"The Effect Of Improper Garbage Disposal In Our Community" Essays and Research Papers

The Effect Of Improper Garbage Disposal In Our Community

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction Living near the garbage will experience health problems of the communities. Garbage is what someone leaves behind that they do not want to use anymore. It is also called as waste, and sometimes rubbish. Health is the possible major problems of those people who lived in that kind of area. But most of the common problem of the community is not only about health but includes the drug addiction, and peace and order situations. There’s a possible...

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Improper Waste Disposal

Improper Disposal of Garbage In Brgy. Guinhalaran, Proper, Silay City Abstract Proper waste disposal minimizes and reduces the risk of accidental injury to staff, clients, visitors and the local community and it helps provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. It also reduces odors and reduces the likelihood of contamination of the soil or ground water with chemicals or micro organisms. Biodegradable waste is a type of waste, typically originating...

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Improper Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal minimizes the spread of infections and reduces the risk of accidental injury to staff, clients, visitors, and the local community and it helps provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. It also reduces odors and reduces the likelihood of contamination of the soil or ground water with chemicals or microorganisms. Biodegradable waste is a type of waste, typically originating from plant or animal sources, which may be broken down by other living organisms. Non-biodegradable...

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Improper Waste Disposal

St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City The Improper Waste Disposal of Every Household in 5th Camarilla St., Barangay San Roque, Murphy, Quezon City. By: Lourlita Cleo S. Antipolo Pacholo Victor Flores Table of Contents I. Introduction II. a. Statement of the problem b. Scope and Delimitation III. a. Methodology b. Gathering of Data IV. Presentation Analysis of Data V. Summary VI. Conclusion VII. Appendices I. Introduction “Since the...

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The Effects of Improper Garbage Disposal

The Effects of Improper Garbage Disposal Tossing everyday items into the trash can seem like second nature to many people. If you are implementing recycling techniques into your lifestyle, you are taking a positive step toward helping the environment. Learner.org notes that in the U.S. alone, over 230 million tons of trash is produced each year. Less than 25 percent of that waste is recycled and the rest ends up in landfills, incinerated or in ditches and roadsides. Improper garbage disposal isn't...

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Level of Awareness of Bsmt Students on Proper Disposal of Garbage

Proper Disposal of Garbage -------------------- A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the Maritime Department John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation -------------------- In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Research 311 --------------------- By Arcenal Alipo-on Exaltado Vistar Gasataya Rondovio Batalliones Chapter 1 INRODUCTION The working title of the study is initially drafted as: level of awareness of BSMT students on proper disposal of garbage...

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Tourism and Its Effects on the Community

Tourism and Its Effects on the Community Tourism is the largest industry in the world and the fact that it is still growing portrays a very bright future for the industry. Many countries have made billions out of this industry and are still earning more but to gain something, we have to lose something. In this essay I will discuss the effects of the tourism industry on the community taking into account important factors such as politics, economics, the environment and the historical factors. ...

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Littering Effect

If everyone on Earth threw garbage and litter indiscriminately wherever they went, the world as we know it would soon be in ruins. Litter in our surroundings is an important environmental issue, which many people overlook. While a majority of people do know that littering is a bad thing, many continue to carelessly scatter their trash around nonetheless. There are a host of problems that stem from littering, and the environment has been suffering as a result of some people's inability to control...

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Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal Waste disposal has been one of human being’s biggest problems ever since the dawn of civilization. Humans create loads of waste every day ranging from empty bottles to excretions to banana peels. What to do with all the garbage that the people create has been the discussion of panels ever since the Roman senate got together. Most of the people are not aware of the fact that putting the garbage out of their trash cans can cause many safety and environmental problems. People tend to...

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Causes and effects of Land Pollution

exploitation, industrial waste dumping and indiscriminate disposal of urban wastes. It includes the soil pollution and waste disposal. http://www.botany.uwc.ac.za/sci_ed/grade10/ecology/conservation/poll.htm It is significant to study because we’re going to tackle about the factors that causes it and the results into our society. How it is harmful for all of us that can be possible to cause us problems to our health because the effects includes carrying diseases. Where does the problem came from...

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THE EFFECTS OF PROPER WASTE SEGREGATION AND DISPOSAL OF THE 4TH YEAR STUDENTS IN GERONIMA CABRERA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL I. INTRODUCTION Recent scientific studies reveal that human activities have contributed significantly to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that causes climate change. One of these human activities is the irresponsible disposal of garbage. Philippines is looming with garbage problems despite the passage of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act or the Republic...

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Improper Disposal of Solid and Toxic Wastes in the Philippines

problems in the brown environmental issues which is the increasing solid and hazardous waste generation and improper management. The alarming increase of improper disposal of solid and hazardous waste in our country is due to a number of reasons. Plantilla finds several causes of this such as: increasing population, lack of integrated solid waste management system, lack of environmentally sound disposal system, lack of public awareness & support and lack of toxic/hazardous waste treatment facilities. According...

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Level of Awareness of Improper Waste Disposal

there is a typhoon. The people in the community have nothing to blame on but the garbages that are not properly thrown in the trashcans, especially plastics. This research paper is conducted to help the people in Barangay 663 lessen their carelessness in throwing their trash anywhere they want. Also, the group will be providing solutions to the problem of the community. Theoretical Framework Theoretical Framework of this thesis is focused on the community, the action of the government in order...

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Garbage disposal practices Chapter 1

The researchers seek to study the disposal practices of Lagao Public Market for it is constantly affecting human health and the environment as well. Statement of the problem This study aims to determine the garbage disposal practices of the Lagao Public Market. Specifically the researcher’s seek to answer the following questions: 1. What are the garbage disposal practices employed by the Lagao Public Market? 2. How effective are the garbage disposal practices employed by the Lagao Public...

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The Effects of Improper Waste Management to Humans.

household waste, industrial waste, nuclear power plants and so on. The problem of improper waste management is on the rise from day to day. If the waste products are not managed properly, it will cause a lot of bad influences to humans. The effects of improper waste management to humans are contamination of soil, floods, extinction of plants and animals, air contamination and depletion of ozone layer. Firstly, the improper waste management will bring up contamination of soil that will bring harms to...

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Juvenile Delinquency in Our Community About the Causes and the Effects.

the community of Morne Delice, St. Paul’s. Mrs. Sylvester guided me during the entire process and also provided helpful and useful insights into the topic chosen. The community members successfully completed the questionnaires and returned them on time. Additionally, I would also like to acknowledge my family members for their encouragement and support. They were very instrumental in assisting me with the distribution and collection of the questionnaires. Introduction The community of...

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Garbage Disposal

Garbage Dumping Effects Improper disposal of hazardous waste causes adverse effects on human health and the environment. The normal practices of waste disposal such as insanitary open dump, land filling, discharge in water courses, or open-pit burning will need modification when dealing with hazardous wastes. • Open dumping Open dumps are illegally dumped, abandoned piles of garbage and debris in large quantities. You can get fined if you are caught dumping at an open dump. They are used in...

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Community Based Problem- Improper Waste Disposal

Community Based Problem I- Background of the Case The legal definition of waste in the UK is derived from the EU Waste Framework Directive. In basic terms a waste is anything which you decide to, or are required to, throw away. Even if the substance or article is given to someone else to be reused or recycled, it is still legally considered to be waste if it is no longer required by the person who produced it. Waste is generated universally and is a direct consequence of all human...

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Community Profile

Philippines University of Rizal System Rodriguez, Rizal Sitio Harangan Community Profile [Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal] Prepared by: BSCD III I. Introduction The name “Harangan” was derived from the residents themselves who used to block garbage truck in order to get the junk. The place was a rice field and heath before. It was also known before as a disposal place for dead people who was being kidnapped or victim of human trafficking. ...

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Improper Garbage Disposal

| With more college graduates than jobs, the government wrestles with what to do with themSouth Korea is beginning to wrestle with the unappetizing fact that too many of its young are in college. Despite the very real success of its economy, the country can’t manufacture enough jobs for its graduates – of which it produces a lot. Singapore, Taiwan and other Asian countries to some extent face the same glut. However, South Korea seems in a class by itself. Some 86 percent of all high school graduates...

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Garbage Pollution

My Assignment on Garbage Pollution Name: Adrian Stephenson Center #: 100152 Candidate’s: 100152075 Territory: Jamaica Proficiency: General Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge all the persons who have helped me to complete this assignment. These persons are my mother and my social studies teacher. Introduction This school based assessment is based on garbage pollution. The area chosen for survey on garbage pollution is the community of august town. You will learn about the causes...

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Improper Disposal of Garbage

It is important that you choose a spot that gets full sun for at least five hours of the day. Ensure that the spot is not too windy. The soil should be well-drained. Before planting the tomatoes you should dig in generous amounts of cow manure as well as adding light sprinkle potash and a handful of lime for every square meter. The soil needs of sufficient amount of calcium which is why you would add the lime to soil, also you could apply pent moss. Compost or manure to the soil to improve its quality...

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garbage disposal

review of literature TITLE A Study on Mode of Garbage Disposal by Urban Families ABSTRACT A study in Haryana Agricultural University Campus of Hisar City was conducted by taking 100 respondents to study the mode of garbage disposal by urban families. Results revealed that majority of the respondents were not satisfied by theirexisting mode of garbage disposal outside the home and were interested in effective management of garbage at household level. INTRODUCTION The condition of environment...

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Garbage Segregation

Effectiveness of the Implementation of Garbage Segregation in Brgy. III-A of San Pablo City Year 2013. Cierva, Crissamay N. Felismino, Jon Albert M. Gonzales, John Michael G. Effectiveness of the Implementation of Garbage Segregation in Brgy. III-A of San Pablo City Year 2013 ____________________________________ A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the College of Hospitality, Management...

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To Asses the Impacts of Solid Weste Disposal

Solid waste disposal is one of those rare endeavors where success breeds anonymity. To the credit of local waste management agencies and contractors, their service is highly inconspicuous in northeastern Illinois. This low profile belies the importance and complexity of efficient trash collection, and veils many impacts of municipal solid waste (MSW) policy from our everyday lives. Like other environmental elements, waste does not follow regional borders. From an email survey that we conducted...

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Littering Effects

PART A The Detrimental Effects of Littering This essay is going to discuss the detrimental effects of littering by introducing the menaing of littering. Then it will discuss about the effects of littering to wildlife, health and communities. The essay also provides suggestion to combat littering and illegal dumping of trash and waste. Littering is the careless and casual disposal of trash or waste, often along roadways and in other public places. It may include items as large as...

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Causes and Effects of Land Pollution

we step out of our houses and take a deep breath. We know when our actions cause water pollution, for we can see for ourselves the quality of the water worsening. Similarly noise, light, visual pollution can all be monitored, because we can all see or sense these kinds of pollution. However, land pollution is a hard one to get since we do not understand and we cannot comprehend which of our actions cause destruction of land. What is Land Pollution? When the anthropogenic effects of development...

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The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

Environmental Justice: The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch 1 Environmental Justice: The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Structured Controversy Netanya Roden CORE 1000 Environmental Justice: The Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch 2 Trash can be observed congregating on the sides of roadways. This trash includes plastic bottles, papers, and cans. The trash seen along the sides of the road is even more pronounced when it is observed after a long winter’s thaw. Just like the sides of the road become...

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Survival of the Business in Our Communities

many mom-and-pop shops there is much criticism as to whether these corporations are to blame for the closing down of the mom-and-pop shops. Mom-and-pop shops have been closing down in our communities for many years now. When the larger corporations move into our communities do we all flock to support them and let our mom-and-pop shops suffer or even just dwindle and die? The Daily News has an article titled: “Study proves it Wal-Mart super-stores kill off local small businesses,” by Steven Barrison...

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Level of Compliance on Proper Garbage Disposal

& private sector hospitals). Improper disposal practices results in reuse of discarded syringes, IV tubes, blood bags and other equipment which is not designed for either sterilization or reuse. If hospital waste is not properly managed and disposed, it can result in injury by contaminated sharps and infection with Hepatitis B, C, and HIV. In the Philippines, according to the Department of Health, addressing the issue of the proper health care waste disposal is of paramount concern not only...

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Investigatory Project

materials. THE COMMUNITY. This study will help the people in community to be aware on how to arrange, store, recycle or dispose the waste properly. FUTURE RESEARCHERS. This study can be use as a reference materials or a roadmap in conducting similar studies in the future. TO THE PROFESSORS. It will help them to discover new ideas that they can share to their students in connection with the management courses. INTRODUCTION Garbages is everywhere, aside from the fact that in our modern economy...

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The Problem With Garbage Is That It

The problem with garbage is that it's a sum zero game. Garbage has to go somewhere but nobody wants it in their backyard. It's as if trash is deposited in the garbage can and somehow it's supposed to disappear into some magic black hole. Problem is, there is no black hole. There isn't even room for any more landfill. What was once thought to be a progressive solution - incinerating garbage - has become a major point of contention. Incineration of things such as plastics and medical waste raise serious...

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The Not-so-Great Garbage Patch

The Not-So-Great Garbage Patch The waste of mankind can literally be found throughout all parts of our planet. Contrary to what people would like to believe, not all garbage magically makes its way into some convenient dump. In fact, it is estimated that mankind dumps about 14 billion pounds of plastic into our oceans each year ("Marine Debris"). Everywhere leads to the ocean; whether pollutants travel by river, sewer, or runoff makes no difference. In recent years, the amount of debris making its...

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Improper Waste Disposal in Nsukka

STATEMENT OF NEED The improper disposal of municipal waste has a serious and dangerous impact on a wide range of areas. Garbage thrown in the street or in open space creates a public health hazard, while waste dumped near rivers, lakes and streams contaminates the water supply. Rubbish that is burned in the open rather than disposed off properly creates pollution and releases toxic fumes into the environment. Non-biodegradable materials thrown into open drains make their way into the sewerage system...

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Recycling: Is It Just a Bunch of Garbage

Recycling: Is it Just a Bunch of Garbage Americans produce 4.34 pounds of garbage per person per day (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2010). Most people just bring garbage to the curb and just forget about it. Local governments employ numerous ways to remove a growing amount of garbage. The most common way is to ship it off to a landfill and bury it. Another way that has been gaining popularity is recycling. Communities have been struggling with waste removal for generations, raising...

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Great Garbage Patch

impact on our world. To what may seem like the simplest discovery of light, to the discovery of prehistorically items, and so many other discoveries. Without discoveries, and inventions society would be less educated about what happens globally around the world. Many may not even be aware of issues that affect our ecosystem. Humans are not perfect and therefore the world is not perfect. Some do not realize how misplacing garbage can harm the environment tremendously. Simple objects like garbage can play...

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Neighborhood Watch and Its Effect on the Community

Neighborhood Watch and its Effect on the Community The Neighborhood Watch program is one of the oldest forms of organized community crime prevention in the United States. Its history dates back as far as the late 1960s. As a method of fighting and preventing crime in residential communities, this program has shown to be very effective. This paper will cover the beginning of the Neighborhood Watch program, its growth up to the present day, and a few of its success stories. Neighborhood Watch...

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Recycling vs. Our Throw Away Culture

Recycling vs. Our Throw Away Culture Although it may seem like recycling is something new, in reality, forms of recycling have been used for many years. In the early 1900’s, waste paper and rags were often used to make paper when wood pulp was scarce and too expensive (Black). The economic depression also made recycling an important way for people to survive, as they couldn’t afford to buy new things (Grabianowski). People then began recycling scrap metal, nylon, rubber and other materials...

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch By: Niamh Leah Frances Edmonstone Imagine one day the whole ocean turning into a giant patch of toxic trash. People have been trashing the ocean for years, but now there is too much trash out there and it is destroying the environment and killing the marine life. If we don't try to stop this issue from escalating in the near future, The Great Pacific Garbage Patches size will increase rapidly and have huge effects on the planet we live on. Charles Moore, an oceanographer...

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The Effects of Recycling

The effects of Recycling The effects of Recycling How many times were we asked when kids to take out the trash? With so many changes taking place with our environment, we may be asking our kids one day not only to take out the trash but, did you separate it? In one year’s time Americans generates 210 million metric tons of garbage. To put that estimate into perspective, that weight is the same as 4,837 Titanic’s. Unless America takes more of an initiative to recycle, there won’t be much of...

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Violence and Its Effect on the Community

Violence and its Effect on the Community Charlotte Anderson-Brown Axia College of University of Phoenix Violence and its Effect on the Community Violence in the community has become a major issue. While due to law enforcement agencies, community education and crime watch violence can be circumvented; violence directly and indirectly affects how we live our lives. Let’s us first examine what violence is. Violence is a physical action, which takes place once a person becomes upset to a...

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Garbage and Recycling

Thesis statement and Introduction One of the most pressing environmental issues facing the contemporary society is the issue of garbage. As much as the global population continues to rise, people have become more wasteful and the products of modern convenience such as plastics have rendered the earth a dumping ground for non biodegradable refuse. This problem crosses all international boaders and touches of all the world people. Although some specialists argue that recycling is not good...

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The Importance of a Flood Free and Clean Living Community

John Bosco District particularly in our area who are living near the riverbank or one of the low lying villages in the city, which is 3rd class city in the province of Surigao del Sur, Mindanao that had always been experiencing floods due to the rising of the river waters in that area. It has been, observed that even just a slight rain fall; flood occurs and brings devastation to the houses, and to the people especially rainy seasons. As one of the resident of our Purok, I already witnessed how my...

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proper disposal

the flood that happened only this past year in Manila that caused different diseases to the people. We all know that the caused of the flood was the scattered garbage that when it rains they gather in one place that causes overflow in canals. If we cannot dispose properly these garbages, it will cause problem in the environment and to our health. Humans are part of any ecosystem in which they live. Like other organisms living in an ecosystem, their activities can change the environment. Some organisms...

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The Psychological Effects from Improper Television Programs

psychological effects from improper television programs A large proportion of teenagers who commit a crime express that they are fond of watching certain television programs that containing improper content in it. Today's television programs are filled in variously violent and erotical scenes that are not suitable for teenagers. Because of teenagers cannot distinguish what is the suitable content for themself, for this reason, after watching improper television programs, the effects which influence...

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Garbage: Pollution

Garbage pollution means littering civic waste particularly household waste into places not designated to dispose it off. It is mainly caused by mismanagement of solid waste when garbage is not lifted from streets and areas to carry it to landfill sites for its final disposal. It all happens owing to poor system of either garbage collection . Causes of garbage pollution Pollution of garbage increases in cities and towns where there is no proper system of garbage collection. Households...

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Cultural Diversity in Our Community

Cultural Diversity in Our Community NAME Axia College of University of Phoenix Cultural Diversity I was walking down the street the other day when I stopped and took a hard look at all the different people, businesses, and cultures that surrounded me. My first thought was "wow, we really live in a world that is held together by a wide variety of ethnic groups." Without all the different cultures and influences that I have experienced, I would not be the person I am today. Ethnicity...

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The Problem of Garbage Disposal and Its Possible Solutions

The problem of garbage disposal and its possible solutions. Problem-Solution Essay Alexandra ID Almaty 2010 Problem/Solution Outline Title: The problem of pollution from garbage and its possible solutions. I. Introduction a. The average resident produces seven and a half pounds of garbage every day that is buried down in landfills and litters human’s lands costing a great amount of money. b. Each year, millions of dollars are spent picking...

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Investegatory Project

Proper Garbage Disposal: Towards A Healthy Lifestyle Thesis Statement: Proper garbage disposal is important to maintain a clean environment for a healthy living. I. Proper garbage disposal is a major problem. A. Proper garbage disposal is a way of segregating the garbage, to separate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable. II. Importance of proper garbage disposal. A. In the family, society B. In the environment III. Conclusion Proper Garbage Disposal: Towards A Healthy...

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Drug Effects on the Community

what their actions are. They do not realize how badly they can harm the community around them. Drugs are normally used by those who are not involved in activities such as, religious clubs, sports, etc. The users are normally stressed out with life and at times they just need something to set their minds aside from problems which occur in their everyday life. There are many reasons as to why and how drugs affect the community around the drug user however; there are also reasons as to why a person...

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Improper Excreta Disposal Facilities

implication of improper hospital waste disposal in Zonkwa district of Zangon-kataf local government area, Kaduna state Vivan Ezra Lekwot¹*, Blamah Vachaku Nunyi¹, Ezemokwe Ifeanyi¹, Okafor Christian I² and Bawa Adamu³ ¹Department of geography and planning University of Jos, Jos Nigeria ²United Nations development programme Juba, South Sudan ³Government Girls’ College Zonkwa. Accepted 02 March, 2012 This study examines public health effects of improper hospital waste disposal. Primary data...

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Waste Disposal

PSYC 434: ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY WASTE DISPOSAL WITH SPECIFIC REFERENCE TO SOLID WASTE Adeniji Ayodele (10317112) 9TH March, 2013. With an increase in industrial development...

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Pasay River Environmental Analysis

Inquiry Questions The fieldwork centered on two topics: water pollution and waste disposal. The interview questions consisted of the condition of the two main creeks in Pasay and how it is currently affecting the community and on the management of waste in different barangays in Pasay. The objective of the fieldwork is to find out whether there is a connection between the two problems (water pollution and waste disposal). 1. Is water accessible to everyone in the area? 2. How is the quality...

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Effect of Agriculture on Our Environment

Effects of Agriculture on the Environment Introduction: Agriculture has changed dramatically, especially since the end of World War II. Food and fibre productivity rose due to new technologies, mechanization, increased chemical use, specialization and government policies that favoured maximizing production. These changes allowed fewer farmers with reduced labour demands to produce the majority of the food and fibre. Humans, like all other species, exploit their surroundings for the resources...

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Disposal of Offal and Environmental Concerns Regarding It

October 31 2012 | Disposal of waste of sacrificial animals after Eid UL Azha is a serious issue in Pakistan .Effective management is necessary otherwise devastating effects in the form of epidemics or grown a number of unaesthetic sites. Measures must be taken by the administration along with active participation from citizens. | Disposal of offal after Eid ul Azha and environmental concerns regarding it | Participatory Management - (PM) Assignment topic: Disposal of offal after Eid...

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Community Problems - Our Responsibility

Many people believe that our government should do more to solve our problems. Yet, when we expect our government, rather than ourselves, to come up with solutions for both our communities' and nations' ills, we have walked down a path which leads us away from being self-reliant and independent. Why can we not affect changes in our communities to everyone's benefit when it is within our abilities? Why must we always ask the government for help to solve community problems when there are more serious...

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Effect of Domestic Sewage Pollution

Effect of domestic sewage pollution Domestic sewage pollution is the pollution caused to the earth by domestic use.  It contain of sewage originating primarily from kitchen,bathroom, and laundry sources and also waste from food preparation, dishwashing, garbage, toilets, baths, showers, and sinks. Sewage is the term used for wastewater that often contains faeces, urine and laundry waste. Sewage disposal is a major problem in developing countries as many people in these areas don’t have access to...

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Garbage a Nuisance and Methods of Disposing It!!

GARBAGE A NUISANCE! Garbage has been a major concern from olden times. They not only give foul smell but more badly they are a home to mosquitoes and houseflies. This is the root cause of all the diseases. The pollution caused by the garbage is a very major problem that could result in major health, space, and economic issues. People in India just litter wherever they feel such as roads, ponds as there is no one to tell them. They just make any area a junkyard. Even if there is a dustbin nearby...

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Effects of Advertising on Our Children

The Effects of Advertising our Children Television and commercials are a part of our everyday lives. They are an entertaining way to learn new things, travel the world, and learn about people and culture. We are infiltrated with non-stop advertising while watching TV. According to the Website, “Love your Body”, the number one after-school activity for children ages 6-17 is to watch TV for. Many ads on TV subliminally tell us or make us want or feel something. Ads are powerful messages and content...

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Managing Our Solid Waste

Managing our Solid Waste: An Overview of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act Much had been written about the worsening problem of solid waste in Metro Manila and other urban centers in the country. Even more were fora, seminars and conferences conducted to discuss ways of solving the problem. For how long would it take us to attain a zero waste economy, no one knows. But, one thing is sure - time is running out and WE need to act NOW! Why WE? The answer is simple, but at the same time...

Biodegradable waste, Hazardous waste, Recycling 1229  Words | 4  Pages

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