• The Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease
    The Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Testing for Huntington's Disease INTRODUCTION Huntington's Disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant, progressive, neurodegenerative disorder (Walker, 2007 and Harmon, 2007). The gene that causes the disease is located on the fourth chromosome and causes an abnormal
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  • Genetic Testing of Children
    Running head: Genetic Testing of Children Genetic Testing of Children Ann Marie Rakowicz Drexel University Abstract The current field of genetics has opened many doors with regard to the diagnosis and possible early intervention for many diseases. Unfortunately, many of these diseases
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  • Genetic Ethical Dilemma
    Genetic Ethical Dilemmas Finding out that you are having a baby is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your life. I cannot imagine how worried Erin and Dan were when they found out that Dan was a carrier of Huntington’s disease (HD). I can only imagine how heart wrenching...
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  • Moral and Ethical Issues in Gene Therapy
    Moral and Ethical Issues in Gene Therapy Introduction Genetic research has advanced in a dramatic fashion in the last decade or so, to the point where it has now become possible to attempt therapeutic genetic modification, in a few cases of human genes, where a defects exists which manifests itsel
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  • Genetics and disease
    Genetics and disease By Mark Mbaluto Genetics is the basis for a large number of diseases, particularly hereditary ones, and it is for this reason that we are so interested in studying them. The genetic change may be large for some disease’s and for others a simple deletion could be...
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