• The House of the Scorpion
    The house of the scorpion The term extraordinary can apply to many things. The definition of extraordinary is an object that is “very unusual and deserving attention”. The House of the Scorpion deserves to be called extraordinary because it spins a masterful literary web that will not set you
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  • House of the Scorpion Essay Quotes and Topics
    Essay 1 If you didn’t have friends, would you be able to live a valuable and meaningful life? Friendship is a very valuable thing because it can get people through the hardest of times, as shown in Nancy Farmer’s House of the Scorpion, where the reign of El Patron over his country, Opium, is o
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  • Houde of the Scorpion
    Summary The House of the Scorpion Overview of Matt and secondary character The main character is Matt, a lonely boy who lives in a little House in the poppy fields near the Alcaran House. Matt lives with Celia, who cooks for the Alcaran House. Matt is scared and frightened toward the beginning o
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  • Scoropion House
    The story takes place in the future, in the fictional country of Opium which lies between Mexico (called "Aztlán" in the story) and the United States. Opium, a large opium farm and den, was established by a powerful drug lord named Matteo Alacrán (entitled "El Patrón") as a means to stop the flow
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  • House of Scop
    "When you’re small, you can choose which way to grow. If you’re kind and decent, you grow into a kind and decent man" (Farmer 70). This quote from The House of the Scorpion is very symbolic. It shows that you can choose who you become and can shape your life. In the book The House of the Scorpio
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