• Dereliction of duty
    "...I am now going to my grave with that lapse in moral courage." Harold K. Johnson, Army Chief of Staff 1964-1968 The 1997 book, Dereliction of Duty, may become a critical treatise in the area of military ethics.[1] The research was exten
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  • Contractual duty of good faith
    Introduction Australia has not yet committed itself to a definitive principle of good faith in contract law. Unlike the legal systems in Europe and the United States, Australia does not demand an explicit legal prerequisite of good faith to form a contract.[1] Decisions in different jurisdictions h
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  • Presidential's secretary
    III. BACKGROUND OF THE CASE President’s Secretary Yoli was employed at A Brown Company, Inc. as Admin Staff-I for about 3 years. A Brown Company, Inc. is with real estate at Cagayan de Oro City for class-A and there are known as class A subdivision named Xavier estate. Before, A Brown Compa
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  • Import duty structure
    Pre Budget 2010-11 - Pre Budget Memorandum Chemicals- Indian Chemical Association (ICC) PRE-BUDGET MEMORANDUM FOR UNION BUDGET FOR THE YEAR 2010-2011 0. ECONOMY Indian economy is passing through a difficult phase due to global economic meltdown. Manufacturing and service sectors continue to exp
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  • The role of a secretary on record management in an organisation
    ABSTRACT Record Management has always been an important aspect of administrative procedures in every organization. Due to its necessity, the need to have personnel who has thorough knowledge in the field is desirable. Secretaries are involved in a wide variety of decision most of which are adm
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  • Call of duty black ops
    No. 9254-Family The Lord of the Rings A Sermon by Roosevelt Wright, Jr. For the Tabernacle Baptist Church Monroe, La. April 15, 2007 SCRIPTURE: And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mar
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  • Custom duty
    Purposes of Customs Law:- 1. Raising revenue for Central Government 2. Regulate imports and exports 3. Protect Indian industry from dumping Note 1: Provisions of Customs Act are used for other Acts like Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) etc.
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  • The future of the digital economy act in the light of the high court decision in the case of bt & talktalk group vs secretary of state for business, innovation and skills
    THE FUTURE OF THE DIGITAL ECONOMY ACT IN THE LIGHT OF THE HIGH COURT DECISION IN THE CASE OF BT & TALKTALK GROUP Vs SECRETARY OF STATE FOR BUSINESS, INNOVATION AND SKILLS With the growth of information technology and the internet, many now have access to a wide range of social networks, allowing
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  • Duty of care
    Duty of Care: GELERAL Week 2::Seminar 2 This concept is based on three proof of elements, its ingredients are – A legal Duty of D towards the C to exercise care in such conduct of D as falls within the scope of the duty, Breach of that Duty means failure to come up to the standard required by
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  • Essay - former secretary of the navy james webb
    The Author of this article is Former Secretary of the Navy James Webb. Mr. Webb served in the Vietnam War as a Marine First Lieutenant. He wrote about his experiences as they were first hand account of actual events that occurred while he was in Vietnam with his platoon. He was awarded the Navy Cro
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  • Sanlakas vs. executive secretary angelo reyes g.r. no. 159085. february 3, 2004
    SANLAKAS vs. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY ANGELO REYES G.R. No. 159085.  February 3, 2004 FACTS: They came in the middle of the night.  Armed with high-powered ammunitions and explosives, some three hundred junior officers and enlisted men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) stormed into
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  • Sch 34 duty of care
    A duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeable harm others. A definition from Wikipedia. A duty of care is required in every work place and a greater duty or care is needed esp
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  • Uk air passenger duty
    UK AIR PASSENGER DUTY The British Treasury will increase the tax from April this year by eight percent, which increases the cost of travel and causes fewer benefits to people in a moment of global economic crisis. The Air Passenger Duty (APD) is considered as a real obstacle for the growth of
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  • The role of a company secretary
    CORPORATE SECRETARYSHIP CHAPTER ONE THE ROLE OF THE COMPANY SECRETARY 1.1 Requirement to appoint a company secretary It is already understood that a company is the creation of law, having rights, duties and obligations just as that of human being. The so-called legal entity may therefor
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  • Secretary: his world
    All information is not owned by the uploader. Credits to the respected owners. DEFINITION OF SECRETARY Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secretary The term is derived from the Latin word secernere, "to distinguish" or "to set apart," the passive participle (secretum) meaning "having bee
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  • Company secretary
    The Stewardship Code’s Achilles’ Heel secured on their land. More speci¢cally, it fails to acknowledge that the subprime crisis should have prompted a rethink by Britain and its development partners such as the World Bank of these strategies for international development. CONCLUSION The
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  • What are the perceptions of the hospitality industry as a satisfactory career choice among adults age 25-40 vs. the perceptions of the industry as a post-military career choice among active duty military personnel of
    What are the perceptions of the hospitality industry as a satisfactory career choice among adults age 25-40 vs. the perceptions of the industry as a post-military career choice among active duty military personnel of the same age group who are preparing to reenter the civilian workforce?
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  • Fiduciary duty
    | INDIVIDUAL PROJECT | Professor: Diana Newhouse | | Submitted by: Richa Rana | 3/31/2013 | | Fiduciary duty is the responsibility to act in the best interest of a person or organization (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health). Health care professionals, a
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  • Two consecutive increments was imposed on account of alleged absence of duty on 31-03-2011 at 08:45 am. brief history & nature of the case
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  • Role of a secretary
    Earlier, the role of the secretaries was limited to taking notes from their bosses, typing, etc. However, with the advent of technology in companies and offices, these duties have extended to things that were meant for the managerial staff. Nowadays, employers prefer candidates who at least have a c
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