• Sentencing
    Introduction One of the most important aspects of the criminal justice processes is sentencing. It is what occurs when defendants are being punished for the crime they have committed. There is a vast amount of forms of sentences and they range from the minimum, which is probation, all the way to be
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  • Sentencing Paper
    My theory for the reasoning of punishment has two main goals which are to provide justice for the victims and a lesson to the convicted. When a judge sits in preparation to initiate sentencing they have to go through numerous thought processes because of the uniqueness of every case. Considerations
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  • Criminal Sentencing
    The concepts and reality of punishment has evolved over the years through official government channels and social pressures. The public’s opinion of crime and punishment is finely balanced and can tip the scales of justice in either direction with society demanding harsher sentencing or calling fo
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  • Criminal Sentencing
    Criminal Sentencing Brian Fisher CRJ301 Juvenile Justice John Stender 23 June 2012 Criminal Sentencing The legal system in the United States today has been developed from many sources. The Code of Hammurabi, the Bible, and English Common Law to name a few. One thing that all have in commo
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  • Parole and Truth in Sentencing
    Parole and Truth-in-Sentencing Paper Veronica King CJS/200 July 28, 2012 Rosalyn Hall Parole and Truth-in-Sentencing Paper Veronica King July 27, 2012 There are several offenders that will be released from the penal system early, and when they are they will be placed on pa
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  • Criminal Sentencing
    Criminal Sentencing Hazel Hamm Juvenile Justice: CRJ301 Saundra McDavid March 26, 2012 Criminal Sentencing A major issue in criminal justice is sentencing. Sentencing is the process by which judges impose punishment on a person convicted of a crime or crimes (Wallace 20
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  • Criminal Sentencing
    Criminal Sentencing CRJ301: Juvenile Justice August 27, 2012 Crimes are committed on a daily basis rather it’s done purposely or accidentally.   There are many categories of crimes that are taken seriously based on the situation.   Actions that may seem small to an individual can be so mu
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  • Sentencing
    D. Mason CJA 234 Sentencing 09/10/2012 Robin Kemp Sentencing in the United States has made significant changes over the past few decades. We have seen a shift in the attitudes of society on what type of sentencing is needed to accomplish the goals of corrections. With that shift, law or poli
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  • Rehab vs Retribution
    I negate the resolution which states: Resolved: Rehabilitation ought to be valued above retribution in the United States criminal justice system. The value for this round will be: justice, where everyone gets what they are due. In order to provide a criterion for which to judge the value, as wel
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  • Contemporary Auditing
    Would you like to have students pay for only the cases you use? Q Would you find it helpful to have the cases presented in the order you cover them? Do you have assignments or your own materials you would like to integrate into your casebook? Q Would you like to integrate a case that was in a p
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  • Aim of Sentencing and Sentences
    Aims of Sentencing and Sentences Aim A sentence is a declaration or the final order of punishment from the court to the offender. Generally, the goals or aims of sentencing is to provide retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, protection of the public, reparation/restitution, denunciation and la
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  • Sentencing Paper
    Sentencing is very important and usually the last stage of the criminal process. The purpose of sentencing is to punish the criminals while at the same time stopping crime from continuing. The five philosophical reasons for sentencing are retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and
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  • Sentencing Proposal
    Sentencing Proposal The last stage of a criminal trial is known as sentencing. During sentencing the convening authority over the criminal court proceedings makes a determination of how the guilty party should be punished. Prior to that determination being made both the defense attorneys and pros
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  • Critical Issues in the American Criminal Justice System - Sentencing Decisions and the Death Penalty
    Critical Issues in the American Criminal Justice System: Sentencing Decisions and the Death Penalty Richard W Ramsay Dr. Allen Lowery CJ 6624 – Court Administration December 1, 2010 Abstract This paper discusses three critical issues in the criminal justice system. It touches
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  • Sentencing
    Sentencing Kelley Yiannakis CJ 200 September 8, 2013 Carl Dewyer Sentencing The criminal justice system has many important aspects within, the most important one is sentencing. Sentencing is the imposition of a penalty on a person convicted of a crime. (Schmalleger, 2011) This decision is
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  • Sentencing Paper
    Sentencing Paper CJA/234 September 30, 2013 Sentencing Paper Earlier responses to crime were to be brutal, which included torture, humiliation, mutilation, and branding. These kinds of punishments often attempted to relate the punishment to the crime, as close as possible. The...
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  • Sentencing
     Sentencing CJA 234 Sentencing Sentencing is directly tied to punishment and we see that the state and federal government agree on five objectives that a punishment is intended to bring in an offender. The five objectives are incapacitation, deterrence, restitution,...
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  • mandatory minimum sentencing laws
    Mandatory sentencing laws A mandatory sentence is a court decision setting where judicial discretion is limited by law. Typically, people convicted of certain crimes must be punished with at least a minimum number of years in prison. Mandatory sentencing laws vary from country to country;...
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  • Punishment vs. Rehabilitation
    Punishment vs. Rehabilitation Deborah Bryant CJA/500 June 7, 2010
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  • Rehabilitation in Correctional Facilities
    On any given day there are more than seven million Americans under the supervision of the correctional system which includes approximately 1.5 million offenders who are imprisoned in state and federal institutions, 2.4 million inmates incarcerated in jail, 4.2 million on probation and over 828,000 o
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