"The Four Phases Are Preliminary Analysis Definition Design And Operation" Essays and Research Papers

The Four Phases Are Preliminary Analysis Definition Design And Operation

Introduction to System Analysis and Design   1. INTRODUCTION Systems are created to solve problems. One can think of the systems approach as an organized way of dealing with a problem. In this dynamic world, the subject System Analysis and Design, mainly deals with the software development activities. 2. Defining Your System A collection of components that work together to realize some objective forms a system. Basically there are three major components in every system, namely input, processing...

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Strategic Organizational Design

 Strategic Organization Design The Need: Senior organizational leaders are constantly facing the need to restructure their organizations. Changes in leadership, a shift in strategy, or changing factors within an organization often create the need for reorganizing. Organization design is one of the most potent tools available to senior managers for shaping the direction of their organizations. It can be a key leverage point for directing attention and energy to certain critical...

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Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design

Course Name: Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design (1) Course number: 507322 Instructor: Dr. Enas Al-lozi Chapter 1: The Systems Development Environment Summary ▪ What is the key to success for any organization? The ability to gather, organize and interpret information through systems analysis and design. ▪ What is systems analysis and design? It is a method of creating and developing information systems that perform basic functions. ▪ Why the...

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Preliminary Research Design

Running Head: UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT Sherryl Burris Unit 2 Individual Research Project - Preliminary Research Design August 26, 2012 Assignment Type: Individual Project   Deliverable Length: 5-8 pages in MS Word    Points Possible: 110   Due Date: 9/2/2012 11:59:59 PM  CT [pic]   This assignment is the continuation of the Unit 1 IP (Part 2) assignment and it has two parts for the Unit 2 IP assignment: Part 1 For this assignment, use the same hypothesis and the Literature Review from...

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Operations Management Product Design

Product and Service design plays a strategic role in helping an organization achieve its goals. A good product or service design can ensure customer satisfaction, quality and production costs. On the other hand, if an organization is offering poor product or service, customer’s feedback in the form of lack of interest will result in poor sales. Also quality and production costs are affected by poor design of the product or service. Some key reasons to design or redesign a product are simply. They...

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Preliminary Research Design

likely to conduct marketing research. Amy E. Knaup, an economist with the Office of Employment statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2005, 44% of all new business failed in the first 2 years. Individual Research Project-Preliminary Research Design In business, formal research and business proposals have significant differences and some similarities. It is very important to understand the purposes and goals of each. What are some commonalities? Research and business proposals...

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Systems Analysis and Design Ch 1 Review

SDC 1/24/13 Chapter 1 Review Questions 1. Information systems analysis and design is the process of developing and maintaining an information system. It is a method used by companies to create and maintain information systems that perform basic business functions such as keeping track of customer names and addresses, processing orders, and paying employees. 2. Systems thinking is the process of understanding how things influence one another within a whole. Systems thinking is useful for...

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System Analysis and Design

Course | : | BS Information Technology | Year and Sec | : | Third Year | Subject | : | ITEC55 - System Analysis and Design | Lecture | : | One - 1 | What is a System? Here are some definitions of a system according to www. Dictionary.com * A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole. * A functionally related group of elements, especially: 1. The human body regarded as a functional physiological unit. 2. An organism as a whole...

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Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Running head: Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing University of Phoenix Operations Management – OPS/571 Abstract This paper focuses on a process design, production forecast, and implementation of said design for Riordan Manufacturing. . Table of Contents Abstract 2 Title of Paper 4 Introduction 4 MRP 4-5 Process Design 5-6 Supply Chain 6 Production Forecast 7 Implementation Plan...

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System Design and Analysis Presentation

the organization type (business, government, non-profit), industry (retail, manufacturing, professional services, etc.), a description of product and/or services, and customers (internal and external). Provide a brief history, including years in operations. Describe size, by whatever measures are appropriate: total revenues, employees, profits, size relative to industry or competitors, etc. (use estimates if necessary, but identify them as such. Include significant history, growth, decline or reorganization...

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Object-oriented Programming and Systems Analysis

Chapter 1 1. What is information systems analysis and design? Complex organization process, used to develop and maintain computer-based information systems, also it’s used by a team of business and systems professionals. 2. How has a systems analysis and design changed over the past four decades? 1950s: focus on efficient automation of existing processes 1960s: advent of 3gl, faster and more reliable computers 1970s: system development becomes more like an engineering discipline 1980s:...

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Operation Management Definition Paper

Operation Management Definition Paper The purpose of this paper is to describe the importance of operations management to a health care organization. In addition, the author of this paper will provide a personal definition of what operations management means and why is important to a healthcare organization. According to the Institute of Operations Management The cost of providing fast, reliable health care is always an emotive issue, but it has been brought to the fore again via the...

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System Analysis and Design

Systems Analysis and Design Alan Dennis and Barbara Haley Wixom John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Slides by Fred Niederman Copyright © 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. * All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation of this work beyond that permitted in Section 117 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act without the express written permission of the copyright owner is unlawful. * Request for further information should be addressed to the Permissions Department, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. * The...

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Systems Analysis and Design

Maria Onyechere MIS362 Systems Analysis and Design September 14, 2012 Assignment #2 1. You have been assigned to write a formal mission statement for SWL. Start by reviewing SWL’s background in chapter 1, then do internet research to find mission statement that seems clear, focused, and easy to understand. Pay special attention to Web-based and catalog retail firms to see how they approach the issue. Mission: SoftWear, Limited’s mission is to manufacture and sell high-quality casual and...

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Operations Strategy‏

OPERATIONS STRATEGY PRODUCTIVITY, COMPETITIVENESS, STRATEGY Productivity is about how effective an organization is in the use of its resources. Competitiveness is how effective an organization is in the marketplace compared with other organizations that offer similar products/services. Strategy shapes the plans that determine the direction an organization takes in pursuing its goals. (US companies, suffering from impressive success of foreign companies on the US marketplace place increased...

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operations management

and services. Without innovation organisations can lose their competitive edge to competitors in the market every operation department in any organisation need to develop innovative products, services, process, designs and manufacturing processes in order to respond to customer requirement and improve services delivery of an organisation. African organisation need to integrate operation strategy with innovation management in order to effectively compete with world-class organisation and improve their...

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research design and analysis

A research design encompasses the method and procedures employed to conduct scientific research. The design of a study defines the study type (descriptive, correlational, semi-experimental, experimental, review, meta-analytic) and sub-type (e.g., descriptive-longitudinal case study), research question, hypotheses, independent and dependent variables, experimental design, and, if applicable, data collection methods and a statistical analysis plan. Contents [hide] 1 Design types and sub-types ...

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system analysis and design review question

fixed fee or cost based on a service level required by the user. The subscription model varies cost based on number of users and workstations accessing the application. The usage model charges fees based on the transaction volume or number of operations performed by the applications. 2. Explain the difference between horizontal application software and vertical application software. Horizontal applications differ from vertical applications in that they provide a solution for many companies...

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Operation Analysis

in National Book Store’s history and one that would surely fire the flames for the future generation to carry on the company’s legacy. With the observations achieved by the reports the following are the approaches that were used to in this operation analysis for the mentioned company. PLANT LAYOUT As the yuletide season is continues to fill the air, most business adapt this time frame in stores. At such this is also the time sales hit their highest so mostly Christmas decors and merchandises...

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Research Design ,KOthari

Slide 1:  Research Design (Methods & Tools used in Research) -by Mr. Piyush L. Agrawal (M.Pharm Ist Year) What is research? :  What is research? It is systematic process of collecting & analysing information in order to increase our knowledge & understanding of the phenomenon about which we are interested . Points of discussion are features of good design, types of Research Design , basic principles of experimental design . Slide 3:  Basic Steps for research project: Select a topic Review...

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Operation & Production Management Exam

Production & Operations Management What is operation management? What is the role of the Operation Manager? Set of activities that create value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs. The role of an operation manager is to design and manage the daily operations and activities in a way that the productivity of the employees raises. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the physical and the human resources of the organization are achieved. He...

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Decision Phases in Supply Chain

Decision phases in supply chain Successful supply chain management requires much decision to the flow of information, product and funds. Each decision should be made to rise to supply chain surplus. These decision fall in to 3 phases depending on the frequency of the each decision and time frame during which a decision phase has an impact. As a result, each category of decision must consider uncertainty over the decision horizon. * Supply chain strategy or decision During this phase, given the...

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Week Four Paper BSA 376

 Work Related Project Analysis, Part III Montarius White BSA/376 3/02/2015 Deborah Marshall Abstract The health care system is full of growth and change. Health care managers have become a lot more involved with project management. I think that part of the growth development in the health care business has to do with creating brand new medical patients, patient databases for health charts and technological enhances and this paper involves the six activities: coding, testing, installation...

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Research Design: a Content Analysis

Research Design Content analysis is a process in which narrative data are divided into units of analysis to examine the contents of a particular body of material for the purpose of identifying patterns, themes or biases (Leedy and Ormrod, (2005). Further, qualitative content analysis has been defined in other ways such as: • “a research method for the subjective interpretation of the content of text or [narrative] data through the systematic classification process of coding and...

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Operation Managenent

Introduction to Operations Management After completing this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Define the term operations management. 2. Identify the three major functional areas of organizations and describe how they interrelate. 3. Identify similarities and differences between production and service operations. 4. Describe the operations function and the nature of the operations manager's job. 5. Summarize the two major aspects of process management. 6. Explain the key aspects of operations management...

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Operations Management Definition

Operations Management Definition Introduction In today's fast-paced ever-changing business world, organizations must deal with many diverse issues. These issues range from maintaining their competitive edge in a fierce marketplace to social, ethical and concerns regarding the health and well being of their employees. The advent of new technologies has created organizational efficiencies however; it is a well-known fact that healthcare has lagged behind other industries with regard to automation...

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Case Analysis

Hoosier Burger Case Analysis Michelle Lannon INF340 Business Systems Analysis Dr. Arman Kanooni November 1, 2010 Hoosier Burger Case Analysis In the journey of Business Systems Analysis, we have been examining the case of Hoosier Burger, which is proudly owned by Bob and Thelma Mellankamp. They contact our consulting firm initially due to some drastically needed changes. They purchased the business in college, were running it on a “pen and paper” system, and have since grown and...

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Operation Research

OPERATIONAL RESEARCH Operational research came into existence in 1885 when Frederick W. Taylor emphasised the application of scientific analysis to methods of production. The name (OR) probably came from a programme under taken by Great Britain during world war2, “research in military operations”. After the success of OR in military operations, it quickly spread to all phases of Industry and Government. By 1951, OR had take place as a distinct science in the United States. Hence it is said that Or is “the...

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Comparative analysis of database design

Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Computer and Information Sciences Sta. Mesa, Manila COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF DATABASE DESIGNING – ERD & RELATION In Partial Fulfillment for the Course INTE 3033 - Database Management System 2 Submitted by: GROUP II ASTIBE, Sarah Jane N. DELA CRUZ, Nikole S. ELLORAN, Mark Joseph H. QUINALAYO, Bryan Aldrin E. Submitted to : Prof. Carlo Inovero Date: October 11, 2011 INTRODUCTION Entity Relationship...

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operations analysis

Operations Analysis Introduction Operations analysis is a designed business strategy used by organizations to determine whether the overall operational structure adheres to the proposed business plan adopted and utilized by the organization (Tatum and Bronwyn). The supply chain operations form a vital area in any business because it involved the supply and delivery of goods and services offered by a given company. There has been a rapid evolvement in the discipline of supply chain management...

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Network Design: Physical and Logical Design

Network Design: Logical and Physical Design In networking terminology, the term network topology refers to the entire structure of the network. There are two primary parts to the topology definition: the physical design, which is the actual layout of the wire (media), and the logical design, which defines how the media is accessed by the hosts. The physical designs that are commonly used in networks are the Bus, Ring, Star, Extended Star, Hierarchical, and Mesh. A bus topology uses a single...

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A Question Paper on Operations Management

MGS 4700 Operations Management Exam 1 (Sample) Name__________________________________ Exam Instructions: Do not open the exam until you are told to do so.   Calculators are allowed (and encouraged) One “cheat sheet” per person is allowed o Must be 8.5” by 11” or smaller o Must only have writing on one side Academic Integrity: Cheating on examinations involves giving or receiving unauthorized help before, during or after an examination. Also includes allowing another student to view...

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system analysis and design

COLLEGES Camarin Campus In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the course SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN (Group Member Names) Date Title : Proponents : Member’s Name Adviser : _________________________________ Program : Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Course : System Analysis and Design Date Completed : October 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Title...

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Job Design, Analysis & Evaluation

JOB DESIGN, ANALYSIS & EVALUATION What is a Job? • A unit in an organisation structure that remains unchanged whoever is in the job • A job consists of a related set of tasks that are carried out by a person to fulfill a purpose • Role – the part people play in carrying out their work FACTORS AFFECTING JOB DESIGN • Process of Intrinsic Motivation • Characteristics of Task Structure • Motivating Characteristics of Jobs JOB DESIGN DEFINED • “The specification of the contents, methods...

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Hotel Facilities Design

This paper consists of 3 (three) sections. Section A – 10 (ten) TRUE/FALSE question; Section B – 8 (eight) short essay and Section C (i) – 7 (seven) definition questions. You are requested to answer only 5 in short essay format for section B. In Section C (i) you are only answer 5 (five) questions and answers are in point forms. In C (ii), you are provide to answer a long essay format and you need to provide comprehensive illustration in question number 2 (two). Candidates are required to answer...

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BROADCASTING DESIGN A Design Presented to the Faculty of Electronics and Communications Engineering Department In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering Presented by: Cabcad, Rachel Canillas, Amelyn Delgado, Angie Noblefranca, Crisanto Ramil, Kenneth Presented to: Engr. Rufino Ochoco February 2014 Approval Sheet This AM/FM Broadcasting Design has been prepared...

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Definition of Terms Delimitation of the Study 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Ampalaya Plant Description and Botanical Description Characteristivcs of Ampalaya Nutritional Value Health Benefits Uses of Ampalaya Cookies Production Baking Ingredients Used in Cookie Preparation 3 RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY ...

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System Anaysis and Design Reviewer

TRANSACTION data from business event. Enterprise resource planning System (ERP) - all functional areas of the organization Interorganizational Information System (IOS) -IS that connects 2 or more organizations and support INTERORGANIZATIONAL operations such as supply chain management -manage the flow of product, services and information among organization Supply Chain- describes the flow of materials, information, money and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses...

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Essential of Systems Analysis and Design

such as keeping track of customer names and addresses, processing orders, and paying employees. The main goal of systems analysis is to improve organizational systems, typically through applying software that can help employees accomplish key business tasks more easily and efficiently. As a systems analyst, you will be at the center of developing this software. The analysis and design of information systems are based on the organization’s objectives, structure, and processes. If you get everything that...

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Four Seasons Analysis

Four Seasons Hotels (FSH) is a Canada-based privately held company that owns and operates hotels, resorts and residence clubs. The company manages 83 hotels and resorts in 35 countries. It primarily operates in Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, the UK, Ireland and Japan. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company offers accommodation, spa, and catering services for weddings, events, and corporate meetings. It also provides leisure activities, including golfing, skiing, tennis, fishing...

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Systems Analysis And Design Assignment

Systems Analysis and Design Assignment 1 Name: Uday Rathor Student ID: 14409089 Tutor: Mr. Nick Wilkinson Batch: Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Level 7), Summer School, 2014. Module: ITB6G20/1404 – Systems Analysis and Design Introduction: An organization to run must be able to successfully process different kinds of transactions and process data in the information system. There are several different types of classes in the information systems. The classes are distinguished on the...

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Four Laws of Software Engineering

1. Describe each law in your own words. Illustrate with a practical example. Glass’ law Requirement deficiencies are the prime source of project failures. (Endre & Rombach, 2003) Requirements are the basic Phase which lead to the development of a project. In fact, it is the first step for any project The main problem in a project failure is the lack of requirements. The common requirement error is due to human (i.e lack of Communication between customer and the analyst), software, etc...

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Hplc Coke Analysis

Chromatographic processes can be described generally as mass-transfer between stationary and mobile phase. In HPLC, a liquid mobile phase is used to separate individual components of complex mixtures. Stationary phase can be either liquid or solid (like that in experiment). The standard design of HPLC involves a core of four to five functional elements. These elements are: a filtered solvent reservoir of mobile phase and degassing system, the pump, an injector, a column (optionally housed in an oven) and...

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Economic Definition of the Four Factors

Economic Definition of the Four Factors of Production by Osmond Vitez, Demand Media Economic resources are the goods or services available to individuals and businesses used to produce valuable consumer products. The classic economic resources include land, labor and capital. Entrepreneurship is also considered an economic resource because individuals are responsible for creating businesses and moving economic resources in the business environment. These economic resources are also called the factors...

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Four Phases of Emergency Management

Four Phases of Emergency Management In this section, the four phases of emergency management will be defined: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Mitigation Over the last decade the social and economic costs of disasters to the United States, and throughout the World have grown significantly. During the 1990’s, FEMA spent over $25.4 billion to provide disaster assistance in the United States. During that decade, the economic toll of natural disasters, world wide, topped $608...

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The Definition of a Game Design Document

Game Design Document -----------------------------------------------------------------  A Game Design Document (GDD) is a difficult beast to tackle and can be very time consuming. A good place to start is to choose a GDD rubric or format. Formatting is really up to you. It is just easier to grab a preformatted GDD and adapt it. I prefer to use and adapt the GDD rubric created by Chris Taylor. The sample can be found on the internet. However, to keep this blog simple, I will post a simple GDD created...

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Literature Review of Operation Strategy & Cvp

Operation Strategy In today’s fast moving world, it is very important for companies to have a clear operation strategy to achieve their business goals. An operation strategy is a long-term development plan which uses the major resources in order to achieve the business strategy in a company. Speaking simply, the operation strategy is to add value for the customers (Davis, Aquilano & Chase, 2002). The role of operation strategy is to offer a plan for operation function in order to make the best...

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2 Job Analysis and Job Design

Instructor: Wenlu Feng Lecture 2: Job Analysis and Job Design (Reference reading: Chapter 2 of the text) Job analysis—The procedure for determining the tasks and responsibilities of each a job, and the human attributes (in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities) required to perform the job. The outcomes of job analysis will be: Job description (what the job entails), Job specifications (what the human requirements are needed for the job). Job analysis is something called the cornerstone of...

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SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN CPT 316 COURSE DEVELOPMENT TEAM CPT 316 SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Course Developers/Writers Prof. A. Nedzvedz Alhassan Mohmmed Enagi Department of Computer Science School of Information & Communication Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. Course Editor Dr. (Mrs.) F. Ogwueleka Department of Computer Science School of Information & Communication Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. ii INTRODUCTION CPT316: System Analysis...

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System Analysis & Design

[ BIT 207 ] SYSTEMS ANALYSIS & DESIGN ASSIGNMENT 2 PREPARED BY: CHERIE FOO LI YI HUC BSc. IT (BIM) [ B0300277 ] QUESTION 1 – ESPECIALLY FOR YOU JEWELERS 1.1 EXPECTED BUSINESS BENEFITS OF PROPOSED SYSTEM Q2, Pg 106 1. Savings in Costs a. Time and Opportunity Cost - A computerized system has a high system performance of database consolidation and update, efficient sorting and searching of records, accurate inventory and financial calculations, secured instant access...

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Systems Analysis and Design

Chapter 1 Assuming the Role of the Systems Analyst Systems Analysis and Design Kendall & Kendall Major Topics • Information systems • Phases of analysis and design • System maintenance • CASE tools • Alternate methodologies SYTEM PROPOSAL (1 yellow pad) • • • • • • • COMPANY ORGANIZATIONAL CHART SIZE OF THE COMPANY: SME, LE CONTACT PERSON & JOB POSITION LOCATION PRODUCT/SERVICES OFFERED EXISTING SYSTEM – IDENTIFY THE SYSTEM USER (i.e. HR DEPARTMENT) ASSIGNMENT...

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Chapter 1 Systems Analysis And Design

 Chapter 1 Systems Analysis and Design Changes should be a result not an intent done through a process of evaluation. In System Design (SYSDES): Analysis is very important because it is used to gain an understanding of an existing system, and it defines only the requirement of a new system. After you analyze, you design a system. Design is used to build a fresh or changing the existing system. In designing...

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Supply Chain Operations Management

Chapter One ~ Operations and Productivity • POLCA (plan, organize, lead, control, achieve) • Suppliers → Inputs → Process → Outputs → Consumers (SIPOC) • 3 functions to create goods and service: o Marketing o Production/operations o Finance/accounting • Why Study OM? o Learn how people organize themselves for productive enterprise o Learn how goods/services are produced o Understand what operations managers do o OM is a costly part of an organization • Productivity= Units produced or...

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Cost Volume Profit Analysis

THE USE OF COST-VOLUME-PROFIT ANALYSIS AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR DECISION MAKING CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN BREWERIES PLC TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of contents CHAPTER ONE 1. INTRODUCTION OF “COST VOLUME PROFIT ANALYSIS AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR DECISION MAKING” 1.1 Background of study 2. Statement of the problem 3. Objectives of the study 4. Significance of the study 5. Research Questions 6. Research...

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Case Analysis Four Seasons

Case Analysis: Four Seasons Goes to Paris Executive Summary Still in his 20s, Isadore (Issy) Sharp, a Canadian architect and builder working for his contractor father, constructed his first hotel, Four Seasons, at an unlikely downtown site in Toronto in 1961. He originally had no plans to enter the hotel business on a grand scale, but as opportunities unfolded, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts was managing 53 properties in 24 countries by 2002. “We opened our first hotel with a simple principle:...

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Job Design

associated with each component in the system has led to the concept of job design. Job design came about with rapid technological advancements at the turn of the 20th century when mass production and assembly line operations emerged. As jobs continue to become more sophisticated and specialized, the need for an educated and motivated workforce has become indispensable. Job Design The main purpose of job design (or re-design) is to increase both employee motivation and productivity (Rush, 1971)...

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Work-Related Project Analysis

Work-Related Project Analysis Part 1 The analysis of a project is the breakdown of how a system interacts and works within all related components. A project analysis is the first step to designing any new changes for an organization. Systems analysis is (1) the survey and planning of the system and project, (2) the study and analysis of the existing business and information system, and (3) the definition of business requirements and priorities for a new or improved system. A popular synonym...

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Describe Four Stages of Training Needs Analysis and Organisational Best Practi

Describe four stages of training needs analysis and organisational best practise. The training needs Analysis is a monitoring technique used to examine and review learning, training and development within an organisation. These needs can be in relation for an individual, department / team or to the organisation as a whole. It is sometimes seen as a health check on the skills talent and capabilities of the organisation. This process should flow from business organisation to sustain business performance...

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What Are the Phases of Sdlc?

For developing systems/software that involves 10 Phases: 1. Initiation 2. System Concept Development 3. Planning 4. Requirements Analysis 5. Design 6. Development 7. Integration and Testing 8. Implementation 9. Operations and Maintenance 10. Disposition. The Phases Initiation - Initiation is where there is an identified need for a new system. For instance, a retailer of fine crystal glass is in need of a new system to handle inventory. They've decided that the old System of putting...

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System Analysis and Design

payment. In fact, most of the records is kept just by using paper documents and stored in a file cabinet which is troublesome and time consuming when it is needed. System Overview History: The school started its operation on June 14, 1984 with 350 pupils offering Nursery to Grade Four. Mrs. Estrella O. Simon as the Principal with seven teachers, Ms. Leonita S. Alquisola, Ms. Sylyn B. Decena, Ms. Susan P. Cariño, Mr. Pepito P. Gerona, Ms. Zenaida Y. Gerona, Ms. Visitacion L. Laciste and Mr. Gaspar...

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