plot * Beginning: She stepped down from the carretela of Ca Celin with a quick, delicate grace. She...

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The Influences and Impacts of Settings on Characters and Readers

Setting is an important idea to seriously consider developing when writing a short story. Alberto Alvaro Rios, an award-winning author and mastermind behind the short story “The Secret Lion,” utilizes his brilliant writing style to carefully devise an intricate double-setting that is simple, effective, and innocent. It reminds the reader how precious life is. The setting influences and impacts not only the main character, but the reader as well, who can also relate back to the story being told. Developed...

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Pirandello: Six Characters in Search of an Author -- analysis, dramatic elements, dramatis personae, themes (with textual reference), genre, synopsis, setting

Six Characters in Search of an Author By: Luigi Pirandello GENRE: Italian Drama - theatre of the grotesque SETTING: Daytime, the present, the stage of a theatre THEMES: How does one define reality/truth? "At least admit that the actress who will play her will be less true than what you see before your very eyes" (Father, II) DRAMATIS PERSONAE: THE CHARACTERSTHE COMPANY FatherDirector MotherLeading Man StepdaughterLeading Lady SonSecond Female Lead Boy (mute role)Ingenue Little Girl (mute...

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Individual Lesson Plan

Individual lesson plan. Form: Form 4 English language Duration: 40 minutes Student’s level: Intermediate Topic: LIE - Short story Sub-topic: Qwertyuiop (by Vivian Alcock) Curriculum specification: 3.0 Language for Aesthetic Use 3.1 Listen to, read, view and respond to literary works by: b. Recognizing elements in a story such as characters and setting. Specification Skills: 3.1. Level 2 – vi. Talking about characters in a story and writing a simple paragraph on one or two characters General...

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Element of the Story ' the Last Leaf '

Christ, changed the whole world. The history of western civilization is the history of the spread of Christianity. Even our calendar dates from the birth of Christ. The moral teaching of Christ and the New Testament, have shaped to a large degree all of western nations. The United States Constitution was based on Biblical standards of morals. Those nations which are identified as "Christian", have prospered greatly.          The greatest value of God's promise has been that through the Lord Jesus, salvation...

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Strong Feelings in Macbeth and the Old Nurse's Story

By examining ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ and ‘Macbeth’, in detail, compare and contrast how Elizabeth Gaskell and Shakespeare explore strong feelings in these two texts. ‘Macbeth’ was most likely written before the Gunpowder Plot in 1605 during the Jacobean era and it is thought that Shakespeare wrote the play in order to compliment the current King, James I. Shakespeare adapted his source material from ‘Holinshed’s Chronicles’; and one way he did this was by giving the audience full access to Macbeth’s...

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A Lesson Before Dying book review

A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines is an extremely good book i would rate it 5 stars. This is a novel that many can relate to but only a few can actually say they have experienced this.  It really is a must read novel. It teaches the morals that a human has and the belief that any human can become a great individual and helping others so that them, themselves can become a better person. This novel is a must read because it makes you understand deep-seated racial injustice that was occurring...

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A Lesson Before Dying: the Story

A Lesson before Dying, one of Ernest J. Gaines later works, was written in 1993. Some of his earlier works include A Gathering of Old Men and In My Father's House. The novel covers a time period when blacks were still treated unfairly and looked down upon. Jefferson, a main character, has been wrongly accused of a crime and awaits his execution in jail. Grant, the story's main protagonist must find it within himself to help Jefferson see that he is a man, which will allow him to walk bravely to his...

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Setting the Scene: the Influence of Setting in Literature

Setting the Scene: The Influence of Setting in Literature Literature exists as a combination of elements. A story requires characters, plot, and an environment or setting. When reading a work of literature such as a short story or play, it is natural for the reader to focus his or her attention on the plot of the work and the characters that produce the plot. In making this decision, consciously or otherwise, the reader places the setting in the background. Indeed, many people refer to the...

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The Last Class Analysis

The Last Class Analysis By Nadzirotul Mufidah 2011121021 Anita Nuzul Fata 2011121108 Nanda Ika Agustina 2011121125 Thariq Yudissar 2011121134 1. Theme The theme of “Last Class” is “To defend the freedom, we need many things such as patriotism, education, courage and etc.” 2. Plot The “Last Class” uses foreshadow/steadily close plot. It begin with Franz who is in rush to go to his school, and end with Monsieur Hamel’s class dismissing. The features of plot in “Last Class” are explained...

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How Character and Style Affect a Story

tale ending style, a lesson learning style, but some have a dark, gloomy, and even spooky style. In the story, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses her type of writing style that was considered to be dark, gothic, and freaky in her characters and her setting of the story. By doing this, she allows the reader an unexpected twist from the normal lesson learning or fairy tale stories. Gilman’s uses of character and setting tremendously impact the setting of her story, “The Yellow Wallpaper...

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The Last Leaf

professional short-story writers in American literature. His stories known for wit and warm characterization and twisted endings. In fact, twist ending is a typical feature of his style. It is expressed the most clearly in The Last Leaf. In the story The Last Leaf, O. Henry writes about a unique situation. The surprise ending starts from the climax of the story. The unexpected times and the first reverse situation are shown through the main character's pneumonia. Johnsy, the main character who is dealing...

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Story of an Hour

Arthur Love 20 December 2012 0-Period Davidson "The Story of an Hour" The Age of Realism novelist, Kate Chopin, writes a short story to reveal a negative point of view of marriage. By examining the use of narrator, character and irony in "The Story of an Hour," the reader is left with a feeling that the author is not fond of the institution. Kate Chopin was a pioneer of the realistic literary scene. "The Story of an Hour" had a third person limited point of view. The narrator only revealed...

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"The Lamp at Noon" - short story about isolation.

Sinclair Ross responds to the issue of isolation, in his short story, "The Lamp at Noon." The author focuses on the theme of how not to deal with isolation. This notion is reinforced by the setting (mood/physical), characters, and symbolism that he describes so vividly. The first method the author uses to convey the idea of isolation is through setting. The setting was beautifully described creating imagery that assists the focus of the theme. Sinclair expresses personification in climate changes...

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Literature - Fable and Short Story Comparison

Literature – Fable and Short Story Comparison A story is a story, but not all stories are told the same. While fables and short stories both have plots and characters, fables like “An Appointment in Samarra” by English novelist W. Somerset Maugham, often have a clearly stated or interpreted moral, while short stories like “A Pair of Tickets”, by Chinese-American author Amy Tan, tell a tale that leaves readers thinking. Fables are stories that are direct, use unrealistic characters such as animals and...

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Analysis of the Last Leaf, by O’ Henry

The short story “The Last Leaf” portraits two young women named Sue and Johnsy living together in New York. Pneumonia has hit the area they are living in and Johnsy, not being used to the climate - as she is from California, is suffering from the disease. Sue takes on the role as the caretaker of Johnsy. Because Johnsy is terminally ill, she is therefore in need of medical help. The unnamed doctor, who is called in to Johnsys aid, is portrayed as a presumptuous and nonchalant man. He seems presumptuous...

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short story

bit. He was a tough man. “ Last Bullet was for my fellow guard that was killed by you, and this one last one, my friend, is for you madness.” The little laser aiming point appeared on Jimmy’s head. The trace of the last bullet, as the ending of Jimmy’s miserable life, was imaginable. Tuco was still smiling, chill as he always had been. Jimmy had almost no strength left. He could barely say a complete sentence, however, he concentrated all his strength, spitted out one last phrase right at Tuco’s face...

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The Last Leaf

The story is worth reading as it begins with a metaphorical description of a street in New York City. Then it slightly develops to pave the way for the appearance of the two main actress, Sue and Johnsy. They both are artists in painting. After that the story centers a-round these two female artists who live together in a flat. Johnsy catches pneumonia and stays in bed. Sue cannot live happily without her, yet Johnsy has lost the will to live. She decides to hang on until all of the leaves have...

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Religion Creation Story Lesson Plan

Lori-Ann Rapattoni EDER 309 October 31, 2012 “Woman Who Fell From the Sky” Lesson Plan This essay will present a cross-curricular lesson on a Native-American creation story/myth. It will be organized in four parts. These will include a detailed description of the topic, instructional objectives and learner goals, detailed content of the instruction and an art-based extension of the lesson. The lesson will comply with the learning areas of the Social Studies, Language Arts, and the Ethics...

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Analysis: Short Story Content

Short Story Content Analysis Essay What is the point of any piece of great literature? Or rather, what is great literature? Some would say that accomplished literature is a way of exceptionally telling a story. However, what is the point of storytelling? In many cases, stories are told for entertainment. However, most stories have a moral or theme conveying an important message about life or how to live it. This is the point of great literature, to convey this message beautifully. Some pieces of...

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Shortest Short Story Ever Written

Christian Paul Elisha V. Guillermo E17 LIT13 November 10, 2010 Shortest Short Story Ever Written The story of Chris Benoit’s son’s life Hemingway once wrote what he called the shortest story ever written: For Sale; Baby Shoes, Never Worn. That’s it, just 6 word, I think it's quiet short but so deep. Ernest Miller Hemingway (July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961) was an American author and journalist. His distinctive writing style, characterized by economy and understatement, influenced...

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The Last Leaf Xd

LESSON PLAN FOR O HENRY’S THE LAST LEAF LESSON PLAN FOR O HENRY’S THE LAST LEAF Purpose The aim of this lesson plan is to make the students understand the story and to make them aware of the concept, nuance and the meaning underlying it...The importance of our life and how it means to the people who love us. We should not give up on life at the most trying times. Objective Students should be able to comprehend and write comprehensively about the characters, events and the glossary of...

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The Last Lesson

VALUE BASED QUESTIONS 5 Marks 100 Words The Last Lesson Q. Franz’s feelings about M. Hamel and school changed gradually by the end of the text, though he had a great disliking for both the beginning of the story. It is said that first impression is the last impression. Is it true in context of “The Last Lesson”? Definitely not. Write a small paragraph of about 100 words penning down your views on, ‘A person can be best judged in his first appearance only’. Ans: A well-known dictum states...

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Fables and Short Stories. the Fox and the Grape vs. a Pair of Tickets

Reading Fables and Short Stories Fables, parables and short stories all tell a story and all try to relay a meaningful message or moral. Fables tend to be shorter, use animals and clearly state the moral the author is trying to portray. Parables also tell a story and portray a message, but it basically illustrates a moral or religious lesson. Therefore, I guess it is safe to say that all parables can be fables but not all fables can be a parable. Short stories however tend to be a lot longer...

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Rap and Moral character

In the article Rap and Moral Character by Susan Dwyer, the subject of concern is the consequences of listening to rap music and the effect it has on moral character. The author argues that rap music contribute to the corruption of moral character, it is misogynistic, promotes violence and street crime. In this paper I will examine the author’s claims, use of key concepts, and her reasoning. By doing so, I will be able to demonstrate that Dwyer’s thesis is unjust and unsupported. In what follows,...

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Character: Optimism and Best Friend Sue

Character: 1. Sue: The protagonist and viewpoint character is Sue. She shares a small flat in Greenwich Village with another young woman called Johnsy. 2. Johnsy: Derived from Joanna; she had a studio with Sue. 3. Mr.Pneumonia: The killer disease which plays so important a role  is personified by O.Henry in this short story. 4. The busy doctor: who treats Joanna and "Old Behrman." 5. Old Behrman: Was a painter who lived on the ground floor beneath them. Setting: This story...

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Analysis of Major Characters in To Kill a Mockingbird

Analysis of Major Characters in To Kill a Mockingbird Scout v. unusual little girl, in own qualities and in social position. unusually intelligent (learns to read before beginning school), unusually confident (fights boys without fear), unusually thoughtful (worries essential goodness evil of mankind), unusually good (always acts best intentions). In terms social identity, unusual for being tomboy prim proper Southern world Maycomb. quickly realizes reading To Kill a Mockingbird Scout who she...

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Importance of a Setting in a Short Story

The Importance of Setting Setting is the psychological time or place in a story. Setting plays an important role in the success of stories. Three examples of this importance can be explained through “To Build a Fire” by Jack London and “The Cask of the Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe and “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty. The settings used in these stories set the reader’s mood. A good writer’s depiction of setting puts the reader right into the story. “To Build a Fire” by Jack London takes place on...

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Short Story

Short Story A short story is a brief work of literature, usually written in narrative prose. Emerging from earlier oral storytelling traditions in the 17th century, the short story has grown to encompass a body of work so diverse as to defy easy characterization. At its most prototypical the short story features a small cast of named characters, and focuses on a self-contained incident with the intent of evoking a "single effect" or mood. In doing so, short stories make use of plot, resonance,...

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Unique Writing Styles Illuminated Through an Unrequited Love Story

Every author has his or her own distinctive manner of writing. In the two short stories, “Araby” by James Joyce and “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri, unique writing styles are showcased while relaying similar story lines. Both stories tell the narrative of men who fall for a woman and through a series of hopeful interpretations of interactions with the woman; they end up disappointed and alone. Although both stories have parallel themes of unrequited love, the way in which the authors use...

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The Critiquing of Film, a Christmas Story

The Critiquing of Film, A Christmas Story John Jelks ENG 225: Introduction to Film Instructor Renee Gurley July 23, 2012 The Critiquing of Film, A Christmas Story A Christmas Story is an American Christmas comedy classic film that has been shown on television for many years ever since it was produced in 1983. This classic holiday film is shown every year during the Christmas season and is shown in a 24 hour marathon. Many families watch this film over and over every year during the Christmas...

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The Story of an Hour Q&A

The story of an hour-Kate Chopin 1. What malady does Mrs. Mallard suffer, and why would the author mention it in the first paragraph? Mrs. Mallard suffers from a heart disease. This is important to be mentioned in the first paragraph because it sets the scene for when the news of her husband’s death comes. Her heart disease is also what kills her when her “dead” husband walks through the front door at the end of the story. 2. The setting of the story is very limited; it is confined largely...

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19th Century Horror Stories

A Study of the Characteristics of 19th Century Horror Stories In this essay we will look at the Characteristics of 19th Century Horror Stories, commenting on: the structure of the story; the characterisation; the themes included in the story; the setting and the writer’s technique. I will be looking into two texts in detail: “The Monkey’s Paw” by William Wymark Jacobs; and “The Signalman” by Charles Dickens, whilst making references to “Captain Rogers” – also by William Wymark Jacobs, and...

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Childs Story

Analysis of Fictional Techniques on The Child’s Story by Charles Dickens, The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry, and The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. The team focused the following three techniques: 1) Nature of Narration; 2) Nature and level of description included in the story; and 3) Use of Setting. Several questions have been answered concerning the different effects produced by each of the authors’ use of these techniques. Content of the Story and How it is Written and Told The Gift of the...

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How Dickens Conveys Moral Lessons in a Christmas Carol

What are the moral lessons Dickens wished to convey in A Christmas Carol and how effectively does he convey them? Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a classic Christmas story which contains stern moral lessons, written in 1843. These lessons are designed to make the readers of that time, the Victorians, conscience of the injustices that were present in the rapidly expanding cities of Britain, due to the Industrial Revolution. The story includes three morals, demonstrated by the three Ghosts...

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Fiction Analysis of a&P and the Lesson

The theme of desire has been portrayed in many novels and stories. Perhaps the most well-known depiction of desire can be found in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis, a snake tempts Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge after he convinces them that they will gain God’s knowledge of good and evil and be protected from death. Despite God’s word to not eat of the fruit, Adam and Eve did so anyway. Surely, this story portrays temptation; however, beyond the theme of temptation...

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Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello

Six Characters in Search of an Author: Why the Play Was Worth Reading After All I must admit that reading Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello turned out to be a rather trying ordeal. The brief foreword in the textbook warned me that I was about to be introduced to "the self-conscious, reflexive theater of modernism", adding that the author [Pirandello] expressed a particular "existentialist interest in consciousness" (201). Since I have never considered myself a fan or either...

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