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The Filipino Woman Bu Carmen Guerrero Nakpil

Carmen Guerrero Nakpil I. Birth Carmen Guerrero Nakpil is one of the most preeminent writers of the Philippines. She was born on 19 July 1922 in Ermita, Manila, in what then the epicenter of the Hispano-Filipino community. Her parents were Doctor Alfredo Leon Guerrero and Filomena Francisco, the first Filipino pharmacist. She was born into a distinguished family. Her brother Leon Maria Guerrero was an essayist and diplomat. Her father's only sibling was the Bishop of Lingayen Cesar Ma. Guerrero...

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Where is the Patis

Where is the Patis? by Carmen Guerrero- Nakpil A Filipino may denationalize himself but not his stomach. He may travel over the seven seas, the five continents, the two hemispheres and lose the savor of home, forget his identity and believes himself a citizen of the world. But he remains- gastronomically, at least, always a Filipino. For, if in no other way, the Filipino loves his country with his stomach. Travel has become the great Filipino dream. In the same way that an American dreams of becoming...

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Where's the Patis? by Carmen Nakpil

Travel has become the great Filipino dream. In the same way that an American dreams of becoming a millionaire or an English boy dreams of going to one of the great universities, the Filipino dreams of going abroad. His most constant vision is that of himself as tourist. To visit Hong Kong, Tokyo, and other cities of Asia, perchance, to catch a glimpse of Rome, Paris, or London and to go to America (even if only for a week in a fly-specked motel in California) is the sum of all delights. ...

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 “Carmen”, as one of the most famous operas in the world, has been performed many times in many different troupes. This 4-act opera represents the highest achievement of the 19th century French opera-comique. After Bizet died, “Carmen” finally became the classical performance canonized by the professionals and music fans. George Bizet (1838 – 1875) was a French composer and Pianist of Romantic era, whose the most prominent work being “Carmen”. In his young age he went to the Paris Conservatory...

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Movement, space and dynamics are used in Mat Ek’s work Carmen to portray the various characters throughout the piece and to determine their relationships therefore gaining a greater understanding of the characters and the narrative. Micaela (M) is a respectable and adequate woman who is loyal to her fiancé but is always leading him and influencing his behavior in life. The first movement we see from M is at a low height with collapsing, repeated contractions which give us an initial idea of...

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Where Is the Patis

Carmen Guerrero Nakpil (b. July 19, 1922) is a Filipino journalist, author, historian and public servant. She was born in Ermita, Manila, into the Guerrero clan of that town, who were painters and poets, as well as scientists and doctors. Her paternal grandfather was Leon Maria Guerrero (b. January 21, 1853), pharmacist, botanist, member of the Malolos Congress and the First Philippine Assembly, who was likewise born in Ermita, Manila. He was the younger brother of Lorenzo Guerrero, the painter...

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Scent: Filipino People and Alfredo Salazar

Mr. Santos, was asked to speak before an audience in Kalamazoo, MI one October when the war was still on. On the same night he met another Filipino – Celestino Fabia, a farmer. Mr. Santos was surprised to see a man who travelled really long just to hear him talk. In the course of the discussion, the man asked, in sporadically incorrect English, how the Filipino women of today were different from the stereotype he was familiar with. Mr. Santos replied that although they differ in the exterior, both...

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Where's the Patis

WHERE'S THE PATIS? Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil About the Author Carmen Guerrero Nakpil who is "Chitang" to her family and friends is a practicing journalist whose takes time out now and then from her daily journalistic chores to write fine essays. She is fortunate to have an impish sort of humor that has kept her sense of balance well, a perceptive mind that can see beneath the veneer of sham, a fierce pride in her identity as a woman, and a skill for elegant expression...

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Carmen Essay

CARMEN ESSAY – musical examples/more quotes/cut out heaps of writing!! INTRO and Conclusion The fascination with exoticism was more and more prevalent within romantic compositions as there was an increased yearning for far off lands within the composer's imagination. ‘Composers of such works were not terribly interested in authenticity; their primary concern was to create a picturesque atmosphere that would appeal to audiences.'(Machlis p.190) Bizet romanticized gypsy culture in his opera and...

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Opera Carmen

OPERA CARMEN The Story of Georges Bizet's Famous Opera The scene of Carmen takes place in Seville, Spain during the mid 19th century. Main Characters of Carmen Carmen (soprano) Don Jose (tenor) El Dancairo (baritone) El Remendado (tenor) Escamillo (baritone) Frasquita (mezzo-soprano) Mercedes (mezzo-soprano) Micaela (soprano) Morales (bass) Zuniga (bass) Carmen - is an opera in four acts by the French composer Georges Bizet. The libretto was written by Henri Meilhac...

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Bu Form

/Village, Brgy. City/Town & Province Postal/Zip Code Tel./Cell. Phone No. 8. High School graduated or graduating from: High School Address 9. Applicant’s Date of Birth: 4. SEX Male 5. CITIZENSHIP: 6. RELIGION: Check one box only: Filipino Non-Filipino Female Expected/date of graduation Month Date 10. Civil Status (Check one box only) 11. Applicant’s Place of Birth: 12. Who will spend for your college education? My Parents Others (specify) 14. Number of children in the family: 13...

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mainly through the schools.        Meanwhile, Tagalog was popularized more widely when the Japanese forces invaded the country in 1942.  The Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese Imperial Forces ordered the prohibition of the use of English and the Filipino people's reliance upon Western nations particularly the United States and Great Britain.        Besides being declared as the official language, Tagalog was to become the medium of instruction in schools during the Japanese regime.  (Teachers who...

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The Filipino

THE FILIPINO The question “who is the Filipino?” is always bear on our mind of who is the real Filipino are. From the tome when we were born until now, it was remarkable for us that the Filipino have the characteristic of being kayumangi (morena) black hair, pandak at pango. This description described as being a Filipino by blood. On the other hand Filipino is a person or linked to the Philippines Island. Nowadays, were in the in the 21st century perhaps we consider this time as the year of modernization...

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rivals, Emilio Aguinaldo and Bishop Gregorio Aglipay. Quezon was inaugurated in November 1935. He is recognized as the second President of the Philippines. When Manuel L. Quezon was inaugurated President of the Philippines in 1935, he became the first Filipino to head a government of the Philippines since Emilio Aguinaldo and the Malolos Republic in 1898. However, in January 2008, Congressman Rodolfo Valencia of Oriental Mindoro filed a bill seeking instead to declare General Miguel Malvar as the second...

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Filipino Scientists

Ang mga Filipino scientists ay: Arturo Alcaraz Arturo Alcaraz is a volcanologist specializing in geothermal energy development. Benjamin Almeda Benjamin Almeda designed a food-processing machine. Julian Banzon Julian Banzon researched methods of producing Ramon Barba Ramon Barba invented practical flower induction treatments. Benjamin Cabrera Doctor Benjamin Cabrera has developed innovations in drug treatments against diseases caused by mosquitoes and agricultural soil. Paulo...

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Philippine Literature IMAGES OF FILIPINO WOMEN IN SELECTED SHORT STORIES Presented to: Dr. Ruel Bonganciso Presented by: Nicah Claire C. Faur Jona Joyce Azucena II – 1 BSE- ENGLISH A.Y 2014 - 2015 “IMAGES OF FILIPINO WOMEN IN SELECTED SHORT STORIES” Title: Dead Stars By: Paz Marquez Benitez Female Characters: Esperanza – engaged for four years and then became the wife of Alfredo Salazar. She is a homely woman, literal-minded and intensely acquisitive...

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Carmen: A Story of Lust and Love

Carmen: A Story of Lust and Love Summary of the Program The event began with Mr. Lopez providing a rundown of what the whole program would be about, and short after, introducing the prima ballerina, Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. The prima ballerina then discussed the plot of Carmen and how she felt of taking the lead role. After that, she presented a quick lecture about the basics of ballet, wherein she also demonstrated the basic positions. As she ended the lecture, the lights dimmed and the ballet...

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Reflection of Appendix on Carmen

REFLECTION OF APPENDIX ON CARMEN In this essay, I will discuss how Prosper Merimee’s mode of thought in appendix is reflected and the way the characters are demonstrated according to appendix in “Carmen”. The final chapter of the story “Carmen”, which is about the history, life style, Romany language, exclusive relationship manners and physical characteristics of the race called Gypsies, is added later to the story depending upon the point of view of the narrator. Thus, an ethnographic research...

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Carmen and Madame Butterfly

Carmen lives only for sensuality. She goes from one man to another. Carmen knows that she is free to stop relationships if she does not love the man anymore and that is fine, because the way she was raised allows her to act that was. She is an independent Gypsy woman. People of Gypsy culture are open-minded and willful. In the culture of the nineteenth century female Gypsies are characterized as strong, free-spirited, extraordinary, and arrogant. The romantic spirit of a Gypsy is considered absolutely...

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generation. Source: http://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/prepare-test/free-sample-tests/reading-sample-test-1-academic/reading-passage-3 Visual Symbols and the Blind We have found that the blind understand other kinds of visual metaphors as well. One blind woman drew a picture of a child inside a heart-choosing that symbol, she said, to show that love surrounded the child. With Chang Hong Liu, a doctoral student from china, I have begun exploring how well blind people understand the symbolism behind shapes...

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Gloria's daughter Biography Alberto S. Florentino is the author and playwright of the famed " The World is an Apple".  The themes that he usually tackles about deals with everyday scenarios of a commoner's life.  He usually portrays the struggles of Filipinos.     He was born on July 28, 1931.  Florentino had his first taste probably during the time when his father, a teacher, was active on school activities such as directing plays, opted to get assistance from his son to do copies of the plays that he...

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The Filipino Today

The Filipino Today By Alex Lacson, 2010 After the August 23 hostage drama, there is just too much negativity about and against the Filipino. "It is difficult to be a Filipino these days", says a friend who works in Hongkong. "Nakakahiya tayo", "Only in the Philippines" were some of the comments lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles received in her Facebook. There is this email supposedly written by a Dutch married to a Filipina, with 2 kids, making a litany of the supposed stupidity or idiocy of Filipinos in...

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Filipino Artist

Famous Filipino Artist Fernando Amorsolo - Most of his paintings portrayed the Filipino culture, tradition, and customs like Filipino fiestas. He became popular because of his illuminated landscapes and his historical paintings on which you can see the real reflection of a Filipino soul. Some of his major works were: * The Bombing of the Intendencia (1942) * Bataan * Assasination of Governor Bustamanta * The Burning of Manila * Afternoon Mealof the Workers (1939) * ...

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This Is Just a Test

Chaperon By Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Drama : WANTED: A CHAPERON Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero To the memory of Amalia B. Reyes First Performance: The Filipino Players, under the authors direction... Premium Wanted: a Chaperon By Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Reyes ABOUT: Wanted: A Chaperon is a play in one act, written and directed by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero. Jose Villa Panganiban has translated it as "Kailangan Isang... Premium Forever By Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero FOREVER Wilfrido Maria Guerrero CHARACTERS: Maria Teresa...

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Level of Acceptance of Selected Citizens of Brgy. Sto. Niño, Carmen, Davao del Norte towards making Divorce as an Official Law in the Philippines

divorce for Filipinos, and the prohibition continues under the present Family Code. But Muslim Filipinos have always practiced divorce, which Philippine law allowed. Today, divorce continues to be available to Muslim Filipinos under the Code of Muslim Personal Law of the Philippines (Presidential Decree No. 1083), promulgated in 1977. So to say that divorce does not exist in present Philippine law is not accurate.  The prohibition against divorce under Philippine law applies only to Filipinos whose marriages...

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Other Woman

THE OTHER WOMAN Group 8 3 – D Pharmacy Members: Sta. Ana, Axelle Anne Tan, Rhey Antoanette Tiu, Chrisanthydel Uy, Philene Victa, Ma. Nerissa Diane Villaflor, Ruby Anne Mae Ysit, Raymond Ivan I. Author of the Text Norma O. Miraflor graduated with a degree of AB Philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas. She received various awards from the Philippine Free Press and Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in Literature. She and her sister are...

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Filipinos Then, Filipinos Now

Diaz. It’s easy to say “I am a Filipino”. But when can a person be considered as a true Filipino? In the movie, the wordFilipino” had different definitions. The word originally referred to a person of pure Spanish decency that was born in the country. However, a travelling Chinese merchant (Lim) born in the country was also considered as a Filipino. Based on these facts, being born in the country is one of the major criteria in order for one to be called a “Filipino”. Nicholas Ocampo, also called...

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Filipino People and Hardworking Filipinos

minds and taught us lessons of reality of life.” The Philippines Wave of Migration Theory Negritos – Negritos represent a resourceful and hardworking Filipinos because in their time, hardwork and patience is the core of surviving in the wild. Indonesians – Their greatest influence is agriculture. Because of agriculture, Filipinos learned to till the land and that is one of the major sources of Philippine Products today. Malays – Their greatest influence is that they’ve introduced a...

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PICTURES CONVEY TO THE READERS? WHAT IS AN EDUCATED FILIPINO? BY: FRANCISCO BENITEZ What factor affected the change in the concept of education? What are the qualities of an educated Filipino according to the essay?  Are the ideas about the qualities of an educated Filipino still true today? According to the Essay, what now is the meaning of education? Do you agree with the author’s opinion? Explain.  Do you agree that a Filipino can be considered educated if he/she can adapt to the societal...

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Juan Nakpil

Juan Nakpil as Philippine National Artist Since then, the title “National Artist of the Philippines achieved its” achieved its complexity and great honor for having a broad criteria of choosing the nominees. It has been a prestigious award which fully granted for those who greatly excel and contributed widely in the development of Philippine arts. Philippine Arts, which plays a vital role for the preservation and commercialization of our own culture, should be a product of fully Filipino style...

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Filipino Drug Mules

send them to hospitals whenever needed? If you would have just given a chance to go abroad for work to give your family a better future would you decline it? If you are a responsible parent your answer would be NO. Because of poverty most of the Filipino people leave their family, their mother land and their loved ones in exchange of money. Others can even afford to kill just to be paid great amounts of money. So why not smuggle drugs which costs almost a hundred million or maybe billion? Hunger...

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Filipino 21st Century

Filipinos in the 21st Century Mark Raymond Ferrer Encystment of a conquering people is possible, for it signifies complete isolation, absolute inertia, debility in the conquering element. Encystment thus means the tomb of the foreign invader. -Dr. Jose Rizal 21st century – the era of advancements, urbanizations, industrialization, commercialization and technology – most of the people nowadays are way back more liberate and independent among themselves than before. All of them are loaded up of technologies...

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Practices of Filipinos in the New Century

which have so far succeeded in resisting the impact of modern civilization. Before the coming of the Spaniards the Filipinos had a civilization of their own. The various aspects of this civilization doubtless came partly from the Malays who settled in the country and partly from a response to the new environment. For this reason, many of the customs and practices of the pre-colonial Filipinos are still operative in many parts of the country, a circumstance that is, in a sense, advantageous for it offers...

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Filipino Diaspora

ISSUES Filipino workers are moving out of their homeland to work overseas so they could get higher income and sustain the needs of the family. Despite the branding and labelling battle cry of our agencies in country to OFWs as the “bagong bayani”, these people are encountering much bigger problems such as family issues, relationship gap between their children and prolonged separation that leads to infidelity and other problems regarding their family. Overseas Filipino Workers...

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to the young woman of malolos

To the Young Women of Malolos: Summary and Analysis Jose Rizal’s legacy to Filipino women is embodied in his famous essay entitled, “To the Young Women of Malolos,” where he addresses all kinds of women – mothers, wives, the unmarried, etc. and expresses everything that he wishes them to keep in mind.  SUMMARY “To the Women of Malolos” was originally written in Tagalog.  Rizal penned this writing when he was in London, in response to the request of Marcelo H. del Pilar.  The salient points...

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The Rise of Filipino Nationalism

The Rise of Filipino Nationalism Factors: 1.        Spread of Liberalism -         Liberal ideas from Europe filtered in when Spain gradually exposed Philippine to international commerce. -         The sons and daughters of the Principalia were able to attain education, thereupon giving then exposure to libertarian ideas. 2.       Sentiments against the Principales – proportion of the local aristocracy to the broad masses. 3.       Racial Prejudice -         Inferior race, limited intelligence ...

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Filipino Philosophy

Filipino Philosophy is the attitude, worldview, and notion of the natural citizens of the Philippines towards the day-to-day experiences in life, religion, communication, survival, interrelationship with people and intra-relationship with his sakop or to oneself – the “I,” and the uplifting of one’s soul – the Filipino being. Filipinos are used to be stereotyped as the bamboo grass for it always sway with the wind. The Filipino people has gone through tough and rough times, good and bounty years...

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Filipino Value

Filipino core values, along with the Filipino character or Filipino identity of a person or an individual known as the Filipino, the Filipino value system are found to possess inherent key elements of. value system which includes their own unique assemblage of consistent ideologies, moral codes, ethical practices, etiquette, and cultural and personal values that are promoted by their society. As with any society though, the values that an individual holds sacred can differ on the basis of religion...

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Filipino American

Filipino Americans The 2000 Census reported 2,364,815 Filipinos in the United States. -- The Asian Population: 2000 (Census 2000 Brief), February 2002. Long Beach, CA is 48.9% white and largest Asian/Pacific population is Filipino (4%). In San Diego County, Filipino Americans are the largest Asian Pacific Islander group. Filipino Americans have been a quiet voice in promoting contributions to American society. I am Filipino American, born in the Philippines and want to be able to tell that “Our...

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I am Filipino

I am Filipino “ Can they smell that aroma in me?” Every race around the world has different culture and beliefs and in that difference sometimes they even fight because of that contrast. One of the races known around the world is the Filipino. The Filipino people (Filipino: Mamamayang Pilipino) or Filipinos are an ethnic group native to the islands of the Philippines. According to the 2010 Census, there were 92,337,852 in the Philippines and about 10-12 million living outside the Philippines. There...

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The Opera Carmen and Gender Roles

Carmen Carmen is a depictive work that represents the social and gender issues that were present in nineteenth century France and Spain. It introduces readers to numerous aspects of life including treatment of women, prejudices towards individuals and groups, social structures, and accepted social behavior. Carmen, as both a novel and opera, is a literary work that was written not only to entertain but also to reflect nineteenth century society. Carmen, as a literary work, has experienced many...

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The Filipino Values

The Filipino Philosophy of Values Durin the past years, many anthropologist, and psychologist have written books and articles about Filipino values. These works call a development of a Filipino philosophy of values so that its ultimate causes and principle to be manifisted. Today, the need f or the solid Filipino philosophy of values is orgent in order to serve as a fundamental basis not only to speculation of the different sciences but also to the practice of or Filipino philosophy of values...

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The woman who had two navels

THE WOMAN WHO HAD TWO NAVELS BY NICK JOAQUIN Description: This novel by Joaquin is a literary assessment of the influence of the past to the time encompassing events in the Philippines after World War II, an examination of an assortment of legacy and heritage and the questions of how can an individual exercise free will and how to deal with the “shock” after experiencing “epiphanic recognition”. Main characters: Among the characters conjured by Joaquin are the Manolo Vidal and his family, Connie...

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Woman in Sports Reporting

only a few of these well known reporters. Surprisingly enough, a mere thirty years ago, this list would only include men’s names. Society has changed throughout the years thanks to cultural shifts brought about by the feminist movement of the 1970s, woman have made advancements in television broadcasting in general and sports broadcasting in particular. Also women reporters are getting the chance to shine like these men have. It has not been an easy path, though. Women reporters were not always accepted...

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Filipino Immigration

Filipino Immigration 2 Abstract Many Filipinos who have migrated to the U.S had an opportunity to explore a different type of life. Living in America there are so many opportunities for each Filipino to live, work and to have a better type of lifestyle. Migrating from a third world country is a huge transition from the way life is in the U.S. Coming from a country of seven thousand plus islands and a culture where “…women were considered equal to men,”(1) according to Linda A. Revilla in her...

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Filipino Migrant Woman

Migration When the Light of Home is Abroad: Unskilled Female Migration and the Filipino Family * The article focuses on the Filipino female population migrating to Singapore and the difficulties they face while in their host country. Through interviews and extensive research the authors explore the relationships between Filipino migrant women and their families. The authors state, “Specifically, we explore how migrant women and their family members define and negotiate family ideals...

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Filipinos Rizal

Evils of Spain darkened the Philippine skies 1. Instability of colonial administration 2. Corrupt officialdom 3. No Philippine representation in Spanish Cortes 4. Human rights denied to Filipinos 5. No equality before the law 6. Maladministration of justice 7. Racial discrimination 8. Frailocracy 9. Force labor 10. Haciendas owned by the friars and 11. Guardia civil CHAPTER 15 “Rizal’s Second Sojourn in Paris and the Universal Exposition of 1889” Summary: Rizal went to Paris after...

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Filipino Psychology

Sikolohiyang Pilipino – The History of Philippine Psychology The psychology of, about, and for the Filipinos was born out of the need to establish a discipline which is responsive to the needs of the Filipino people. [pic] Generally, to some extent, it had been considered a given until a few years ago that when one talked about psychology, one meant the psychology of Americans. Asian psychology had been unrecognized, or at least, unacknowledged worldwide. The Zeitgeist in Asian Psychology Through...

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The Filipino Family

THE FILIPINO FAMILY 1. The Changes in the structure of the Filipino Family The Filipino family was considered as the backbone of the state (Carandang, 2008). That is why alterations in the family’s beliefs, practices, structures and members’ responsibilities immensely influence the nation’s constancy. These changes have put our “traditionally- structured” families at jeopardy. How the children in the family are being socialized is also subject to change that leads to inconsistency of the adaptation...

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The Resiliency of a Filipino

THE RESILIENCY OF A FILIPINO William G. Bacani B: Filipino is resilient G: Since time immemorial, we are tested by countless calamities; volcanic eruptions, devastating earthquakes and lahar flows, super typhoons, flash floods and landslides. B: Victoriously, we surmounted these ordeals and pains, beyond imagination of the human race G: Instant death of our loved ones, claimed by transportation mishaps and natural disasters. Thousands also die in hunger and malnutrition. All: Including...

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Filipino Values

values but to have positive values that can help him socialize. Filipino Values What is the meaning of Filipino Values? * Refers to the set of values or the value system that a majority of the Filipino have historically held important in their lives.  * Filipino values are, for the most part, centered at maintaining social harmony, motivated primarily by the desire to be accepted within a group. Models of the Filipino values * Exogenous model or the Foreign model - described...

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FILIPINOS IN MACAU INTRODUCTION In the past few years, Macau has become an international destination. The liberation of gaming license had bought about large foreign investments and facilities infrastructure. Macau, a sparkling metropolis at night, is home to thousands of overseas Filipino workers . One of its eye-catching characteristics is certainly its large Filipino community. Filipinos represent the second largest group of non-resident workers in Macau after mainland Chinese. It also becomes...

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Filipino Entrepreneurs

The Top 10 Filipino Entrepreneurs By the way, this list is ranked in no particular order, age, net worth or achievements. 1. Henry Sy – SM Malls Henry Sy Henry Sy is a Chinese Filipino entrepreneur and founder of SM Group. You’ll be hard pressed to not find an SM Mall around the Philippines. Henry Sy started building his own small business called “Shoe Mart” and eventually turned it into a major corporate identity. Henry Sy inspires many people that you can start small and grow it into a massive...

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Filipino Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology 43 Prof. Bernadette Corsame FILIPINO PSYCHOLOGY AND ARTS I. HISTORICAL FOUNDATION Arts in the Philippines started even before the colonization of the country. It has different fields and expressions which are mostly religious. In any way, these native arts are on the verge of being lost now since the masses are all focused on foreign cultures forgetting their own. Painting Filipino painting as a whole can be seen as an amalgamation of many cultural...

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Filipino American

Filipino Americans My name is Mely, a Filipino American, born and raised in the United States. Many people are not too familiar with Filipinos as they are other ethnic groups, such as the Chinese or the Japanese. Some people have confused me or my family as Chinese or even Hispanics because of our physical features being similar to either culture. I would like to give a background of my Filipino history. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there has been a 99% increase of Asian Americans...

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Filipino Values

from these actions. Forces that Shape Filipino Contemporary Values Filipino values have been derived from racial strains and cultural elements. These are Aeta, Indonesians, Malayan, Hindu and Chinese. These formed the core of our moral conscience, cultural identify coupled with the cultural elements derived from Spain, the United States and from the modern global community, (Panopio and Rolda, 2000). Andres (1981) commented that the “Filipino people have a reputation for being culturally...

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Filipino Nationalism

WHAT IS FILIPINO NATIONALISM? - Mrs. Leticia R. Constantino Nationalism has had a long history in our country. In our struggle for freedom, there have been periods when strong nationalist feelings fired our people to action and other periods when nationalism seemed to be forgotten. Not only did nationalism as a sentiment have its peaks and valleys, nationalism as a political concept has been espoused at one time or another by different sectors of society which projected particular nationalist...

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The Indolence of the Filipinos

the fifth installment of Jose Rizal in his essay “Sobre La Indolencia De Los Filipinos” or “The Indolence of the Filipinos”. In my presentation, I will only show and explain to you the core concepts found in this installment which is what Jose Rizal wants to address to his readers. Illustrated and highlighted in my topic are the causes of indolence, the effects of the influence of climate to the indolence of the Filipinos, the manifestations from the part of the government and church to their contribution...

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List of Filipino Novels

NOVELS BY FILIPINO AUTHORS IN ENGLISH Updated on 14 June 2011 Alanguilan, Gerry. Elmer. SLG Publishing, 2010. [FANTASY/GRAPHIC NOVEL] __________. Humanis Rex! Fudge, 2005. [FANTASY/GRAPHIC NOVEL] __________. Wasted. Alamat, 2002. [ACTION/GRAPHIC NOVEL] Alanguilan, Gerry and Arlan Esmeña. Where Bold Stars Go to Die. Komikero, 2009. [EROTICA/GRAPHIC NOVEL] Alfar, Dean Francis. Salamanca. Ateneo, 2007. [FANTASY] Alumit, Noel. Letters to Montgomery Clift. MacAdam/Cage, 2002. [LITERARY FICTION] ...

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Proud Filipino

Filipina Nurse, this is what Arabs think about FILIPINOS. IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT FILIPINOS by Abdullah Al-Maghlooth|AL-WATAN Muhammad Al-Maghrabi became handicapped and shut down his flower and gifts shop business in Jeddah after his Filipino workers insisted on leaving and returning home. He says: "When they left, I felt as if I had lost my arms. I was so sad that I lost my appetite." Al-Maghrabi then flew to Manila to look for two other Filipino workers to replace the ones who had left. Previously...

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