• Coaching Model for School Improvement
    1.0 Introduction In the recent past, education research has concluded that staff development through workshops and conferences is not effective any more. This has bee the traditional method used in the education sector and even teachers have agreed that the method no longer offers the sustained op
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  • Reality of Teaching and Learning Pronunciation at Quynh Coi High School: Problems and Solutions
    CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Rationale of the study Nowadays, with the rapid pace of integration and globalization, English becomes a golden key to open the door of many fields such as commerce, communication, science and technology throughout the world. Therefore, to meet the demand of the socie
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  • Debate on School Prayer
    \ The School Prayer Debate William Scanlon PHI200 Mind and Machine Instructor Jon Stern July 20, 2011 One of the most hotly debated topics in the last fifty years is whether or not prayer in public schools should be allowed; a simple question which gives rise to many complicated and emotion
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  • Teaching and Learning in Whole School Contexts
    Teaching and Learning in whole school contexts I, Elvis Masabo, confirm that this assignment is my own work. I also confirm that due acknowledgement is given to the ideas of others incorporated in the assignment to enhance or support the work.
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  • Mentoring and Coaching Report at the Royal Navy’s Outdoor Leadership Training Centre
    University of Plymouth Faculty of Education Continuing Professional Development Enhancement module Coaching and Mentoring DLLS 462 Module Handbook HMS Collingwood 21-23 Oct 2011 Kampenfelt, Royal Arthur Building Theories and Principles for Planning and
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  • Teaching Strategies Adopted by the Teachers in Science High School Handling II-Acacia
    Teaching Strategies Adopted by the Teachers in Science High School Handling II-Acacia CHUA, Stephanie Llanes DOMALAON, Lorie Jae LOZARES, Lee Derek MAGDARAOG, James IV-Einstein Keywords: Teaching strategies, AUL, Science High School Abstract The researchers sought to...
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  • teaching strategies of clinical instructors of colegio san agustin - bacolod in the school year 2013 - 2014
    Chapter I Introduction Teaching strategies is a combination of instructional methods, learning activities and methods that actively engaged students and appropriately reflect both learning goals and students developmental needs. Teaching strategies vary in...
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  • Coaching Decisions
    Coaching Decisions Tim Harris Eng 102-17 Paper #1 February 5, 1997 705 words On December 20, 1996, Granite City's girls' basketball coach, Chuck Kraus, appeared to be agitated during the halftime conference with his players. After minutes of yelling, he began to use profanity. Five minutes late
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  • School Vouchers: Education Choices
    School Vouchers: Education Choices Multicultural Vocational Education for a Pluralistic Society EDS 114, Summer 2000 S. Carinci August 18, 2000 School Vouchers: Education Choices The concept of educational vouchers was brought to public attention several decades ago with Milton Fried
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  • School Choice or School Vouchers: Is It Good or Bad for Public Education?
    Vouchers or Choice? Neither, one, or both? Few topics stir as much debate in the education community as the concept of providing government funded aid or vouchers to parents to send their children to private schools. At it's most basic level, school choice is a movement focused on affording parents
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  • Attachment in the School Setting
    Attachment in the School Setting Difficult behaviour in the school setting affects both teachers and students. In this paper I draw on attachment theory to construct an alternative explanation for such behaviour. I review attachment theory and link attachment patterns and behaviour in school ag
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  • Models of Teaching
    Models of Teaching Summary Information-processing models emphasize ways of enhancing the human being¡¦s innate drive to make sense of the world by acquiring and organizing data, sensing problems, and generating solutions to them, and developing concepts and language for conveying them. The book d
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  • Team Teaching
    Team teaching, also known as collaborative teaching, is where two or more teachers take responsibility for the planning, teaching, and/or monitoring of the success of a particular group of students (Flanagan, 2001; Main and Bryer, 2005). Team teaching can and does have many forms. It may be as simpl
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  • Teaching Civil Liberties
    Looking Back to Move Forward: Approaches to Teaching Civil Liberties in 21st Century Classrooms using 20th Century Case Studies Antonio Thompson thompsonas@apsu.eduthompsonas@apsu.edu Austin Peay State University Clarksville, Tennessee Abstract The
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  • Condom Distribution in Public School Systems
    Michael Albert Professor Oleferuk 6/19/09 English 120 Condom Distribution in Public School Systems According to the Center for Disease Control, there are approximately nineteen million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases reported every year. While this number seems astounding, it is m
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  • Reflections on a Mindfulness-Based Course for Stressed Teenagers Delivered in a School Context
    Reflections on a Mindfulness-Based Course for Stressed Teenagers Delivered in a School Context Introduction This essay reviews the process of designing and implementing a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course (MBSR), in a school context, for a self-referred group of 16yr olds. I have explor
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  • Coaching
    Coaching is a profession that requires hard work, patients, and being a positive role model to a group of athletes; it’s also the coaches’ job to construct a team that is hard working, dedicated, and successful. There are many different approaches to achieving this, so many that no two coaches a
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  • The Creation Debate
    Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have been wondering how life originated. How did human beings come to be? Where did we originate? Many attempts have been made to answer these questions, mainly in the form of myths. A myth is defined as “a traditional or legendary s
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  • Leadership Coaching Development Plan
    LEADERSHIP COACHING DEVELOPMENT PLAN A practical experience assessment By OLANIRAN OLUGBENGA JIDE 1 ABSTRACT This assessment paper digs deep into the dynamics of peer coaching (PC) in developing leadership and managerial competency. It relates my experience and performance as a participant i
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  • Enhancing Coaching
    Quest 2006, 58, 465-477 © 2006 National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education Tacit Knowledge in Expert Coaching: Science or Art? Christine Nash and Dave Collins Effective coaching is a mixture of pedagogy and principles of sciences, e.g., motor skill acquisiti
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