• The Lady Chang Story
      The Lady Chang Marjorie Clark   When the Lady Chang arrived in the city of Canton, she possessed nothing in the world but the clothes she was wearing, the jewels on her fingers, and most precious of all, her little son, Ko. Everything else – her husband, her fine home and all her servan
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  • Summary of English
    The Recurring Dream The “Recurring Dream” is a supernatural story that particularly centers round a strange dream, which Kim was frequently haunted by. Kimberly Clark, the protagonist, has undergone a serious problem which she had the same sort of dream time and again. She is a young and beauti
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  • Summary About Life of Pi
    Life of Pi Summary Though it raises complex philosophical and religious questions, Life of Pi's plot is almost ridiculously easy to summarize. We'll take you through the main events, but remember much of the novel happens through digression and in Pi's meditations sprinkled throughout the novel.
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